My Dashing Youth

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Chapter 4

When I was young, my mother treated me very well.
She loved me very much and dressed me like a butterfly every day.
Like all the mothers, I was filled with expectation because I was born during the fluttering seasons of willow Xu.
It seemed like I had a lot of willow Xu that year.
It was also my aunt who told me about it.
I didn't want to tell it to me.
We never had a long relationship with each other.When she was sitting alone on the moon, her favorite thing to do was to look at the snow white Xu that fluttered all over the sky.This inspired her, and she named me 'Liurui' with great expectation.
She hoped that I would be as graceful as a willow tree, as tender and proud as a pistil, and be obedient as a princess.
Then, she would choose a prince for me and make a good story for me.Right now, I also liked Liuxu very much.
I liked to wander around like this, dreaming, but I didn't think it would be so weak and vulnerable.So, as a matter-of-fact matter, I broke her beautiful dream.
I grew into something that was stubborn, stubborn, fierce, and strange.
I didn't like this name either.
When I was in primary school's second year, I changed 'rui' into 'Red'.
The teacher wearing glasses screamed, "How can Liurui randomly write his name?""I like that word." I'm neither servile nor overbearing, and we don't like each other.
[Because she listens to mommy too much and complains to mommy all the time.
Who told her to be in the same school as Mommy?]"Does your mother know?""It's my name, not hers!" The result of my lie was that I received a fat beating and a week of mental torture.
I felt that this word was worthy of me.
I was strong, hard, and I couldn't destroy it.
I wouldn't love it either.
Could it be that this was the beginning of my mental state?
In the end, I won.
The price was that my mother hated me even more!But most of the time, I was depressed, so I liked blue and always loved to be alone in daydreams.
I really wanted to avoid reality, because I didn't like to live, so I didn't have any interest.
I was lonely and looked down on everything.
Without friends, my days were like water, just like depression..There were also aunties who sympathized with me and said patiently, "Xiaorui, look at how beautiful my family is playing with bubbles.
I have other children.
You should buy one too and play with everyone.""No." I stared at her with a steely stare, refusing coldly, my eyes gleaming with malice."Why?" She refused to give up incredulously."I don't want to play with those stupid things." The word 'idiot' was the most used in my life.
I liked the word 'idiot' since I knew it!"But aren't you greedy when everyone has them?""Why do I have to be as stupid as them?
I don't like it!" If this continued, the aunties would go crazy from anger!"This is a child born with evil nature.
Teacher Hu, you have to take care of her severely!" The woman's viciousness was even scarier.
If she didn't say anything, the hearts of women in the world would be the most poisonous.
Under their instigation, my mother would take care of me more effectively.
So, I practiced my bold personality and liked to watch the guys around me go crazy..I often thought that this was the difference between humans.
Some wanted to become a hero, some wanted to become a beggar, and there wasn't anything to like.
The phrase "three years old eats old people" was really nice.
What was a person like me?
I liked heroes, but I didn't want to work hard.
It didn't seem to be possible to be a beggar, and I didn't want to live such a mediocre life.
It was boring.
What should I do?
What is life?
I often think of it with my head aching!.I often thought that this was the difference between humans.
Some wanted to become a hero and some wanted to become a beggar.
There wasn't anything to like or dislike.
The phrase "three years old eats old people" was really nice.
What was a person like me?
I liked heroes, but I didn't want to work hard.
It didn't seem to be possible to be a beggar, and I didn't want to live such a mediocre life.
It made me feel bored.
What should I do?
What is life?
I often think of it with my head aching!Just like that, I turned a corner and walked over the bridge on the clear silk ribbon-like river, down the steep slope.
I was already familiar with my aunt's house.
The town was generally round, and my aunt's house was up and down the middle of the town.The house faced the street, and the location was quite good.
There were four bungalows about three to four meters away from the street.
It was big and beautiful.
It was built before my uncle-in-law had fallen ill!
It was very suitable for doing business.
Now that auntie used it as a shop, it was a funny name.
It was Fulai Supermarket.
As long as everyone wanted to have a good fortune, what was it?
Who could see it?
It was just an extravagant wish!.There were only four bungalows about three to four meters away from the main street.
It was big and beautiful.
It was built before her uncle-in-law was sick!
It was very suitable for doing business.
Now that her aunt used it as a shop, it was a funny name piness, what was it?
Who could see it?
It was just a wish!It was a new set of tiles.
Who had designed the word 'white ground red' in such a vulgar way?
The front door of my aunt's house was wide open, and it was difficult to carry those big, awkward words and a charming woman.
