The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma

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Liu Di Mansion

Wordlessly, Liu Di said, "Dean, you..." Xuanyuan Ingtian interrupted him and said sarcastically, "Don't put on an act.
I know that you don't want to stay in the college at all.
I'm afraid that you just want to run away." Liu Di had intended to defend himself, but when he saw the disappointment on Xuanyuan Nishang's face, he could only scratch his head in embarrassment and said, "I didn't mean to enter the academy.
It was you who forced me to do so." Xuanyuan Imperishable said with a bitter smile, "I saw that you were a little strange that day, so I forced you to stay.
If I had known that you were such a genius, I wouldn't have troubled you.
I would have tried my best to beg you to stay." Liu Di couldn't help but ask, "I'm so unqualified.
Why do you value me so much?
It doesn't make sense." Xuanyuan Imperishable smiled faintly and said, "I've lived for so long, and my vision will only improve.
You're not very good, but your body is extremely strong.
The terrible thing is that you can use lethal weapons continuously.
If I'm not wrong, not only is your body very strong, but your soul power is also much stronger than others'." Liu Di was shocked.
He was indeed an old monster who had lived for thousands of years.
He could even tell that.
Xuanyuan Immbarrassed for a moment and said, "I have told you before that I am trying to cultivate a genius disciple who is completely different from ordinary people and unique.
Let him surpass everyone, and he must achieve the Tao.
Because only in this way can our Plum Mountain Academy really be strong for countless years.
Otherwise, no matter how many so-called genius disciples there are, it will be useless." Liu Di laughed bitterly.
"Do you think that I'm the disciple you are talking about?" Xuanyuan Imperius shook his head and said, "I don't think so, but must.
Although your realm is not high and you have no qualifications, I know that your achievements are limitless.
Even I can't imagine to what extent you will reach." Liu Di didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
He said, "You've praised me all day long.
You've made me doubt myself.
Am I really that awesome?" Xuanyuan Imperishable smiled and said, "Because you have comprehended the Law of Life." "You can do it too, right?
It's not strange, is it?" asked Liu Diqi.
"Yes, I do." Xuanyuan Immeasurable said faintly, "But I was over a thousand years old when I realized it, and when I could use it, I was already more than 4,000,years old.
What about you?
How old are you?" Liu Di was speechless.
Xuanyuan Ingdi let out a long sigh and said, "Since I started practicing, I have never doubted my talent and comprehension.
But after seeing you, I started to doubt myself.
It took me more than 3,000,years to understand the Law of Life, but you only spent a few decades, even a dozen years..." Liu Di was speechless again.
Xuanyuan Imperishable said with a wry smile, "Since you have appeared in front of me, do you think I can let you go?
At first, I forced you to stay in the academy, but now I beg you to stay in the academy." Liu Di said with a wry smile, "You're too serious.
When I said I wanted to be the Chief Disciple, I didn't want to run.
I just wanted to be a disciple of the Plum Mountain Academy." "Is that true?" "It's true!" "That's good, that's good." Immortal Xuan Yuan let out a sigh of relief and laughed.
Liu Di added, "The reason why I'm unwilling to become a personal disciple is because I've already explained it to you.
The reason why I'm not interested in the inheritor of the academy is because I know my own business.
I'm truly not a person who's good at taking care of trifling matters, and I dislike being restricted by anyone and anything." Xuanyuan Immortal nodded and said, "I thought you were unwilling to stay in the college, so I tried my best to evade.
Since you are willing to stay in the college, you can quit because you don't want to be an inheritor of the personal disciple." After saying that, he looked around and said with a smile, "From today on, you are the first disciple of the Plum Mountain Academy.
Apart from the benefits you deserve, all the caves here are at your disposal, including my own ones.
Well, but try to use them carefully.
Don't be greedy and don't force yourself to hold on." Liu Di nodded repeatedly in acknowledgment.
"Then I'll go out first.
You can get familiar with each other here." After saying that, Xuanyuan Imperishable laughed and turned to leave.
Finally, he could use these caves at will.
Liu Di was also relaxed and walked along one of the stone paths.
The tunnels in the underground city were everywhere.
The holes looked small from afar, but when he came closer, he found that the cave mansion was twice as large as his residence.
Although the stone path in front of the abode looked messy and disorganized, it was actually interconnected and interconnected.
After visiting several caves, Liu Di also has an idea in his mind.
These caves are not the same size.
The smallest one is only about the size of a bucket, and the largest one is about 100,feet in circumference.
Liu Di did not enter the cave to feel the so-called inextinguishable Earth Fire.
He wanted to choose a cave of a high-level and not small size as his own exclusive cave residence.
Half an hour later, Liu Di also had a clear idea.
It turned out that the further down the underground city went, the higher the level of the underground city.
The highest set of houses were underground and hard to see with naked eyes.
After walking down for half an hour, Liu Di came to the B-level.
Following the search of the floor, they finally chose one of the cave mansions of the largest size.
