Emperor's Territory

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Chapter 5

"Aqi is gone, and Ah Ying is gone too.
Why aren't you disappointed at all?" Xiao Mingshan sighed deeply and looked at Luo Li, who was inside the carriage, with a slightly complaining tone.Luo Li stared blankly at the distant River of Huluo.
The mountains and rivers were the same, and people were different.
The words 'home' and 'family' seemed to have been flatly chewed in the past few days.Half a month ago, Zhuo Ge'er had led Qi Sihai to rescue everyone.
Naturally, the crown prince had shown his prestige and prestige.
He was worried that the court would be in chaos because of his disappearance for the past month, so he resigned on the second day.
Under Qi Sihai's protection, everyone had returned to Jingdu in a grand manner.
Two days later, the two of them had also resigned.Under the supervisor's care, Luo Li carefully took care of Xiao Mingshan.
However, after Xiao Mingshan had fully recovered, he instructed Xiao Mingshan to pack up his things and bid farewell to the government office.
Then, he headed north.Xiao Mingshan saw Luo Li holding Kun Fuzi's ashes in a lonely and indifferent manner, and his heart grew a little sad again.
He didn't say anything more.
The two of them remained silent for a long time, but Xiao Mingshan couldn't help but say, "I never thought that mister's ancestral land would be Dong Chencheng County.
This old man is really humorous.
He brought us orphans all the way to Chen Tanglai's secluded dwelling."I wonder how your family background is like?
Xiao Mingshan saw that Luo Li didn't respond, so he said to himself, "Since you're the only one who speaks of heaven, I'm sure your family background is also very glorious.""Aiyo..." As he spoke, he suddenly remembered something and slapped himself.
The Great Dao was confused.Luo Li glanced at Xiao Mingshan and stopped him.
In the past, Luo Li's personality had always been indifferent.
He didn't compete with others and didn't compete with the world.
It was as if the smoke from the chimneys had drifted away in the evening, but he still smiled at his family.
However, ever since the calamity at the Peach Blossom Ridge, his personality had become even more lonely and quiet.
Even when he looked at others, his eyes had become even more depressed.Xiao Mingshan looked at Luo Li's eyes and couldn't help but feel ashamed.
He said in a low voice, "That day, when I went back to the monkey's place with Senior Brother Yi, mister seemed to remember something important.
He only said that there was a white temple or a mountain.
I didn't listen carefully as I was far away."After saying that, his face turned red.Luo Li subconsciously chewed a few words and said nothing.After a while, Xiao Mingshan sighed and said, "If you have any difficulties, just say a few words.
Ah Li, don't be depressed.
I'm nervous.
Aunty-in-law was rescued by the black-robed man, so naturally nothing will happen.
We may not be able to find her again.
Yi, Yi-sister-in-law's corpse...
The corpse can't even be found by the Water Master's people.
Perhaps, as Ah Ying said, someone saved her, so she can find it.
That's right, sir, before this happened, he had told us that if anything happened to him, he would only wish for the corpse to return to his ancestors.
We might as well see the outcome."Besides, you still have me, Aqi, Aying, and Xiaozhu by your side.
Look, we still have so many friends, don't we?"The next day, the roads were filled with soldiers and horses, and the crowd was in a state of chaos.
Xiao Mingshan whispered a few words to Luo Li, and the two of them found a tea house by the roadside.
Xiao Mingshan helped Luo Li into the tea shop and saw four men sitting in the hut.
Their heads were wrapped in red cloth, and they were dressed in rough blue sackcloths.
It was a strange sight to behold.When the man saw the two of them enter, his eyes were fixed on Luoli.
Under the scorching sun, he felt a little cold and lonely.
Meanwhile, Xiao Mingshan, who was in high school, was a bit thin.
His eyes were filled with smiles, and his eyes were filled with a strange light.
He was astonished and whispered in his ears..Seeing that the big man didn't pay attention to his pointers, Xiao Mingshan smiled and gave the doctor tea.
He asked, "Where is it up ahead?""Dear guest, I heard that they arrived at Xu Province after walking for a hundred miles.
