The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma

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A Girl Has Grown Up

After getting along with these people in the Peach Village for several months, Liu Di's unfamiliarity gradually transformed into a sense of intimacy.
Compared to the cool feeling he had when he first arrived, his heart was now filled with warmth.
Because they ate Bai family's food, Liu Di knew every specialty dish in every restaurant clearly.
Whenever he wanted to eat something, he would go home!
It was a pleasant meal.
With more time, Ye'er wanted to play with him every day.
Every time Ye'er came to play with him, he would try his best to satisfy Ye'er and play with the little girl.
Liu Di gave full play to his previous life's experience and helped the little girl to make swings, seesaws and other toys.
He even made a wooden foot-trampled bicycle!
However, since the unprecedented appearance in a car, there were more and more little stars in the eyes of Ya'er, and there was a loyal fan, Dahei, behind Liu Di.
Actually, all the children in the village were the fans of Brother Stone.
Unfortunately, everyone was busy and did not have much time to follow Brother Stone.
Dahei was different.
In order to cover the retreat of everyone, his father died in the mountain forest in a hunt.
Therefore, people in the village were particularly protective of Dahei and his mother.
Their families would not allocate heavy lives.
Dahei was more relaxed than the other children.
This little black fat man came up to call Brother Stone with a flattering face every day, but he was always blocked by Ye'er like a fierce woman with her hands on her waist.
In the past, Dahei would not buy Ye'er's money.
They had fought more than a hundred times!
But now the situation was different.
Everyone knew that Brother Stone doted on Ye'er and offended Ye'er.
Would his idol Brother Stone still bring him out to play?
So every time at this time, Dahei always coaxed Yeer shamelessly.
This little girl was so cute.
After a few good words, she turned from a shrew into a baby.
She was a close friend again.
In fact, Liu Di didn't spend much time with Ye'er.
They spent most of the time with each other.
Although they fought, they had a lot of fun.
The relationship between them was really close.
Happy times always passed quickly.
One day, the blacksmith uncle suddenly found Liu Di and came to the study together.
After sitting down, Liu Di poured tea for him.
The blacksmith took a sip of tea and said, "Pebble, our people are outside looking for a Sacred Master to ask about the cultivation of a Sacred Master.
Only then did we know that after becoming a Sacred Master, one can practice martial arts.
A strong physique and martial arts technique can also play an important role in the battle techniques of a Sacred Master.
It's just that the cultivation of martial arts is too hard, and a Sacred Master is generally quiet and doesn't like to move, so there are very few students.
Do you think you can do it yourself?" Liu Di didn't hesitate at all.
"I'll learn!" The blacksmith frowned and said, "Have you thought it through?
Practicing martial arts is extremely hard.
Furthermore, if you were to practice martial arts, how would you arrange for your cultivation time?" In fact, Liu Di only answered so quickly, but it was because of the feelings of his previous life.
In his previous life, his Chinese martial arts could be said to be very extensive and profound.
Almost every Chinese boy had a dream of practicing martial arts.
It was just that there was no opportunity in his previous life to learn martial arts.
Now that he could learn it, he would naturally be inspired.
He always felt that the martial arts he learned were the best in the martial arts world.
Since then, he had been proud of himself!
However, he calmed down and thought that he was still impulsive.
Even if he wanted to learn, he had to at least have a plan, and the time for practicing couldn't be delayed.
After some consideration, he said, "Uncle Blacksmith, I think I can still learn it.
Cultivation is about the art of nature.
I don't need to spend all day meditating and training.
I'll spend the first half of the day practicing martial skills, while the second half of the day practicing meditation.
I think it's feasible." The blacksmith said, "Have you thought it through?" "Mm.
That's it.
It won't be a problem." Liu Di nodded.
There was a flat lawn on the mountainside of the village.
It was unknown whether it was born like this or a later generation's reason.
At this time, it became Liu Di's place to practice martial arts.
Liu Di's martial technique was not taught by the Blacksmith Uncle, but by the best archer uncle in the village.
The five short figures and the bulging muscles on their arms showed their strong arm strength.
Like the men in the village, Uncle Qiang was speechless.
He came up and picked up Liu Di's thin arms to look around, and was speechless for a long time.
The blacksmith uncle couldn't help but ask, "Daqiang, is it okay?" Liu Di laughed and said, "Uncle Qiang, just say it.
Even if I can't practice martial arts, it doesn't matter.
Besides, I'm still young, and my thin arms will become thick one day." Uncle Qiang couldn't help but laugh.
"Rest assured.
Although your constitution is not very good, after all, you grew up in the mountains and are not weak.
If you want to practice martial arts, you just need to work harder.
There is no doubt about it!" Liu Di laughed.
"Uncles, I'm not afraid of suffering!" "That's fine then!
From today onwards, you will follow me in practicing martial arts.
I will teach you martial arts at 8,o'clock every day.
After you go to eat lunch, you will cultivate the Dao." Uncle Qiang straightforwardly made a decision.
