Emperor's Territory

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Chapter 2

On this day, Luoli was in the backyard serving the herbs.
When he heard the sound of the door opening and closing, a faint fragrance of rice wafted through the air.
He stopped and asked, "Aunt, are you going to deliver food?"The newcomer was Luoli's aunt, Luo Xiaojie.
She was just about to leave with a bento box when she heard the voice and walked over.
"The two types of medicinal herbs in the valley are very good today.
I'll go pick them up and prepare them earlier.
At that time, you'll be able to open your eyes and take a good look at the red and green flowers and grasses.""..."Luoli had been suffering from coldness since he was young, and his eyes were blind.
He had developed a calm and peaceful temperament.
When he heard this, he didn't feel much joy as he said indifferently, "Aunt, I'll go with you."After a moment of hesitation, Luo Xiaojie said, "Alright.
Why don't I see Kun Fuzi and Xiangyi?""Sir is in the midst of alchemy," said Luoli.
"Senior Brother Yi is in the midst of fishing, and Senior Brother Ming is accompanying Lord Tangqi and his servant." Tangqi was the young master who had been rescued by Xiangyi and Xiao Mingshan, and the servant was naturally Brother Zhuo.
Luoli glanced at his aunt and hesitated for a moment, before finally sighing, "Sir, it is often said that doctors are parents' hearts."Normally speaking, if Lord Tangqi and his servant could save him, then so could the black-clothed man.
However, I had been feeling uneasy these past few days.
Whether it was Lord Tangqi or his servant, or the black-clothed man, they all seemed to have extraordinary statuses.
I was afraid that they would become bad people this time."..."Luo Xiaojie glanced at Luoli in astonishment.
Although Luoli had always been indifferent when it came to saving people, his words weren't in vain, let alone the fact that he had a strong personal judgment.
Luo Xiaojie paused and continued, "Buddha always said that saving someone's life was better than building a seventh grade pagoda.""It's fine if we don't encounter it, but if we encounter it, we have to do our best.
How can Li'er use such a big abnormal phrase to talk about Aunty?"Luo Litou didn't even bother to reply.
His white hemp garments dragged the shadow of a tree, and he suddenly felt lonely or lonely.The medicinal valley, grass hut, and lunch boxes fell to the ground.
Luo Xiaojie looked at the empty room as if he had lost his soul and muttered, "He's gone, he's gone..."Luo Li held Luo Xiaojie's arm.
"He left?""Let's go..." The words were endless.The black-clothed men that Luo Xiaojie and Luo Li had unintentionally rescued had long since disappeared.
Apart from the people involved, no one else knew about this.
Time passed slowly and quickly.
Kun Fuzi carefully refined the herbs that he had refined for dozens of years.
After Luo Li applied them for the first time, and then used his internal energy to treat the poison, he was already drained of 70% of his strength, exhausted and pale.Kun Fuzi's expression was filled with joy.
He stroked his triangular beard, and his small eyes tightly locked onto the white clothed medicinal shirt covering his eyes.
Luo Li sighed and said, "I've spent more than sixteen years visiting the mountains and rivers.
I've also refined my Nine Yang Palm to perfection.
Thankfully, I didn't disappoint my orders.
Li'er's eyes have been changed twice, and she has used the Nine Yang Internal Arts to clear her bones.
The light of the sun can be seen, and the disease can be healed.
It's really fast."Luckily, she laughed out loud.Unexpectedly, Luo Xiaojie saw Kun Fuzi's exhausted expression and couldn't help but feel sad.
He carried the two of them on his back and wiped away their tears.
Then, he said, "Sir, your loyalty is the most important thing.
It's really hard to repay the kindness of the Ji Clan." As he spoke, the oil lamp in the Pill Furnace's room swayed.
The night outside was dark and the forest birds were squeaking.Kun Fuzi waved his hand and sighed, "Imperial daughter, you are too serious.
This is an internal matter of the old subject and a personal matter." His words added a lot of depression.At this time, Luo Li finished his training.
He stood up and thanked his husband.
He bowed again and said, "Sir and aunt have always said that once Li'er recovers, she will be informed of her family background.
Just now, when I heard what my husband said, I don't know..."At night, there was suddenly a clamor, and the Pill Door was suddenly smashed open.
Xiao Mingshan stumbled in and loudly shouted, "Sir, there are soldiers and soldiers.
A large group of soldiers have already broken the Peach Forest's array formation.
