Transmigration: The Foolish Concubine

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Chapter 2

Li Jinye quietly sat in front of the dressing table.
Through the ancient bronze mirror, she saw her exquisite face.
Her large and seductive eyes, her tall nose, her vermilion cherry mouth, her delicate and exquisite chin, and her white face.
In addition to her charming and mature temperament, she was really beautiful.The only flaw was the red bag on his left forehead.
Looking at the red and swollen hand on his left forehead, Li Jinye felt that it was a bit out of sorts.She had been asking Bi Er about her background just now.
It turned out that she was the only daughter of the prime minister of the Shang Dynasty.
However, this daughter of hers was naturally very silly, and had a problem with her intelligence.
Whenever she saw the fourth prince by chance, she would clamor that she was going to marry him.
Her father—in the current dynasty—had no choice but to use this daughter of his to control this farce-like wedding regardless of the public's objection.For some reason, the fourth prince pushed him on the night of the wedding night.
He fell unconscious on the pillar until this morning, and this big bag was the evidence of last night.Having realized this, Li Jinye sympathized with the Fourth Prince.
However, he couldn't forgive the fact that he had hit a woman.Li Jinye stared fiercely at the bag for a few seconds before ordering Bi Er, "Bi Er, give me the scissors.
I'll cut Liuhai out to cover this bag."Roughly fifteen minutes later, Li Jinye once again examined his face.
Liuhai's large bag covered his left forehead, which also contained a hint of charm, and a hint of cuteness and playfulness appeared on his face."It's a success." Jinye looked at his pretty face in the mirror with great satisfaction, and compared it to the word 'V'.
This man was really annoying.
He could be considered a beauty in the 21st century, but compared to this face, it was a bit ordinary.
However, it would be a waste if he didn't have his own temperament.
Thinking about it, Li Jinye felt much more balanced.She began to wonder if she would be in a bad mood in the future.
Looking at her face, she would soon be happy again.Just like that, he suddenly heard Bi Er's voice, "Greetings, Fourth Prince."The fourth prince, his own husband, the creator of the large bag, Liu Xiaoyu, had the nerve to come.
If he hadn't come knocking on his door, he would have been rewarded for his good fortune.Li Jinye didn't have any intention of leaving.
He continued to sit in front of the dressing table and look at his beautiful face, imagining the scene of him beating him up.
He smiled mysteriously.