Liu Di knew that it was five o'clock in the morning, so he nodded in agreement.
Since then, Liu Di practiced martial arts every day with his uncle.
He stood up from the basic horse stance, followed by punches, leg skills, footwork, and all kinds of catch skills.
After fully mastering them, he followed his uncle to practice the Bowing Skill that he thought was good enough.
Like this, spring left, autumn came and went, wind and rain unimpeded.
This swaying had lasted for three years.
Three years later, Liu Di was already fifteen years old.
He was 1.78,meters tall, with a slightly dark face and rough, wide palms.
In terms of appearance, there was no difference between him and the other villagers.
The only difference was that on his ordinary face, there was a pair of black and lively eyes, which made his dull image look a little more flexible.
During this period, Liu Di had also cultivated to the Late-stage of Level Three of the Qi Cultivation Realm, but he was still unable to break through to Level Four.
It was much slower than he had imagined.
However, Liu Di was very indifferent to this.
He still practiced martial arts for half a day a day, and meditated for the next half a day.
He knew that speed was not the right thing to do.
Since it was the way of nature, let it be natural.
In fact, this natural explanation was too far-fetched.
It was Liu Di's lazy personality in his previous life that dominated the situation, and he just found an excuse for himself.
During these three years, the schedule had been extremely tight, and the time spent with Ye-er had naturally decreased.
Ye'er was also sensible.
Knowing that Liu Di was hard-working, she didn't bother him.
But every day, she would climb up the mountain and quietly sit on the lawn to accompany Liu Di to practice martial arts.
During this period, Uncle Qiang also wanted to teach Ye'er martial arts incidentally, but the little girl was dull and perfunctory.
In the end, Uncle Qiang had no choice but to give up and let him be the one to play a trick.
Seeing that Ye'er would come up the mountain every day to accompany him, and that she was bored out of her mind, Liu Di felt his heart ache for her.
So every day, she would rack her brain to recall the joke of her previous life to make the little girl happy, but this time, the little girl came more diligent.
In view of this, the blacksmith simply handed over the task of delivering food to Ye'er.
The distance from the village to the mountainside was not short, and it was full of rubble, which made it extremely difficult to walk.
The little girl still gritted her teeth and endured for the first half year, but it was like walking on flat ground in the latter two years.
After several years, the little girl was almost thirteen years old, showing more and more the potential of a beautiful woman.
Especially after several years of offering meals to the top of the mountain, her figure became more and more charming.
The willows were dancing in the wind all the way, and her posture was more and more charming.
The little girl became a big girl, and she also had some ideas.
When he accompanied Liu Di every day, he stopped acting like a butterfly catching insects.
He just sat on the lawn and looked at Liu Di's soaring heroic posture with his big black eyes, occasionally thinking of something, and his face blushed and fluttered his eyes.
Liu Di didn't pay attention to this matter.
He had no time to care about other things when he focused on cultivation.
He still told the little girl the story after the break, and told her the story after the lie.
After all, he had lived in his past life for forty years.
Coupled with the fact that he had coaxed his daughter in his past life, it was a small story.
From Cinderella to Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Little Fairy, their mouths were like hanging rivers.
In this way, the little girl's eyes became more and more blurred.
One day, Liu Di suddenly found that the little girl seemed to be not as serious as before when she listened to the story.
She was a little absent-minded.
In his heart, Wade was puzzled.
In the afternoon, when he was meditating and cultivating, his mind was still in a state of confusion.
Perhaps the story was not wonderful enough.
So he tried hard to recall the fairy tale of his previous life, hoping to find a story that could make the little girl laugh as much as usual.
After thinking for a while, he finally came to a realization.
A few years had passed and the lass was no longer the lass.
Instead, she had grown up to be a young lady.
Liu Di knew that in this world, there were many girls who got married at the age of thirteen.
If a girl didn't get married at the age of eighteen, she would be called a leftover girl in her previous life.
And the grown-up little girl was not interested in fairy tales.
Liu Di couldn't help but smile bitterly.
Should I tell her about Liang Shanbo, Zhu Yingtai, Zhu Liye and Romeo next?
The next day, the little girl brought her food as usual.
When they were eating, Liu Di, who paid attention to Ye'er, secretly looked at her.
Seeing Ye'er's infatuated look when she was eating, as an old man, Liu Di certainly knew what it meant.
In his heart, Wade couldn't help but feel extremely conflicted.
After all, he had the mindset of being forty years old.
To fall in love with a twelve year old girl, he just couldn't overcome that psychological barrier.
Watching the little girl mature, however, Liu Di felt a surge of sweetness in his heart.
He had taken the stone's soul as a joke.
However, Liu Di thought it through after a bit of hesitation.
It was still early, and he would not consider it until Yaya turned 18.
In fact, even Liu Di himself did not know that when he decided to wait until Ye'er turned eighteen, it showed that he had already approved of this matter.
"After all, the old cow can't resist the tender grass!"