They came straight for us and killed everyone they saw.
Not even women and children can let go of them.
What should we do?" As they spoke, their words were intermittent and their mouths were heavy..Kun Fuzi shouted out in a low voice, "Silence!" Xiao Mingshan's expression turned calm when he used the roar of a Buddhist lion.Xiangyi, Tangqi, and Zhuo Geer just happened to enter the alchemy room one after another.
Xiangyi raised his halberd and said angrily, "Soldiers are like bandits.
If you don't know their innocence, then kill them.
This disciple will go ahead and kill him."Tang Qilve hesitated for a moment and said, "Wait a moment.
I just saw the gate of the courtyard.
There are too many soldiers and they are endless.
If you trust me, I might be able to retreat."Everyone looked over and saw Xiangyi and Xiao Mingshan cheerfully.
Killing intent flashed across Kun Fuzi's eyes, but he finally glanced at Luo Li without saying a word.A group of people left the courtyard.
Zhuo Ge'er pointed at the mulberry boy and shouted for them to stop.
A captain ordered a troop of soldiers to gallop over.
"You traitors, kill them all.
Brothers, generals, pass down orders to kill one person and pay a hundred gold coins."All the soldiers shouted out in unison, all of them extremely excited.Tangqi took out a black token from his chest and shouted, "How dare you?!"Zhuo Geer took half a step to the side and said in a shrill voice, "His Highness the Crown Prince is here.
Do you want to rebel?"As everyone looked at the command plate, they were all shocked and uncertain.
They looked up at the commander, and for a moment, there was silence within the field.The sounds of crying in the distance gradually died down, and the flames in the village began to spread.
The eaves of the village began to crack and crack.
More soldiers rushed over, and the crowd slowly split apart.
A low winter melon-like general came in.
The officer hurriedly urged his horse forward and whispered to Tangqi.
Then, he glanced at Tangqi, who was in the middle of the village, and suddenly urged his horse forward and said with a charming smile, "I am Fengqian, the general of the Meng City Guards.
I came under orders from the general to annihilate the bandits and Guo Donggua.
How could you dare to act as the crown prince?
How could I trust you?
Please allow me to take a closer look at the command plate.""..."Tangqi didn't answer.
He proudly tossed the command medallion in front of him.
The man next to the guerilla attacked grabbed it and handed it to Fengqian.Seeing this, Xiao Mingshan lowered his head and said to Kun Fuzi, "That man knows martial arts, unlike those in the army."Xiangyi glanced at the surrounding soldiers and said, "It's really strange.
Why are there so many people hiding in the army?
There seems to be also arcane cultivators.
No wonder they were able to break the Peach Forest array."Upon receiving the command medallion, Fengqian's expression flickered with astonishment.
In the end, he squeezed the command medallion with all his might and shouted, "How dare you pretend to be the crown prince?
You're trying to fool me.
Come, let's kill all of you!"Xiangyiyuan was a thick and thin person, and he admired his ancestor's graceful demeanor.
When he saw that Fengqian's expression wasn't right, before the other side could finish his words, Xiangyiyuan used his halberd to stab Fengqian.
The man at the side received the halberd and the two of them fought one another.Kun Fuzi repeatedly repelled the soldiers and said to Luo Li and the others, "Return to the alchemy room."Xiao Mingshan hurriedly called out to Xiang Yi, and everyone retreated in battle.
They escorted Luoli, Tangqi, and the others into the courtyard.Luo Xiaojie entered the pill room and immediately walked near the pill furnace.
He dialed and the pill furnace moved away, revealing an underground tunnel.Luo Xiaojie first took Luoli in, and then waited for Tangqi and Zhuo Ge'er to enter the tunnel.
He immediately called out to the crowd, "Sir, Xiangyi, Mingshan, come in quickly."The three of them, who had been struggling to stop the soldiers and soldiers, rushed into the underground tunnel.
With a loud explosion, Kun Fuzi had already used the mechanism to shatter the entire building.
Everyone was in a state of discomfort as they searched through the darkness for several hours.
Then, a bright light flashed in front of them, revealing an exit.
They climbed out and saw that it was the Medicine Valley.Kun Fuzi's face turned even paler.
He lightly pricked his wounds to stop the bleeding.
But looking at the continuous flames in the distant village, it seemed that there were soldiers chasing after him.
He said, "For today's plan, hurry to the monkeys' place as soon as possible.
There are still some bamboo rafts over there.
