Ability User: I am Legend

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Chapter 5

Tang Huang could be said to be full of Wanqian's love.
The Chu family had been circling around him all day, afraid that he would be hungry, thirsty, cold, and hot.
He was really considerate and considerate.
However, the young master of the Tang family wasn't easy to serve.
As a baby, Tang Huang was extremely sleepy, but that was only during the day.
The manager of the little fellow flourished in the night, especially in the latter half of the night.He was so energetic that he needed someone to accompany him.
If no one made him happy when he woke up, Tang Huang would express his protest in the most direct way possible.
There would definitely be a chance that he wouldn't stop until he cried.Moreover, this little thing's voice was surprisingly good.
It guaranteed that every room in the small building could hear it, and it would lead the entire courtyard's dogs to sing together.
That scene was not something that words could describe.Every morning, someone would come to the Chu clan with dark circles under their eyes and complain.
In fact, the one who suffered the most was the Chu clan's own people.Tangfeng couldn't hold on for three days.
He moved out of his room and went to his study room to sleep.
Chu Haoyuan, the old general who had been able to sleep peacefully under the constant bombardment of the enemy mecha, had developed a habit of not forgetting to block his ears with cotton before he fell asleep.Chu Xinran and He Lanzhi's Biology Bell were completely synchronized on the other side of the Earth.
In the end, the Chu clan had no choice but to split into two groups to take care of Eldest Young Master Tang.
As for Young Master Tang, he continued to grow stronger and stronger among the people around him, and a pair of strong, chubby hands constantly grabbed at Chu Xinran, causing him to cry out in pain.It didn't take long for Tang Huang's full moon to catch it.
Looking at the table full of things, one couldn't help but sigh in admiration at how powerful the military commander was.
The Desert Eagle, AK47, the large caliber sniper rifle equipped with advanced optical scopes, the Mountain Splitter without a blade, and the tri-edge military knife were all real people.
There were also tanks, armoured vehicles, aircrafts, anti-aircraft cannons...
They were probably just a few experts away.The only words on the table were a pen and a string of prayer beads.Under everyone's eager gazes, Tang Huang extended his chubby little hand towards the Mountain Splitter, which was still shining with cold light.
The weight of the Mountain Splitter was simply too heavy for a child who had just reached the age of one month.
Tang Huang's small hand clutched the Mountain Splitter, and he screamed out loud.
His saliva drenched the front of his mouth, and his eyes curved into crescent moons.
He looked extremely happy.Chu Haoyuan picked Tang Huang up and took a deep breath.
Then, he laughed heartily and said, "As expected of my grandson.
I knew you'd have to choose this saber." In truth, as long as Tang Huang didn't choose the pen and Buddhist prayer beads, he would have been overjoyed.
If it weren't for He Lanzhifei's addition to these two things, he wouldn't have even made preparations.He Lanzhi sighed, but Tangfeng secretly frowned.The next morning, someone knocked on the gates of the Chu Estate.
The person who had arrived was Liu Husheng, who lived next door to the Chu Estate.Chu Haoyuan looked at his old comrade-in-arms who had crawled out of the pile of dead people and asked with a smile, "You're not staying at home to watch over your grandson, so how come you have the time to come and sit here?"Liu Husheng asked, "Didn't we let that kid make a ruckus?"Chu Haoyuan asked curiously, "What do you mean?" With Liu Husheng's methods, there was still someone in this courtyard that he couldn't deal with?Liu Husheng said, "That kid doesn't want to eat milk, so he only knows how to cry all day long.
I'm surprised.
Why is such a little thing's voice so loud?
Do you think this little kid will become a coward after growing up?"Chu Haoyuan could tell that Liu Husheng was referring to his grandson, Liumeng.
He smiled and said, "I can't.
I don't dare to say anything about other people's grandsons.
Your grandson won't cower at all.
This kid won't be good when he grows up.
Just you wait, you'll get your buttocks.
Look at my little girl.
She doesn't cause any trouble during the day.
She's just raising her spirits and fighting you at night."I was scared of my little ancestor now.
I wouldn't dare to sleep even if I didn't have two cotton balls tonight.
If it weren't for my family's unwillingness, I would've sent their whole family back to America."..."Liu Husheng said, "Are you sure you're willing?"Chu Haoyuan smacked his lips, "I really can't bear to talk about it."Liu Husheng said, "I knew it.
You said that they were just a few days apart.
Why are Laosong's granddaughters so obedient?"Chuhaoyuan explained, "Of course Laosong's daughter is pretty.
Laosong might be looking at us with longing eyes right now.
If you think his daughter is a good girl, then just exchange it with your grandson.
