Ability User: I am Legend

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Chapter 2

When Tangfeng got off the plane with Chu Xinran, he was a little surprised when he saw the military vehicle that had come to pick them up.
When the military vehicle entered the military camp, Tangfeng was dumbfounded.
According to his wife, Mount Tai seemed to be a veteran soldier, but could the children of ordinary soldiers have military vehicles to pick them up and even live in the military compound?When he saw his father-in-law, Tangfeng felt like he was on the verge of collapse.
There were three high-ranking generals on his shoulder, and he was also the commander of the Beijing Military Region.
This was what his wife called 'just a soldier'.
If China had another hundred or so such soldiers, wouldn't they have dominated the world long ago?Tangfeng, who was sweating profusely from his back, finally realized the truth.
His wife was far more pretentious than he was, and the pigs and tigers had fun than stealing people's wallets.After a series of interrogations, it wasn't until Tangfeng felt that there was nothing else he could explain other than the color of his underwear that his old man, the commander of Beijing Military Region, and General Chu Haoyuan finally reluctantly nodded.Tangfeng almost cried at that time.
It really wasn't easy.
If the twenty-five thousand li long march of the Red Army had been this difficult, it wouldn't have been able to complete it.When Tangfeng looked at Chu Xinran, who kept looking at him for advice, he found that the latter was smiling proudly at him.
His appearance was similar to that of a fox thief, causing him to suddenly feel as if he had mistakenly boarded a pirate ship.
There was a cool breeze on his back.Tangfeng and Chu Xinran had already stayed in the military compound for more than half a month.
In the past half a month, apart from bringing Tangfeng to visit some seniors, Chu Xinran had been wandering around Beijing.
Tangfeng, a Chinese who had grown up abroad, had been able to experience the profound culture of Zhonghua.After dinner that day, Tangfeng was pulled into the study room to play chess.
Chu Xinran's mother, He Lanzhi, walked into his daughter's room with a small brocade box."Mom, what did you take?" Chu Xinran asked as he pulled his mother's hand to the side of the bed.He Lanzhi smiled and handed the brocade box over, "Open it and have a look."Chu Xinran opened the brocade box and saw that there was a jade buddha inside.
The jade buddha was in the image of a child, and there was a short skirt on its upper body.
It was naked, and its left and right fingers were placed on the ground.
It was made into a birth statue.
The jade was crystal clear and translucent like suet.Chu Xinran held the jade buddha in his hand and said, "So it's a jade buddha.
But Haoyu only has a small dot on it.
What a pity.
Is it a amulet?"He Lanzhi said, "Little girl, you don't know the goods.
Didn't you hear that a flawless white jade is the most expensive?
Let me tell you something.
This jade buddha has a great background.
It was the gift that the living buddha brought to the capital when she was in seclusion.
There are only three of them in total.
This jade plain is an accessory for the twelve-year-old Shijia Jiamuni, Exalted from the Temple of Ominance.
He has been cultivated by the buddhist scriptures for a long time.
After being carved by a well-experienced craftsman, it was also personally carved by the living buddha.There would never be a fourth in this world.
It was extremely precious."It's not an exaggeration to say that this is a Buddhist treasure."Chu Xinran stuck out his tongue, "So powerful!"He Lanzhi smiled mysteriously, "I also heard that this Buddha statue has a special effect.""What special effects?" Chu Xinran asked curiously.He Lanzhi smiled, "It's said that you can have sons with it."Chu Xinran's face flushed red as he coquettishly said, "Mom, what are you talking about?"He Lanzhi said, "I said I want to have a grandchild.
Since you're already married, why don't you have another pregnancy?
Didn't you say that you're encouraging childbirth abroad?""MomHe Lanzhi suddenly lowered his voice and asked, "How is Tangfeng?"Chu Xinran asked in confusion, "What do you mean?""It's about the room?" He Lanzhi also felt his face heating up.Chu Xinran blushed and covered his face, "Mom, what are you talking about?"He Lanzhi said, "What are you talking about?
Aren't I worried about your happiness?
I'm too lazy to ask about others.
Anyway, we're now mother and daughter, so what's there to be shy about?"Chu Xinran struggled for a long time before answering like a mosquito, "He's pretty powerful.
He always makes me unable to hold on for long."