Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty

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Chapter 1

In a luxurious villa on the outskirts of a certain city, Murong Nichang was languidly sitting on the sofa, looking at the red wine in his hand.
The scarlet wine was intoxicating under the dim yellow light.She sat there with a pale face.
She drank a glass of wine and wanted to use alcohol to numb herself.
However, her heart hurt so much that she couldn't breathe.On this day, she found out that her best friend was actually hooking up with the man she loved the most.
How ironic was this?
She was being teased by them like a fool.She could clearly hear the man saying that she was his ATM.
The woman even said that she was just using her contacts to achieve her goal.Their words hurt her deeply and she left silently.
As the president of a billionaire corporation, how could she tolerate something like this happening?"Hey, Assistant Li froze all of Haotian's bank cards and expelled them from the company.
He also withdrew all of our funds for Meng Xianya's television series and banned the two of them from the industry." With that, he hung up the phone.You are unkind to me, so don't blame me for being merciless.She drank all the wine in her glass and powerlessly fell onto the sofa.
Since the summer of the 18th year, she had lost all her relatives overnight because of the incident.
She relied on her strength to gain a foothold in the midst of all the questions of the board members and became the president of the corporation.
Now that 10 years had passed, she was tired.
She had long lived a life of deception in the business world..Originally, she wanted to marry Xiang Haotian and hand over the company to him.
She wanted to live a happy and comfortable life, but she didn't expect him to betray her.A cold house, a huge living room, she curled up on the sofa, lonely and lonely.Suddenly, the earth shook, and then it shook even more violently.
The people on the street quickly ran towards the open space.
Only Murong Nichang, who was lying on the sofa, had no idea that an earthquake had occurred.Several days later, news of the death of Murong Nichang, the president of Murong Corporation, was published in various newspapers and magazines.As for the two men and women who had colluded with each other, they fell from the Heavenly Hall and lost everything.Murong Nichang opened his eyes in a daze.
It had been a long time since he had slept so well.Murong Nichang slowly woke up and felt his stomach ache.
He reached out to touch his stomach, but his hand was held back.When she opened her eyes, she saw a group of ragged and disheveled people with faces full of pain.
They surrounded her with worry.
When they saw her wake up, they looked like they wanted to say something but hesitated."Where am I?
Who are you?" Murong Nichang looked at their shabby clothes.
When had he fallen to such a state?"Boss, this is our home!
We're your subordinates!" a little beggar said to Murong Nichang.Murong Nichang wanted to sit up, but what his tentacles touched was not the silk bed, but the dry, hard grass.When had Murong Nichang's house ever been so desolate?
She looked around.
This was a dilapidated temple, and because of the thick layer of dust, she couldn't tell what kind of god it was.
Spiderwebs and dust could be seen everywhere, and the walls and roofs were full of holes and small eyes.
This place could also accommodate people..Furthermore, these beggars weren't wearing modern clothes.
Could it be...?
Could it be...?"What year is it now?""Thirty four years of Kang Yuan."Hearing the New Year's account, she was finally sure that she had rushed back to fashion and crossed with the army.What karma!
In her previous life, she had squandered money like dirt, and after transmigrating, she would become the boss of a beggar.
The clanking of poverty."Uh, Boss, are you alright?" A beggar came forward and asked Murong Nichang as if he had mustered up his courage."I'm alright.
" Apart from these two words, she really didn't know how to answer them."Well, Boss, I have something to tell you.
Please accept this reality." Murong Nichang had just seen all the beggars nudge him forward.
It was probably something important."Go ahead.""Erm, Boss, do you still feel pain on your body?""If you have something to say, just say it." Murong Nichang hated people who spun around in circles."Erm, Boss, your second brother is gone," said the beggar after taking a deep breath.The temple was instantly filled with silence.
Everyone held their breaths as they watched Murong Nichang's reaction."What did you say?" Murong Nichang didn't understand what the man meant."Boss, your second brother is crippled," the man said in a different way."Who's my second brother?""Boss, it's not your second brother.
It's your little fellow who was trampled off by a horse." The man let out a deep breath and closed his eyes, frowning."What did you say?" Murong Nichang felt like he had heard it wrong."You're now a eunuch." Nan Gongyue couldn't stand it anymore.
These beggars were too ink-dark.
He was tied up to the side, and he was worried for them.He had an urgent matter to deal with and had to rush back home.
If he had not heard that the matter had been resolved, he would not have been tied to this group of beggars when he saw that he was heavily injured."What?" This time, Murong Nichang had truly collapsed.
She could accept having transmigrated.
Even if she were to wear an ugly woman, she would still be able to do so.
However, she was actually able to wear a man's body.
Furthermore, this man had unfortunately been trampled off by a horse, and had now become a eunuch.."I'm sorry.
I really had an important matter to deal with back then.
I didn't expect you to suddenly appear.
I couldn't stop in time to cause a tragedy.
Tell me, I'll agree to whatever compensation you want.
"Nan Gongyue said apologetically.At that moment, a woman with an old age walked in with a broken bowl in hand."Master, you're awake.
Hurry up and drink this bowl of medicine.
It won't hurt so much." The woman winked at Murong Nichang.Murong Nichang was in so much pain that he couldn't do anything about it.
He didn't know why his stomach was so painful.
The pain was so painful that she couldn't stand it anymore.
Even her clothes were soaked in sweat.She didn't feel that much pain when she heard the medicine.
She took the bowl of medicine and drank it all in one gulp.
Damn it, why was the medicine so bitter?"Alright, all of you go out.
I'll stay behind to serve you and let you rest well." After the woman finished speaking, the beggars walked out.
It could be seen that this woman still had some prestige.
The beggars did not forget to bring Nangong Yue out.Murong Nichang and the woman were the only ones left in the dilapidated temple.
Only then did the woman speak softly."Oh my d*mn miss, can you think about yourself?
Your monthly letter will cause your stomach to ache in the first place.
In order to kill that fat sheep, you really don't care about anything.
What do you think you will do if that horse really steps on you?
Moreover, your pants were covered in blood.
Thankfully, that horse's hooves fell between your legs.
If it weren't for that, I really wouldn't know how to explain the bleeding situation there."..."Murong Nichang felt relieved when he heard the wet nurse's words.
He was disguised as a woman as a man.
Fortunately, he hadn't transmigrated into a man and even became a eunuch.It turned out that he had gone to hell today.
However, he hadn't expected that Lai Yuexin would fall on the streets due to the pain in his stomach and lose his life."Missus, you really are wise.
It's good that you're dressed as a man.
You can even say that the treasures have been trampled on by Moon Prayer.
She's wise." Murong Nichang had truly taken advantage of the wet nurse's imagination.
It was likely that the flower buddha had used this trick back then when she had been in the army for many years."I'm also in a hurry to develop my wits." The wet nurse said a little embarrassedly.Life was always filled with surprise.
After a moment of great joy and great sorrow, she thought that she had seen through the mundane world.
However, she never expected that after her rebirth, she would be so happy.
She wasn't the president of the world's economy, but a beggar's head that looked like an ant.In her previous life, she had everything, but she couldn't be the only one who could treat her with sincerity.
In this life, she had nothing, but there were so many people who cared about her from the bottom of their hearts.
That was enough."I, Murong Nichang, have been reborn under the grace of the heavens, so I will live on according to the will of fate." Without any pressure, she was naturally able to live an easy life.
Thinking about how those people who had transmigrated were able to live in the past, she really looked forward to it.