My Dashing Youth

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Chapter 2

Because I'm different, Mom pulls me to my nerves from time to time.
Oh yes, before that, she thinks I'm an idiot.
IQ has something wrong with me, so she doesn't do human things.
It's just a joke.
She doesn't care about any other people's opinions and eyes.
It's very evil.She was taking me to do a test.
I was so worked up that I actually got the highest value.
I stared at her provocatively.
Hmph, I just want to see if I want to do it or not!
Does a woman have to be a "chicken" like her?So, she concentrated on studying my mental state.
Who would want to think that I was abnormal?
I felt that I was normal, but I couldn't get along well with people I didn't like.
Was there something wrong with my mental state?
It should be called sex or something else.
It's nice to hear!
Even if it's a real patient with mental illness, none of them would call themselves mental illness!
After all, I'm not much different now, but I'm just a little different from others!
Moreover, I'm someone who's not willing to listen to her even if I'm dead..She had only managed to trick her once, and her strong mother was not willing to let others confirm that I was a mental patient, unwilling to let her friends know that she had a mentally ill daughter.
Her life's hope was completely fulfilled, and she was also hesitating and afraid of the real result.So, there were only a few times when he made up his mind to investigate.Five years ago, she tricked me to go to Shanghai to play and ended up dragging me to a doctor.
I also wanted to know what was going on, so I was willing to accept the lie.It's so big, so big, it's so big that it's so big that it's making you panic.
Mommy's spirit is so lively that it's on my left and right.
[Mom and I are a bit like this, and people will be excited if they're jealous.
Her beauty and her brands attracted countless gazes, and she's even more happy.
In fact, she should know that most of it is due to me.]I was forty years old, and my vanity was laughable and pitiful!
I followed her gloomily.
The elevators from top to bottom made me vomit.They were all overbearing doctors and nurses, but I had a new interest in this trip.
I thought they all had a problem with their cervical spines, so why didn't they just go and take a look at the people who passed by her?
If the patients asked, they would also proudly hang their heads high.
This was a mental hospital, so they might not understand this.That marble-cold face was tortured by these psychos!
I don't want to sympathize with them, do I?With such arrogance, he would definitely give a great explanation.
At that time, he naively thought that he would be saved and that he could change his life!After a lot of tests and tests, I told her that she had the tendency to be obsessed with depression, multiple personalities, and schizophrenia.
She had to pay attention to that!
I still clearly remembered the young doctor's strange and shocked eyes staring at me for a long time.
He shook his head in disbelief, "Her nerves are really strange.".After a lot of tests and tests, I told her that she had the tendency of depression, hysteria, paranoia, multiple personalities, and schizophrenia.
She had to pay attention!
I still clearly remembered the young doctor's strange and shocked eyes staring at me for a long time.
He shook his head in disbelief.
"Her nerves are really strange.
It's too strange!"He didn't understand me!
So he gave me so many titles.
It was funny.
After a long time of restraint, I hurried over and waited for my mother to pick up the phone.
"Doctor Uncle, can't you see anything else?" I stared at him seriously too.
"Take a good look at what's wrong with me." He was really scared.
He hid in that comfortable chair and stared nervously at me, thinking I was a thousand-year-old monster who would open his mouth and bite him.
This poor child must be a high-level, low-leveled man.
"I'm afraid I'll disappear from the earth someday.
Can't you see such an important thing?" I whispered to him.
The angel smiled.
He didn't dare to say anything.
He stared at me, not knowing what he was doing, looking at me.
He looked uneasy again, as if he had seen a devilish panic.
He would have a nightmare..She didn't expect such a huge pile.
She stayed there for a long time and didn't know what to do.
I wasn't crazy.
She almost went crazy!
Seeing how her chest was heaving up and down, ah, please be slow.
Don't be too excited.
It's a lot of money.
You've gone through so much to get the treasure!
I've been staring at my mother's chest."Is she mainly different from others?
You're saying that it's possible, isn't it?" It was the first time I saw my mother panic like that.
Please don't faint.
I was raised as a princess, but I didn't have the strength to deal with her."Yes, she, I really can't say it.
You can't say that she's sick, but everything's not right.
It's unbelievable.
Thankfully, she's still young.
"As he said these words, I blinked my pitiful eyes and looked at him affectionately.
He would be moved, and he would be merciful, so he could not bear to say, "Perhaps if you are more sensible, you will be like others."This made her mother feel lucky.
She was mostly relieved because she was confident that she could conquer everything, including my mental illness.
She believed that she would control me well.
This was her sad and self-confident personality.