Laosong is definitely willing to do so."Liu Husheng's mouth split open, "Don't even think about it!
If he's happy, I'm not happy.
If I fall in love with his granddaughter, I'll let my grandson marry her in the future.
This deal will definitely be profitable.
Haha!"He Lanzhi walked down from the second floor and asked with a smile, "Who do I think I am?
So Old Liu is here.
What are you guys chatting about?
You're both doing business and earning money.
Are you so happy?"Chu Haoyuan chuckled, "What kind of deal is this?
This Old Liu Zheng is planning to trick Laosong's granddaughter into becoming his granddaughter-in-law."He Lanzhi said, "How can I do that?
I think Sisi will wait for Chen'er to marry him in the future."Liu Husheng hurriedly replied, "That won't do.
I've already decided on Laosong's daughter."Chu Haoyuan smiled and said, "That's great.
The Song family's daughter has only been born for two months, yet she still doesn't know what's going on.
The two of you fight first."He Lanzhi said, "What do you know?
That girl from the Song family must have grown up to be a beauty.
Who knows how many people will fight for her in the future?"Chu Haoyuan said, "Just forget about it.
What can you see?
Old Liu, don't tell me your grandson is crying and running here to have some fun?
If it's true, I'm going to sleep at your place tonight."Liu Husheng curled his lips and said, "Bullsh*t.
Back then, I was still able to sleep next to the cannon.
What can I do with that little brat's little tricks?
It's not like I'm from my family.
He said that my grandson doesn't like to eat milk and is crying because he has fallen into a magic barrier.
He hired a monk early in the morning and is currently at home."I was annoyed by your presence."He Lanzhi's interest was piqued, "Then I'll have to go take a look.
If it works, I'll ask that grandmaster to take a look at Huanger as well." With that, he left for the Liu Clan.Chu Haoyuan shrugged, "That's right, there's another woman here.
This woman has a long-term experience."Liu Husheng smiled and said, "Let them be.
If we can really deal with these two brats, our ears will be quiet."Not long after He Lanzhi returned, he hurried upstairs, carrying his daughter and his grandson as he headed out.Chu Haoyuan asked, "Where are you guys going?"He Lanzhi replied, "The grandmaster said that it's better to see the child with his own eyes." Then, he left.It was almost noon before He Lanzhi returned with a worried expression.
Behind him was Chu Xinran, who was carrying his son with a furious expression.Chu Haoyuan asked, "What happened?
Wasn't he still fine when he left?
Why did he change his expression when he came back?"Chu Xinran said angrily, "That stinking monk said that Chen was born from the White Tiger Star and also from the Fate of Gold and Fire.
His fate is too strong.
My father, my mother, my wife, my son.
I'm so angry."He Lanzhi, on the other hand, said worriedly, "Moreover, what should we do if the grandmaster says it's impossible to solve it?
Why don't we send Chen'er to someone else's house and take her back when she grows up?
People used to do this before, so it might be useful."Chu Haoyuan snorted, "Those are all the work of the previous local landlords.
Comrade He Lanzhi, you're an old comrade too.
How could a prodigal warrior believe in these superstitions?"Chu Xinran saw that his father was furious, so he changed the topic, "Dad, where's Afeng?"Chu Haoyuan said, "He called and said that he's going to meet an old friend.
He'll come back later and eat outside at noon."Tangfeng looked at the elegant old man and asked, "How is it?"The old daoist twirled his whiskers, and his eyes were filled with confusion.
He couldn't help but furrow his brows with the word "Chuan".
Finally, the old daoist looked at Tang Huang's picture and shook his head, "I don't understand."Tangfeng smiled, "There's also someone you can't see through?"Although there was disrespect in Tangfeng's words, the old daoist didn't feel annoyed.
He looked at the photo and said, "This child's facial features are both excellent, but there is only evil air in the Heavenly Court."Tangfeng asked, "Then is your appearance noble or lowly?"The old man said, "This kid's appearance is naturally rich and noble.
Moreover, the Heavenly Court's Qi converges into the word 'King', which is truly the appearance of an Emperor.
However, this Qi is not righteous.
It is an evil Qi.
The Evil Lord is poor and lowly.
The people with evil Qi can be known throughout the world, but they are not people who have good fortune and long lives.But now that this evil aura had merged into the word 'King', it meant that this person's name was the White Tiger.
The white tiger's fate was the strongest, so it shouldn't have died early."..."Tangfeng asked, "Then what does that mean?" Although Tangfeng had studied his dharma idol, there was a limit to his knowledge.
He was even weaker than the old daoist.
