The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma

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First Peep at the Cultivation Realm

Liu Di suddenly said, "I'm here today to tell you all about me.
I think the pills have been found?" The blacksmith uncle laughed heartily and said, "Kid, you're indeed smart!" Liu Di was moved to see Uncle Blacksmith, who had always been taciturn and never smiled, laughing so openly and forthrightly.
The blacksmith uncle must've suppressed his emotions until now in search of this pill.
Now that the pill had been taken, he'd finally let go of the heavy responsibility on his shoulders and smiled so easily.
At this time, the blacksmith uncle took out a blackened little box from his arms and stared at it for a long time.
He said in a deep voice, "All the men in the village have worked hard for over ten years for this pill!
The Sacred Masters who possess this pill don't care about the gold and silver between us mortals.
In their world of cultivation, they have their own currency, which is called Spirit Stone." Sighing, he said, "We mortals really don't need to take care of that kind of precious item.
After pleading for so many times, the Sacred Master felt that it was for us, so he agreed to use all kinds of rare herbs as rewards to exchange for this pill.
In the past few years, everyone has been hunting for herbs and giving them to the Sacred Master.
We have been doing this for several years.
Fortunately, this Sacred Master is a generous person and didn't go back on his words.
Finally, he gave us the pill today!" Speaking of this, the blacksmith sighed.
Liu Di was silent and only poured tea for the blacksmith uncle.
The blacksmith continued, "Everyone is afraid of losing the pill after obtaining it.
Before one person left with the pill, a large group of people followed closely behind.
They rushed back to the village overnight and handed it to me." Then he handed over the box and said in a low voice, "Pebble, this pill has gathered the blood of hundreds of strong men in the village.
If it really works, you can't let them down.
If it doesn't work, that's your destiny.
You don't have to blame yourself." Then, they continued, "Whether it is cultivation or martial arts, the physique is very important.
We have spent a lot of money to get a thousand-year-old piece of black iron wood and make a bed for you.
It is very good for strengthening your physique to sleep on it every day." Hearing this, Liu Di's face turned red.
"It seems that the hard and creepy wooden bed is still a good thing.
How can I sleep on it?" Liu Di took the box with both hands and nodded solemnly.
"Uncle Blacksmith, I will never let you down.
Even if the pills are ineffective, I will work hard to practice martial arts.
I will never let you down." Uncle Blacksmith nodded in approval and said, "I know you're a sensible child, so take it now!
I heard from the Sacred Master that after taking this pill, it will hurt for a few minutes.
Then, it will break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly, forming a spirit root." Liu Di opened the box, and a little gray and unremarkable pill was lying quietly in the box.
He couldn't help but hesitate.
It was such an odd little pill.
If he didn't even have a function instruction, wouldn't he die from bleeding from his seven apertures if he ate it?
After hesitating for a moment, he thought to himself, "There are too many things for this little meatball to carry.
I can't eat it!
Besides, I've even experienced the transmigration and cultivation.
It's acceptable that a little meatball has great effects." With a decision in his mind, he directly called Xiaodan and threw him into his mouth.
Before he could chew it, Xiaodan rolled down his throat with a roll.
It was like Zhu Bajie eating ginseng fruit, and he didn't feel any taste.
Before he could think it through, his lower abdomen was hot, like a warm baby in his previous life sticking to the belly button.
Then a trace of heat led to the limbs, which made him feel warm and extremely comfortable.
Uncle Blacksmith stared nervously at Liu Di.
He hadn't reacted much over the time it took to burn a stick of incense.
He couldn't help but ask anxiously, "How do you feel?
Does it hurt?" Confused, Wade shook his head.
"I don't think it hurts." The blacksmith uncle suddenly stood up and said in a trembling voice, "Is it actually useless?" Liu Di saw that the Blacksmith Uncle was too agitated, so he quickly held the Blacksmith Uncle's big hand and comforted, "Although it doesn't hurt, it seems to be effective.
I feel warm all over my body." "I hope it works, I hope it works," muttered the Blacksmith.
He had no choice but to suppress himself and wait patiently for the change to occur.
The heat was drifting around his body for an hour.
At this time, the heat suddenly dissipated, and Liu Di collapsed on the chair as if he had fallen apart.
At this moment, the normally calm and composed blacksmith suddenly jumped up.
"Oh no, I forgot something important.
I was too excited when I received the pill and actually forgot the most important thing!" He turned around and rushed to the bookshelf behind him, rummaging through the books on the shelf.
Uncle Blacksmith was getting more and more agitated.
He threw all the books that were usually considered treasures to the ground like trash.
After a search of fruits, she laid down on the floor and searched the bottommost bookshelf.
After a while, she finally shouted, "We've found it!" When Liu Di saw what was in Uncle Blacksmith's hands, he saw that there was an enormous iron box in Uncle Blacksmith's hands.
The blacksmith's shop carefully placed the box on the tea table and gently opened it.
A thin book appeared in front of them.
Written on the book was the essentials of Qi refining.
The blacksmith's uncle looked embarrassed.
"I was too excited to remember such an important item.
This was something that your father left behind when he was on his deathbed.
If you have a spirit root, then I'll train with you.
