Transmigration: The Foolish Concubine

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Chapter 5

Just like that, Li Jinye was 'moving' onto the carriage.
He stared quietly at the houses outside the window that were either solemn or casual.
He thought that this place was completely different from his own world.
There were no pebbles, no signboards, no red or green lights...
there were only a few houses, people wearing classics, and neat banyan trees...
such a scenery was hard to come by.
Was this luck or misfortune to him?.Just like that, Li Jinye was 'moving' onto the carriage and silently looked out the window at the houses that were either solemn or casual.
Li Jinye thought that this place was completely different from the world he was in.
There were no pebbles, no signboards, no red or green lights...
there were only a few houses, people wearing classics, and neat banyan trees...
such scenery was hard to come by.
Was this luck or misfortune to him?Li Jinye turned his head and glanced at the handsome man who was resting with his eyes closed.
He was her husband.
His husband was a distant saying!
She thought that she would never marry him again after that emotional injury.
However, she had become another person.
This man had a family background that was much better than hers, and he married a handsome man with a high position.Was it luck or misfortune?!
He was still yearning for such a gentle and considerate man to love him!
However, this man in front of him wasn't gentle enough.
Moreover, Li Jinye had a strong feeling that he wasn't the kind of man who would be willing to be ordinary..Li Jinye locked his eyes on the window again.
Right now, what she needed to do was to figure out the names of these streets, remember more residences, and work hard to adapt to life here.
Women in the 21st century should have been prepared to deal with any sudden situation."What are you looking at?" Just like that, a voice sounded, but Jin Ye didn't have the slightest sense of surprise, "Is it that pretty?
I've been watching it since I got in the car.""It's pretty.
It's simple and open-minded, and it's so pleasant to look at." Li Jinye couldn't help but marvel at the designer's design.
The simple and spacious street buildings were scattered in a disorderly fashion, giving off a familiar yet distinct feeling.
It was a very exquisite city, and it was very suitable for people to live in.."Speaking of which, does this city have some sort of connection to your father?" Liu Xiaoyu was very satisfied with the design of this city.
He remembered the first time he came here, when he looked at the city a hundred meters away from the city gate, he felt a kind of dignified and reserved atmosphere.
However, when he entered this city, he felt that it was simple and intimate.
But when he meticulously looked at every part of the city, it was so elegant and elegant.
He really admired it.."Oh?
Is that so?" Li Jinye truly didn't understand.
She had only just arrived in these last few hours, and had only heard from Bi Er that her father was a very influential prime minister."It was probably twenty years ago.
When father ascended to the throne, it took your father 17 years to complete the expansion of this city." Liu Xiaoyu smiled as he talked about her father.
Perhaps part of the reason why he agreed to marry her silly daughter was because he understood him better.
That legendary figure.
When he saw the blueprints of this city, he had written quite a few copies of them."It's such a huge project.
The royal court is really rich." Li Jinye clicked his tongue in amazement.
It seemed like this country was extremely wealthy."The imperial court made a lot of money.
My father gave me that room.
No matter what, it's worth several million taels of silver to sell it now.
Kyoto is quite expensive right now.
There are a lot of rich people who want to live here." Liu Xiaoyu said with a smile.
He didn't know if his wife understood or not."It looks like I'm doing pretty well.
I married a family with a house and a car," Li Jinye said happily.
In ancient times, I could also do real estate business."Of course.
But to be honest, although your father's name isn't on the Rich List, many people say that your father is the richest person." Liu Xiaoyu continued to talk about the person he respected.
He was a little surprised that he actually told Li Jinye about her father.
He didn't have the right to do so."The Rich List?" Li Jinye's interest in this list was definitely greater than his father's.
Who made it up?
Could it be that there were also Forbes in ancient times?Just like that, they chatted about the court's interest in the world.
Unknowingly, time passed and the two of them had arrived at their destination."Heavenly Bestowment Pavilion.
" Jin Ye looked at the three-storey house.
It wasn't grand, but it was rather simple and beautiful.
Such a place was the most expensive.As Liu Xiaoyu entered the room, he didn't have a waiter like the one in the novels.
Jin Ye carefully examined the interior of the room.
Just like his appearance, it was simple and elegant.
He followed Liu Xiaoyu up to the third floor and found a room next to the window and sat down.
Soon, a handsome young scholar came up with a menu.
It was similar to the modern day..Jinye looked at the price.
It wasn't particularly expensive.
After ordering four dishes and a soup, it was almost 100 taels.
Of course, this was what Jinye thought.
In fact, 100 taels was the cost of a family for ordinary people."Is this the best restaurant?" Jin Ye asked."She should be second in Jingdu.
If I take you to the first floor next time, it'll be a very interesting place." Liu Xiaoyu sipped his tea.
He had just said a lot of things.
This little girl was curious about everything and didn't know anything at all.
However, she had a good opinion of everything.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered to say so much."First floor?
What's the name?""The first floor's name is the first floor.
Your father wrote it, so it's the first floor in Jing City.""Is my father really that powerful?" It seemed that many interesting things had something to do with his father.
From the building to the richest man's list to the hero's list in the Jianghu, these things that weren't related to officials were clearly branded with his mark.
He was even more curious about this father.
Someone who could force the fourth prince to marry a silly woman was a wonderful person.."It's amazing.
There are so many prodigal sons in Jing City.
Which one of them doesn't respect your lord father?" Liu Xiaoyu thought of that person.
It was said that he had arranged for him to become a teacher and study.
How could such a person hate and respect him?
When would he be able to fully control his own destiny?Li Jinye was just about to ask something when the waiter brought the dishes up.
Li Jinye gulped crazily.
He was really hungry.As soon as the waiter leaves, Jin Ye starts massaging his sleeves, displaying a stance of slaughtering everyone in front of him and crazily gnawing on the roasted duck in front of him.
His movements are not reserved enough, but it makes people feel like this should be the case.Liu Xiaoyu, on the other hand, looked at his wife, who had been starved to death.
He shook his head with a wry smile and began to eat the meat and eggplant in front of him.
His movements were gentle and elegant.After a moment of chaos, Li Jinye began to sip his tea elegantly.
He had used up his white silk handkerchief without any politeness earlier.
Now, he was considering how he should arrange his next course of action.