Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty

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Chapter 5

Ever since Murong Nichang found out about his true identity, he had already begun arranging for his family to return to the city for revenge.After everything was settled, Murong Nichang handed the task to his trustworthy subordinates, and then left the city with Murongmue.
Their destination was the old manor of the Murong manor in the capital.
Although sixteen years had passed and they couldn't find any useful value, Murong Nichang still decided to go back and take a look.
She had seen too much longing in Murongmue's eyes, and even if he wanted her to go back and relive her old dreams, it would be fine..Even though this dream was a nightmare, he knew that she still missed the place where she had lived since young.The two of them got into the carriage and headed for the capital.
Murong Dongyue was in the carriage, and her mood was getting more and more tense as she got closer to the capital.There were still people she yearned for in the capital city.
Back then, when she took Murong Nichang away with her, she was only sixteen years old.
She was at the prime of her youth, and she had a childhood sweetheart.
The two of them had reached the point of marriage.
If nothing had happened back then, perhaps they would have had a child of Murong Nichang's age..Murong Nichang noticed Murong Dongyue's strange behavior.
The closer she got to the capital, the more nervous she became, and the more she looked forward to it."Mother, what's wrong with you?
Do you not want to go to the capital?" Murong Nichang could not help but ask.Murong Dongyue sighed helplessly after hearing Murong Nichang's words."No, I just don't know if my old friend in the capital remembers me.
I'm just looking forward to it."Murong Nichang said sweetly, "Of course, they remember Mother.
A beauty like her will never forget her.
How could they be willing to forget you?""She's even a great beauty.
Now that she's already half-old, you're only going to laugh at her.
"Murong Nichang smiled and said, "Who said that my mother is getting old?
I'll smash him to death with money.""You child." Murong Dongyue was amused by her bullying.
Everyone in the world knew that Nichang Gongziran was good at helping others.
If they saw him now, they would have dropped their jaws in shock.Because of Murong Nichang's interruption, Murong Dongyue gradually forgot about the person in her heart.
The mother and daughter were leaning against each other, enjoying the warmth that belonged to them.After half a month, the carriage finally arrived at the capital.
The capital was even more prosperous than it was 16 years ago.
Murong Dongyue looked at her familiar hometown and couldn't help but feel her eyes tear up.It had been 16 years, and it had been 16 years since he had set foot on this land.
Now that he had returned, other than longing, there was a sharp pain in the wound that had been buried deep in his heart."Mother, let's go to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion to rest first.
We'll go to the Murong Residence tomorrow, okay?" Murong Nichang probed."Tang Tang, you can return to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion first.
Mother will take a stroll around the capital.
"Murong Nichang didn't refuse.
She felt that she had something on her mind along the way.
Since she wanted to take a stroll alone, she must have somewhere to take a look.Murong Rongdongyue walked along the street.
He didn't take a single step.
It was her and him who walked the same way back then.
There used to be traces of them here.
However, many years had passed and things had changed.
All that was left behind were the memories of the past.Murong Rongdongyue walked on the street, reminiscing the scenes of the two of them together.
He couldn't help but feel a dull pain in his heart.
He didn't know how you were doing, but he didn't know if there were any beauties around him.Thinking about how the person she loved had already married into a family, her heart was in even greater pain.
Even though there was too much helplessness, she could not reverse the flow of time and return to how it was.Murong Rongdongyue walked along the street and suddenly saw a familiar figure.
This figure had seen her in her dream a thousand times in the middle of the night.
She hurriedly walked forward to see if it was the person, but she saw the man walking towards a woman with six armors..I carefully supported the woman.
As soon as the man turned around, Murong Dongyue felt her blood freeze.
Even though she was mentally prepared for this, she couldn't accept this fact when she saw it with her own eyes.Murong Dongyue clutched tightly at his chest, enduring the sharp pain.
It turned out that he had been looking forward to the man being as determined as him as if he would never marry another man.
Was he too greedy, or was he too na?ve?As the man drew closer and closer to her, Murong Dongyue quickly dodged.
He didn't want her to see him.
She wasn't the same girl anymore, and the woman in his arms was much prettier than him.Murong Rongdongyue staggered away.
The civilians who passed by were slammed into her because he didn't see the way.
They couldn't help but blame her unhappily.
But now, apart from the pain in her heart, she couldn't hear anyone else.
She only knew how to run away.
She didn't want him to see Shaohua's current appearance..The public's criticism and complaints attracted the attention of the man.
When he saw the hobbled figure, he couldn't help but feel his heart skip a beat.
This figure looked like her, but didn't she die?
