Emperor's Territory

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Chapter 1

The Jade Bamboo Mountains and Mountains that were clinging to the Yangtze River branch began to stretch on and on until Meng Hu felt as if there was mud on his body and half of the small island that was shaking like a spoon.
Most of the islands were resting on spears in the middle of Meng Hu's lake.
Because of many types of peach blossoms, people referred to the island as Peach Blossom Ridge.There were only ten-odd farmers living in the docks.
They lived in the lake and hunted in the Emerald Bamboo Mountain Range.There was another school on the island.
The teacher was known as Kun Fuzi, and he taught several servants.
When the time came, he recited poems and asked the correct questions.
When the time came, the children would play around and hang out, and when the officials were free, there would be wild cranes and idle clouds.
It was a very uncomfortable feeling.
No wonder why the master father, who was known as Nansu Bei Kuang in the literary altar, visited the Peach Blossom Ridge.
After being drunk, Shi Yun said, "The Peach Blossom Ridge, the Peach Blossom Monastery, and the Peach Blossom Immortality Immortal."Peach Blossom Fairy grows peach trees and picks peach flowers for money.One would only sit in the flower room when one sobers up and sleep when one was drunk.
One half woke up and half drank, and flowers bloomed and bloomed over the years.
One hope that one would not bow in front of the carriage when one was old and drunk.
The wheels and wheels of the carriage were plentiful, and the wine cups and branches were filled with the fate of the poor.
If one were to compare wealth to poverty, one would be on the flat ground and one would be on the sky.If he were to compare poor people to horses, he would have to drive me free.
Others laugh that I am too crazy, and I laugh that no one can see through me.
I don't see Wuling Linghaojie's tomb, and I have no flowers and no wine to drink to build my fields." This scene was written in a way that the students of the world were infatuated with.
It was a good place to cultivate in seclusion, and the elegance of elegance and Qingyun could conceal the flourishing talent of Mengcheng Province, which was more than 30 miles west.On this day, the sun had already set.
The bamboo doors of the school's backyard creaked open, and two youths walked out.
They were called Xiangyi.
He was eight feet tall and had thick eyebrows.
His hair fell to his shoulders, and he had a long halberd in his left hand.
His right hand was casually resting on the shoulder of the young man.
The young man beside him looked delicate and delicate.
Although his actions were difficult to get rid of his immaturity, he still held a long staff in his hand.
It was Xiangyi's fellow apprentice-brother Xiao Mingshan.As soon as Xiao Mingshanfeng left the backyard, he shouted, "Sir, sir.""..."In the medicine bushes in the backyard, an old man of nearly fifty appeared.
His skin was thin and his eyes were turbid.
He said, "What?
Li'er hasn't returned yet?"Xiangyi hurriedly said when he saw his old man, "Sir, I went with Junior Brother Ming to take a look at the village entrance for a long time.
I didn't see Junior Brother Li and Aunty-in-law return.
I'm afraid that the two herbs have yet to mature, so I came back first to inform Mister Sheng.
Junior Brother Ming and I will go to the Medicine Valley to take a look."This old man was the only teacher in the academy.
He called Kun Fuzi and waved his hand.
"I'll be back soon."The two of them hurriedly saluted and rushed out of the courtyard.
As they walked, they walked in a carefree manner.
It was a good sight, but in just an hour, they had climbed over a small mountain at the foot of the Green Bamboo Mountain Range.
When they turned to a patch of forest, Xiang Yi pulled Xiao Mingshan and bent his ears to listen.
Then, he pointed at the treetops.
The two of them chose a thick tree and climbed up..Only then did the two of them settle down.
From afar, they saw three men dressed in a sorry state and covered in dirt, half carrying a young master into the forest.
Behind them was a group of men dressed in black, covering their faces.
A few of them spread out like leaves from the left and right and came over in a semicircle.In the middle of the group of people holding the young master, a thin man seemed to have tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground.
He cried in fright.
When the young master heard this, he stopped and half collapsed on the ground.
Half panting, he pushed a man beside him and said in a hoarse voice, "Zhao Guodong, quickly go and support brother Zhuo.""..."Zhao Guodong glanced at the thin man behind him.
