Emperor's Territory

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Chapter 3

Chenqi stared at the firewood that had been raised.
In the middle lay a thin body.
Kun Fuzi lay peacefully, as if he had never woken up.
He remembered the refreshing expression on the old man's face, and there was still a chance that he would be vicious to him.
However, in the end, everything drifted away and the dead died.Chenqi couldn't help but look back at Xiang Yi and Xiao Mingshan, who were lying on the bamboo raft.
Both of them had survived, but their injuries were too severe that they were still unconscious.However, Luo Li seemed to have lost half of his life, as he stood on the wind.Chenqi stepped forward and supported Luoli, forcing him to take several steps back.
"Sir, you're already gone.
I'll have to rely on you for what's not done yet.
Please don't get hurt.
You've injured your body."Chenqi lit up the firewood and charged into the sky.
Chenqi felt a burning pain on his face.
He quickly pulled Luo Li away.After a long, long time, the wind stopped and the fire was extinguished.
The setting sun lazily shook its giant head, as if it wanted to quickly forget the bleakness of this scene.Chenqi found a piece of clean cloth and wrapped it around Kun Fuzi's broken bones and ashes.
After wrapping it up three or four layers, he casually lit up several pieces of firewood in the berth.
In the blink of an eye, the entire berth was set on fire.
The fire gradually spread throughout the near summer, as if it wanted to burn the entire Green Bamboo Mountain Range.Chenqi looked at the fire and Luo Li, who was sitting on the bamboo raft in a daze.
He sighed inwardly.
He never thought that the disaster relief mission would turn into a tragedy.
Who was the one behind the scenes?
His brows furrowed tightly..The bamboo rafts floated along the lake wind and soon entered the Zhuluo River.
The sky began to thunder and rain heavily.
In the rain, the bamboo rafts fluttered, as if they were about to sink into the river, but the mountain fire on the other side gradually died down.Chenqi grabbed the bamboo raft desperately and shouted, "Luoli, you, hold on tight.
Leave the two of them alone, I'll take care of them." A wave came crashing down on Chenqi, knocking him into the water.
Chenqi grabbed onto the tail of the bamboo raft and said with a heart-wrenching voice, "Luoli, don't move, don't move..." Riverwater rushed over again and pounced straight into Chenqi's heart.
Chenqi only had one thought in his mind, and I'm going to die.However, his body sank, as if he was being held by something.After a long time, Chenqi snapped out of his daze and exclaimed in shock, "Luoli, hold onto the bamboo raft!" His hand was held tightly by someone beside him, and he said, "I'm fine." His voice was like a cloud of smoke.
Chenqi was stunned.
He looked over and saw Luoli sitting next to him.Luoli let go of Chenqi's hand and turned to look at a woman sitting next to him.
"I'll have to trouble you to help me this time."The servant girl next to the woman scolded, "You blind man, you are really strange.
We saved you, but you didn't thank us.
And you also saved your two friends.
How could you only say these two words?
You must save all of you just now to make you grateful...""Xiao Zhu, don't spout nonsense." The young miss hurriedly dismissed the servant girl and said to Luo Li, "This concubine is not strict.
Please forgive me."Just as Luoli was about to respond, Chenqi leapt up and grabbed Luoli's arms, "What?
Who hasn't been rescued?"Luoli seemed to be even more lonely, but he didn't say anything.That lady said, "Don't worry.
I have already ordered the ship masters to do their best to search.
There won't be any problems.
"Chenqi glanced at the young miss and got down from the bed.
He said, "Miss, what's your name?
Where is the Immortal Abode?
We'll repay your kindness for saving us today."The young miss glanced at Xiao Zhu.
Xiao Zhu stepped forward and replied, "You're still a scholar.
My young miss just happened to be passing by when she went out to study.
It was just a small matter, so there was no need for you to repay her or not.
We were also blind by this ignorant person just now..." Xiao Zhu saw the young miss staring at her and quickly changed her words.
"We've been wandering around the river for quite some time now.
Only one surnamed Xiang was rescued."You don't have to worry.
It's already too late and I haven't seen a corpse.
I think people should be safe."..."As the servant spoke, Chenqi looked at Luoli with eyes filled with sorrow.
In the end, he couldn't help but stare blankly at Luoli and choke with sobs, "I have committed a great sin.
I will surely repay you generously for my troubles in the future." Then, he turned to look out of the window and asked, "Sir's ashes?"Luoli seemed to have lost his soul as he turned his head and looked to the side.
There was a wet cloth bag on the corner table not far away from the cabin.
Chenqi trembled as he walked over and opened it.
There were a few pieces of bone and cloth in it, rubbing them together.
For a moment, he remembered that he was the noble and carefree Crown Prince Chentang, and the future ruler of the country.
Not only did he end up like this, but he also exhausted the innocent people who had tried their lives.
Instantly, soreness, fear, and pain poured out of his body.
Gradually, he began to cry..The Young Madam and the servant girl looked miserable and couldn't help but shed tears.Luoli stood up and walked towards the ship's door.
Xiaozhu stepped forward and stopped him.
"You can't even see the way you are blind.
How can you run around?"The young miss stood up, stopped Xiao Zhu's words, and supported Luoli.Xiao Zhu glanced at the young miss, and finally accepted Luoli.
The two of them were led to another cabin.
Xiao Mingshan was lying on the bed in the cabin, and he had already changed into a set of clean clothes.
Luoli fumbled about and looked at Xiao Mingshan's condition.The ship lingered near the intersection of the Hualuo River and Meng Hu for two days, and Xiao Mingshan woke up as well.Chenqi had already asked the group of people who had saved them in Xiao Zhu's mouth.
They said that the Young Miss' surname was Zhan, and that she was in the phantoms.
