Ability User: I am Legend

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Chapter 1

There were many great clans in this world.
Some were very old, with a history of over a thousand years, and some were even older.
Some were very young, only decades old.
Of course, there were also some clans that died in the river of time and couldn't leave behind even a small wave.
There were many of these clans, enough to compete with the stars in the night sky.As for the remaining ancient clans, they were often wealthy and powerful, and their tentacles covered the entire world.
They had complicated connections.Some of them even possessed the power to influence the world's situation.In America, there was a Chinese family that couldn't be considered old but wasn't young.
Her founder had arrived in Europe at the end of the 18th century and made a fortune here.
With her smart brain, she had accumulated quite a bit of wealth.
In the outsiders' country, this family's development was definitely on the verge of collapsing.
Fortunately, this family wasn't captivated by the river of time and had risen to prominence in the hands of Tang Xingsheng, a man with a tacky name, and established a distant sky on the continent of Europe..The founder of Luosi Chaierde's family, Meiye, who was known as the "Red Shield" in 1812?
Before Luosi Chaierde passed away, he made a solemn will:"All important positions in the family's banks must be held by the family's members, and not by outsiders.
Only male family members can participate in the family's commercial activities.The marriage of the family can only be held between cousins to prevent the dilution of wealth and the leakage of wealth.
(This rule was strictly enforced in the early period, and then relaxed to allow marriage with other Jewish banks.)* It's absolutely not allowed to announce the financial situation to the public.15、 In terms of inheritance, lawyers are absolutely not allowed to interfere.Every family's eldest son was the head of each family.
Only when the family agreed could they choose another second son to take over.Anyone who violated the will would lose all right of inheritance.As time passed, Meiye's will's requirements were loosened to adapt to the needs of time.
One of the most significant changes was that women could also inherit the family's inheritance.
As for Tang Xingwang's wife, she was the heir of the Luosi Chaierde Clan.
In order to marry Tang Xingwang, the Luosi Chaierde Clan's daughter didn't hesitate to give up on the inheritance that she had worked so hard to obtain.The Jews were publicly acknowledged to be the best at making money, and Luosi Chaierde's family members were even more outstanding among them.
They had always been known for their accurate intelligence and sharp eyes.If she considered Kai Selin?
Luosi Chaierde had chosen Tang Xingwang to give up on the right of inheritance as an investment, then the returns she received would undoubtedly be extremely generous.During the first World War, Tang Ge and his wife had accumulated a large amount of wealth by stocking up on drugs and supplies.In the mid-19th century, the Luosi Chaierde family withdrew all of their branches because they didn't think highly of America's economy.
This was a huge mistake of the Li family, and it was this mistake that gave the Mogen family a chance to rise to prominence.
This was the reason why the future Mogen Alliance, this peerless financial empire, would be able to have the first industrial company with more than one billion USD in assets in America, the American Steel Company..On the other hand, the amount of profit cakes that the Luosi Chaierde Clan had left in the States wasn't something that the Mogen Clan could monopolize back then.
In the same period of time, the Tang Clan had risen to prominence alongside the Mogen Clan.
Their achievements were no less than the Mogen Clan's.The current Tang family had a pivotal position in Europe and America.
It was the only family that had claimed to be under the protection of the American mafia and the two major American gangs.
It was rumored that both of these groups had important core members who received favor from the Tang family, but the truth was not something that outsiders could tell..The current patriarch of the Tang Clan was Tang Xingwang's only son, Tang Linghai.
Tang Linghai was well-versed in the Dao of the Zhong Dynasty and was good at enduring.
He was a calm person, but his methods were ruthless.
He was the type of person who would be shocked to death if he didn't make a move.Every single one of them believed that Tang Linghai was easy to bully, and all of them had used their blood to prove Tang Linghai's unruly nature.
In fact, all of their opponents believed that Tang Linghai was the most suitable to describe him as a traitor.Tang Linghai had two sons, each named Tang Yu and Tang Feng.
The two of them could fly in the wind.The eldest son, Tangyu, had inherited his father's legacy, and was even more cunning and cunning than Tang Linghai.
Although he wasn't as wise as Tang Linghai was, he wasn't inferior in terms of iron blood.
With his rich family resources and his own outstanding ability, Tangyu's reputation in the business world rose like a fish in water, and he was regarded as the inheritor of Tang Linghai's legacy.Compared to Tang Yu, although Tangfeng's talent was excellent, he didn't like scammers in the business world.
He didn't love the world and loved the mountains and rivers.
He spent his days in famous mountains and ancient ruins.
It wasn't because his father's birthday and mother's sacrificial day were hard to find.As the saying goes, children are not like fathers.
This Tangfeng really responded to the Chinese saying that "the nine sons of the dragon are different."There was another ancient saying in China, 'One thing to subdue one thing', and 'Boiled tofu tofu'.
Although Tangfeng was like the wind, he still met his nemesis a Chinese university student who studied in America, Chu Xinran.This was the first time Tangfeng and Chu Xinran had met and held hands, the second time they met, and the third time they met, they had gone to register and get married.
The process was fast and romantic.
From then on, the drifting Ping had developed a solid foundation, and the drifting ship had found the anchored harbor.
Tangfeng finally found a reason to settle down.As Tangfeng walked into the Tang residence in New York, Chu Xinran was astonished to find that he had married into a wealthy family.
The guy wearing a pair of broken jeans that she played in the park and treated as a street artist was now her husband.
He was unexpectedly a noble young master..Tangfeng didn't expect himself to fall into the same situation.
Moreover, retribution came so quickly that it was almost the end of their honeymoon period.Since they had known each other for an extremely short period of time, Chu Xinran didn't even have the time to inform his family.
Therefore, he suggested returning to Beijing for a honeymoon and bringing Tangfeng to meet his parents.Tang Linghai, who was extremely satisfied with his daughter-in-law, agreed on behalf of his son on the spot.
He even took out a pair of jade bracelets left behind by his wife.