My Dashing Youth

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Chapter 105

Mom took me on a tour.
My favorite place was to burn joss sticks in all kinds of temples.
I often knelt in front of the Buddha for a few hours, and my mother was frightened by it, afraid that I would be a nun if I didn't want to.Fortunately, nothing that she was worried about happened.
I thought about a lot of things in front of the Buddha.The sky was getting warmer too, so spring was coming.
The snow began to melt the day's snow, and at night they made thick, long icicles in any possible place, and then they disappeared in the light of the sun.My mother and I weren't quarrelling, and her careful look made me more uncomfortable.
I also saw her sigh lightly every now and then, sad that I couldn't do as she wished!One afternoon I saw the occasional silhouettes of the swallows flying north.
They wouldn't stay.
They were going to places like the Three Trees.
I could almost hear the sound of all things awakening and stirring, and it touched me.Just like how I was moved by the beasts, I was in a hurry to fly away!So on a sunny morning, my mother and father happily sent me up to the Three Trees.I was like a happy little bird, going to the three trees that suited me very well, both mentally and physically.
I knew that though I was still the same, I hadn't changed much.
I was different, haughty, depressed, and sad, but I still yearned to go there.