Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty

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Chapter 2

The sky was dark and the moon was full.
The moonlight painted the night with a holy halo.
A black-clothed man stepped on the moon and walked into the broken temple as if no one was around.
His footsteps were light and heavy.In the dilapidated temple, the beggars slept on the ground after eating their fill.
They didn't notice the arrival of the man.
The man walked to Nan Gongyue's side and kicked Nan Gongyue, who was also asleep.
Nan Gongyue opened his eyes in a daze and rubbed his eyes.
He saw that his best friend and eldest senior brother were like immortals.."Why are you here?""Tell me, what trouble did you provoke this time?" Baili Cangqiong coldly asked.
This girl had good martial arts, and the fact that he could obediently be tied up by a beggar meant one thing, and that was that he had provoked trouble again."I made a huge mistake this time.
My horse crippled these beggars," Nan Gongyue said vaguely."It's not a big deal to use money to settle it," Baili Cangqiong said nonchalantly."I won't stay here if I can deal with the money.
It's all that horse's fault for trampling on him and turning him into a eunuch." Nan Gongyue carefully looked up into the sky.When Baili Licangqiong heard this, he raised his eyebrows.
This brat was the reincarnation of a jinx, right?
No matter where he went, he would be unlucky.
Having a junior brother like this really gave him a headache."Where is that person?" After all, they were from the same sect, so Baili Cangqiong couldn't bear to see his junior brother put in a difficult position."It's inside the room," Nan Gongyue said hurriedly.
He knew that the hundred miles of the heavens wouldn't just sit there and watch.Baili Cangqiong didn't care that he was still tied up.
He left him behind and walked into the inner chambers.
In the dark broken temple, he could still clearly see the person curled up in a pile of grass clutching his stomach.He walked over and put a pill in her mouth before going to untie her belt.Murong Nichang felt that there was something in his mouth, so he swallowed it out of habit.
Then, he felt someone untie his belt, and a thought suddenly entered her mind.Could it be that someone framed her the moment she came here, took aphrodisiac, and then destroyed her innocence?
This was too exciting!Just as Baili Licangqiong was about to take off her pants to treat him, Murong Nichang couldn't help but sit up and slap Baili Licangqiong in the face.Baili Cangqiong couldn't help but feel a chilling killing intent burst forth from his eyes.
No one had ever dared to touch a finger of his, yet this eunuch had actually dared to hit him.Murong Nichang didn't show weakness.
He looked at him coldly.When Nan Gongyue heard the loud slap, he hurriedly broke the rope and ran in.
He saw that Baili Cangqiong's devilish face was clearly printed with a five finger mountain.Nan Gongyue explained, "Well, my Senior Brother wants to treat your wounds.
Although the tree can't grow back, if you continue bleeding like this, you'll die.""No need," Murong Nichang replied coldly.
His aura didn't lose to Baili Cangqiong at all.Nan Gongyue had seen a lot of things.
Baili Cangqiong was a well-known living King Yanluo.
Even his master couldn't stand his coldness at times.
This beggar wasn't afraid at all."In that case, I'll take my leave." Baili Cangqiong turned around and left.
Before leaving, he didn't forget to give Murong Nichang a fierce look.
If he didn't leave, he wouldn't have been able to guarantee that he wouldn't kill him."Erm, Boss, do you have any requests?
I will do my best to compensate you.
" Nangong Yue looked at Baili Cangqiong and wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible so that she could return with him to report.When Murong Nichang heard her say that she wanted to compensate him, his eyes suddenly lit up."Since I've already lost my treasure and can't inherit my family, you'll have to take responsibility for me until I die.
Tell me, how do you want to compensate me?" Murong Nichang wanted to take care of this fat sheep again, and if he had money, he would be able to rely on his past life's skills.God really cares about me.
Although I've transmigrated and become a beggar, I can't believe that I would be able to trick a fat sheep to slaughter myself.Murong Nichang looked at Nan Gongyue and contemplated for a while.
Then, he took a deep breath and said as if he had made a decision."Why don't you come with me?
I'll arrange for someone to take care of you for the rest of your life."When Murong Nichang heard this, he couldn't help but sigh.
People in ancient times were pure, but he wanted money.
Who asked him to look after them?"Uh, that young master, as you can see, I have so many brothers and sisters.
I am their backbone.
If I leave them, what will happen in the future?
Since you want to make up for it so sincerely, why don't you give us some tangible compensation?
Now that I'm already like this, I accept my fate.
If my disability can bring them a good life, it will be worth it.""..."After hearing her words, Nan Gongyue understood that he wanted money.
However, sacrificing himself for someone unrelated in exchange for a good life was truly a great person."Um, I only have thirty thousand taels of silver on me right now.
Have you read enough?
Why don't you take this?
You can take any money from the Tongtang Treasure Bank." Nan Gongyue handed the jade pendant to Murong Nichang in an attempt to express his apologies."I'll accept the banknotes.
I'll return this jade pendant to you.
This money is enough for us to eat for the rest of our lives." Murong Nichang had often heard Meng Xianya talk about the concept of money from historical dramas, so he naturally knew that 30,000 silver taels wasn't a small sum."Brother, you really are a good person." Nan Gongyue couldn't help but feel touched.Murong Nichang couldn't help but sweat when he heard what he said."My name is Nan Gongyue.
If anything happens in the future, you can come to the capital and look for me.
I'm going to chase after my senior brother.
If you're fated to meet me, I'll regret it." Nan Gongyue cupped his fists and left.Murong Nichang felt a strong sense of guilt as he looked at the 30,000 taels bank notes in his hand.
He didn't want to be so despicable.
Sigh, forget it.
I'll pay him back in the future.Murong Nichang put away the bank notes and then lay down to sleep.Not long after Nan Gongyue left, he caught up to him and deliberately slowed down his speed.
He couldn't help but praise him."Thank you for your hard work this time, Master.
You're not angry, are you?" Nan Gongyue probed."Don't worry, Master is already used to it." Nan Gongyue felt even more hurt after hearing Bai Li Cangqiong's words."You don't know that beggar boss is really a good person." Nan Gongyue began to talk about Murong Nichang's various good deeds.Baili Licangqiong shook his head.
He really didn't know why the Nangong Clan had come up with such a wonderful idea.
The Nangong Clan had been in business for generations, and now they were the number one wealth in the world.
They were all skilled in scheming.
But now that Nan Gongyue was in this generation, he didn't know whether it was because of the backlash or because he had taken the wrong child..Nan Gongyue, as his only son, was pure and kind, and treated others sincerely.Baili Cangqiong couldn't help but shake his head in unison when he thought of Murong Nichang's gaze.
That person was no ordinary person."Can you shut up and hurry up?" Baili Cangqiong commanded his internal energy and flew away.Nan Gongyue was already used to it.
He closed his mouth and chased after her.The next morning, Murong Nichang woke up early.
At her request, the wet nurse brought him a mirror and looked at the same face as before.
She couldn't help but sigh.
It was a good thing that he hadn't transmigrated into an ugly woman.Although humans couldn't be judged by their looks, as a woman, who didn't want to have a stunning face?