The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma

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Yan Yun's Past

At this moment, a tender and clear voice came from the foot of the mountain, "Brother Pebble, Brother Pebble, the blacksmith said that you have something to do." It was Ye'er, who yelled at him from a distance at the foot of the mountain.
Liu Di folded his hands at the corners of his mouth and responded loudly.
Then he turned around and stuffed the Half-finished Sis Anchors into a pile of thatch, patted the dust on his body, and walked down the mountain.
Uncle Blacksmith's home was in the east of the village.
When Liu Di first saw the blacksmith uncle a few days ago, he was standing by the stove and beating an unformed iron surface.
Although the blacksmith uncle stood by the stove with his thick arms and a resolute bearded face like a blacksmith, Liu Di, an experienced man in his forties, could not hide the elegance and elegance between the eyebrows of the blacksmith uncle.
Vader thought to himself, [This Uncle Blacksmith is not only a blacksmith, he should also be an intellectual.] When Liu Di came down from the mountain to the Blacksmith's uncle's residence, he was seated on the doorway of his stove-raiser room, staring blankly.
Upon seeing Liu Di draw near, he suddenly came to his senses.
He squinted his eyes and looked Liu Di up and down.
After a while, he said lightly, "Follow me." They walked around and came to a stone house, which was a rare stone house in the village.
Uncle Blacksmith gently pushed the door open and a faint scent of books wafted out.
Liu Di thought to himself, "This really is the study room, an intellectual indeed." But in his heart, he was rather puzzled.
This study had quite a few books, and he himself was an intellectual as well.
Why would the village invite a teacher to teach them how to read and write?
The moment the blacksmith entered the study, the resolute expression on his face seemed to have softened considerably.
He asked Liu Di to sit on the opposite side of the tea table in front of the window, and then quietly looked at Liu Di.
Liu Di also quietly looked at him.
After a long while, Uncle Blacksmith smiled and said, "You're even calmer than I thought.
You're not curious about how many books you've read.
You're twelve this year, aren't you?" Liu Di replied, "Yes, just full last month." "Mm." Uncle Blacksmith nodded.
"It's time to make things clear to you.
Although you're still young, your mind is mature and steady.
You should know how to handle things." Liu Di picked up the teapot on the tea table and poured a cup of tea.
He held it up with both hands and handed it over to the Blacksmith Uncle.
Respectfully, he said, "Please inform Uncle." The blacksmith took the teacup, but he did not drink it for a long time.
It seemed that he was reminiscing about the past, or he was choosing the right words to speak.
Liu Di was unhurried.
He poured himself a cup of tea and slowly drank it.
When Liu Di drank the third cup of tea, the blacksmith finally spoke.
"You grew up in the village and have never seen the outside world.
There are a total of six countries in the world, namely Yan, Chu, Qi, Lu, Yue, and Japan.
We are the Yan Kingdom." "Our Yan Kingdom has a large population.
Due to fertile lands and rich population, neighboring countries often covet it.
Although the country is peaceful and prosperous, war is constantly happening on the border." "Our biggest border battlefield is in the Western Region, and the enemy is the Qi Kingdom." The blacksmith uncle took a sip of tea, his eyes reminiscing.
"At that time, the Yanyun Army led by Weiwu General Liu Tianxing was responsible for guarding the Western Region." "There are 200,000,soldiers in the army, and all of them are fierce and tough men.
They have guarded the Western Region for more than a decade and have experienced hundreds of battles, big or small, but none of them has been defeated!" At this point, the blacksmith uncle's eyes were bright and his cheeks were flushed.
After a while, he calmed down and said faintly, "I think you can guess that I am one of Yanyun's subordinates." After a pause, he said, "I asked you to come here today not for the glory of that day, but for something important." "In the army, although all the soldiers practiced martial arts, in fact, there is a kind of person in the world who does not practice martial arts.
They have spiritual roots and cultivate the immortal way." "Immortality?!" Liu Di could no longer remain calm.
He cried out involuntarily, "Is there really an immortal in this world?" The blacksmith forced a smile and said, "I didn't believe it at first, but after seeing it more often, I knew that there were indeed cultivators in this world." Liu Di was silent.
It was already absurd for him to time-travel to this world.
What else could he not believe?
The blacksmith uncle continued, "Those who have Spiritual Roots to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality are known as Sacred Masters." "It is said that there are very few people who can have Spiritual Roots, so Sacred Masters are also extremely rare.
