The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma

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Small Success in Training

Surprisingly, the method of cultivating Qi was very easy to understand,Qi rises to the Dantian, then goes to the Divine Court, then to the Zhong Shaofu, and then goes down too hard.
Qi flows through one hundred acupoints, circle for a full cycle, and then converges into God's Gate, releasing Qi strength from the fingers.
In his previous life, Liu Di was a free man.
The free man was not short of time, so he had read a lot of books.
His mother was old and in pain.
For this, Liu Di also took time to learn the massage of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Chinese medicine recovery and so on, to consider filial piety, but now it came in handy.
The human meridians and acupuncture points really couldn't stop him.
As soon as he saw the first word, he subconsciously began to breathe in his Dantian.
Sure enough, a small heat flow began to flow through his whole body with his will.
After a quarter of an hour, it finished a circulation.
Then he learned from the book and gathered in the Shenmen acupoint.
Next, he pointed at the small teacup on the table and released the so-called strength with expectation.
He shouted evilly in his heart, "Shoot!" As expected, the small teacup didn't disappoint him.
A strange thing happened in the eyes of outsiders.
The teacup suddenly slid a foot on the tea table before it staggered to a stop.
Liu Di was so excited that he kept releasing his luck.
He had been playing with the teacup for an hour!
He didn't stop until several clean and mirror-like scratches were scratched on his face.
After the excitement was vented, Liu Di pondered.
There must be a lot of strength, but why was the strength he released not constant?
He couldn't grasp the limits of the strength and could not figure it out.
At this time, he looked up and saw the essential Qi techniques pushed to the edge of the tea table.
He immediately cursed himself.
He was already in his 40s in his previous life.
How could he be as frivolous as a child?
The book read only once.
He was too impatient.
He took the essentials and read them.
There were detailed descriptions indeed.
It turned out that apart from spirit power, the practitioner had an extremely important characteristic, the sea of consciousness.
The same as Spiritual Qi, the higher the realm one's Sea of Consciousness was, the bigger the one's Sea of Consciousness was.
What was contained in the Sea of Consciousness was the Soul Force.
The size of the Soul Force directly affected the control of Spiritual Qi, so the soul could manipulate Qi as it pleased.
Wade thought to himself, this soul power should be the so-called spiritual energy of his previous life.
In his previous life, there had been many disputes regarding the usage of spiritual energy.
He had often talked about hypnosis and spiritual energy control, but had never come to a conclusion.
However, Liu Di was certain that there was spiritual force in this world, because the bottom page had detailed the cultivation and application of soul force in detail.
After reading it several times, Liu Di began to concentrate on his sea of consciousness.
After channeling his Qi for a week, a thought flashed through his mind.
He gently touched the teacup.
This time, the teacup merely shook lightly.
He succeeded!
Next, Liu Di thought about how powerful he should be.
He pointed his finger, and the teacup exploded with a bang!
Suddenly, Liu Di's face blossomed.
Looking from a distance, he looked ferocious with black scars all over his face.
When he looked closer, he found that it was tea leaves mixed with tea that stuck to his face, which was embarrassing.
Fortunately, there was no one else, so they would not disgrace themselves.
Liu Di wiped the tea in a hurry and swept the tea table with his sleeves.
He cleaned the scattered teacups on the floor with a broom.
After finishing his work, he sat down and continued to watch.
The next thing to talk about was the expansion of the cultivation of the aura promotion and the sea of consciousness.
These contents were extremely large and complicated.
Pay attention to how to advance, how to break through the realm, especially the necessary conditions for breaking through the realm, such as the cultivation of pills and magic tools.
They were full of various kinds of information.
Liu Di knew that he couldn't be too anxious about it.
Although he had been working in the office for so many years in his previous life, his Kung Fu of Qi Refreshing was proficient.
He poured himself a cup of tea and leisurely looked at it with the mantra.
In a flash, it seemed that he had returned to the years of his previous life.
When Liu Di looked at it, it was like a moon.
During this period, it was Aunt Liu who delivered the meal.
Aunt Liu was quiet, and she seldom got involved in daily life.
Although she was over 40,years old, she still had black hair and eyebrows, fair skin and red lips, and vaguely looked like a dignified lady.
Liu Di thought that Aunt Zhang didn't like to talk too much.
This was also the reason why Uncle Blacksmith asked her to deliver food.
Aunt Liu was Stone's loyal follower's mother.
Therefore, every time Aunt Liu brought meals, Ye'er would follow her closely pulling the corner of Aunt Zhang's clothes.
