Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty

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Chapter 4

Nan Gongyue and Baili Licangqiong left after they had their fill of food and wine.
Nan Gongyue felt that Murong Nichang was more and more like a good person.
Now that Murong Nichang had become so famous, he didn't have the slightest bit of arrogance.They chattered endlessly along the way, all of which were Murong Nichang's various good deeds.
Surprisingly, Baili Cangqiong didn't stop him from speaking.
Instead, he sunk into his own contemplation and didn't hear him at all.After Murong Nichang finished the banquet, he returned to the mansion.
It was already a child's time, but the wet nurse didn't sleep.
She looked like she had a lot on her mind.This was Murong Nichang's first time seeing a wet nurse like this.
He couldn't help but step forward and ask."Miss, why do you look like you have a lot on your mind?
Did something happen?"The wet nurse sank into her own world and didn't notice Murong Nichang's presence at all.
When she heard Murong Nichang's words, she was startled, clearly shocked.Murong Nichang quickly sat down and asked."Miss, what's wrong with you?
You look like you're in a daze.""Miss, if the wet nurse didn't tell you something important, would you blame the wet nurse, but I didn't tell you all for your sake?" the wet nurse asked tentatively."No, the wet nurse is the most doting person in the world.
If the wet nurse doesn't want to tell Wanwan, it must be for Wanwan's good." From the memories of this body, Murong Nichang knew that the owner of this body had been dependent on the wet nurse since he was young.
For the past fourteen years, the wet nurse had been very worried about her suffering.
If she didn't want to tell him about it, there must be some secret.Hearing Murong Nichang's words, the wet nurse sighed.
It was as if the wet nurse had made a decision to show her unyielding affection.
Now that she had grown up, she was even more capable.
She had the right to know her own background and seek revenge for her mother and clan.."Miss, sit down and I'll tell you a story.
You'll understand once you hear it." The wet nurse pulled Murong Nichang's hand and allowed him to sit beside her.
She held her hand and gently caressed it.Murong Nichang looked at the wet nurse and said, "Missus, if you don't want to say it, then don't say it.
Wanwan feels that she's doing very well right now.
She has a wet nurse, and she has people from the city.
Wanwan feels very happy."She didn't know why she felt that the wet nurse had something important to tell her, but looking at the wet nurse's expression, it must not be a good thing."Miss, you've grown up.
It's time to tell you about your background." The wet nurse said.
Then she looked at the night sky, as if she had returned to the past.It turned out that Murong Nichang wasn't an orphan with no parents.
She had parents.
Her mother was the number one genius in the world, Murong Qiuyue.
His father was General Yun Zhongge, the most prestigious figure in the current dynasty.Back then, when Murong Qiuyue had married Yun Zhongge and was pregnant with Murong Nichang, Liuye, the maidservant, had taken the opportunity to climb into Yun Zhongge's bed.
He had even accused Yun Zhongge of not having a child in his arms.
Yun Zhongge was furious when he heard this, but he deeply loved Murong Qiuyue.
Although he was angry, the love he had for her in his heart made it hard for him to hurt her..Liuye saw that even if he tried to sow discord, he couldn't make Yun Zhong Song hate Murong Qiuyue.
Just as she was about to take the pot, he didn't know what methods she had used.
She actually said that Murong Qiuyue was a spy who had colluded with the enemy and sold his country, and that the evidence was broken.Yun Zhongge had always been loyal to the country.
In the face of his beloved woman betraying the country, he still couldn't bear to hurt her in the face of solid evidence.
However, for some reason, the entire city was in chaos.
Even if he wanted to cover it up, he couldn't cover it up.Murong Qiuyue couldn't bear to see the man he loved give up.
In the end, he only asked Yun Zhongge to let her give birth to the child.
After all, the child was innocent.Yun Zhongge agreed and requested for her to give birth to a child in front of His Majesty.The Emperor recited the songs in the clouds repeatedly, but he never asked for anything, so he agreed.As soon as Murong Qiuyue gave birth to Murong Nichang, he was brought to the cell in the temple.
The cell was dark and damp.
It was said that before the emperor could interrogate him, he had passed away due to a month-old illness.After Murong Qiuyue had passed away, Yun Zhongge had requested the emperor to guard the borders.
Before he left, he had sent the child back to the Murong clan to raise him.However, not long after Murong Nichang arrived at Murong's house, the entire Murong's house was massacred overnight, and the wet nurse was her own concubine, Murongmue.That year, Murong Rongdongyue carried her to the temple to pray for her fortune before he escaped.
When they returned home, what they saw was a mess of Murong Manor, littered with corpses.She didn't even have time to collect her family's bones before she was discovered.