After a moment of hesitation, he turned around with the blade in hand.
However, a black-clothed man had already appeared in front of him.
He hurriedly grabbed a blade and forced the black-clothed man away.
Unexpectedly, that person was quite impressive.
He used the sword to strike the back of the blade, causing Zhao Guodong's thumb and mouth to go numb.
However, the longsword also stuck to the blade and entangled him in a fight.During this period of time, the black robed men had already surrounded the four of them.Xiangyi glanced at the treetops and wondered if he had run into some bandits who had bullied Shusheng on his way to Peach Blossom Ridge.
He glanced at Xiao Mingshan and saw that Xiao Mingshan had already winked and wanted to go down to save the weak.
Xiangyi also leaped down and waved his halberd towards the young master's sword.
Then, he shouted, "How dare you do such a thing?!" Everyone was stunned.
When they saw that Xiao Mingshan was only two young men, the black clothed men surrounded him in anger..Xiao Mingshan saw that the black-clothed men were coming over, and his hands were spinning around the staff.
He lowered his eyebrows and looked at them in shock.
At the same time, he shouted, "Good men, please spare my life.
This lowly one is powerless.
Please spare my life." Before he could say anything, he swung the staff horizontally.
This was a common move in martial arts, 'A Thousand Overlapping Army'.The black-clothed man in the lead sneered.
He saw through Xiao Mingshan's actions, but he used his sword to lighten it.
The sword phantom flashed with light, and then arrived first, aiming straight for Xiao Mingshan's left eye.Xiao Mingshan looked ferocious.
His sword moves were strange and eerie.
It was as if the words spoken by mister were spread around the White Luan Lake.
Moon Slaying Sword.That year, the One Sword Mountain Village relied on this sword technique to sweep through the White Dipper Lake bandits and established their position in the Martial Alliance in the Northern Hanwu Forest.
They were famous for a while, but after the Northern Han Dynasty split apart, they no longer heard of the people from the villa walking around the Jianghu.
Who would have thought that these strange black clothed people would be able to display such a wonderful sword technique today.These thoughts were just a flash of lightning in Xiao Mingshan's mind, and then he condensed the God's Escort to his heart's content.
He went straight to the frolicking dragons and phoenixes of the "Falcon Spear Technique", which were passed down from home.
He repeatedly shouted the name of the spear technique, "night fork to sea", "four-faced guest uniform", "ten-face ambush", and "green dragon to offer claws".Xiao Mingshan's moves were skillful and sharp, and the black-clothed man on the other side was also very powerful.
The Moon Slaying Sword Technique had been incomplete for four to five moves, and he had also used the Taiji Sword, which taught him the dao.
He had used nearly a hundred moves, but none of them had been repeated.
Even Xiang Yi, who was beside him, had heard the mixed moves.
He secretly said, "Auntie or junior brother is not here.
Otherwise, you will be able to see through his masters.""Xiang Yi's appearance was rough, but he was thick and thin.
His heart was focused on the ambition of his ancestor.
He fought in an extremely clean and clean manner.
His ten moves had nine moves, and he was ready to go all out.
Every time he struck, he would injure one person and hit blood.
He didn't care about his injuries at all.
He picked four or five men in black and was surrounded by seven or eight men in black.
Without a care, he thought to himself, "Damn it, as long as I have a lot of spare parts on me, Junior Brother Li will still be able to cure me.
Today's first battle, I can't lose my ancestor's reputation.""..."The young master's group was in a sorry state.
Unexpectedly, his savior arrived halfway.
When he moved, not only was he fierce and fierce, but he also held the majority of the black clothed men back.
In the end, he heaved a sigh of relief and secretly said that the heavens had favored me.
However, there were too many black clothed men.
The other guard was quickly overturned.
The black clothed man used his hand to stab straight at the young master who was lying on the ground.Zhao Guodong had been paying attention to the safety of the young master.
When he saw the black-clothed man rushing towards him, he was so scared that his eyes burst open.
He didn't care about the black-clothed man who was pestering him, so he turned to the side and rushed over.The young master was already stunned and his lower body was unable to control the flow of urine and urine.
Zhuo'er, who had just crawled near the young master's body, had no idea where her courage had come from.