Moreover, she had seen all kinds of mental illnesses in the hospital with her own eyes.
She felt that I was much better.
The only symptoms were that I couldn't be like her, so she didn't have to work so hard to keep me in the hospital."Take your medicine, then.
You have to be strict in the future and let her do the same thing as everyone else.
I think there shouldn't be any problems when she grows up.
Let's wait until it's too late before coming back." I hated doctors the most.
I blamed myself for being too careless.
If I kept looking at him, perhaps he wouldn't have said that.They were just bullsh*tting.
Could it be that mental illness could be controlled?
I just didn't give them the ideal answer to those strange questions, so I became mentally ill.
Just looking at the proud, cold doctor and nurse alone was enough for me to faint.
I couldn't stand it anymore.
I started to fear the hospital.
It would torture me here.."A question for you," said he, "are there any good friends?
No; who do you like?
No; and even boys, have you never liked them?
Yes, do you think that's not normal?
He turned, surprised, and said, "Madam, listen, she has never liked boys!" I am only fifteen!
I am a late-cooked breed, and they are mentally ill!
But my mother is sure of that, and she is more strict with me.".From then on, I was with a mental illness, and the feeling of being treated as a mental illness was really uncomfortable.
So I tried to avoid appearing in front of her, to try not to annoy her, and pretended to be obedient and take the medicine she gave me.
[Perhaps deep down in my heart, I'm afraid it's a mental illness.] Actually, I sent them all to the country.Mom was afraid that people would know that I was sick, so she 'snowed' me.
Anyway, I liked to stay alone.
She strictly asked me to be like other people, but unfortunately, I was alone for a long time.
She didn't have time to look at me.
She was obsessed with red wine.It made me feel much better.
I could develop freely.Who knows how much pain I feel in the crowd?
If I had to be like the others, killing me was no different than killing me.
Even if I were wearing uniform of the same standard, I'd have to do all I could to make it different.
Sew some roses on my collar and body, and make it show my beautiful curves."Liurui, what happened to your school uniform?" The principal asked with a serious expression."I was bumped into by a ride yesterday and broke it, so I thought of this method, okay?""Strange, why do you always have such a problem with your school uniform?""Yeah, I think so too?
Did I get possessed!"It won't be long before my mother finds out about this trick, and she taught me a hard lesson.
Then I can only do nothing.
I often wonder, in my gloominess, why do people live, what would I look like if I died?
It was at that time that I had an odd thing, always wanting to die, and then I knew it was pessimistic.But to this day, I was still alive and had no choice but to accept her arrangements, so that she wouldn't think that I was likely to be mentally ill.Five years of college life, I stayed away from her and didn't cause much trouble.
Maybe college people were better, and the benefits were simpler.
Apart from the love struggles, it was still a romantic world.
I changed a lot, from a frequent attack to a self-defense counterattack.My behaviors seem to be becoming more and more quiet on the surface.
I often think about life.
Why should I live?
But I can't find a suitable answer.
My mind is even stagnant.
I don't seem to be able to see, hear, or care about anything, living in my own half-dreaming state.Fortunately, he was even more dejected and lonely, in exchange for freedom and freedom.But now she must regret it.
In the past five years, my mental state had become even more abnormal.
I didn't notice it and didn't take me to a mental hospital.I stood under the scorching sun and enjoyed the unbridled heat of the sun.
I was still excited about my actions.
Haha, I was as hot as the sun!
I seemed to be able to hear how my mother had gone crazy and shouted at me.
When I thought of this, I was even more proud of my plan of sneaking away.
I was happy to make her sad.
Is she sick?
Hahaha, this smile is very evil.
I am a devil now!.Haha, how hot I am like the sun!
I seemed to be able to hear how my mother had gone crazy and scolded me.
As soon as I thought of this, I was even more proud of my plan of sneaking away.
I was happy to make her sad, to be sick, hahaha, this smile was evil, and now I am a devil!I didn't care about my mother.
At this time, in my 20-year-old life, it was as if I had lost my rationality and came to this town from a luxurious city.
Actually, I didn't have any plans for life.
Apart from dressing and making others jealous of my beauty, I didn't have any feelings for anything else.
I didn't know anything about it.
It was like water flowing through the years, drifting around life.
I was just a mediocre person, but I was very stubborn.
I often did bold things without caring about the consequences.
This was really a bit crazy, like mother often scolding me for being paranoid and hysterical..I don't know what love feels like.
There's no hope or desire.
Maybe I'm not someone who should exist in this world, or maybe I'm really crazy!