Perhaps it was for the better business.
My aunt's house didn't have a wall, which was very rare here.
[Because last year, the town's leaders were doing face constructions, and people on the road had to build white walls.]Therefore, everything in the courtyard was revealed at a glance.There were more than ten tall willow trees in front of the door.
The thick trunk made you understand that it had been in this world for so long.
The lush branches and leaves were also drooping their heads in a feverish manner.
Behind the room, several thick treetops extended out.
There were fruit trees there, and they were already tired of fruit.There were a lot of flowers in front of the window.
Although they weren't expensive, they were very lush.
I could smell their fragrance from afar, and a group of little bees could also smell them.
They were happily boisterous among the flowers.This really was a strange world that made people want to create these kinds of creatures.
I really didn't understand why.
Some of us hated it so much but it was living more and more vigorously.
I also knew that flies were not rare.
So it was true that people were ugly and beautiful.
The floral fragrance of flowers was very rich, reflecting the grandeur of the houses on the red roof and the grey wall.I smiled.
It was obvious that my aunt had already received a call from her mother, and her mother was very resourceful.
She had already found out my whereabouts in two hours.
Was there still a need to check?
She knew that I wouldn't run away from home like some misdirected youths, suffer on my own, and then go home.[I either don't want to do it.
If I do it, I won't turn back even if I die.
Damned pride is so scary.
]Besides, I liked this place so much that I would only come here.
I hoped that I could successfully get rid of her this time.
Otherwise, I would be dead for sure.
Mom's torture skills were first-class.My aunt was waiting for me under the willow tree in front of her small supermarket!
She saw me smiling, a charming middle-aged woman with a lot of shrewdness in every movement.
I liked her smile.
She must have been a beautiful woman when she was young, but why did she have to live a hard life now?
And mother was in heaven.
Was love the wrong choice back then, and only love?
Unfortunately, love couldn't accompany her until she died of old age.
It had long since declined and made her stand at the forefront of life.
It made her feel haggard!
Would love care for beauties?
It didn't seem like it was a man's creation.Mom chose the bread.
I didn't see how much she liked daddy, so she was obsessed with social events.
However, she didn't quarrel much.
Was she satisfied with her choice?
But our days were very boring.Why couldn't Mom be as gentle and forgiving as she was?!
I knew how much comfort I had received from my aunt, and I liked her to call me with a smile.
"Xiaorui, my child!" That was why I felt a little more normal in front of her.
I'd never told or expressed anything to anyone.
That was why I chose to come here.
I didn't know who I was..She smiled and took my luggage.
"It's so hot.
Quick, get your brother to bring you some cold drinks.""Sister Hu, you're here.
Which family's child?" The owner of the restaurant next door stood in front of the red excuse and looked at me with slanted eyes.
She was still young and pretty.
She looked like the second mother of the night fork.
She wasn't happy with my beauty and temperament.
We hadn't seen her before, so we really wanted to see her.
However, her attitude had to be proper.
This wasn't how they usually treated aunties.
She was bullying her, this stupid woman!.She was still young and attractive, and she looked like her mother, Sun Erniang.
She was unhappy with my beauty and temperament.
They had just come here to open a shop, and we had never seen them before.
We really wanted to see me, but our attitude had to be straight.
What was this?
They didn't treat aunties the same way they usually did.
They were bullying her, this stupid woman!It wasn't my first time here.
Along the way here, I knew that every woman in the small town liked to stand on both sides of the street to show off themselves.
They could also gain the necessary thoughts and gain some love and hatred.
It was easy to say that they weren't lonely.
It seemed like pedestrians who came and went would be able to watch jokes.
It could also be seen that people like me would be enraged and jealous.
"God has no eyes.
Why did you make her so good?
We were so rough and rough, and we even asked her to dress so well and be so arrogant?""I don't want to be unhappy, and I don't want to talk."This kid doesn't like to talk, so honest!" She curled her lips and mocked me for being a silly girl who didn't like me at all.
Was I really that stupid?
There were also a few young and curious heads stuck out of the salon over there.
They were playing ball, but no one's eyes were wasted.
They were all staring at me!
"I've been here before.
I've seen you once, right?" The scoundrels whistled.Are you laughing at me?
What does this mental illness have to do with them?I raised my stunning face, raised my eyes, and looked at her coldly.
The corners of my lips curled up into a charming smile.
She shivered and smiled awkwardly.
"It's so, so beautiful!" Then she slipped into the shop and rolled her eyes at me, unwilling to give up.