We can follow Meng Hu, walk the Huluo River, and then move into the Sichuan to avoid them.""..."Zhuo Geer, however, said, "Your Highness, sir, since there are so many rebels now, we might as well split up and avoid them."Xiao Mingshan hurriedly shook his head and said, "How can I do that?
I will definitely not be separated from Mister, Senior Brother Yi, Aunty, and Junior Brother Li.
It's too dangerous for the two of you to leave without any martial arts skills."Tangqi nodded and agreed, "I naturally follow a few benefactors.
Why don't you find a way back to Mengdong, Brother Zhuo, and find all the water masters to monitor Sihai?
He's a loyal subject, so he might be able to help you a bit."Zhuo Ge'er hesitated.
Seeing that everyone was impatient, she gritted her teeth and said, "I will do as you command.
I will go look for the reinforcements." After saying that, she kowtowed three times to the crown prince, Tangqi.
Then, she kowtowed to everyone and said, "Your Highness the crown prince has entrusted it to all the good men.
He is fortunate to have been able to do so in the future.
Your Highness is a very benevolent master and will not forget the great kindness of all of you.""After that, he didn't look back and burrowed into the night.Xiangyi stroked his halberd and sighed.
"I didn't expect a eunuch to be so loyal."Xiao Mingshan patted Tangqi on the shoulder.
Seeing that mister had already led the others away, he said as he walked, "I didn't expect you to be the Crown Prince.
Then your surname isn't Tang?"Tangqi's face reddened.
He said, "I'm surnamed Chen, and my real name is Chenqi.
You all owe me a great favor.
But now, don't say anything about the crown prince."Xiangyi turned around and smiled.
"I've been chatting with you recently, and I've seen you quite amiable.
You don't have any airs around you.
Good man, you're truly a hero.
We're of the same generation."Xiao Mingshan was extremely understanding.
"Of course.
If I didn't see any dog shit crown prince, I would have needed to kowtow everyday to greet him.
How troublesome is that?
Senior-apprentice Brother Yi truly understands Junior-apprentice Brother's heart."It was only then that everyone walked out of the Medicine Valley.
Kun Fuzi exclaimed in alarm, "Let's go." Before he could finish speaking, a group of soldiers dressed in green forest crept up to him.
The man who stood in the way was about seventy years old.
He cupped his hands together and smiled.
"It's been twenty years since I last saw you.
How have you been?"Kun Fuzi revealed a disdainful expression.
"Who am I?
It turns out that I'm a dog that buys money and begs for glory."The old man's face was indifferent.
"Forty years ago, the humans attained the ambition of the Thousand Changes Young Master Qiuqu.
His heroic reputation filled the world; twenty years ago, he was a dog that had lost its home and could not stay in a state of panic all day long.
When I saw him today, I couldn't help but sigh.
When the autumn song unfolded, you were already Mu Qinqin's bell."Unfortunately!" The old man sighed.Kun Fuzi said in a daze, "How could I fall for your plan to slow down my advance?" His hands and feet weren't slow.
He turned into a sword and attacked the old man's face.
The two of them exchanged blows.As soon as the pursuers arrived, everyone fought and fled.
However, the old man also relied on his strength to bite Kun Fuzi and kill him.Seeing Kun Fuzi fall behind, Xiang Yi hurriedly rushed into the encirclement, entered, and exited, barely able to tear open a hole.
As he saw Kun Fuzi running towards the berth of the monkeys, he turned to look at the berth in the night.
The berth of the berth was pitch-black, and the lake's waters reflected dark rays of light.
He could vaguely see a bamboo raft floating on the surface of the lake, gently fluttering with the wind.Kun Fuzi used his hand to force the old man back.
Then, he stood guard at the entrance and shouted, "Yi'er, don't worry about me anymore.
Protect Junior Brother Li and quickly leave."At this time, the soldiers were also chasing after him.
The torchlight was completely red.
The old man chuckled and retreated to the side, only allowing the soldiers to hold Kun Fuzi.Xiangyi gritted his teeth and rushed towards the raft.
The long halberd lifted the officer's head in midair and fell into a patch of grass.The soldiers were also motivated by Xiang Yi's courage.
Several shields and sabers formed an army and surrounded Xiang Yi.
He raised his shield, drew out his saber, defended, raised his shield again, and squeezed Xiang Yi into the shield.
Xiang Yi was not in a hurry.