However, there are two Sacred Masters in the Yanyun Army of 200,000,of us." "That's Liu Tianxing, the great general, and Wang Yi, his junior brother.
It's said that the general is a Sacred Master at the Lv 7,Qi Refining Realm.
Although he can't defeat thousands of people, it's more than enough to fight against hundreds of people alone.
He often can play a role in changing the situation at critical moments of the war." "In particular, the general is not only a spiritual master, but he is also a warrior general who is good at fighting!
I saw with my own eyes that the general has killed the enemy's head more than ten times in thousands of troops.
Warriors worship heroes, so the general's prestige in the army is unmatched." At this point, the blacksmith uncle's face was full of respect.
He took a sip of tea and continued, "However, ten years ago, the general fell seriously ill in the camp.
After being in a coma for ten days, he finally left the world." "At the same time, the Qi Kingdom attacked with all its might.
Without a commander in our army, we were scattered.
After seven days and seven nights of fierce battle, we were finally defeated and fled." "At that time, I was one of the three think tankes that the general relied heavily on.
After the army was defeated, I narrowly escaped.
Then I spent a year to gather the scattered soldiers of Yanyun and live together here in seclusion until today." At this time, the Blacksmith uncle's face was full of shame.
"Back then, during the great war, every soldier was brave enough to be the first to fight to the death.
However, as a scholar, I don't have the strength to tie up a chicken.
All I can do is watch as my comrades-in-arms use the human sea tactics to seize a path for me to escape.
This will save my life." "Every time I think about it, I can only feel regret on my wrist.
So after that, I became a blacksmith, training my physique and strengthening my physique!
I hope that when there is a battle one more day, I don't have to hide behind other warriors to survive." Liu Di comforted, "Uncle Blacksmith, everyone has their strengths and each performed their own duties.
You asked the civil officials to kill the enemies and the generals to give advice to the later.
Why do you blame yourself for this?" Uncle Blacksmith touched Liu Di's head and said, "I understand this, but I can only watch them die one by one for me to block their knives.
Sigh, how can I forget about them!" After a moment of silence, Uncle Blacksmith continued, "Afterwards, we lived in seclusion here to hunt and make a living by hunting and transporting mountain products.
We lived a stable life.
We used the chance to hunt and trade furs.
We searched everywhere for information about the Yanyun Army.
We wanted to find out the cause of death of the general and get revenge for him." "One day, we accidentally heard the news about the general's wife.
When we confirmed the news, we rushed over.
Unfortunately, we were still a step late.
When we arrived, the general's wife had already died from an illness for more than ten days." "Only a boy is left, and he is only a little more than two years old.
Fortunately, with the care of the kind-hearted people in the village, he won't starve to death.
So we brought this child back to the village." Liu Di said softly, "That child must be me." The blacksmith nodded slightly and said, "Yes, you are the only son of General Liu Tianxing.
Your name is Liu Di.
In case, few people in the village know your name.
Everyone asked you to be a stone." After a pause, he continued, "When I took you back to the village, we wanted to teach you martial arts from a young age and let you have the ability to lead us to revenge for the general in the future." "But after the discussion, everyone thinks that you are the general's bone and blood, and you may also have a Spiritual Root like the general.
Then you will be a cultivator in the future!
If we teach you martial arts, won't your qualifications be wasted?" "Unfortunately, we are all martial artists, so how can we distinguish what the spiritual root is?
Therefore, after the decision, we send people out to look for spiritualnnunciatores and ask them to come to the village to identify you.
After three years, we found a spiritual master to come to the village to identify your spiritual root talents for you." "After the Sacred Master checked, he told us a very good piece of news.
You do have a Sacred Root, and you can become a Sacred Master like your father!" "When everyone is rejoicing over the general's success, the Sacred Master says that you have a hidden spirit root that is one in ten thousand.
This kind of hidden spirit root must be activated by special pills.
Only in this way can you realize the way the spiritual root has been cultivating since then." "This kind of pill is very rare in the world, and it's only circulated among the spiritual masters of cultivation.
Moreover, it's extremely rare to see anyone refine it.
The spiritual master also said that a person with a spiritual root should be the best in cultivating before the age of fifteen.
Once it exceeds this age, his meridians have already taken shape.
Even if he can cultivate, it's difficult for him to progress an inch in the later stages!" "So in the next few years, we have been searching everywhere for this pill called the Hidden Pill.
We want to find this pill before you turn fifteen and let you become a spiritual master.
We will never let the future generations of the general live a mediocre life!"