Are you going to Dongcheng?
This lowly one sees that it's better to walk left at the mouth of the official in the front and climb two mountains.
It's more appropriate to go around Lin'an to Dongcheng.""Oh, that's strange." Xiao Mingshan's interest was piqued, and he gestured for the doctor to walk in a bit.
He took out half a string of money from his bag and said, "My junior-apprentice brother is familiar with the geography of Dachuan.
It's said that Xu Zhou's East Chen Road is only half a day ago.
Why is there someone who doesn't go nearer and wants to go around the remote town of Lin'an?
Tell me the details, and this string of money will be yours."..."The doctor's eyes were fixed on the string of money, shining brightly.
He wanted to take it, but didn't dare to.
He smiled flatteringly at Xiao Mingshan.Xiao Mingshan proudly looked at Luo Li and said, "Junior Brother, let me tell you.
It's rare for people in this world not to love this round object." Then he laughed and threw it to Doctor Chao.
"Tell me about it."The doctor received a string of money and smiled ingratiatingly.
He simply said, "From the appearance of the guest, I can tell that the guest must be a young master from some noble family.
Speaking of our Xu Zhou City, we're going east to meet with the Chen State, and we're going west to connect with the Northern Han.
This is a place that all the military families must compete for.Back then, the emperor had personally led an army here.
After a bloody battle for over a hundred days, he had managed to ensure that Xu Zhou was still alive.
He had made an appointment with Beihan and Dongchen, and since the country was in Xu Province, they had enjoyed thirteen years of peace.Who would have thought that a month ago, the city suddenly had a mess of chickens and dogs, and even ants would run wildly along the road.
After a few days, the ground would shake and the four walls of Xuzhou City would collapse.
Oh my, that wall was 10 meters tall and 10 meters thick, but it actually collapsed just like that.No one knew what sin Xu Zhoucheng had committed.
He had offended the god of heaven, and the 200,000 civilians in the city had died from injuries.
There were actually forty to fifty percent of them, and one or two had been buried in the soil.
It was really miserable.Dear customer, please think about it.
It's such a hot day.
With so many people dead, the stench of the corpse can be smelled from a hundred miles around.
When the plague spreads out, it's really amazing.Over the past few days, the government had been in a terrible state and had passed down orders that Xu Zhou could only enter and not exit.
He sealed the road in front of him.
All the guests that came to this small place had to be trusted."..."Xiao Mingshan smiled, "What you're saying isn't true.
Why do I see many people rushing to Xu Zhou City?"As they spoke, an old man and a young man entered.
The old man had the air of a celestial being, while the young man was a twelve or thirteen year old girl with triangular braids.
The girl carried a medicine chest on her shoulder and looked for a place.
She sat down solemnly, and shouted, "Three crouches, three crouches.
This day, you're already dying of fever before even reaching three lurks.
"The shop owner quickly brought me and Grandpa a pot of iced tea.
I want sugar."..."Doctor Chao went over apologetically, and served the grandfather and grandson to flush the tea.
Then he walked over and said, "Dear guest, I didn't talk nonsense just now.
It's just that these people who go to Xuzhou City are different from others..." Doctor Chao stopped talking and looked at Xiao Mingshan eagerly..Xiao Mingshan was stunned and couldn't help but laugh.
"You're greedy." Then he gave another large sum of money.The doctor also smiled and said that he met a great person, "this little teahouse just happens to be a place.
The passers-by are at the top of the small teahouse.
Guests, who are those people?
They are all famous in the Wulin.
It's really scary to say that.
Those wanderers can kick me to Chang'an with a finger..."The people in the tea shop have not spoken for a long time, but after listening to the doctor's words, they all smiled when they saw the doctor's interesting words.
The girl who came in after that also sprayed a mouthful of iced tea on his grandfather and said straightly, "why does your doctor have such an interesting taste?
He can actually compare to Dr.