He shouted and crouched down, using his innate strength to force the saber away, narrowly escaping the saber and the flesh.That shield and weapon formation was not ordinary either.
When they were pushed back, the two of them swung their swords at Xiang Yi's bare feet.
Xiang Yishang took several steps back and shouted.
The long halberd split one of them into two halves.
The blood flower bloomed and the soldiers shivered.
They couldn't help but feel a sense of weakness.Xiangyi didn't let go of the opportunity.
He turned to the side and kicked and shouted, "Hold on!" The tip of the halberd swept across the heads of the two shielded swordsmen and scattered their brains.The group of soldiers behind him were stunned, but they heard a commanding officer shout out, "Arrange, fire!" More than a dozen archers held their arrows as fast as a whirlwind.
Xiang Yi let out a loud yelp and used his halberd to block a round of fierce shooting.
However, the arrow struck his left shoulder, and his ferociousness was revealed.
He forcefully pulled out the arrow and threw it straight at the commanding officer.
The arrow was pierced through the commander's left eye and flew several steps away with the commander's body.Kun Fuzi was already covered in several wounds.
Seeing that everyone was about to retreat to the bamboo raft, he was shocked and laughed out loud.The four men leapt up from the ranks of soldiers and headed straight for Kun Fuzi.
"I, the Four Splendors, will ask Senior Zhan for advice."Kun Fuzi avoided it, took a saber from a shield, kicked it away with his feet, put the knife away to protect his chest, and shouted, "what a good move." The Four Swords of Liushan sacrificed an array of four elephants, which had been practiced for many years, surrounded Kun Fuzi, and met each other as they advanced and retreated.Kun Fuzi had spent days concocting medicines and using his lifetime's worth of effort to force Luo Li to treat his cold poison.
His efforts had long since been dispersed.
Just now, he had relied solely on his innate energy to use his blood essence as a match to forcefully raise the Nine Yang Palm to the eighth level.
It was impossible for him to endure any longer.
Now that he had been entangled by the Four Splendors, he suddenly revealed a weak look..Coincidentally, in the midst of the chaos, roars suddenly sounded out from behind the soldiers.
Nearly twenty black-clothed men rode their horses over, and the leading black-clothed men were even more skilled in horse riding.
After charging away the soldiers, they headed straight for Kun Fuzi.
At the side, Left Mountain Four Swords suddenly weakened.
The black-clothed man waved his hand and released several concealed weapons to force Left Mountain Four Swords away.
Then, he used a knife to take one of the men's heads, but the horse didn't stop and charged straight into the Pond.At that moment, the soldiers were surrounding Xiao Mingshan, Luoli, Luo Xiaojie, and Chenqi, all of whom were injured with knives.
They had already lost thousands of miles.One of the soldiers raised his saber and tried to grab Luo Xiaojie's left shoulder.
The black-clad knight saw him from afar, and he quickly lashed the whip around the officer's neck.
Then, he picked up the reins and controlled the horses to fly over Luoli's head.
However, the knight quickly bent his arms from the reins and picked Luo Xiaojie up.
With a few leaps and bounds, he drove the horses into the night.The twenty or so black robed men brought by the black Knight saw that the leader had saved them and left, and they didn't reply.
They carried the horse reins and charged back and forth, leaving behind dozens of corpses that entered the crowd.The soldiers were stunned by the sudden arrival of the mountain riders.
Xiao Mingshan and the rest took advantage of the situation to climb up the bamboo rafts and shouted, "Xiao Mingshan!""Senior Brother Yi, hurry up and board the ship."Xiang Yishang leapt onto the bamboo raft, each holding a pole.
The bamboo pole fluttered for four to five meters.The sky was almost dawn, and the Eastern Mountains coldly lifted up half of the sun.
The lake water was blood-red in the wind, and there was nowhere to be found.Xiang Yi looked at Kun Fuzi's silhouette.
His feeble body was still slashing with his blade, but it gradually slowed down.Xiangyi couldn't help but start from the bottom of his heart.
He grabbed the bamboo pole, puffed it up, and shouted, "If we leave like this, isn't it worthy of being able to groom and teach mister for more than twenty years?!"Xiao Mingshan didn't reply.
He quickly propped up the bamboo poles and waited for the rafts to be two meters away from the shore.
The two of them folded the poles into halves and threw them into the water.
Then, they each picked up their knives and used the power of the Broken Bamboo poles to jump onto the riverbank.Chaos Sun and Yang Xiao had killed Xiang Shaoyun, while the bamboo rafts were swirling in the middle of the lake.
