Transmigration: The Foolish Concubine

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Chapter 129

Gently stroking his cold face, Liu Xiaoyu's eyes were unusually gentle, as if she had just fallen asleep as usual!He thought about their farce-like marriage and how they spent their time in the Yue kingdom in the capital..."Jinye, you've always been too kind.
Even those who hate you can't be ruthless!""Jin Ye, I'm tired.
I really want to sleep with you!""Jin Ye, Jinye..."Liu Xiaoyu looked at her beautiful face and lightly planted a kiss on his forehead!"Jin Ye, when you wake up, can we leave together?"What answered him was a natural silence.
But Liu Xiaoyu laughed, filled with grief!Liu Xiaoyu immediately checked Jin Ye's pulse.
Her life was so weak!
However, he was powerless!"Huh?!" Liu Xiaoyu sighed softly.
Then, he helped Jin Ye up and sat down cross-legged on the bed!
A vast amount of true energy poured into the bed, like a rock sinking into the sea.
There was no response whatsoever!This Poisonous Heart Powder, the number one poison in this world, really couldn't be cured!But when there was nothing he could do, Liu Xiaoyu always hoped that he could do something even if it was useless!"Stop!
It's not the right time for you to use it right now!
Stop!" Bi Er shouted as soon as he entered the room."He's..." Liu Xiaoyu retracted his true energy and looked at the old man.
What a terrifying man!
Even the experienced Liu Xiaoyu couldn't help but feel shocked when he saw that ugly face!"Poison tester!""What do you plan to do?" Liu Xiaoyu asked, immediately understanding the situation, "But this will take a lot of time!"Drink the poisoned blood for him, and then give him a different antidote.
It's a very stupid method, effective, but short of time."He can identify the composition of the poison!" Bi Er said with great confidence.
He had never left Jingdu.
This was the best thing he could hope for.Then, Ugly Man walked to Jin Ye's bedside and gently scratched his nails.
Jin Ye's index finger immediately broke, and Ugly Man sucked on the blood!A long time later, the ugly man's horrifying voice suddenly sounded, "Bloody Bamboo Green, Heartbreak Grass, Dujuan, Snake Fruit!"It was actually an abdominal tongue!Liu Xiaoyu looked at him with admiration.
The number one poison in this world, Poisonous Heart Powder.
After touching it, not only did he have nothing to do with it, but he could also determine which herbs it was made of!
This ugly person must have tested countless poisons!"How could there be such a person?!" Liu Xiaoyu exclaimed in shock!"Lord Li took him in!"Lord Li Moli!
His father-in-law!
An existence that he couldn't surpass!?Liu Xiaoyu sighed inwardly."Yannu, can you tell the proportion?""Half of them are poisons of Heartbreak Grass, followed by snake fruit, bamboo leaf green, and poisonous Azalea!""Yannu, thank you.
Move aside!
I'll let you test the medicine later!"Then, the problem became simple, because Bi Er was an expert in poisons, and his medical skills were even more outstanding.
And Liu Xiaoyu's medical skills were even better than before!
And there were naturally countless medicinal herbs in the imperial palace!Roughly an hour later, Liu Xiaoyu and Bi Er tested out the antidote from Yannu's body!"Yannu, are you sure?" This was Bi Er's third time!As for Yan Nu, he nodded with certainty!
Then he looked at the woman on the bed, his master!
It was his honor to be able to work for her!Liu Xiaoyu took the bowl of medicinal liquid and carefully fed it to Jin Ye!Then, he used his cultivation technique to speed up the effects of the medicine.In the deepest darkness, Jin Ye blindly walks around, searching for a place she can go to!There's no light, no sound, and Jin Ye can't find the right direction!Had I died?
Then was this hell?
Would I cross the Naraka Bridge and drink Mengpo's soup?However, where was the Bridge of Helplessness?
And where was Mengpo?
He seemed to still have a clear memory of the hatred, the love, the helplessness, and the unwillingness!She wanted to turn those love and hatred grudges into the past clouds in her previous life!However, there was no door to hell!Hell had no door!
What about the mortal realm?
There was no path in the mortal realm!Jin Ye stands where he is, floating in the depths of the darkness!"Liu Xiaoyu!" Jinye called out again and again, and what answered her was the sound of an empty voice!No one, no one, no love...
Where should I go?!"Liu Xiaoyu!" His crisp voice became hoarse and choked with emotion!He's not here, he's not here, he's not here!
Silently answering!Jinye was tired.
The scene that had taken place in the past was completely foreign to him, and there was no one around him!
Back then, she had bumped into Bi Er and realized that she was Liu Xiaoyu's wife!But what about now?
This time, he was completely alone!Betrayal?
Jin Ye recalled those distant past memories!In the end, he was unable to tolerate the nameless flesh and blood in his stomach!
However, the child was his!
She stubbornly refused to speak and thought that he would slowly understand it!
Was she wrong?
Perhaps she should lower her proud head and beg for that Weibo love!But, what about losing everything?
Was there no point?So, what was he going to persist for?Give up!
A sad voice came from the depths of her heart, and in an instant, it occupied all of Jin Ye's thoughts!Give up!
Jin Ye!Give up!"Jinye!" An anxious voice echoed through the darkness.
Jinye was in a daze!
He couldn't help but laugh!
How could he possibly have found him?!
All he had left for himself was his back, a back that needed to be chased with all his might!"Jin Ye!" That voice became clear, and Jin Ye looked around.
The surroundings were still deathly silent, and there was no sign of him!"Wake up, Jin Ye!
Quickly wake up!"Could he have fallen asleep?
But his consciousness was so clear!"Jinye, I order you to wake up!"Order?
Jin Ye smiled, tears inadvertently drenched his clothes!Why?
Why was it always like this?
He wasn't there when she called him, but when she was already in despair, he came to show her goodwill!"Jinye, I love you!" He didn't beg or get angry.
Instead, he simply stated the fact that he refused to admit it.Jinye smiled.
How could he say such a heavy word?!However, knowing that it was a scam, Jinye's heart leapt with joy.
He really wanted to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him, or if he was lying...Then, she saw his bloodshot eyes and even saw the sadness of the moment before!Just like that, she quietly stared at him, as if she had looked at him for several centuries, as if she wanted to see through him!