Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty

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Chapter 78

The capital of the violet-violet kingdom.
In the meeting hall.Emperor Zi Weiguo sat on the dragon throne high above, furiously throwing a memorial at the prince."Look at what you've done!" The Emperor roared, "The Tian Dynasty has invaded?!
What does the army do?!
They were actually robbed of four cities within three days?!"The hundred officials below knelt down in unison, shivering."Ah?!!
Why aren't you talking at all?!" The Emperor was enraged, and Long Yan was enraged, "What did I raise you all for?!
A bunch of trash!!!"Baili Cangqiong stood there silently, but his face was as cold as ice.
Of course he knew why Huangfu had come, but he did not expect that he would be able to ignore so many people.
He did not expect that he would be able to rein in the power of the Heavenly Dynasty in such a short period of time."Your Majesty.
" Baili Cangqiong stepped out.
Taking a step forward, he knelt on one knee and said.
"This subject is willing to bring troops to battle against the Heavenly Dynasty.
"The emperor sat on the dragon throne and looked down coldly at the sky below.
After pondering for a while, he said, "Very well, I'll leave this matter to you.
You can only succeed, but you can't fail.
""Yes, Your Highness.
" Baili Cangqiong raised his head and said.
He then retreated and prepared to send troops to the battlefield.In the sky covered in dark clouds, a ray of sunlight shined through the thick clouds.The morale of the soldiers in the martial arts arena soared.
They had also heard of the news that the battles at the border had already begun.
They knew that Qi Wangye had come to lead them, and they were even more eager to see what would happen in the future."We, the warriors of the violet kingdom, will be heading to the battlefield of war against the Tianchao Kingdom.
The army of the Tianchao Kingdom has already plundered all four of our cities.
That place is filled with dangers, and if we are not careful, we will be forced to die on the battlefield.
We will be covered in leather." Baili Cangqiong stood on the tall platform and looked down at the eager soldiers below.
He shouted, "Are you afraid?""Don't be afraid." The soldiers below raised their heads and answered loudly."Very good.
The battle is urgent and cannot be delayed at all." Baili Cangqiong looked down at the millions of heroic lions of the violet Wei Kingdom.
"Heroes of our violet Wei Kingdom!
Now set off!!!""Yes!"Baili Cangqiong's heart yearned for Murong Nichang.
In truth, he didn't want to avoid fighting, but if he didn't have to deal with Huangfu Hao to allow Murong Nichang and himself to live peacefully for the rest of their lives, he wouldn't have gone to fight any battles."Let's go." Baili Cangqiong glanced at Murong Nichang, and his expression softened."Alright." Murong Nichang replied, his eyes full of affection.Three days of running, three days of marching, the dusty army finally arrived at the border city.Murong Nichang was a little worried when he saw Baili Cangqiong looking like he was going to die.
Could something have happened?The next morning, Huang Fuzhun led his troops into the city and began to provoke them.When Baili Cangqiong appeared on the city wall, he sensed the killing intent coming from Huangfu's direction.
If his eyes could kill, Baili Cangqiong would have already been minced into ten thousand pieces."Baili Firmament!
You still dare to come out!!" Huangfu took the bow and arrow from his subordinate's hands.
He bent the bow and nocked the arrow.
In an instant, an arrow shot towards the hundred li Firmament on the city wall."Huang Fuzhun, is this all you have left?" Bai Lichang asked, dodging the arrow."You!" Huangfu was extremely confident.
His chest heaved up and down, but he immediately closed his eyes and adjusted his thoughts."Hundred miles in the sky.
" Huangfu opened his eyes and coldly said to the hundred miles in the sky on the city wall.
"Do you dare to come out without a single soldier to fight with me?"The sky was silent for a hundred miles."If you win, I will return the four cities that I have conquered.
How about it?""Alright." Baili Licangqiong replied.
This was the best solution, wasn't it?
Moreover, he would definitely win.
After all, compared to Huang Fuzhun's martial arts, he was slightly better."Then what are we waiting for?
Come down!" Huang Fu pouted and shouted.Baili Cang was silent as he rode his horse out the gate.At the same time, Huangfu gave a signal to the side."Let's begin," said Baili Cangqiong.
His eyes were like sharp swords, shooting straight at Huangfu.Huangfu's eyes sharpened.
He unsheathed his sword and directly attacked the skies.Baili Cangqiong drew his sword and lightly raised it.
He avoided the sharp light and began to counterattack.The two of them were engaged in an intense battle when Huangfu's archer stealthily pulled out an arrow from behind an arrow basket.
The bow bent and the arrow left the bowstring flew straight up to the sky.
From the dark blue reflection on the arrow, one could tell that the arrow carried a huge poison.Baili Cangqiong was being entangled by Huangfu, so he couldn't dodge at all.
He could only watch helplessly as the arrow drew closer and closer."No!!!" At the critical moment, Murong Nichang rushed over and blocked the arrow for Baili Cangqiong.
