The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma

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Legacy of Ten Thousand Golds and Oils

Liu Di had nothing to do when he was 43,years old.
He had been an employee of an electric power plant for more than 20,years and lived a life of nine to five years.
When she was thirty years old, a production director was added into it.
It seemed that it was good, but in fact, it was just a supervisor of a small workshop.
Therefore, in the following ten years, a small office was filled with tea and newspapers.
In the past ten years, he would also think about it.
Why did so many state-owned enterprises not have his own power plant?
If so, he might be fired, and there might be another wonderful life.
Of course, he just thought about it.
After thinking about it, he always smiled.
"It's better to have a job!
I'll get more money and have no worries about food and clothing." Actually, when he was thirty-three years old, Liu Di had given it his all.
He wanted to advance a bit further, but it was a pity that he lost.
When he was thirty-five years old, he'd fought once again.
After he'd worn out all of his remaining ambition, he'd given up on it.
He'd still be up to nine or five days a day, and it'd be sufficient for him to toss around with small toys during his leisure time.
As a major student in science, he was very interested in the tools used by the electric medic and carpenter.
Besides, he didn't make much progress, so he was very popular.
Which family had a TV refrigerator, or a sewer problem?
Or even a new room was renovated.
Everyone liked to ask Liu Gong for advice, since it was free anyway.
Liu Gong himself had a sense of accomplishment and was happy to do so.
In almost every unit, there would be such a person.
They understood everything, but they didn't have any essence.
Everyone called it priceless oil.
The days had passed like this until he died of illness.
Although he didn't have too many great achievements to mourn in his life, he had spent his life safely and happily.
It was also a kind of happiness.
However, as the saying goes, no one knows what will happen in the future.
One day, on the way to work, Liu Chang was still thinking about a hand-made shoe cabinet in his home.
He was sent flying by the car in the opposite direction.
He was enjoying life at forty-three and a half years old.
He abandoned his mother and wife, and his eighth-year-old daughter.
Seeing for the first time in life It was a village surrounded by mountains, surrounded by clouds.
Over a hundred wooden houses fell at the foot of the mountain, and a meandering river passed through the village.
The high mountains blocked the cold, and there was no trace of winter in the village.
It was still the green grass and wildflowers in front of her home.
The wild boars hanging under the eaves showed the prosperity of these farmers.
Occasionally, the barking of dogs and chicken increased the quietness and distance of peace.
What a wonderful land of idyllic beauty.
At the corner of Liu Di's mouth was a dog tail grass.
He was sitting on a huge rock on the mountainside, overlooking the village.
This was the first time he was in the mood to enjoy the scenery after traveling through time-travel for ten days.
She vaguely remembered that she went to work at that time.
Her mind kept tearing up the shoe cabinet that she designed by herself, and then with a bang, the shoe cabinet broke into thousands of pieces.
When he woke up, he found himself lying on a black wooden bed in a very simple wooden house, and he himself had become a 12-year-old thin and weak boy.
After Liu Di gritted his teeth and calmed down, he slowly felt the memory of the teenager.
He knew that the teenager was also named Liu Di.
Everyone in the village called him rock.
Since his parents died when he was young, it was said that something happened in the mountain hunting.
This village was called Peach Village, and most of the village was full of hunters.
Their surname was colorful, which indicated that this was not an ordinary ancestral village.
Even so, the village with more than two hundred people was as dear as one.
Because his parents died early, his neighbors took turns to take care of him from two years old to twelve years old.
The memory of the boy was as simple as boiled water, and Liu Di spent only half an hour and it was clear at a glance.
Then his memories flooded into his mind, and he burst into tears.
He guessed that he might have time-traveled.
After years of leisure life, Liu Di had read a lot of novels.
There were also many time-travelers, and he had also dreamed of the world-changing beauties after time-travel.
But when this matter really came to an end, there was no thought left in her mind.
She could only remember, keep recalling.
She was a 70-year-old mother, a gentle and virtuous wife, and the daughter who was attached to her when she got off work every day and had to sit on her shoulders when she went out at the age of eight.
Her sweet voice of a father still lingered in her ear.
Liu Di forced himself to calm down and slowly sorted out his emotions.
Then he lay on the bed with black planks for three days.
In the past three days, dozens of people had come to visit him.
Fortunately, they had the memory of the youth, and these people who were visiting him did not give him too much sense of unfamiliarity.
Among them, Sixth Aunt left the greatest impression on her, making her recall her mother from her past life.
Even her eyes full of love couldn't stop her.
As an old man in his forties, Liu Di still couldn't help but feel a lump in his nose and burst into tears.
Liu Kexin was so scared that she was in a flurry, thinking that he was seriously in pain.
She kept asking him where he was in pain, which made Liu Di very embarrassed.
There was also a little girl who had come 18,times in the past three days.
She had a round face and big round eyes.
She was a nine-year-old Ye'er.
To tell the truth, Ye'er didn't look like his daughter at all, but Liu Di felt that Ye'er was very much like his daughter.
In the past three days, Liu Di touched the girl's little heads countless times, and he was strongly opposed by Ye'er every time.
Over the past three days, Liu Di cleared his mind and accepted the reality.
He knew that he had arrived in a strange place.
The only thing he needed to do was to read more, think more, talk less, and slowly integrate into this environment.
In the next few days, Liu Di would just stroll around every day, going door to door from door to door.
After getting to know their language and customs, he found that the language here was not much different from that in his previous life.
The only problem was that his language was a little stiff.
Liu Di was considered to be fluent after secretly practicing in the cabin for several nights.
After ten-day sleep on the hard wooden bed, Liu Di finally thought of a change.
It was so uncomfortable to sleep on the cold wooden plank.
Liu Di felt that he should move and make a soft dream.
So he climbed to the mountainside today and weaved his meditation on it with the lush thatch in the mountain.
He climbed up the boulder in the air and looked down at the entire village.
After being absent-minded for a while, Liu Di was ready to come back and continue to complete his sleepsickness.
Suddenly, the sound of galloping horses came from the eastern mountain pass.
In the distance, dozens of cavalrymen raised a cloud of dust and came to the village.
Liu Di knew that these were the men who had returned from their hunting excursion.