Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty

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Chapter 3

Two years later, Murong Nichang was still dressed like a man.
However, he had already become the city lord of the wealthy, and was even known as Nichang Gongzi of the Southern and Southern Rivers.
The beggars all considered her as their gang master.With Murong Nichang's help, the once poor and remote city became a precious place where beggars flocked to.
It was also a good place for many people in the Jianghu.There were a few people who didn't know Nichang Gongzi's name.
He was a generous and righteous man who didn't care about trivial matters.
He even had the heart of a seven apertures.
Whenever he drew jewelry clothes from her hands, they would become fashionable for a while.
If that craftsman obtained his drawings, then it would be a blessing from his ancestors.
He would have cultivated for eight lifetimes..Under Murong Nichang's management, the farmlands were all planted, and the households had developed a factory.
Now that Yan City wasn't closed at night, everyone had lived a life of luxury.
There weren't any fights here, nor were there any greed.
All that was happening here was a simple and peaceful countryside.Today was Murong Nichang's birthday.
Many people who had received her help over the past two years had come to the city to celebrate his birthday.Murong Nichang was dressed in a white moon-shaped robe with a jade belt tied around his waist.
In addition to that, Murong Nichang's face was filled with envy and hatred.
He fanned himself with his folding fan.
He really was a handsome young man.As early as half a month ago, the citizens of the city had begun to move.
Because of the large number of guests that had to come, everyone began to get busy.
Even elderly people and children had their eyes shining as they searched for the work they could do, hoping to contribute to Murong Nichang.The guests came to Mushan City one after another.
There was a comfortable and warm home here.
Even if they didn't know each other, they would warmly invite you home to make a meal and have a cup of hot tea.Murong Nichang's birthday was extremely grand and grand.
Everyone sent their prepared congratulatory gifts.
At the start of the lantern, in the biggest restaurant in Mushui City, the Full Moon Restaurant, there was a loud commotion.
The people gathered here were all people who rushed over to celebrate Murong Nichang's birthday.Yuan Yuan toasted and exchanged cups.
It was extremely lively and bustling.
Murong Nichang walked around the banquet hall, receiving everyone's blessings.When Baili Cangqiong and Nangong Yue passed the Full Moon Building, they couldn't help but be attracted by the noise of people talking."Cangqiong, what do you think this place is doing?
Why is it so lively?" Nan Gongyue wanted to get close to Cangqiong when he saw the commotion."Remember what you're here for," Baili Licangqiong reminded him.
This time, they had returned to the mountains to visit their master."I know, but it's not a short time." As he spoke, he disappeared in a flash.
He looked at Nangong Yue helplessly as she sighed.
It was really a tragedy to meet such a person in this life.Not long after, Nan Gongyue returned with an excited and expectant smile on his face."They're celebrating Nichang Gongzi's birthday, but there are quite a few people here.
Aren't you very interested in Nichang Gongzi?
Why don't we go in and join in the fun?
Gradually, we'll see who Nichang Gongzi is." Nan Gongyue took the lead and walked in.Baili Licangqiong was afraid that he would cause any more trouble and hurried to follow him.
If it weren't for his junior brother, he would have struck him to death without hesitation and eliminated this disaster.The entire Full Moon Restaurant was filled with empty seats, and it was extremely lively.
A youth was holding a folding fan in his hand and walking in the middle of the guests in a gentle and elegant manner."Cangqiong, why do I feel like that kid looks familiar?" Nan Gongyue looked at Bai Liqiong, who was standing next to him."Who do you think doesn't look familiar?" Baili Cangqiong asked impolitely."I'm telling the truth.
Where have I seen him before?" Nan Gongyue muttered to himself.
Suddenly, his eyes widened."I remember now.
He's just" The more nervous he was, the more he couldn't speak.
He only stammered.Nan Gongyue's words were completely ignored by Baili Cangqiong.
He was looking at Murong Nichang with probing eyes.
