Emperor's Territory

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Chapter 4

When they arrived at the deck, they saw three speedboats and short boats approaching from afar.
There was a banner with the word Qi on board, and fifty archers and spearmen were staring at each other like tigers.
One of the generals shouted without waiting for the ship to get close, "Are the people on the ship from Peach Blossom Ridge?"Chenqi said excitedly, "It's me.
Is Qi Dudu and Zhuo Geer here?"Luo Li suddenly said, "They're not Mastiffs.
Let's go."Everyone was stunned.
It was only after Luoli urged them twice that Xiao Mingshan finally snapped out of his daze.
He gasped and said, "Hurry up and start the ship!" At this moment, he couldn't care less about the young miss or Ah Ying.Seeing their strict words, the phantom hurriedly ordered the family and servants to open the ship.Although the ship owner obeyed the order, he was not reluctant.
The ship was moving slowly.
When the boat approached the ship, he grabbed the ship with hooks and hooks.
The moment the boat collided, the beak-like mouth on the speedboat hooked onto the ship.
The spearmen who had been fully equipped quickly climbed onto the ship under the command of the general.
Unexpectedly, there were two or three pawns who slipped onto the ship and screamed from the bottom of the ship.At the same time, the archer on the boat fired another rocket, causing the ship to explode.Fortunately, the ship hired by phantoms was a trading ship on the sea.
Because the continent had been torn apart recently and had been fighting for many years, many pirates surged out of the vast sea in the east.
Generally, all the merchant ships dared to go out were hired sailors, and they used two rows of close-to-sea battle ships with many masts.
There were two rows of 15 oars at the bottom of the ship, but pirates invaded.
One oarsmen came out together and quickly paddled the ship away from the enemy ship.
On the other hand, the shipmen swarmed out.
Some broke through the hook, some guarded the ship, and some killed the boarding ship..Although Xu Yangyi was a child of the underworld and had learned all sorts of skills, when had he ever seen such a ship battle?
He could only squeeze into the control cabin with everyone else and look at the sea battle outside with a shocked expression.
However, the ship owner at the side heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Miss, don't be afraid.
These people really aren't water masters.""..."Even though Xiao Zhu's face was pale, she was still very excited as she stared at the battle outside.
When she heard what he said, she asked curiously, "Those people are clearly soldiers, but even the ship master and Luo Gongzi didn't agree.
What's the meaning of this?"The shipman gave an "oh," glanced at the silent Luo Li, and said with a smile, "I am always out on galleys, but in this kind of ship battle, whether it's bandits or soldiers, I must be separated from each other, shoot arrows, throw stones, and spray fire, in order to kill the other's strength.
If I board the ship, I must use archers as cover, swords and shields to charge, and then support the longspears to fight together, and I can capture the enemy ship.But looking at this group of soldiers, not only did they fail to board the ship, they did not even have the cooperation between the various troops, allowing us to hold on.
Wouldn't that be a pseudo-water weapon?"That sounds quite reasonable." Xiaozhu glanced at Luoli.
"According to what the shipmaster said, Luo Gongzi didn't know about these things before.
Could it be that the Heavenly God has descended upon the mortal world, and he can calculate them?"Xiao Mingshan chuckled.
"According to Xiao Zhu's words, isn't Xiao Zhuan reincarnated?
My junior-apprentice brother Li is a master of the Yin-Yang Scripture and the Eight Trigrams.
Doesn't this mean that he will be able to find out with a frown?"When Xiao Zhu saw that Xiao Mingshan had taken revenge for his previous words, she didn't mind.
She simply asked Luo Li, "You really know how to read fortunes?
Then calculate for me, do you think I'll have any good fortune?
And our Second Miss and Third Miss, you have to calculate for us.
I love fortunetelling the most.""..."Everyone smiled, and the atmosphere in the cabin was much more relaxed.Xu Yangyi smiled and said, "You're just too talkative.
Did Luo Gongzi really figure it out just now?" Girls generally wouldn't let go of these gossips easily.Xiao Mingshan also said, "Junior Brother, stop beating around the bush.
Let's talk.""I didn't know it from a divinator.
Although Zhuo'er is as timid as a mouse, she is still a loyal person.
If she really came here as a water master, she would definitely have been instructed by Zhuo'er.
She must have cared about her master's safety first.
However, the speedboat came and asked if she was a commoner in Peach Blossom Ridge.
Her words were heavy, but she didn't say if there was Gentleman Chen on the ship, so she had her doubts."..." Luoli said these words without saying a word.
Chen Qida nodded repeatedly in agreement.As they spoke, the other two speedboats came to a stop as well.
However, they worked very poorly with each other and attacked for a long time.
In the end, the sailors who had fought for their lives on the sea were all attacked and taken off the ship.
The large ship also broke free from the fast speedboat's beak and hurriedly ran along Hu Luojiang.
The speedboat behind them didn't give up because of this.
It sent out a signal and bit down on the big ship, but it didn't dare to hook the ship.
Instead, arrows rained down from afar.Not long after, more than ten small boats rushed out from the side of the river.
The men on the boats were dressed in various colors and coordinated with the speedboats, launching another attack on the big ships.The ship owner was shocked.
"Could these people be the local snakes of the Huluojiang?"Xiaozhu also shouted, "Look, there's another ship with the word 'Qi' hanging in front of us."Everyone looked over, and their faces immediately drained of all color.
There were dozens of warships heading straight for the river downstream, blocking the escape route of the large ship.
Xiaozhu asked in surprise, "Why did those boats run away?
The speedboat seems to be backing off too?"When everyone looked around, forty to fifty long-mouthed speedboats rushed out of each of the ships.
They bypassed the ship and chased after the speedboats as if they were flying.
In just two minutes, the speedboats were caught and slowly circled around the ship.
The ship behind them was also coming.
The handsome ship was a tower ship on the fifth floor.
It was more than 30 meters tall, and there were rows of arrow towers on the decks on the front.
There were also poles, catapults, etc.
that covered most of the river.
The big ship was like a child in front of adults..A head popped out from the top of the fifth floor and asked, "Are you from Peach Blossom Ridge?"Chenqi tilted his head and looked over.
It was clear that this was a general who was close to fifty years old.
The general's face was squinted over his chest, and his square face was squinted.
He was extremely dignified.
Chenqi's heart leapt with joy, and he cried out, "Is this the Qisi Sihaiqiqing's family of the Meng Dan Aqua Masters?"Qi Sihai stared blankly for a moment.
Then, he took out a long mirror and looked at it carefully.
Then, he cried out in joy, "It's His Highness the Crown Prince.
It's this old minister.
I'm late for saving you." His voice was already speechless.
A head peeked out from the side.
Wasn't it Zhuo Ge'er?
Zhuo Ge'er was overjoyed.
The two of them disembarked from the ship to welcome him.