The others disappeared too.
I was so beautiful and strange that they couldn't stand it.Embarrassed, my aunt shouted, "My niece, come play tonight.
Let's go." I knew she wasn't happy, but there was nothing I could do.
This was how I was.
Would the neighbors be distant because of me?We walked in and said cheerfully, "Auntie, is this new shop really big?" I looked around at the new shop.
It was about a hundred square meters!
The shelves were glittering with goods, not bad at all!
It was just that my heart was cold.
There were too few things that could move me.
How could there be a problem with my mental state?.We walked in and said cheerfully, "Auntie, is this new shop really big?" I looked around at the new shop.
It was about a hundred square meters!
The shelves were full of goods, not bad at all!
It was just that my heart was cold.
There were too few things that could move me.
How could there be a problem with my mind?"Fine, fine, I've earned a lot.
Your brother is also happy, so I won't play around anymore.
I've been guarding the store every day, and I know how to work.
I've agreed to get married as well." Did I really have money to make a marriage?
What was this?
They would accept it so thoroughly, as if this was the law of heaven and earth!
Was this woman a devil?
She wanted money, not love!
That's right, it was difficult for people like Brother to make people like her.
People like them weren't worth mentioning.There was a seed of evil planted in my head.
Whatever it was, I would only pick on its problems and deny it.
That way, I wouldn't be able to get along well with others, and I wouldn't be happy.My aunt couldn't hide her happiness.
Actually, I knew that she wanted me to relax more.
I wasn't stupid.
I knew everything, but I didn't want to do it.
I didn't want to talk about anything.
She was just so nice to me.
She was a good person, unlike me and my mother."Alright, I can help you in the future!" It hadn't been more than twenty days since my aunt changed the shop.
This was the first time I had seen her.
I also cooperated with my aunt to comfort her.
Until now, she was the only one I could accommodate."Alright, if you want to say it, it's not too much of a loss for He Zhiyong." Her aunt didn't know how much I would be tempted by her words.
Those who were familiar with me probably thought that I wouldn't be moved, and that my heart was made of stone.When I heard the name, my body was cold, and my blood seemed to suddenly stop flowing.
I was stunned, my mind drifting away.
He was the one I had fallen in love with.
How close was I to him now?
Would I be happy to die if he knew I loved him, and if he loved me too?
Perhaps I wasn't sure about that.5 This is their first time meeting each other!5 This is their first time meeting each other!I wandered in the gray world of loneliness, melancholy, pessimism, and death.
I had lost the appearance of happiness and sadness, the only thing I liked to think and do, but it was just a dream floating in the air, and something about life and life, but it was often linked to death.Just like before the storm, life was oppressive and dark.
I also yearned for a flash of lightning and thunder, so that I could be smashed to pieces and die a little faster.I had this longing, but what was the lightning that I went to look for?The hot weather made the air no longer so clean and translucent, as if there was a smell of decay.
It was difficult to breathe heavily.
Outside the room, there were all the noises that should have come from playing mahjong, mixed with the sound of cars coming and going.
Could these damned fellows not be hot?At the time, a month ago, I was sitting in a grocery store in a small town called "three trees".
I was sleeping on the counter with my cousin, Wang Zhiqiang.
Normally, I would call him 'Brother Qiang' and keep watch in boredom.
Because it was too hot, and the store was too small, its goods were poor, and its counter was old.
Except for a few children who bought cold drinks, I couldn't see anyone else.I began to daydream with my eyes open again.
It was a large patch of violet, rippling like water, and I trudged alone, trudging...At this moment, he came.
He crossed the street and walked down the slope.
He appeared outside the open window.
The beautiful orchids on the window sill served as his accompaniment.
Behind him, the huge sun was shining brightly.
The blue clouds in the sky surged forwards.
Only the path he was on was bright.
I felt a strange pressure in my heart.
I ran to the window and looked at him in a daze.
Facing the golden light that was growing darker and brighter, I morphed into a strange purple color.
In an instant, the purple sea surged into my dazed vision.So many years later, his image was still the color of a hero in my memory.An ordinary pair of jeans, broad shoulders, a black-and-yellow plaid short-sleeved shirt, and developed muscles.
His slightly dark skin showed his manly temperament.
Under the scorching heat of the sun, he flashed, and his curly hair scattered disorderly, naturally, was just right.
His bright eyes under his slightly curled hair flashed with wisdom and courage.
His wits, his elegant face, the bridge of his nose, and his prominent outline were clear.
He couldn't be a hybrid, right?