Lu in the previous dynasty."..."A man with a fruit load beside him asked, "Which Doctor Lu Cha?"The girl shook her head and sighed, "You don't even know the ancestor of that doctor's tea?"The doctor's face reddened, and he muttered, "How could this little one dare to climb up to the Lu Tea Immortal's relatives.
" Before he could finish, the girl smiled and went down the table.Xiao Mingshan stared at everyone in the room in bewilderment, and then smiled.
Some laughed knowingly, some laughed coarsely, and some even whispered to his junior martial brother.
He leaned over and whispered into Luoli's ear, "Which Doctor Li did they say?
Why is it so funny?"Luoli glanced at Xiao Mingshan and said in a deep voice, "I heard from mister that during the Dynasty's Fuzhou City, there was a abandoned son who called Lu Yu.
He was addicted to tea and wrote the "Tea Sutra", which was called" doctor tea "for the emperor of the dynasty.
Later generations attached themselves to his elegance, so he called the officials in the tea house "doctor tea".
What kind of" doctor wine ", Doctor grinding" all came here."..."Hearing that, the little girl laughed and said, "I heard from my grandfather that a brilliant doctor can put a pile of lid bowls on his arm.
He has a copper kettle in his hand and boiled water.
He is aiming for the tea bowl three times in a row.
It is called the Phoenix Three Nodding.
Why don't you give me a try?".Hearing this, the little girl laughed again.
"I heard from my grandfather that a brilliant doctor can put a pile of lid bowls on his arm.
He has a copper kettle in his hand and boiled water.
He points it at the tea bowl three times in a row without leaking a drop of water.
It's called 'Phoenix Three Noddings'.
Why don't you give me a try?"The doctor's face immediately turned red, and he hated that there was no hole in the ground.Luoli furrowed his brows.
Seeing this, Xiao Mingshan coughed and chuckled, "I say, Doctor Cha, you haven't finished what you just said.
You can't help but want to pay me back that huge sum of money."Doctor Chao quickly bowed and said, "I didn't lie just now.
Back when the earthquake happened, Xuzhou City shined with golden light.
It was said that a peerless treasure had appeared in Xuzhou City.
Later on, I heard Wanderer say that the place revealed a peerless treasured sword.
The sword was eight feet long, and it emitted a green light.
A peerless martial art was faintly revealed.
If an ordinary person learned it, they would definitely grow old and become invincible.Later on, I heard from the government that it was a divine auspicious aura that descended from the sky.
It stated that I, Chen Tang, had been in the same era for thousands of years.
There was also a saying that if there was a wanderer who was willing to contribute to the court, he would be able to do whatever he wanted.Oh my, that was really amazing.
Unfortunately, this little one was just an ordinary person.
Forget about treasures, even Xu Zhoucheng couldn't enter."The doctor of tea sighed repeatedly.Xiao Mingshan picked up his teacup and gently spun it in front of his eyes.
He didn't know what to think, but after a while, he said, "Ali, let's go take a look at Xuzhou."Luo Li glanced at Xiao Mingshan and nodded slightly.Xiao Mingshan leaped up in joy and led Luo Li out of the tea shop.The sound of footsteps sounded from behind.
It was the old man who led his granddaughter over.
When the old man saw Xiao Mingshan turn around and look at him, he stepped forward and rubbed his hands together.
"This old man has spent a great deal of effort in building his own business.
I'm just about to head over to Xuzhou City.
I wonder if I can borrow the strength of my two little brothers' carriages?"The little girl also said from the side, "My name is Fei Fanfan, and I'm dead from the sun outside.
Yet, Grandfather lends his foot to someone else." She didn't wait for the two of them to agree, but sat down in the carriage on her own accord.Xiao Mingshan was stunned.
Seeing Luo Li remain indifferent, he also said a word of invitation to Feitong.Feitong said, "We're too slow.
Laoxiu has really spoiled this granddaughter of his.
She doesn't know her manners."Fei Fanfan simply ignored her and made a face at Luoli.
He scolded, "You're such a funny person.
You haven't even shown a smile at all.
Don't worry, my grandfather has already gotten rid of you with just that little bit of illness."