Chenqi watched silently as Kun Fuzi fell to the ground, watched Xiao Mingshan fall to the ground, and then watched as the two of them struggled to get up and continued their attacks.
The cries pierced into his heart, and his heart froze.Suddenly, the flute's sound fell from his ears.
Chenqi looked over in astonishment, but he didn't know when Luoli had started to blow the flute.
The flute's sound was filled with a sense of sadness that never returned.
As he walked higher and higher, he wanted to tear his chest apart and kill the world.Chenqi unconsciously slapped the raft with his hand and said in a song, "This place is Yan Dan."The warrior rushed to the top.There was no one in the past,The water was still cold today.The first song was a song, and not long after, the song had led the song, and the song had been stacked three times.
In the distance the birds were flying, and the cries were weeping; the beasts looked back and did not know the way back.
The valley echoed, "the water is still cold today", as if there were thousands of people singing together.The sound of killing rose and then dropped.
Gradually, it was as silent as a silent berth.Chenqi's voice was hoarse and indifferent.
As the last syllable of the flute began to fall, his body seemed to have turned a lot paler.
He also sat on the bamboo raft.
Suddenly, the bamboo raft shook, and when he saw Luoli lying on it, he hurriedly helped him over.
However, when he saw Luoli's eyes drenched in blood from the medicinal cloth and the blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth, he couldn't help but gasp in horror..Luoli had just regained his consciousness.
He resolutely pushed Chenqi away and used his hand to paddle towards the shore.Chenqi was stunned.
He hurriedly helped Luoli row the bamboo rafts in a flurry of movements.
There were many times that Chenqi found it strange.
What kind of willpower had caused this blinded young man to be so indifferent and lonely?
However, he had never made a mistake in his direction.
If he didn't pay attention, no one would have known that this young man was blind.The bamboo raft approached the shore.
Luo Li got up, jumped down, and searched for the familiar shadow in his heart.Chenqi had yet to put down the bamboo raft when he suddenly vomited wildly.
He vomited so much that his bile overturned and his stomach and throat clenched.
This berth was like hell in the mortal world.
His limbs, brain fragments, and blood flowed.
Several crows were flying low in the air, and the smell of blood seemed to soak into one's bones.Chenqi vomited and stopped.
He stared in shock at the loneliness in this bloody field.
He never thought that a person would fall into such a desolate and lonely state.
His body seemed to be about to drop the sorrow of the city with every half step.
Chenqi suddenly felt that if this youth's sorrows were to be separated, it was as if there was no trace of a smile in this world.The young man's white robes had long been dyed dark red and had been wrinkled by the blood, making his body look even thinner.
Chenqi didn't doubt that as long as there was a breeze, he would blow the young man away.The sky began to heat up.
Worms were screaming everywhere, and Chenqi felt a sense of guilt crushing him.
Chenqi felt a sense of oppression in his mind.
He just wanted to shout loudly, but his voice lingered in his stomach, but he couldn't get out no matter what.A groan rang out in Chenqi's mind, causing him to tremble.
Then, he let out another groan.
Luoli's stupefied figure seemed to have gone mad as he tumbled towards the groaning area.
He turned over several corpses, only to see a bloody man lying on the ground.
Luoli hugged him tightly, reached out his hand to touch the bloody face, and sobbed hoarsely, "Senior-apprentice brother Ming...".A groan exploded in Chenqi's mind, causing him to tremble.
Then, he let out another groan.
Luoli's stupefied figure seemed to have gone mad as he tumbled towards the groaning area.
He turned over several corpses, only to see a bloody man on the ground.
Luoli tightly carried him up, reached out his hand to touch the bloody face, and sobbed hoarsely, "Senior-apprentice brother Ming..."Chenqi also shouted from afar, "Luoli, Xiangyi is still alive.
Xiangyi is still alive.
Come here..."Luo Li dragged Xiao Mingshan and Chenqi together.
Chenqi's hands and feet trembled as he pointed at the two bloodied men.
"Hurry up and save them!
Help them!
Xiangyi's body isn't short either.
The parts on his body aren't short either.
They said that even if they die, you will be able to save them.
Hurry, hurry..."Luo Li looked around in confusion.
"Where's mister?
Where's auntie?
Sir...""Sir?" Chenqi looked around in bewilderment, then jumped up and said, "I'll look for him, I'll look for him..."