The man shook his head and helped the woman by his side to leave.After Murong Nichang brought their luggage back to Xuan Yuan Pavilion, he went to the main street to look for Murong Dongyue.She was really worried that she would walk alone on the streets.
Although years had left some traces on her face, it was hard to say that those who had killed the entire Murong family would not be able to recognize her.
It was better to be careful.Murong Nichang led his servants to search for Murong Dongyue on the streets.
Soon, they saw the tear-stained Murong Dongyue."Mother, what's wrong?
Is there someone here?" Murong Nichang asked worriedly.In his memories, Murong Dongyue had always been a very strong person.
No matter how difficult his days were, he always smiled at himself.
Now that he was so sad, apart from the fact that he had appeared when he was sick, this was the first time he had seen her so sad.When Murong Dongyue heard Murong Nichang's words, she hurriedly wiped away her tears and said."No, no, it's just a feeling.""Mother, why don't we go?
You didn't have a good rest along the way." Murong Nichang didn't ask.
Since she didn't want to talk about it, he would naturally tell her when he wanted to.Back at the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, the two of them ate some food and went to their respective rooms to rest.
Murongmue's mind was filled with the image of a man gently supporting a woman.
Tears soaked her pillow.
Suddenly, she understood.She couldn't help but wipe away her tears.
This was fine too.
She was the only one who knew how she had spent 16 years together.
She didn't want him to experience such pain.
Now that his wife was hugging her, she would wish him happiness.Murong Nichang didn't sleep either.
He had been thinking about Murong and Dongyue, but he couldn't figure it out.
At this moment, a gust of wind blew open the window, and a man flew into the room.
He sat on the side of the table and poured himself a cup of tea.
It was as if this place was his home.."I don't know why the seventh prince visited late at night," Murong Nichang asked calmly, but he was nervous.
Oh my god, I haven't taken off my clothes yet.
It would be bad if she found out about my secret."How do you know my identity?" Baili Cangqiong asked coldly."Have you forgotten who I am?"Now that he remembered that she was the leader of the number one gang in the world, what could he hide from her?"I'm here to work with you.
I wonder if you're interested?"Baili Cangqiong went straight to the point."Cooperate.
I'm a beggar, so how could I possibly be able to climb up to the seventh prince?""I know what you're going to do when you come back.
I can tell you that I have your evidence on hand, and I can give it to you.
But are you going to help me get the throne?"The two of them weren't ordinary people, so they naturally understood the meaning behind each other's words.
However, when did Murong Nichang ever have to be dominated by others?"No need, I believe that with my abilities, I will be able to find out what happened back then.
""All the people in the past have died, and the only survivor is in my hands.
Whether you want to or not, I'm reminding you.
Back then, when I saved this person, he suffered heavy internal injuries.
I don't know if he will be able to survive his recent relapses.
You'd better think about it as soon as possible.
Don't let him die first.
""..."Baili Cangqiong said indifferently.Murong Nichang asked curiously, "With your ability, it's as easy as turning your hand over the throne.
Why do you still need my help?""I don't like to drag things out," replied Murong Nichang with a simple reply.
He had already made his decision, and had never been stingy with his partner."I wish us a happy cooperation.
" Baili Cangqiong poured them a cup of tea and clinked it with a cup of tea and downed it in one gulp."I heard that you'll return to Murong's manor tomorrow.
Why don't you pay your respects in front of their graves?""Where is the graveyard of the Murong Residence?" Murong Nichang couldn't help but ask excitedly."The ten-mile hill on the outskirts of the capital city.
The ten-mile area is filled with the graves of the Murong family.
It's all my fault for being young back then.
My financial resources are limited, so I can only do these for them.""Thank you," Murong Nichang said sincerely.
At the very least, she didn't fall into the wildland of corpses, and was eaten by snakes, rats, and ants.
The heavens truly had eyes for her."I'll bring that person to you tomorrow night.
This capital isn't like your city.
You have to be careful," said Baili Cangqiong.
He really didn't want such a person to be sacrificed in a conspiracy.
After all, the people of Bi'an City were too pure and kind."Do you think I'm made of dough?" Murong Nichang asked sarcastically.Baili Cangqiong felt as if his good intentions were being treated like a donkey's liver.
He reminded her out of kindness."Since there's nothing else, I'll leave first.
" Baili Cangqiong said as he prepared to leave.Murong Nichang walked back to his bed and said, "Wait a minute, close the window."Baili Cangqiong suddenly felt as if he had been ordered to do so.
But for the sake of his great ambitions, he endured it.
He flew out of the window again, but shut the window with his internal energy.
In order to take revenge, he had deliberately controlled his strength.
As long as Murong Nichang opened the window tomorrow, he would be smashed by the window.
This was obvious revenge..