She rushed over like a crazy tiger and cried out, "Mistress!" She felt a sudden chill on her chest and her front and front chest seemed to have been pierced through.
A heat flowed through her head and scattered like flowers.
She wanted to look down at the young master she was protecting.
The sharp sword in front of her chest seemed to tremble and she lost consciousness and fell into the boundless darkness..Zhuo Geer struggled in the boundless darkness.
His eyes blurrily felt as if there were several people walking around him, but his consciousness sank straight down, as if he wanted to fall into a bottomless cliff.
He cried out, "My Lord." At the side, Wenren called out his name and struggled several times.
He slowly opened his eyes and saw a white figure moving in front of his eyes.
He quickly grabbed onto the figure and cried, "My Lord..."That white figure had a smile on his face.
Without a trace, he pulled out his hand and said.
"Are you awake?
That's great, but you're awake.
"Zhuo Geer felt that the voice was incomparably flat, like a light white cloud.
It didn't leave a scratch on his ears, but landed in his bones.
It was soothing, but it also felt a little warm.
His eyes slowly woke up and he finally saw Bai Ying'er in front of him.People were like voices.
Zhuo Ge'er pondered for a long time and didn't know how to describe this youth before her."He is a villager in the mountains?
But there is a trace of elegance and elegance in him.
He is elegant, but his eyes are dazed, and his clothes are plain.
At first glance, he is as quiet as an ice lake, but when he opens his mouth, there is a smile and a warm spring in his words.
The most natural combination is that one can't distinguish when he is like a lake, when it is spring, or both.Zhuo Ge'er saw him and Jiao Peng looking at her indifferently like a spring breeze, as if they were in a dream.
She felt as if she was in a dream, and she didn't know when she would wake up.
She secretly wondered where this elegant and handsome man came from.The young man seemed to have sensed his thoughts and smiled.
"You're called Brother Zhuo, right?
Your young master is recuperating in another room.
There's no need to worry."Zhuo'er had just woken up and her face flushed red for no reason.
She muttered, "Young Master, Young Master?" She suddenly remembered something and struggled to get up.
"My family's Young Master, is Young Master injured?
How is it now?
No, I have to serve Master."The young man pressed down on Zhuo'er's shoulders and said, "It's alright.
Your Young Master only suffered some superficial injuries.
Furthermore, he was overly frightened and exhausted, so he would be able to nurse himself.
However, your sword was not lightly pierced.
Fortunately, your life was big, and your heart was slightly deviated, so he also took his life.
You can lie down first.
Don't crack your wound.
I'll get some medicine.
""..."Zhuo'er couldn't refuse and could only lie down.
She said uneasily, "I've troubled you, young master.
But can I ask if you have saved my master?
And how are my companions doing?"The young man paused and looked back at Zhuo Ge'er.
Zhuo Ge'er suddenly saw clearly that the young man's eyes were turbid without pearls.
So it turned out that he was a blind young man.
It was a pity to secretly say that, but at the same time, he seemed to think that this young man could see his every move.
Not only did he look at the young man in shock, but he also looked at his eyes.The corners of the young man's mouth lightly smiled, then he turned and sighed.
"I also heard senior-apprentice brothers talk a bit about what happened that day.
There were too many bad people that day.
Fortunately, senior-apprentice brothers learned some martial arts and risked their lives to win this battle.
However, they only managed to save you and the young master."Zhuo Geer was silent for a moment, then said, "Did Zhao Guodong die under the assassin's sword too?"The young man nodded silently.Zhuo'er tried her best to touch her face, but her injuries were too severe.
She had no choice but to lower her hand and sincerely say, "Although I, Zhuo'er, am a useless person, I know how to repay kindness and kindness.
However, I don't know the name of my young master and his senior brother.
Once I recover from my injuries, I will feel at ease.""..."The young man stood up and walked outside.
"It's fine.
You have to rest here for a while.
"After a few days, Zhuo Ge'er was basically able to get out of bed and walk around.
She then went to serve her master.
Only then did both parties know their names.
It turned out that the young man was Xiangyi and Xiao Mingshan's junior brother, Kun Fuzi's third disciple.
His surname was Luo, and his name was Li.