My Dashing Youth

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Chapter 1

"Hello, 'three trees', I'm here!"Walking past the steep mountain, the three big red words "Three Trees" shockingly jumped to the edge of the winding mountain path.
As a result, on this winding road, one could look down upon this small town that was surrounded by mountains like a brilliant green gem..Most of the towns in the north were like this in the valleys.
The mountains, rivers, and cliffs were everywhere.
The buildings were as beautiful and heroic as the forest in the imperial home.
The trees and grass were all over the mountains, and the scenery was rejuvenating.
The place I deeply loved was like a green beauty elegantly stretching her limbs.
It was as if a natural painter had flipped over the colorboard and poured all the strong green oil over the place.Clouds floated in the valley, rising in the mountains, and a purple shadow was hidden in the ditch.From the trees and houses that brushed past me wordlessly on my shoulder to the illusions beyond reality, even the wind became the sad sigh of my soul.
My soul was like a huge ghost next to the universe in space, and then I was faced with the blue-purple sea-like plant.
My spirit left reality, yearning to get close to it, and the soul of the Floater wandered in the sky, lonely and hopeless.
I was probably happy at this moment..The screeching stop brought me back to reality.That's great.
"We're here, we're here, we're finally here!"She was no longer worried about escaping.
As she walked down from the blue and white carriage, which was covered in 'the Northeastern old cotton pants' commercial, she couldn't help but cry out in excitement.
In fact, it could be understood that it was because she felt that it was unsafe, so she had to do something.The scrawny, tall, young conductor, who was standing at the door's neck, stared at the pitiful black eyeballs and whistled enviously at me.
What did he want?
Thoughts about me?
He was really bold.
I smiled contemptuously and raised my eyes to glance at him, scaring him to turn his little head around so that he didn't dare to make a sound.
I told him that he was uneasy, that his head was too small, and he looked comical.At the small station, several nice and luxurious cars were berthed on the small station.
The various passengers looked at me strangely.
Looking at their evasive gazes, I couldn't help but smile.
This smile must be kingdom-toppling, and I was quite confident in this.With this alone, I could look down on everything and love myself!They were guessing my strange excitement.
A young girl of such a young age lingering in such a small town would cause them to have a more boring and boring life.
They would waste a lot of time debating whether I was normal or not.
What sort of excitement did I have to turn into a 'demon'?"I have this kind of potential.
Those who see me will never forget me.
I can't stand it.Therefore, my mother had always thought that there was something wrong with my mental state.
Now that I've been verified, they're also looking at me in this manner.
Thinking of this, it made me look down on these rough and ugly country bumpkins.
It was rare and strange.
I snorted contemptuously.
Did Bai Rimeng really start talking to me again?
Did he get used to talking to me?I blinked my eyes sourly that I could even see my long eyelashes fluttering.
It formed a shadow in my eyes, making my eyes even more attractive.
The thin, straight, and delicate nose was very attractive, so my face wasn't numb anymore.
The car that had been sitting for so long wasn't just for fun..There was a gentle breeze passing by, and it was hot.
In the sky, there was an abandoned or released purple helium balloon that rose higher and higher, and the high light on its body reflected a strong light.
Would it go there?
Was it drifting?
Floating was a romantic word.
The balloon was going to be romantic, but the road was bumpy!
What would happen in the end?
It was a fated creation.Was I drifting too?
Not to pursue my dreams, but to avoid my life of hopelessness, to look for hope?
I was sad again, so everything in my eyes became surreal again.
The hazy sun was smaller, and the light was faint.
The purple ocean-like fogweed came again.
Ah, my heaven, it was just too lonely and cold..The ear-piercing sound of a horn filled the air.
The idiot had just reminded me of the Heavens.
Luckily, I hadn't thought of dying yet.
It was rare to see a square made of rough green bricks with only this color.
It could be seen that the people here loved living very much.
It made me a little immersed, and I could fall in love with life.
Don't always think of dying.The buildings on both sides were not very tall and mediocre.
They were all rectangular fellows.
Their bodies were painted with a bright and cheap colour, making them look extremely awkward.
On the first floor, there was a small shop belonging to a family.
The colorful signboards were decorated with the bus station, revealing a tacky and lively atmosphere.What can I see?
It's a problem.
What I see is how ugly and vulgar it is.
The advantage is that it's just plain, and it's all my everyday homework to laugh, not to laugh, not to be jealous, not to be enemies.
What else can I do?
Many eyes have been fixed on me.Those who have never seen the world were scared by my beauty!I am a beauty, and there is no doubt about that.The edges of a lake-blue skirt were covered in pale pink roses, revealing the soft curves of her long, snow-white legs.
Her white silk sleeveless sleeves were decorated with pale blue roses, forming a large rose knot on her left, perfectly outlining the beautiful curves of my upper body.
I had always paid special attention to my clothing, and every time I tried to walk, I would be absolutely eye-catching.Her thick, bright, shoulder-length hair was combed straight to the back of her head.
Under her long dark eyelashes, her elegant phoenix glittered with an elegant light.
Her eyes were even wider than before.With that pair of blue shoes with gold gems, she was absolutely a lady!
She was 1.85 meters tall and had a ninety-eight jin weight.
She had an extremely delicate and melancholic aura, and her extraordinary temperament was so strong that you couldn't take a step back!Standing alone on the bus stop, under the scorching sunlight, I could feel my skin burning hot by the sun.
Even so, my heart was still cold, so I always thought maybe my blood was sick.
I raised my chin proudly, looking at my watch.
It was almost two.
It was the hottest time of the day.I squinted my eyes and looked up at the sky.
Is the sun crazy?
Who do you want it to be hot to death?
The blue sky is so blue that you'll be moved to tears.
A few white clouds are swimming, and they're looking at me.
Are bad guys jealous of my beauty?
How hot the sun is?
Good, this is how it should be.
Let everyone know your power!
Just like me, I'll let my mother understand today that she can't control me anymore.
I'm going to completely break up with her, but what do I have to do?
This Floatingcloud is like a drifting cloud.
How can I not be sad?
How can I feel better?
Buddha, give me a way to live.I kept talking to myself in my mind, feeling depressed or delusional.
In short, this wasn't normal.I thought I had to get away from my mother, who I didn't like, free and happy, and see what else I could do.
So I was always depressed and tired of the world, and I was a little excited.What is happiness?
Only the devil knows.
I don't know.
I just want to find an excuse.
I'm afraid that I will die in that luxurious house and in the environment of my life.
Do I want to save myself?
I want to die, but I can't make up my mind.