Transmigration: The Foolish Concubine

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Chapter 4

"Let's go eat." Liu Xiaoyu said to Jin Ye, who was lying on the bed and sighing over fate.
He sounded a bit like he was ordering someone to obey.Hearing dinner, Li Jinye sat up again.
She was really hungry.
She didn't feel much more hungry than before."Where do you want to eat?" Li Jinye asked excitedly.
It was an ancient dish, and it was a natural green dish.
Just the thought of it was enough to make a person's mouth water."Where do you want to eat?" Liu Xiaoyu asked."Of course I have to go out and eat in a big restaurant." Jin Ye says without any hesitation."Let's eat at home and have the chefs cook a few dishes for you." Liu Xiaoyu poured cold water on Jin Ye's suggestion."Let's go out and eat!" Li Jinye began to pull at his husband's sleeves and act coquettish.
He didn't feel anything wrong with a man he'd met for the first time."It'll cost money to go out and eat." Liu Xiaoyu put on a show of truth."I can't spend a lot of money.
" He firmly objected."Indeed.
But in the next three years, your husband won't be able to take a cent.
If there is a world, I won't have enough savings for a year." He continued to state the reason."Can't get paid?" How could that be?
Wasn't there a salary?"That's right.
My dear father-in-law was so righteous that he destroyed his family.
I told him that I didn't care, and then I suspended my allowance." Liu Xiaoyu pitifully told his wife what had happened earlier, and he couldn't explain the reason why."That's right." Li Jinye agreed with a smile.
He seemed to be the one who had done this."This is a personal grudge.""Who told you to push me?
I still have a big bag on my head." Li Jinye pulled Liuhai up and protested."It's not that serious." Liu Xiaoyu didn't even glance at it, and even took out a small bag to show off."Forget it, let's not talk about this.
Wait for me." After speaking, Jin Ye pulled Bi Er back to Jin garden."Bi Er, do you know where I put my money?" Li Jinye felt like he was laughing.
He still had to ask her about his own money.
It seemed like he would have to familiarize himself with this situation in the future."Miss, wait a moment." With that, Bi Er took out a small box from his closet and opened it, revealing a large stack of banknotes.Jinye took out ten copies from the middle.
Afraid that it wouldn't be enough, he took out two more and asked Bi Er, "How much will it cost to have a meal?""I don't know, but I can eat a lot of food in one piece.""This should be enough.
Bi Er, put the suitcases away." Then, he took out a pack and hid it in his sleeves.
Then, he went downstairs.Looking at the tall figure in the sun, Li Jinye didn't think that he was only 16 years old.
Could it be that people in ancient times were already so mature..."What are you looking at It's so serious.
" Didn't you say that you were going out to eat?
You were actually in a daze."Here, money for your meal.
Save some money." Li Jinye gave him the half of the banknotes.
It was his fault that he didn't have money.Liu Xiaoyu looked at the banknotes in his hand.
One was worth one thousand taels, six taels, and six thousand taels.
Then he smiled at his wife, "You're quite rich.""That's right.""You're quite generous.""Lord Prime Minister is quite greedy.""That's right." As soon as he finished speaking, Jinye immediately understood what was going on.
He looked at his smiling face and realized that he really wanted to beat him up.
However, Li Jinye was growing increasingly weak.
This person's aura was deeply hidden, so it was best not to expose his true strength.
He had to hurry up and practice the martial arts he had learned in the modern era..Li Jinye glared at him, then lifted his head and walked forward with his chest puffed out......."Uh...
Jin Ye, wait a moment." Liu Xiaoyu called out from behind.Li Jinye didn't want to bother with him."Lijin...
Night..."He absolutely ignored him."You've gone the wrong way.
This way."Sweat.
How could this be?
Li Jinye eagerly ran back in the direction Liu Xiaoyu had pointed.Soon, Li Jinye arrived at a T-shaped intersection.
The smart Li Jinye stopped advancing and obediently waited for Liu Xiaoyu to come over.
However, Liu Xiaoyu was still standing there, looking at him.
Knowing that he had been deceived, Li Jinye felt aggrieved and began to weep.
He mysteriously came to this place, and inexplicably turned into another person, and inexplicably became his consort...
Well, he was born with this fate.
Although this man wasn't gentle enough, he was her husband.
He relied on him instinctively, hoping that she would fall in love with him and rely on him for the rest of her life...
However, he didn't think so..With a hint of unwillingness in his heart, Li Jinye sobbed and asked, "Why didn't you come?"Through a corridor, Li Jinye couldn't see his expression clearly.
He simply felt as if he were far away from him."Why do you have to believe me?" Liu Xiaoyu walked over to the man, but didn't reply to her.
Instead, he murmured to himself."Don't cry.
Didn't I come here?"Li Jinye, who had only shed a few tears, cried even harder when he heard this, as if he wanted to vent all of his grievances and uneasiness.Liu Xiaoyu looked at her and knew that the more he comforted the woman, the more she cried.
He quietly wiped her tears.
Suddenly, he remembered something and took out a white silk handkerchief to wipe away her tears."Let's go eat, I'll carry you.
" After saying that, without waiting for Jin Ye to react, he carries her up and walks forward.Jinye, who was in his arms, gradually stopped his tears.
Perhaps because he was dressed too thinly, Li Jinye felt that his embrace was a little cold, and his bitter aura made him curious about his past.
Just what kind of childhood did this mysterious man have?.Jinye, who was in his arms, gradually stopped his tears.
Perhaps because he was wearing too thin clothes, Li Jinye felt that his embrace was a little cold.
His cold aura accompanied by his bitterness made Li Jinye curious about his past.
What kind of childhood did this mysterious man have...?Li Jinye looked up at her face again.
He suddenly felt that other than the vicissitudes of time, there was loneliness and loneliness in this man's bones...