Murong Dongyue and Murong Nichang, who were still in their infancy, could only escape to survive.Panicked, she carried Murong Nichang and fled to the cliff.
Finally, she leapt off the cliff with Murong Nichang.Who would have thought that a small stream would save them at the bottom of the cliff?
Murong Dongyue stayed there for two days before bringing Murong Nichang to the city of beggars.
The city of beggars was sparsely populated and barren.
No one would notice such a poor and poor place.
In order to survive and avenge her family, she had hidden her name and lived here with Murong Nichang..She was now the 16th mother.
Now that Murong Nichang had grown up, he had become friends with many people in the world.
Murong Rongdongyue didn't want her to bear the hatred of the family, but she wasn't willing to let the person who had exterminated her entire family get away with it.
She was conflicted, but she didn't expect Murong Nichang to return.Murong Nichang's heart ached when he heard Murong Dongyue's words.
The woman in front of him had used up all her efforts for the sake of her hatred for her family.
She had suffered so much for him for so many years and had to roll her eyes.
She had to endure her hunger and endure the cold and leave everything to herself.
His heart ached for her."Concubine mother, from now on, you will be Yichen's mother.
I will avenge our Murong family.
Now, Yichen is no longer the infant that was in his infancy.
You can live a good life in the future.
You can leave the rest to Yichen." Murong Nichang was very touched.In her previous life, she had lost all her relatives when she was 18 years old.
In this life, the heavens had taken care of her and allowed her to live again.
Besides, she also had a family member who loved her so much.
How could she not cherish her?Murongmue gently stroked Murong Nichang's head and said, "Good child, the dead are gone.
As long as you live well, everything will be fine."How could she let go of her hatred?
It was just that she didn't want her only family member to fall into danger because of her investigation of the past.Now that Murong Nichang was her life's root, it was her hope to live on.
How could she have lost her hope?
After she finished speaking, she felt a little regretful."Mother, Wanwan has her own plans.
Don't worry, Wanwan will definitely protect herself well." Whether it was Liu Ye or the enemy who had been hiding behind the scenes, Murong Nichang didn't know.
Now that he knew, it was their bad luck.
She would definitely use the blood of those people to pay respects to her dead relatives."Good child." Her mother's voice melted Murong Dongyue's heart, and she couldn't help but cry.
She was both happy and glad.Murong Nichang's eyes shone with determination as he said, "Mother, we'll head to the capital tomorrow.""Child, don't call me mother in front of others.
We are still master and servant.
I'm afraid that someone will use me to hurt you.
I really don't want to drag you down." Murong Rongdongyue said sadly.She was a lady from a noble family.
She didn't know anything and didn't know what to do.
If someone used her to threaten Murong Nichang, this would be something she didn't want to do.Murong Nichang hugged Murong Dongyue and said coquettishly, "Alright, you're the wet nurse in front of everyone.
You're the mother in the back." She understood her hard work, but since she had decided to face it, she definitely wouldn't be in danger, let alone let the bad guys take advantage of her to harm her."Stupid child, even if someone threatens you with me, don't worry so much.
Remember to protect yourself well." Murong Dongyue pulled up Murong Nichang, who was acting like a spoiled child, and looked into her eyes."Mother, it won't happen.
That won't happen," Murong Nichang said seriously.She didn't have full confidence that she wouldn't do anything, and her first priority was to protect her only family member's safety."Mother, I'm going to sleep with you tonight.
Tell me about my childhood." Murong Nichang pulled Murong Dongyue back to her room, trying to distract her.My concern for Murong Nichang was a mess, and I was always worried for nothing.
However, this was indeed Murong Dongyue's unconditional love for Murong Nichang.Murong Nichang could imagine that if that day really came, Murong Dongyue wouldn't let him become a pawn to threaten her.
She knew that she would do something extreme to ease her worries, so she swore in her heart that she would never let that day appear again..That night, Murong Nichang didn't sleep.
Although he wasn't the real Murong Nichang, the things that had happened in the past two years were clearly imprinted in his mind.For nothing else, she had to repay Murong Dongyue's kindness on behalf of the owner of her body.Looking at the sleeping Murong Dongyue, Murong Nichang swore in his heart that she was the only family member she had ever given her, and that she was the only one who had ever worked hard for her.Having made up his mind, Murong Nichang closed his eyes and fell asleep.
That night, Murong Nichang's decision had changed too many people's fates.
Liu Ye, who was far away, suddenly woke up from his sleep, and his clothes were drenched in cold sweat.Liuye couldn't help but feel frightened.
But after thinking about it, it was just a dream.
He then fell back into Yun Zhong Song's arms and fell asleep.There were many signs, just like what he said.
It wasn't that he didn't report it, but it wasn't time yet.