Maybe it was because of their middle-aged sons, the two Zhang brothers were both silent people, but they spoiled Ye'er, a lively girl.
Not only was she very active, but her speech was also excessive.
The two braids on her head swayed as she spoke.
Coupled with a pair of big shining eyes, in the words of Liu Di in his previous life, she was a super invincible little girl!
Children in the village would follow their parents to learn martial arts, hunt and farm work when they were young.
Even girls had begun to learn to do housework since childhood.
Ye'er had been doted on by her parents since she was young and had never been involved in such matters.
Even though she had become more relaxed, she lacked her playmates.
Everyone was busy.
Fortunately, there was another person who was not busy, that was Brother Stone.
In view of Liu Di's identity, of course, they would not let him do those hard work.
Therefore, the little girl became a loyal follower of brother Stone.
In fact, almost every little girl once had such a boy.
He took her to fish by the pond and catch crabs, and he used his home-made slingshots all over the mountains to find traces of birds.
The fun in the mountains was infinite, but the boys seemed to be omnipotent.
Above the trees, on the river, there were fights, and they became the idols of little girls.
Brother Pebble was the Brother Pebble that Yaya worshiped.
She was also the Green Plum Blossom who had never left her side since she was born.
He heard from his mother that when he was a child, Brother Pebble would often hug him.
Every time he thought of this, his little face would turn red, even though he was still a child...
Every time Ye'er came to the village, she would tell Brother Stone about the big events in the village.
For example, her second aunt's family forgot to collect clothes during the rainy days, so she was beaten by her man.
The old hen of 6th aunt's went to the river and gave birth to two eggs, which was picked up by Dahei.
Dahei put two stones on the river, a few dead branches, and then put the eggs between the cracks.
When he was bending over on the ground and trying to blow on the fire, imagining eating the delicious grilled egg, the sixth aunt came over and kicked Dahei away.
The two eggs were rescued, and it was said that the two eggs had become chicken eggs...
There were countless things like this.
Ye'er was so excited that she chattered non-stop.
Liu Di was also very happy and kept on laughing.
Aunt Liu would sit quietly by the side at this time.
Seeing the two little girls get along with each other, her heart was full of comfort.
However, if she knew that Liu Di only chatted with Ye'er with relish, she would not know how he felt when he thought of his daughter in his previous life.
Usually, a conversation would only last for about an hour.
Aunt Liu knew that Stone was going to study and do great things, so at this time, she would break up the affectionate couple, take Ye'er, and leave.
The little girl had to bite her lips tightly, blushing, trying to pull her mother's big hands away.
Unfortunately, she was too weak to do so.
After sliding a few steps on the ground, she had to give up every time.
Liu Di, who came from his previous life, naturally knew that this was because of her little girl's self-esteem.
He didn't want to be scolded by his mother in front of his Brother Stone.
So, at this time, Liu Di always went out with Ye'er and coaxed her in a good voice.
Because of Ye'er's visit, this month's study was not so boring.
In fact, as early as half a month ago, Liu Di had already begun to cultivate.
He verified the manual of the formula while he was cultivating.
At present, he had basically mastered the basics of the basics.
In the future, he only needed to cultivate hard, and then at the right time to go out to train and find various techniques.
One day, Liu Dixun was about to break through to Level Two of the Qi Cultivation Realm, so he decided not to meditate.
The mantra specifically stated that any advancement or breakthrough was not something that a person could force.
All one had to do was stop training and meditate and comprehend.
What was comprehension?
This depended on each person's fate.
Training was the dao of nature, and everything just went with the flow.
For example, one could go hunting and climb high, or spar with friends, discuss the dao, and drink tea.
In short, one must follow the nature's path and comprehend the Dao of Nature.
Liu Di knew that cultivation was the Way of Immortality, which transcended the mortal world.
However, you had to understand the mortal world to seek the Way of Immortality.
It seemed that they were mutually beneficial, but at the same time, they were born.
It was the so-called entering the human realm.
In the following months, while practicing, Liu Di would leave the study and walk around.
Sometimes they talked a lot in the Liu family and talked for a long time.
Sometimes they fought with Mr.
Li for a long time.
Fortunately, he had some knowledge of Go in his previous life.
Although he was defeated every time, he would not lose his face.
In this simple process, Liu Di broke through to Lv 3,Qi Cultivation Realm.
In this period of time, Liu Di found that he was more and more integrated into the world, the peach-like village.
Using Liu Di's mentality and vision as an employee in his previous life, in literary terms, people here were pure like crystal, full of joys, angers, sorrows, and happiness.