He couldn't fathom the fact that he had been blessed for a short while.The old priest said, "It shows that your son is blessed with a short life and also has a long life of wealth.
I have seen many people in my life but this kind of strange thing has never been seen before.
It is really unimaginable."Tangfeng asked in confusion, "Then is it good or bad?"The old priest shook his head and said, "I'm not sure.
Well, I've already sealed my fortune for many years, so I'll help you break this rule this time."The old daoist took out a turtle shell from his pocket and put a few pieces of ancient money into the turtle shell.
Then, he shook it on the table.
Looking at the old money on the table, the old daoist couldn't help but frown.Tangfeng asked, "How is it?"The old daoist shook his head and said, "I can't tell.
This is the first time that I've achieved success in my own studies.
This child's future is as bright as fog.
It's not something that humans can see.
I can only vaguely predict how much suffering he will suffer in his youth."Tangfeng laughed heartily and said: "I didn't expect you to have the time to eat turtles.
As expected of my son.
What a wonderful person." His laughter was full of laughter.
It had been a long time since he had laughed so freely and unrestrainedly.The old daoist lightly said, "One's fate is divided into three parts.
Even if it is calculated, it is not accurate.
Let's talk about it.
It's obviously the fate of an emperor, isn't it to give up the great world?"Tangfeng smiled and said, "Since you have a wife, why do you still need to work in the country?" There was a carefree and unrestrained smile on his face.
Such a man was not born for the sake of the world's reputation.The old daoist helplessly smiled and said: "You are so free and unrestrained.
Even though I can't calculate your son's Heaven's Will, I can tell that there will be a great calamity ahead of you.
You'd better be careful." He had always been a proud and proud person who could be considered as a friend, but only two people could be considered as confidantes.
Tangfeng was one of them, so he naturally didn't want anything to happen to Tangfeng.But then again, this was just a passing mention.
As the saying goes, good people don't live for a thousand years.
It's not easy for a monster like Tangfeng to die.Tangfeng said, "You can't even utter a good word.
You said it yourself.
Your life is divided into seven parts of the sky.
You've calculated so many great tribulations.
Aren't I still doing well here?"The old Daoist agreed.
It's really sad to have a cockroach die alone."Tangfeng said, "You can't talk nonsense."The old priest retorted, "Didn't you often say that I'm a fake Daoist priest?
Sigh, this is called the Dark Ink.
It's a pity that I've been cultivating for half my life and it was destroyed by you."Tangfeng curled his lips and said, "I'm the one who stinks like abalones."The old priest said, "I didn't expect you to know that you stink.
At least you know your place."When Tangfeng returned, Chu Xinran's anger had yet to dissipate.
Tangfeng asked in confusion, "What's going on?
Who are you angry with?"Chu Xinran told him about how the monk had calculated Tang Huang's fortune.Tangfeng wrapped his arms around Chu Xinran's waist and coaxed, "These are all tricks used by arcane cultivators to trick others.
Who knows, that monk might come to my doorstep tomorrow to sell talismans to prevent disaster."Chu Xinran was in a much better mood after being coaxed by Tangfeng, but he still asked, "How do you know that a mage is lying?" She had even kept her mouth shut earlier on, and now she had used the title of Venerable.Tangfeng smiled, "Although I'm not proficient in geomancy, I know that Baihu belongs to the five elements.
But that monk said that our son is destined to be akin to a golden flame, and that water and fire are equal to each other.
Isn't this a self-speaker's contradiction?"Chu Xinran smiled sweetly on Tangfeng's face, "You're the smart one.
Actually, I don't believe you either, but the problem is that my mother believes you.
My mother is an old superstitious superstition.
She even said that she would send Huanger to someone else's place in the morning.
I'm really afraid that she'll carry him out and send him away."Tangfeng asked, "How can it be as exaggerated as you say?"Chu Xinran said, "I know my mother the best.
She did something like this.
Why don't we go back to America?""Go back?" To be honest, Tangfeng had been running around all these years, and he hadn't even gone back a few times.Chu Xinran said, "That's right, let's go back.
Father has called us many times and urged us to go back."Tangfeng said, "Alright, I'll listen to you.
When our son grows up a little, we'll come back to visit our father-in-law and mother-in-law.
By then, mother-in-law will have almost forgotten about this matter."Chu Xinran's two older brothers rarely went home for dinner.When Chu Xinran announced that he had booked the flight tickets tomorrow, Chuhaoyuan didn't say anything.
He Lanzhi also remained silent.
Although he didn't know what had happened to Chu Xinran's siblings, he didn't dare to ask any further questions.
The atmosphere at the dining table suddenly became indescribably suffocating, and this continued dinner ended.