At the beginning of the year, when she had just graduated from her apprenticeship, she had been caught by her family on a boat.
When she had displayed her phantoms, she had changed her schedule.
She had gone from the East Sea to the River River and entered the Zhuluo River.
Originally, she had intended to go ashore on Mengdong Lane.
She had turned and wandered back and forth along the land.Halfway through the ship, they heard the ship owner mention that there was a large lake called Meng Hu in the Zhuluo River.
There was an island at the side of the lake, and peach blossoms were planted everywhere.
They also recited the poem "Peach Blossom Ridge" that "Nanso Bei Kuang" had made.
When they unfolded their phantoms and listened to it, they felt as if their eyes were racing.
Along the way, they gave a huge sum of gold and allowed the ship owner to keep on sailing straight.Last night, when the boat stopped on the riverbank, they saw Meng Hu's Emerald Bamboo Mountain entangled in flames from afar.
They spread out their shadows and boarded the ship as soon as possible.Since the ship owner saw that the weather was abnormal on this day, he speculated that there must be a storm in his heart.
However, he didn't want to take advantage of the night's danger, but he couldn't resist the temptation of using his phantom to tempt Luo Li.
He just happened to save Luo Li's group during the rainy night.Seeing Luoli's impatience, Xiao Mingshan immediately called out, "Junior Brother, please don't move.
Ask Aqi to remove the gauze on your eyes."The gauze band that covered his eyes was sticky with blood and soaked in water, as if it had grown together with his eyes.
Chenqi had been wearing casual clothes since he was young, and he had opened his mouth to eat.
How could he have served others?
When he undid the bandages and brought rough hands and feet, Luoli wanted to do it himself, but was stopped by Xiao Mingshan.Xiao Zhu, who had been watching from the side, was even more impatient.
She stepped forward and opened Chenqi's hand, pushing him to the side.
She then shouted, "It's said that boys are clumsy.
I thought that you would be too good-looking.
You shouldn't have been so stupid, but I was mistaken.
" She then turned to Luo Li and said, "Luo Gongzi, don't move.
Be careful, I'll pierce you with my hand.
""Xiao Zhuyuan is a person with a sharp mouth and tofu heart.
In the beginning, because of the miss' kindness, Luo Li seemed to be cold and lonely thousands of miles away.
Xiao Zhu couldn't help but be angry, and her words carried hailstones.When Chenqi woke up, he took advantage of the fact that he was searching for Xiang Yi's crotch and recounted the entire story.
When Xiaozhu looked at Luoli again, he felt that this person was so pitiful.
He didn't mention Luoli's eyes again.Xiao Mingshan, however, had a lively personality.
Seeing Xiao Zhu's interesting words, he smiled and said, "Xiao Zhu, don't call him Young Master Luo.
Even if you call him the Jade Emperor, he still looks like you owe him money.
" Everyone smiled when they heard this, but then they heard Xiao Mingshan say, "That, what, Zhan Xiao....
Oh, I never called for girls in my life.
Let's just throw away all those formalities.
I'll call you Shadow or Ah Ying.
You don't have to call me Master Xiao.
Just call me Ah Ming, Ah Li, and Ah Qi.
How intimate are you?""..."Xu Yangyi covered his mouth and chuckled softly.
Just as he was about to speak, Xiaozhu continued, "That, what, Xiao, Gong...
Ah, ah, Xiao Gongzi, our mansion has a head and a head..." Before he could finish his words, Xiao Mingshan and the others had already concealed their laughter.Spreading out his illusory shadow, he smiled and said, "Girl, you speak too much on the ground.
Although the family is not famous, it's just the honor of the people in the Wulin.
Moreover, children in the Jianghu are not comparable to the noble families in the court.
There is no need to speak so much, just follow what Young Master Xiao said."Xiao Mingshan cheered when he heard that.
"Your last sentence was wrong.
You should say, 'As Aming says."Everyone laughed again.The little pearl's mouth twitched, and the last layer of gauze was carefully revealed on her hand.Xu Yangyi hurriedly opened his eyes.
"Ali, don't open your eyes in such a hurry." He grabbed a bowl of water and wiped Luoli's eyes cleanly.With Chenqi's help, Xiao Mingshan squeezed himself to Luoli's side.
He reached out and grabbed Luoli's shoulder and said, "There's no hurry.
Open your eyes slowly.
Yes, slow, slowly open your eyes."Luo Li looked blankly at Xiao Mingshan.
He felt that the thick layer of turbidness before his eyes had become much moustache, but there was a trace of blood red.
This was the color he had seen for the first time in 16 years.
Through this layer of blood, a red outline appeared in the outside world, and his eyes were also focused.
In front of him, there was a red figure sitting in front of him.Luoli reached out and touched the outline of the human form.
However, he couldn't see it clearly.
He closed his eyes again and shook his head vigorously.
When he looked again, it was still the outline of the red blood curtain.
No matter how he looked at it, he couldn't see the red world.Seeing Luoli's desolate expression, Xiao Mingshan's expression also darkened.
Suddenly, he said with a smile, "Where are the two sets of ointment that mister left behind?
Can't you just apply it in two hours?
Look at how stupid I am."Chenqi shook his head and sighed, "The medicine has been poured into the river by the rain.""His grandmother, I ......
ah yo!" Xiao Mingshan angry jumped up, did not expect to touch the injury, painful fall into the arms of Chen Qi, the latter words then did not say.A steward came in from outside and cupped his hands towards Shadowless.
"Second Miss, three official ships from Mengmang Alley have arrived.
They want us to lean over for inspection."Chen Qixi said, "Brother Zhuo, you're really capable.
You managed to lure the Water Master here so quickly." Everyone followed suit.