When he saw him, he recognized that he was the beggar from back then."Is he the beggar's head who was trampled on by my horse two years ago?" Nan Gongyue finally revealed who he was.
He couldn't help but think that he was the wrong person.
Instead, he wiped his eyes and looked at them several times before confirming that he hadn't made a mistake.It was at this moment that Murong Nichang saw the two people standing at the door, and she immediately recognized them as Nan Gongyue and the man who was about to take off his pants.She walked over with a smile and said."The guests are guests.
Since both of you are here, why don't you sit down and drink a cup of water before leaving?""It really is you.
I thought I recognized the wrong person." Nan Gongyue couldn't help but be happy when he saw that it really was Murong Nichang.Murong Nichang sincerely said, "Haha, it's all thanks to the young master's help that Wanwan managed to achieve her current achievements.""It's fine.
I was the one who hurt you first back then.
That was all I wanted to compensate you for.""We were fated to see each other today.
Originally, I was going to the capital to return you the banknotes, but I didn't expect you to come.
Then, you should count the banknotes correctly." As Murong Nichang spoke, he took out a dozen bank notes from his sleeves and placed them in front of Nan Gongyue."No, this banknote should belong to you.
Take it back and keep it," Nan Gongyue hurriedly declined."Actually, there are many things you don't know.
Hurry up and keep the bank notes.
Otherwise, I'll feel bad.
""What do you mean I don't know?" Nan Gongyue couldn't help but ask."Just take the banknotes." Murong Nichang placed the banknotes in his hands."I heard that you've become the head of the beggars' gang.
You must really need money.
You should keep this money for yourself." Nan Gongyue had been brooding about how he had hurt her two years ago.
Now that she had returned the money back to him, Nan Gongyue felt extremely guilty and stuffed the money back into Murong Nichang's hands."If that's the case, then I'll have to thank you, young master." Murong Nichang no longer hesitated and returned the bank notes to his pocket."If you say thank you again, I'll be ashamed of myself.
If it weren't for my horse injuring you back then, you wouldn't have been able to become a eunuch!" Nan Gongyue couldn't even utter the word 'eunuch'.Murong Nichang naturally understood what he meant, but she didn't know how to explain it.
After all, she was dressed as a man and the nanny had always told her to be careful not to reveal the secret that she was a girl.In order to shift Nan Gongyue's attention, Murong Nichang hurriedly asked him to go in and drink two cups.Baili Licangqiong had been observing Murong Nichang the whole time, wondering if Nan Gongyue was too naive or not.
This man was no ordinary person.
Back then, he had always viewed him differently.
Now, in just two short years, he had transformed from a beggar to Nichang Gongzi, who was known as his family.
How could an ordinary person do such a magnificent transformation?.From a remote and unfathomable place in the city, under his management, he was more wealthy than others, and he was a treasured land that everyone wanted.Moreover, it wasn't just women who liked things that went out of Mushan City, even men couldn't help but love it.In Nichang Gongzi's mind, there were always strange things that came out.
Dressed in luxurious clothing and concealed weapons.
Only you couldn't do it.
There wasn't anything that he couldn't figure out.
To be able to get a blueprint from his hand was something that all craftsmen in the world could dream of.Today was his 16th birthday, and Baili Cangqiong had grown quite interested in her.
At such a young age, this person was the rare god in the world.If he were to take this person under his command, he would definitely be able to help him one day.Baili Cangqiong suddenly felt that Nan Gongyue, who had been in trouble for nearly twenty years, had finally done something good for him.
It seemed that this Nichang Gongzi was very polite to Nan Gongyue.
It seemed that he could start from Nan Gongyue's side.Looking at Murong Nichang's obvious secret, Baili Cangqiong grew more and more curious about her.
Once a person's curiosity was stimulated, it would be difficult to calm them down.Baili Cangqiong was calculating in his heart.
Murong Nichang could naturally tell what this mysterious man was plotting.
As long as it wasn't him who schemed against him, everything would be fine.
If it was him who schemed against him, then he would have to know the consequences.