Ability User: I am Legend

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Chapter 4

Looking at his mother's almost unyielding attitude, Chu Xinran couldn't help but feel troubled.Back then, she had begged for half a day to obtain a month's worth of leave from the mentor.
If she had been late by ten months, the result would not have been as simple as being taken advantage of.
She might have been directly expelled from the academy, which had always been known for its strictness.However, it didn't take long before Chu Xinran received an unexpected notification that dispelled the worries in his heart.
The State Preceptor Institute had approved her leave for a year, and it was known as maternity leave.
This caused Chu Xinran to be extremely perplexed.
She had never expected the Academy to send a request, so where did this notice come from?
Furthermore, she had stayed in the State of Salvation for two years, and had never heard of any maternity leave in the East.
There were six rules that stated that students had to avoid pregnancy during the semester.
If they were lucky enough to be shot in the act, they would be expelled from school, and they would be selected as a second class."..."In America, the top country in the world of human rights, they dared to come up with such harsh school rules.
Every rule was either obeying or expulsion from school, so tough that they were even suspected of violating human rights.
But even so, there were still hundreds of millions of people who sharpened their heads every year, which showed how strong the school was.After explaining his doubts to Tangfeng, Chu Xinran learned from his husband that the Tang Clan was one of the three great school directors who had first invested in the establishment of the Black Tortoise Academy.
This made Chu Xinran have no choice but to examine the new family that he had married into.
She had originally thought that she was prepared to accept the Tang Clan's strength, but now she was surprised to discover that the Tang Clan was much stronger than she had expected.
Now that she had seen it, it seemed to be just a small part of the Tang Clan's iceberg..Ten months later, Chu Xinran was pushed into the delivery room.Chuhaoyuan's parents and Tangfeng waited anxiously outside the delivery room.
Suddenly, Tangfeng, who was sitting on the corner of his eye, caught sight of a figure passing by in the corner of the corridor.
His brows furrowed.
Looking at the delivery room, which was constantly emitting Chu Xinran's cries, Tangfeng said to Chuhaoyuan, "Dad, I'm going outside to smoke a cigarette.""..."He Lanzhi said, "Don't stay outside for too long." As a woman, she knew that every woman wanted her man to stay by her side during childbirth.
However, she could understand the anxiety and worry of a man waiting for his wife to give birth.Tangfeng quickly walked out of the hospital and saw a middle-aged man waiting for him with a smile on his face.
Tangfeng looked around, then walked over to the middle-aged man and asked with a frown, "How did you get back to China?"The middle-aged man didn't seem to notice the displeasure on Tangfeng's face at all.
He smiled and said, "Don't worry.
We're all on our side, so we won't be discovered.
I'm only here for you and your wife, as well as your child who's about to come into being." Then, the middle-aged man smiled and glanced at the entrance of the hospital behind Tangfeng.Tangfeng frowned, "I don't want my wife to know about us.
I'm warning you not to have any ideas about my wife and children!"The middle-aged man smiled faintly and said, "My dear Tang, this isn't like you.
My strategist should be a person who doesn't feel shame or shame.
In your Chinese words, Mount Tai collapses before me without changing his expression.
To be honest, even I used to be afraid of you.
Being able to remain calm at any time is like a machine that will never go wrong.
You're not ordinary terror.
Even as a companion, I will feel fear.""However, I now realized that you also have a weakness."Tangfeng's face darkened as he said, "I'm warning you solemnly not to have any ideas about my wife and child!
Otherwise, I will definitely make you regret it.
Since I can help you build an underground empire, I can also destroy it.
You know that I never speak empty words." This was a blatant threat.The middle-aged man didn't seem to care at all.
With a relaxed expression, he said, "Of course.
To be honest, I only have a vague idea of how strong you are.
If I fight you now, I'm only 30% confident that I can beat you.
I know you better than I do.
However, I'm not stupid enough to cut off my own arm to establish a strong enemy who understands me too well."...""Actually, we should be able to become the best friends, but Tang, you've always been intentionally maintaining the distance between us, allowing us to always have a small barrier between us.
Can you tell me why?"Tangfeng smiled and said, "Because you're too dangerous." He glanced at the man and continued, "Actually, aren't you constantly on guard against me?"The middle-aged man smiled and said, "That's because you're too smart.
We're the same.
I can accept the betrayal of others, except you.
If you want to harm me, you can definitely send me into the bottomless abyss.
And according to your personality, once you decide to push me down, you will never give me a chance to get up again.""...""Indeed, just as you said, we trusted each other enough, but we couldn't completely trust each other.
We all had our own bottom line, so even though we all knew each other well, we would never be able to become true friends.
We actually found this wonderful balance point.
Even I couldn't help but admire myself.
Of course, there was also you."Tang Feng said.The middle-aged man said, "But we can still become confidants."Tangfeng stared blankly for a moment before laughing, "That's right, confidante.
I'm afraid I'm the most knowledgeable person in this world." Even his wife didn't know him better than this middle-aged man.The middle-aged man said, "I'm the same.