If you don't have a spirit root, then I'll send it back to his sect." Then he recalled and said, "Your father once talked to me, he came from a place called Guiyi Sect.
It was said that the sect was far away in the Western Desert ridge of Yan Kingdom, hidden in white clouds.
Guiyi Master was from Yan Kingdom, so all the disciples of the sect chose Yan Kingdom as their places of service.
Your father also went out to gain experience, and by chance, he became a member of Yanyun Army.
After hundreds of years of accumulated achievements, he later became the chief general of Yanyun.
Before he died, he handed this box to me." He then said seriously, "This book is the only thing he left for you.
You must take good care of it." Liu Di took the book with both hands and nodded heavily, "Uncle Blacksmith, don't worry.
This is the relic left by my father.
I will definitely cherish it, but it will not be damaged at all!" The blacksmith smiled and replied, "I believe in you." Then, he stood up and said, "I'll go out first.
You can read this book at ease.
I've read this book several times, but I don't know much about it.
I hope you can understand this book and start on the path of a Spiritual Master." Liu Di quickly stood up and sent him off.
"Don't worry, Uncle Blacksmith.
I'll definitely understand this book and become a spiritual master.
I'll make my father feel at ease in the netherworld, and I'll make my family feel at ease." "Okay, okay." Uncle Blacksmith waved his hand and said, "Go read it.
I'll tell everyone in the village to stay away from the study.
I'll also arrange someone to bring you three meals every day.
The only thing you need to do is to read it and learn how to do it." Liu Di answered in a low voice, "Yes." After the blacksmith left, Liu Di returned to the quiet study and sat next to the tea table in front of the window.
He gently opened the cover of the basic Qi-refining essentials, which was like a silk book in his previous life.
When he raised his head, he heard the main principle of "Spirit Gathering into Myriad Laws".
Liu Di was delighted to know that the main principle was followed by "All Laws of Myriad Laws".
The main idea was to describe the basic knowledge of the Cultivation World.
The main principle was as follows,There were three realms in the Spirit Master Realm, namely Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment and Gold Core.
There were several realms for each realm, Qi Refining, Lv 9,Qi Refining, Lv 6,Foundation Building and Lv 4,Gold Core.
The Level 9,Qi Refining was the Grand Completion, and after the breakthrough, it was the next large realm.
Spiritual Qi was cultivated by Sacred Masters.
The higher the realm, the more abundant the Spiritual Qi would be.
Like the Qi-refining Realm, Spiritual Qi was equivalent to the capacity of a basin.
Although there were nine levels, it was only the size of a basin.
Once a person reached the Foundation Establishment stage, his or her anima energy would be equivalent to a pond.
After the Foundation Establishment stage, his or her Jindan would be as large as a lake.
The difference between these three realms could not be very complicated.
The other thing that needed attention was before the fifth level of Qi Refining.
Although there was Spiritual Qi, it was limited by the capacity, so it could not be used with magic.
The manual for the incantation required a special note of the four techniques of Qi Refining.
One could only learn it after reaching Lv 6,Qi Refining Realm!
Cultivators must not be irritated, greedy, and push forward.
If one took the technique too hastily, the practitioner's meridians would be damaged and his body would be paralyzed, while the practitioner's techniques would be backfired and he or she would die instantly.
Seeing this, Liu Di couldn't help but see what kind of magic he could use first.
So he turned to the end page.
There were four magic arts recorded on it, which were,using Qi to control wind, using Qi to control objects, using Qi to control God, and using Qi to control silk.
It should be easy for Liu Dihui to understand the rules of Wind Riding objects, but the silk of the God-controlling Realm was quite confusing.
However, Liu Di didn't worry about it.
He was always on his way to the end of the bridge.
When he made some achievements in cultivation and made friends with his fellow Taoists, such simple terms would not be a problem for him.
The first page of the return page continued to read.
Below was the general knowledge of the battle between spiritual masters.
The general idea is as follows,Although there is a huge difference in the three realms of a Sacred Master, the realms are very important for fighting each other.
However, combat experience, clever techniques, on-the-spot reaction, including abundant physical strength, agility of mind, planning and calculation, all of these are crucial!
Of course, this effect was only relative to the difference in the realm.
For example, the late-stage of Qi Refining and the early-stage of Foundation Establishment, as long as they did not fight stupidly with their spiritual power in the Foundation Building Realm.
Although the chances of success in Qi Refining was close and low, they had the ability to play a trick or two.
"But if you encounter the late-stage of Foundation Establishment, you can only sigh that you have a hard time.
You can overcome all difficulties with one force.
No matter how ingenious you are, it is useless before the strong aura.
At this time, Liu Di discovered that this paragraph was clearly written on the back.
He immediately understood that this was probably the notes and experiences of his father in this world.
Liu Di looked at the following pages again and found that there were a lot of these characters below the page.
He was at ease at once.
With the teacher of predecessors, he could read them with half the effort.
But that was the end of the introduction to the Spirit Master Realm, and then he began to enter the Qi Refining Realm.
Liu Di smiled bitterly in his heart.
This was such a short introduction.
He was new here and he had just entered the door of the spiritual master.
This common sense was very urgent for him to understand.
There was nothing he could do but wait for his cultivation in the future.
He would then go out to gain experience and gradually grasp it.