Although I knew that this wasn't the case, I still thought about it.He greeted the passers-by with a smile as he walked into the small shop.So tall, like an iron tower!
I looked up and sighed, pushing my cousin, who was dozing off.Before Cousin could react, he had already reached out and slapped his big, fan-like hand on Cousin's shoulder.
"It's not nice to look at the shop.
Why do you have so much sleep at such a young age?" He smiled and revealed his bright teeth.
He turned to look at me and asked, "Where's your mother?" His gaze was so natural.
His sharp eyes contained a smile that wasn't revealed, and he had a temperament.
His aura was different from everyone else's, and it was a very mesmerizing and mesmerizing trait.Jin Chengwu, Liu Dehua, and Liang Chaowei were already considered small fries in front of his beauty.
Where did those directors go?
Why didn't they notice him?
He would drive everyone crazy!I'd already lost my mind, was it lightning?
It was stronger than lightning, and it was shaking with the strong wind, and it had never jumped so excitedly before, so it fixed its eyes on him.
He was the perfect man I'd hoped for, the man who had come to my sea of blue and purple smoke, the one who'd told me not to be lonely and desolate.His eyes were misty and fainted from the collision.
He was almost unable to think.
He was filled with longing for him, so anxious that he could not breathe.Therefore, love was a momentary feeling.
This feeling would live forever in her memory.
No matter how much the world changed, this person would forever stop at this moment, forever remembering this moment."Hey, what did you eat?
So hard?" Cousin touched his shoulder and complained, "I can't let you off on the hot weather and came to trouble you again.
What's wrong with us?" Lonesome days can make people angry, and the incompetent people can only do this to show that he is alive.His cousin was like this.
He only knew how to vent his temper on his aunt.
He was a cowardly and ambitious little ruffian.Although he was twenty-four years old, his frail figure was like a pitiful child in front of him.
This was all he could do."Look, speak again!" He smiled and waved the one in his hand that seemed to be a license.
"This is the license your mother gave me last time to expand a business project.
You don't know anything about it," he said, smashing it hard into his cousin's hand.Then, I leaned against my cousin and waited for him to wake up.
His elbows rested on the counter, and he stared at me without moving.
I was staring at him too, and neither of us wanted to look away.
Gradually, the smile in my eyes became brighter.
I actually had the desire to fly.
He was one of the rare people who could face me.A burst of ecstasy made me shudder, as if I'd been bathed in summer's warm rain from head to toe.I have never seen how good he is.No matter how much I hated my mother, she still affected me to a great extent.
The life she gave me affected my choices to life, to the world, to love (I didn't think of it, but I would do it subtly).
I should want love and bread.
Love without bread would lose its glory in poverty.
It was the best she had ever given me since I was a child.
I couldn't stand poverty anymore.If I didn't want to do what I wanted, I would look down on poverty.
No matter how good a person was, it was hard for me to have a good impression of someone wearing rags.
Only love for bread?
How could someone like me accommodate someone like me?
I might kill him one day.I knew that if I wanted to have both the bear paw and the fish meat, I would have to have an even greater ability.
Of course, I also needed a better opportunity.
Besides, no matter what, I had to be envied.
It was my only time of happiness.
Wasn't that normal?When I was 12 years old, I had always been self-aware.
In order to obtain the life and love I had hoped for, it was mostly because I liked to make others jealous of me and make my life a little more exciting.
Of course, beauty was the biggest and most direct killer, so I had to work hard to escape from my mother's torture.
She didn't want to learn from me and didn't give me any room to suffer.
I was so familiar with her!
So I gave myself four lessons:.When I was twelve years old, I was already very self-aware.
In order to obtain the life and love I had hoped for, it was mostly because I liked to make others jealous of me and make my life more exciting.
Of course, beauty was the biggest and most direct killer, so I had to work hard to escape from my mother's torture of learning and not giving me any room to suffer.
I was so familiar with it!
So I gave myself four lessons:One: I work out for two hours every day, and no matter what happens, I believe you will admire me.
Dad, Mom doesn't like me at all, and I don't understand.
Yes, it's surprising that a twelve year old child has such thoughts.
But what does it matter?
What ordinary thing have I done?
They can't be blamed.Two: I change my temperament.
I keep learning, and I even memorize a lot of books, and I'm strictly required to speak, to walk, to eat, and sleep.
It's a feverish way to torture myself.
What did I change?
I've learned everything, but it's hard to hide my true nature.3rd: You have to be smart if you have a good appearance.
Do you know how many books I've read and how many tutoring classes I've been in?
