Emperor's Territory

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Chapter 59

A shrill whistle streaked across the sky, and the palace exploded into a huge mist.
Dozens of shadow figures broke free from the ground, wrapped in Zhaowang, and hurriedly flew into the black wisp in front of dawn.Xiao Mingshan hurriedly sent Geng Cangqiong, Cheng Youliang, Zhou Shitong, and the others to chase after him.Chenqi ran out of the hall without a head and said with a pale face, "Consort Luo has disappeared."Xiao Mingshan was shocked and rushed into the hall to search for a long time.
Sure enough, no one could be seen.Xiao Mingshan shouted angrily and killed several eunuchs and palace maids who were hiding in the corner of the hall.
He raised his sword and rushed out.
Luo Li hurriedly chased after them.
Hua Ming, Gong Shengming, and the group of veterans had no choice but to stay in the palace to assist Chen Qi in dealing with King Zhao's remnant and arrange for the Tang Emperor and Princess to deal with their injuries..Xiao Mingshan and Luoli chased out of the palace without any afterimages.The rain of construction slowly faded, and the blood from inside and outside the palace washed the pavement.
A few horses flew past, splashing against the damp glazed tiles.
The Brave Riders gradually spread out into every corner of the palace in the form of a proper team.
Before the construction began to stabilize, it was undoubtedly the right way to ensure that the palace belonged to itself and was completely reliable.There was no telling why the right camp had come out at this moment, but it was locked outside by the thick city gates.
The situation in the palace was not settled, and the guards at the gates were in a state of doubt and distrust.
The guards were local officials, and a group of bailiffs who lacked combat power but could change the situation at any time.Four hours later, the sun hung coldly in the sky.
Chenqi's subordinate camp and Xiao Mingshan's forces had finally gained control of the situation within the palace.
Meanwhile, the sounds of battle in the city had returned to its lonely state.
The distant residential officials would occasionally smoke and scream mists.The hearts of the people in the palace were very heavy.
After layer after layer of defense, the few soldiers began to spread out into the city.In the midst of the change in the palace, Liu Chudie and Zhan Xuying, who had been sent to protect Luoji by Luoli, were nowhere to be seen.
Just like Luoji and Zhaowang, they disappeared without a trace.It was at this moment that Gong Sunming sat in the main hall, drinking his tea in silence.
Behind him were Liu Piaofeng and his matriarch, who were holding their swords in their hands.
The two of them stood to the left and right respectively.
Over a dozen blades and bows and shields shot out from their surroundings, waiting for Lord Zhao's command, who was standing in front of the window with his hands clasped behind his back.
They believed that with a single command, the three of them would die without a burial ground.After standing there for so long, Liu Piaofeng's hands began to turn green.
He couldn't guarantee that he would be able to get Gong Sunming out of danger unscathed.
However, he couldn't help but admire the cripple sitting in front of him.
From the very beginning, Gongbianfu had been able to determine the situation in a short period of time.
He had just perfectly mobilized his army and united a plate of scattered sands, which had effectively broken all of Zhaowang's arrangements.At the same time, he was certain that the Nine Gates Ruler wasn't completely loyal to Tanghuang's imperial edict and the Crown Prince's promise, so he specifically came here to oversee the situation.Sure enough, Lord Zhao was hesitating.
Because of Gongsun Ming's arrival, he seemed to have to extend the period of time hesitating to the end of the Imperial Change.
Because of this, the right wing of mine was locked outside the city, and the city gates that they didn't believe each other watched each other.The sounds of slaughter in the palace gradually died down.
The sounds of slaughter outside the palace gradually faded away, and the long barks of dogs gradually faded away.
The sun had already moved to the center, and he could faintly feel that people in the palace were searching for him.
Lord Zhao's ears suddenly paused, and he sighed.
Finally, he turned around.Lord Zhao sighed again.
"Mister Gongsun is incomparably talented.
His Highness has always wanted to prolong his position to the West, but he was repeatedly rejected by him.
Does mister think that King Zhao isn't worthy of being the Lord of Tang?"Gong Sunming gently put down the teacup in his hand and placed it on the coffee table.
His hand slightly tilted and the cup of tea that he drank for several hours was still full.Gong Sunming placed his hands into his sleeves and sighed, "General still made a reluctant choice.
I am very regretful."Lord Zhao's eyes locked onto Gong Sunming.
"Is Mister Gongsun not afraid of death?""If I can get what I want and die without fear, I'm just not worth it for general...""Gong Zhaohoho, no matter what you say, you won't be able to escape death right now." Li Jiumou swaggered into the room, cutting off Sunming's words.
Li Jiumou's clothes were damp, and his temples were plastered to his cheeks, making him look somewhat miserable.
Behind him was a group of men dressed in black.
The man wrapped in black was none other than the missing Zhaowang.Zhaowang clenched his knuckles, and the smile on his face didn't falter.
He stopped Li Jiumou and said in a soft voice, "Five years ago, I and the late emperor traveled on the south bank path of the north, and talked to you with great respect.
The late emperor said that you were the only one who could remain in the world and scheme against the future lords.
Just look, this Solitude spent so much effort and effort just to be easily broken by you."Zhuge Kongming was truly a talent." Zhaowang's eyes closed and he looked at Gongsun Ming.
"If mister is willing to help this Solitude and entrust it to me, then what?"Gong Sunming closed his sleeves and closed his eyes, his face devoid of joy or fear.