The cave mansion had a diameter of about 100,feet and a height of 20,feet.
Liu Di took a deep breath and stepped into the cave.
To Liu Di's surprise, he didn't feel a surge of heat as he had expected.
Only when he walked into the cave did he feel a slight heat.
Liu Di turned around and returned to the entrance of the cave residence.
Each cave residence had a large black door made out of neither gold nor jade.
Liu Di took out a golden paper of a cubic meter square from his storage ring and fixed it on the door.
He wrote four words on the golden paper, "Liu Di Cave Mansion." After putting on the card, he looked up and down and found that it was very straight.
Then he took out some strange things and walked around the gate.
He was setting up a formation!
These things were all prepared in the morning.
The array formation was taught by the Supreme Emperor, and the materials were given to him by the Supreme Emperor.
This was an isolation array, which could isolate all senses once laid out.
Even those with high-level cultivation could not see what had happened inside the cave residence isolated by the array except for destroying it.
And this array unit had a warning function.
Once someone approached a limited distance, this array unit could inform the people in the cave residence.
This kind of array unit was essential for home and travel in the Heaven Realm, and was very convenient and practical.
After everything had been arranged, Liu Di entered the estate and shut the door.
Numerous Night-luminous Pearls were embedded in the cave as well.
Although it was slightly dim, their vision remained normal.
After entering the cave mansion, Liu Di informed the black dragon, and then the black dragon and the emperor appeared in front of him.
"Well, the size is not bad.
It's barely enough for me to stretch myself." Black Dragon said after turning around the cave, obviously very satisfied.
After the Dongli Emperor came out, he took a deep breath and said with a rare joy on his face, "With the help of the Imperishable Earth Fire, the time for us to return to the Heaven Realm has shortened a lot.
Boy, thank you." Liu Di scratched his head and asked, "Your Majesty, is this place really so effective?
Why don't I feel anything?" The Black Dragon mocked, "Only those with good aptitude would be able to use such precious places.
The better one's aptitude, the stronger one's feelings would be.
As for your aptitude, tsk tsk, tsk, it's practically a waste of a treasure!" Liu Di said angrily, "Since that's the case, then why did you say that you wanted me to acquire the Chief Disciple and enter this estate to train?
And you even said that you were very good to me..." "It's very good for you." Emperor Dongli smiled and said, "Although it's not of much significance to your cultivation, it has an extraordinary effect on your Law of Life." Startled, Liude said in surprise, "The earthfire can be of use to the Laws of Life?
Can't they be discussed?" "Why can't I?" East Li Emperor said scornfully, "Don't you know what the Earth Fire is?" "Undying?" Liu Di was even more puzzled.
"Since it doesn't die, it's naturally full of vitality.
As long as you cultivate and meditate in this cave, your comprehension of the Law of Life will be dozens of times stronger than that of the outside world!" Then, the Great Emperor Dongli shook his head and said, "But with your current cultivation, you won't be able to stay in this cave for long." Liu Di said in confusion, "No way?
I haven't had any strange feeling since I came in.
I can eat food for a few years, let alone a few days." He said with a beaming face, "Am I really a genius?" "Dream on!" The black dragon said angrily, "The power of the earth fire is added to the stack, and it's getting stronger day by day.
Even if ordinary people are able to stay here for a day, they won't be afraid, but they can't hold on any longer." Liu Di smiled awkwardly and didn't argue with the black dragon.
He walked to a dark corner, dug a small hole in the corner, and then took out a jade stone and stuffed it into the hole.
This jade was the key to the marriage between the emperor and the black dragon!
They had already discussed it before they entered the cave.
First, they had to find a larger Netherworld so that they could accommodate Black Dragon's body, which was growing bigger day by day.
After that, he set up the isolation formation to ensure that Black Dragon and the Great Emperor Dongli would not reveal any traces of their cultivation in the cave.
Finally, it was time to retreat.
It was impossible for the Black Dragon and the Emperor of Dongli to cultivate in the cave all the time.
If they couldn't hold on any longer and needed a rest, they would go back to the Gu Xigong.
Of course, if they suddenly had an artificial investigation, they could also enter the Gu Xigong to hide in time.
Gu Xi Key was just a piece of ordinary jade, and it was safe to put it in a small hole in the corner.
Even if Liu Di was not there, someone would not steal it.
When everything was done, Liu Di patted the dust on his body and said, "Then you can start cultivating.
I'll go out..." Speaking of this, he was speechless.
The Great Emperor Dongli sat cross-legged on the ground with the Black Dragon seated cross-legged on the ground.
The two of them had their eyes closed.
It was obvious that they had started cultivating a long time ago and had completely ignored him...
Liu Di walked out of the underground city and came to the surface.
At this time, it was sunny outside.
He took a deep breath.
It was still better to be a good person on the surface.
That underground city was too oppressive, as if he was a ghost.
Liu Di didn't linger.
He walked straight towards his own residence.
When he neared them, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
He shouted, "Are you done yet?"