You're the only one who understands me the most in the world.
That's why you're the only one I'm afraid of.
If I get killed one day, you'll be the only one who's going to attack me.
"Tangfeng smiled and replied, "Likewise."A pair of wonderful people formed a wonderful combination.Tangfeng said, "Don't talk nonsense with me.
My wife is still waiting for me.
Tell me, what exactly do you want?"The middle-aged man stopped chatting and replied, "I'm here to bring Nuoya back.
When she heard that you were married, she ran out.
You should understand her feelings for you." Although the middle-aged man had a helpless and sighing expression on his face, his eyes were filled with amusement as he watched a good show.Tangfeng's expression also changed.
"I know what you mean, but I'm not a paedophile.
Besides, I already have a wife, and I love her very much.
I won't accept other women.
Do you understand what I mean?"The middle-aged man responded, "Of course, I can't understand.
But you have to understand that Nuoya isn't an ordinary girl.
She's much more dangerous than any other adult.
To her, your wife is as weak as your child.
What do you plan to do?
Kill Nuoya?
I won't agree to it.""..."Tangfeng smiled bitterly, "I don't know what to do either.
Actually, I've seen Noah three times.
The first time was nine months ago, the second time was seven months ago, and the last time was four months ago.
It was just a flash, and I couldn't even chase her.
Do you have news of her coming to me now?"The middle aged man looked at his watch and said with a smile, "She should be on her way back now.
I can help you this time, but I may not be able to help you next time.
Next time.
You have to write a plan quickly.""It's easier said than done.
But I still have to thank you this time.
I'll get you a few bottles of good wine later, so I'll head back first." The middle-aged man pulled Tangfeng back, "What's the hurry?
I have something I haven't said yet.""What is it?" Tangfeng asked.The middle-aged man smiled sincerely.
"I want to be your child's godfather.
In your Chinese words, I'm your godfather.""Dream on!" Tangfeng flatly refused.The middle-aged man wasn't annoyed.
Instead, he said playfully, "Don't be in a hurry to reject him.
Look, someone has to inherit our business.
I have no children, so your child is naturally the best candidate.
Besides, there are many benefits to being my teacher.
At the very least, I will reserve a noble position for him in the God Creation Plan."...""Stop it.
Don't even think about dragging my child into the water.
If others knew that you were his godfather, I'm afraid that my baby wouldn't even be able to live up to one year old before being killed by your enemies.
As for the God Son, you can give it to whoever you want.
I'd rather be a prodigal son than allow him to become a monarch.
""This God Creation Project was planned by Tangfeng himself.
He understood more than anyone else how much he had to pay to climb up to that glorious throne.
He also knew how many people he needed to step on, while those who were trampled on wouldn't exist in the world in the second form..The middle-aged man bristled and said: "I guarantee that if your identity is exposed, there will be more people who want to kill your baby than there are people who want to kill my godson.
The little guy's head will be worth a thousand dollars by then.
Zizi, is pure gold head is afraid not so valuable." Although his fierce reputation has spread far and wide over the years, he still thinks he is inferior to Tang Feng when it comes to scheming and tactics.
Although Tang Feng never killed anyone with his own hands, but the people who died because of him are definitely more than the people killed by the middle-aged man, just his training of the God of the Underworld force is already a group of killers that people are afraid of."There's no need for you to worry about that," Tangfeng said indifferently.
With his scheming skills, there weren't even ten or so people who knew of his identity as the 'Nether Phoenix'.
Even if they were discovered, he was confident that he could nip the threat in his cradle.The middle-aged man!A little rascally said, "How can I not worry?
That's my teaching son.
It's settled then.
Alright, I still have to go on a plane.
We'll talk later.
Bye!" The middle-aged man patted Tangfeng on the shoulder and turned to leave.Tangfeng glanced at the middle-aged man's back and gestured with his middle finger.
At the same time, he spat out a very vulgar word, "Old rascal."As soon as Tangfeng returned to the delivery room, he heard Chu Xinran's cry, followed by the sound of a baby's cry.There was a male servant in the Tang Clan.
It was a big deal to give the Tang Clan's fat grandson a name.
Tang Linghai said, "Tang Zhu".
Zhu was one of the three friends of the Han Clan.
She had a heart, a temperament, and would rather not break.
Chu Haoyuan also felt that it was a good idea, but he believed that it would be better to turn the bamboo into a bamboo tree.On top of that, the two of them shared the same sentiment.Chuhaoyuan received the support of his child's mother and thought that Chu Xinran would be happy to call him 'Huang Huanger' in the future.
Tang Linghai agreed since he felt that it was a good idea.
At the same time, he also urged Tangfeng and his wife to return as soon as possible.He Lanzhi, on the other hand, didn't let go of the excuse that Chu Xinran was sitting on a crescent moon.
He didn't let go until his grandchild was fully caught.
Although Tang Linghai was looking forward to seeing his grandson, he couldn't do anything about it.Fortunately, Liao Weixin was the only one who had given birth to his eldest daughter-in-law a month ago.