Ability User: I am Legend

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Chapter 3

Tangfeng wracked his mind over the chess pieces in his hands.
In the past, he had always been an international chess player, and he had learned the rules of chess from his father-in-law after living in the mansion.
Although he understood the rules of chess, it wasn't easy for him to compete with a quasi-Guild master like Chu Haoyuan.
To put it bluntly, it was no different from a self-torture.Although Chu Haoyuan had always praised his rapid progress, he couldn't ignore the fact that he had always been abused.Chuhaoyuan seemed to be a little impatient as he waited for Tangfeng's chess piece to play.
Tangfeng's eyes lit up, and he placed the chess piece in his hand somewhere far away from Chuhao.Chu Haoyuan's eyes lit up.
The chess piece in his hand landed with a clang and the fan on the board smiled, "I killed your dragon."Tangfeng couldn't help but be dumbfounded and shouted, "Dad, you're cheating!"Chu Haoyuan smiled and said, "This is called 'no lack of deception'.
Kid, you're still young." His expression was a little like that of a villain.
If Chu Haoyuan's old comrades or juniors were to see his current appearance, they would have to open their eyes wide.Chu Haoyuan squinted his eyes, savoring Xiang Shaoyun's words as he watched Tangfeng divide the chess pieces into black and white pieces and put them back into the box, "Tangfeng, what do you think of my family's Xinran?"Tangfeng agreed, "Alright!" He seemed to think that it wasn't enough to express his emotions, "Very good!"Chu Hao smiled happily and said, "I'm happy to hear you say that.
But, I know my own daughter well.
Her temper is too stubborn.
Once she gets angry, nine bulls won't be able to pull her back.
I'm afraid you will have to give her more in the future."Tangfeng smiled and said, "It's only right for your women to spoil you a little."Chuhaoyuan clapped his hands and said, "Alright, I'm glad to find a good man for myself.
Just based on what you've said, we have to have a good drink with each other." Chuhaoyuan's expression flickered, "I have a few bottles of Maotai, and they're truly precious.
I'm glad that her two older brothers haven't been able to get rid of me for a day or two.
I'll let you have a taste of them today.""..."Tangfeng placed the box of chess pieces on Chu Haoyuan's side and smiled, "It's almost time to sleep.
I'm afraid my mother-in-law will be unhappy if I drink some more."Chuhao looked away from Tangfeng and said, "Oh you, what do you want me to say to you?
This wife needs to be doted on, but she can't dote on you.
They can do whatever they want, but women need to listen to men at crucial moments." His words sounded a bit manly, but to an old general who had participated in battles of various sizes and sizes in the past who had been known for his temperament twice, it was already difficult for him to say something like this.Tangfeng only smiled and said, "It's not a big deal if you don't drink.
It doesn't matter if you don't drink." His smile revealed a sense of ease and indifference.
He was the kind of gentle and refined man, but this man was listed as one of Vatican City's most dangerous enemies by the Pope.
His rank was second only to Sadan, the Dark Demon King.Chu Haoyuan smiled and said, "It's fine if you really don't want to drink.
It's good that a man doesn't drink for his woman.
But I don't only have a few bottles of wine here.
Take a look at this." He took out a purple box from the bookshelf and handed it to Tangfeng.The box was made of sandalwood.
It was 30 centimeters long and was carved with patterns of nine dragons.
On the surface, there was a layer of paste that was clearly a bit old.
There was also a faint sandalwood fragrance in the hand that emitted an ancient flavor.Tangfeng opened the box and saw a long silk-wrapped object lying inside.
After opening the silk, a short knife appeared.
The scabbard was decorated with three gems, and the handle of the knife was wrapped in an unknown pattern.Tangfeng pulled out his knife, and a cold light flashed through the room, causing all the hairs on his body to stand on end.Tangfeng looked at the dagger in his hand and said, "That's right.
It's a rarely seen saber." He didn't have much of an evaluation.
He had seen many treasured sabers and swords before, and it wasn't easy for him to be worthy of a decent evaluation.Chu Haoyuan smiled.
"This is a short knife from the Mongolian King.
It was given to me by an old comrade of mine.
I'll give it to you now."Tangfeng placed the knife back into the sandalwood box and said, "Your study room is filled with ink and ink.
Only this vicious weapon.
Thinking about it, it must have some special meaning to you.
It's not good for me to take it, so I'll leave it for you to think about." This knife could indeed be considered a high-quality one, but it wasn't that tempting to Tangfeng.
After all, the sword he was using was already a rarely seen artifact.
It was said that once he ascended Mount Tai, the world was small, and most treasured swords and knives were just works of art to him..Chu Haoyuan smiled and said, "It's reasonable for a treasured sword to be given to a hero.
This sword has been with me for more than 40 years, and it has almost become rusty.
I think it will be able to display its value when it comes into your hands.
After all, it's someone who crawled out of Vietnam's forest."Tangfeng paused for a moment, then looked up at Chuhaoyuan and asked, "Father, how did you know that I've been to Vietnam?" At the same time, Tangfeng's mind quickly spun around to search for anyone who might have leaked the information.