Dancing 'Tea Technique', 'Flowed Magic Consumable'.
This is most likely the credit of my mother.
She said that since you haven't learned well, you should have the ability to catch a good man!
That's why I'm so careless.
I won't accept things that she likes.After so many years, I had become an unquestionable beauty.
The face created by nature was already very delicate, and no one had ever seen it before.
I just didn't want to stay with me for too long.
A person had to talk about something.
If they didn't say anything for half an hour, it would be weird, and they would use their eyes to express their contempt for others.
Who wouldn't scream?
I just did strange things.
Was it because I didn't want to be lonely and couldn't find my opponent?
I wondered why..I just don't want to stay with me for too long.
When I'm together, I have to say something.
If I don't say anything for half an hour, it'll be weird.
Moreover, I have to use my eyes to show how I look down on others.
Who wouldn't scream?
I just do weird things.
Am I not happy that I'm so lonely that I can't find my opponent?
I often wonder why it's like this too.Five years of college life had fully proven it, and the beginning was a hundred percent that I was beautiful; and then I looked sideways, and my character made everyone look at me, and I saw my charm.
So I often climbed the top twenty floors of the school, looking down at the city, the crowd, and dreaming, which made me always have a kind of lofty pride.It was really lonely to provoke jealousy and embarrassment.
Conquering others was a kind of happiness, and making others jealous was even more a kind of happiness.I didn't encounter my own hero!
I was looking for a hero!
I didn't want the White Horse Prince!
80% or 90% of my schoolmates were girls, and the only boy I had was in such a bad mood, which made my stomach ache.
I even hated the way they were staring at me.The people I don't like are impolite, the confident and brave suitors will torture me to the bones, and the persistent pursuers will disappear from my sight, and I can only sigh from afar.
I hope the people I want are as hard, cold, and proud as I am, and have iron bones, and are not afraid of anything.Maybe I really did have a problem.
I didn't really yearn for love.
It was just a thought.
It was just a dream.
I wanted it too perfectly.
Who told me to look at it?My youth was so desolate and desolate.
I was willing to let my heartless Shao Hua slip all the way down like this, but he was not in the mood for anything at all.
A person could not help but feel cold at a high place!"Ai, Brother Yong, why are you thanking me?
My mom has been doing this for more than a year, but she hasn't done it.
Thank you so much." I saw that my cousin almost knelt down and kowtowed.
No wonder my brother was so excited.
These days, these people were no different from dog legs.
Whoever they went to, they would be unlucky and eat.I met several times at my aunt's house, waiting for the next day or a fine or something.
They really had to go to such a small shop.What did he mean by 'serving people'?
That was a slogan, it was true that he was serving himself!He wanted to get some money to do it, didn't he?
Why should I thank him?
I thought to myself,?I'm looking down on my cousin's shamelessness.
If you want to work harder, my aunt wouldn't have to work so hard.
I sneered, perverted.It was as if he had just returned to reality after being called by his older brother.
When he turned around, a pleasant male voice rang out, "You, don't only call me Brother Yong because of the benefits.
You have to call me more often.
Otherwise, I won't care about you anymore.
To be honest, it's not easy to handle.
I don't care about this matter, and I asked someone else to do it."...""Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I have eyes that don't recognize Mount Tai.
Your lordship doesn't remember me.
Drink a bottle of cold drink." Cousin sent the cold drink to him as fast as possible.
He didn't know how to leave it behind, but it really looked like he was a traitor."No, I won't drink it.
If it weren't for the fact that it wasn't easy for me to see your mother, I wouldn't have helped you.
" He looked at his brother carefully and said, "You should understand something.
It's not easy for old people.
Alright, I'm going now.
Don't forget to tell your mother that we can start the expansion soon.
If there's anything you don't understand, come and ask me.
""..."He seemed to be a hero who worried about the country and the people.
He was really a good person.
It was beyond my expectations.
People like him were rare creatures.
He was so beautiful that people would be so simple and noble.
He would definitely love everyone around him.
He was a hero who could block the wind and rain..He looked at me again, and my melancholy smiled blurry eyes touched his brilliant eyes.
Warmth surged in my heart, and I was at a loss for what to do with the longing I'd never felt.
He hesitated for a moment, waved, and walked free into the sun.
Then he looked back at me meaningfully.
What kind of eyes was that?I smiled dejectedly and furrowed my brows.
Don't act like a fool, I'm losing my composure.
He nodded and smiled happily, leaving a meaningful and enticing look in his eyes as he walked through the ocean so easily.