With the sound of a sharp weapon piercing into flesh, Murong Nichang fell to the ground."Shang'er!" Baili Licangqiong threw down the stunned Huang Fuzhun and rushed over to pick Murong Nichang up.
Seeing the black blood left on the wound, Baili Licangqiong immediately guessed what had happened.Flawless."Huangfu Predictable!" Baili Cangqiong suddenly raised his head, and the blood in his eyes made him look extremely ferocious.
"If anything happens to my daughter, I will trample your country!"Huangfu lowered his head and covered his face with his hand, smiling bitterly."Take it, this is the antidote." Huang Fu turned around and threw a jade bottle to the sky and left.Whatever.
Anyway, it was me who had been entangled from the beginning, wasn't it?However, he had never imagined that Murong Nichang would be able to do such a thing for the hundred miles of the heavens.Her eyes flashed with a smile.
Her tears, her arrogance when she was angry, her charm when she relaxed.How much did he want Murong Nichang to fall in love with him?But if he missed it, then he missed it.Now, it was time to let go.Huangfu turned around and returned to the Tian Dynasty's camp.
He mounted his horse and shouted, "Rise your camp and return!"He chose to leave Baili Cangqiong with only one sentence: "You won.
Return the city to you.
Just take it as the kingdom of the Heavenly Dynasty prepared for the Queen of Generals, a dowry and dowry."In the barracks, Baili Cangqiong held Murong Nichang's hand and stared at her in silence.The antidote had already been fed to Chang'er, and the wound had been bandaged by the army doctor.
The military doctor said that everything would be fine as long as she woke up.Therefore, he had been waiting here, waiting for his daughter to wake up.It had been three days.
Why was his Chang'er still unconscious?Duner Erduo opened the door of the tent and walked in."Baili Cangqiong, it's time for you to rest." Duner Erduo looked at Murong Nichang, who was lying on the bed, for a long time before he opened his eyes.
After a moment of silence, he said to Baili Cangqiong, "I'm sure that I don't want to see you in this state either."The sky was silent.
This was the only thing he had done in the past three days.
Murong Nichang was the only one left in his eyes.
No one could let him take a single step away from his Chang'er.Duner Erduo didn't say another word.
Instead, he hesitated for a moment, looked at Murong Nichang reluctantly, and then walked out.During these three days, he had thought a lot.This included every bit of information between him and Murong Nichang.
Then, he discovered that Murong Nichang had never made any promises to him.She was only a friend to him, but he had already fallen in love with her.
What should she do?Duner Erduo sat on the grass outside the camp and stuffed a root into his mouth.
As he looked at the blue sky, he thought.He didn't know when he had begun to fall in love with her.
It seemed that Murong Nichang was born with an innate charm that could make people willingly fall in love with her.
Even if he went up the mountain of swords and down the sea of flames, he wouldn't hesitate.But his feelings were doomed to not receive a response, right?Three days ago, when Murong Nichang had blocked the arrow for Baili Cangqiong, he had already known about it.They loved each other so deeply, so how could they give up because of him?Duner Erduo couldn't help but smile bitterly.Whatever, just let go of her.
It would be fine if he could help Baili Cang just like that.
At the very least, he could still look at her from afar.
At the very least, he could leave some imprints in her heart.
Even as a friend or subordinate, it was enough, wasn't it?At this moment, Baili Cangqiong in the army camp was overjoyed.
His Guan'er had finally woken up.Murong Nichang was speechless as he looked at the hundred miles of the sky that was busying her from time to time.
Was this still the same icy hundred miles of the sky?Although Murong Nichang was thinking about it, warmth flowed through his heart.
This man was hers."Baili Cangqiong, you've become ugly!" Murong Nichang looked at the haggard Baili Cangqiong with bloodshot eyes.When Baili Cangqiong heard this, his face darkened.
He glared at Murong Nichang.?Who did he have to work so hard for?!
Then, he rushed out of the tent.
It didn't take long for him to return, and he was already much more clean and tidy."Shang'er!" Baili Licangqiong hugged Murong Nichang and asked, "Why did you charge out?"Although he already had an answer in his heart, he still wanted to hear his Chang'er say it to him once.Murong Nichang was silent for a while, before he awkwardly said, "Because I love you." But before he could finish speaking, his face was flushed to the point of his ears.
She definitely wasn't the one who spoke such pretentious words!
Was it that goblin who was bewitching her here?!
He had to drag her out and beat her to death!Baili Cangqiong was a little suspicious of his ears.
He grinned and said, "Shang'er, can you say it again?"Murong Nichang didn't speak and buried his head in the quilt."Shang'er, can you say it again?" Baili Cangqiong's entire body rippled.Murong Nichang got up with a red face and pressed Baili Cangqiong under the blanket, "Sleep!
Sleep!"After a long time, Murong Nichang looked at the seemingly sleeping hundred miles in the sky and sighed.
He leaned against his ear and whispered softly, "I love you."After saying that, Murong Nichang hurriedly returned to his bed and didn't notice the corners of the hundred-mile-long smile.The years were peaceful, and there was only one heart in her life.