Could it be someone from the organization?
That's impossible.
The hands of a military commander couldn't be stretched out that long.Could it be that the Chinese Special Forces had sensed something and heard the wind in the military?Chu Haoyuan smiled.
"Don't waste your time guessing.
My guards have also climbed out of the Vietnam Forest.
He said that he looked familiar with your back, so I lied to you.
It seems like the Tang family's Second Young Master is much more promising than the Young Master." Being able to leave the Vietnamese Forest alive was proof of his strength, and being worshipped by people who came from the Vietnamese Forest proved the problem.Tangfeng scratched the back of his head and smiled, "It's alright.
I've practiced martial arts before, and I've never known the immensity of heaven and earth before.
I've traveled to Vietnam's jungle with a few decent friends, but I don't have the courage to do so now." Since Chu Haoyuan didn't know anything at all, Tangfeng was naturally happy to play dumb.He wasn't just playing an adventure game in the Vietnamese Forest.
Although he hadn't killed anyone before, there were more than a thousand corpses in Vietnam that had died because of him.In a dangerous place like the Vietnamese jungle, Tangfeng's friends were pretty decent.Chu Haoyuan asked, "Then what school are you from?
Perhaps you don't know that China has a special team, which consists entirely of martial arts experts.
Every military district has a special team with permanent residences.
I know a lot about martial arts sects."Tangfeng said, "I know a few mercenaries.
I heard from them that the members of China's special team are all experts with strong individual combat abilities.
They are the best guards, but they are definitely not the strongest.
Compared to them, they don't want to encounter China's special forces like Divine Sword."It's said that the international team's evaluation of Divine Swords is 'Wolves', a pack of vicious wolves." Tangfeng's expression was somewhat grave.
He wasn't unfamiliar with Divine Swords.
In fact, he had two warriors who were born with Divine Swords under him.
They were real killing machines, accurate and cold, but they would mercilessly kill anyone who harmed China's interests.
They were the most perfect warriors in Tangfeng's mind..Chu Haoyuan couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, "I didn't expect you to know so much!" Chu Haoyuan's astonishment was normal.
In truth, even Chu Xinran didn't know about the existence of divine swords.
"Don't get too far away from me.
You haven't even told me what kind of sect you are."Tangfeng said, "I'm from the Boundless White Mountain Sect.""The Boundless Sect?
There are other sects?
I've never heard of this name before, but it sounds a little ethereal," Chuhaoyuan said.
Martial arts were rarely seen in modern society, and those that could still be kept were phoenix feathers and qilin horns.
It was a rare sight to behold.Tangfeng smiled and didn't respond.
It would be strange if Chu Haoyuan had heard of this matter.
The Boundless Sect was a complete mess.
In fact, Tangfeng's original name was the Underworld Palace Sect, and it was an organization of assassins that had rampaged across the world a long time ago.
Just like the novels of heroes that had been written in tatters, the massive darkness forces had stirred up the indignation of the righteous faction and were eventually wiped out by the heroes of justice.Although the Underworld Palace's headquarters had been breached, the last few elders still relied on their powerful martial arts cultivations to break out from the encirclement and establish the later Underworld Palace Sect.Tangfeng, on the other hand, was the Fifth descendant of the Netherworld Sect.
At the same time, he was also the sole disciple of the direct descendant, the Sect Master of this generation.Chu Haoyuan seemed to be interested.
He asked, "Can your sect's martial arts be taught in the army?" This was something he often asked when he met a true martial arts expert.
Right now, the martial arts that were passed down in the army were all superficial work.
A truly profound martial arts had to be maintained for a long period of rest, and it wasn't suitable for a short period of training in the army..Tangfeng shook his head and said, "I'm afraid that won't do.
There is a rule that forbids outsiders from transmitting information." What a joke.
The Underworld Palace was filled with vicious martial arts.
If they were to train in the army, wouldn't they be able to train a group of devils?Chu Haoyuan said, "All of you sects are the same." Commander Chu must have been nailed somewhere, and there was more than one.
Fortunately, the nails had been hit enough, so Commander Chu didn't ask too much about Master Tang Feng's sect.Tangfeng and Chu Xinran's honeymoon ended with a joyous news that excited Tang Linghai, who was on the other side of the ocean.
Chu Xinran was pregnant.
One couldn't help but marvel at the success of the jade buddha.
Of course, Tangfeng's hard work on farming was also worth it.He Lanzhi tried his best to keep his daughter in China, as if he wouldn't let her go until his grandchild was born.Tang Linghai recalled the time when his eldest daughter-in-law was pregnant, when the entire family was at a loss for what to do.
Looking at how her eldest daughter-in-law's belly was already slightly bulging up, and imagining the time when she was nursing two pregnant women at the same time at home, he couldn't help but feel a headache coming on.
He Lanzhi's parents had called him over, so he readily agreed.