Ability User: I am Legend

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Chapter 86

Where there were people, there were rivers and lakes, and there were rumors.Beijing had always been an international city.
After the Olympics, it had become even more popular.
Hence, there were a lot of people in Beijing, which was a large part of the country.
Hence, there were also rumors in Beijing.There were a lot of rumors and all sorts of ones.
When they were younger than the Zhang family's daughter-in-law who had stolen a man, they would only borrow a bit of garlic.
The father of the old cat from the Wang family was Su Mu, the son of the Liu family's son.
The reason why the Americans were in Iraq was because Sa Damu had stolen the high-pressure pot from Bushen's family.
Although this rumor had been spread for who knows how many years, there were still people who enjoyed it.Recently, the second generation of the rich in Beijing and the third generation of the Hong Dynasty had spread news that Tangshao had returned.Although many people spread the news, very few knew who Young Master Tang was.
More people spread the rumor that even the source was unknown.
Anyway, it was said that Young Master Tang was extremely powerful.At first, he only said that Young Master Tang was extremely capable of fighting.
It was as easy as eating chips to knock down dozens of big men.
By the time the fifth person heard, Young Master Tang had become a super strong person who could fight hundreds of people.When the 20th person heard it, Young Master Tang became the pure man of the 7th girl who was still fighting.As the rumors got more and more puzzling, someone revealed that once, when Liumeng, that thug, was drunk, there was a rumor that Tangshao had mercilessly humiliated the crown prince.Who was the crown prince?The leader of Beijing was the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation.
He was a man who was secretly known as the 'demon Crown Prince'.
The amount of resources and energy he had was terrifyingly large.
There were even rumors that he had been specially trained to inherit the throne in the future.You offended the Crown Prince, and you're still alive?The only person who dared to offend the crown prince and live a good life was probably Liu Dacong, who was famous for being from the north and the south.In the end, it was said that Young Master Tang had six long arms and three nine eyes.
He was above the gods and monsters of the Sea Guild.
Although no one believed him, everyone was willing to talk about him.In a word, the young master Tang hasn't entered the Jianghu yet.
He has his legend in the Jianghu.
And so his reputation is great.Only those who truly belonged to the upper circle knew that Young Master Tang was Tang Huang.
The two sides that had only appeared in Beijing were something that everyone who knew about would remember.This was the first time he had smashed the music hall of Wu Chan's Dingwu.
The only reason was that Wu Shao had bullied Liumeng at school.
That time, Wu Shao's leg had been broken.The second time, he brought a group of boys from the military compound and Zhuge, who brought people to settle his revenge for Wu Chan for 10 years.
It was the current Crown Prince, Zhuge Shao, who fought one another.The two groups of people were young and unrestrained, battling with their fists in a chaotic manner.In the end, Tang Shao's side, who was well-versed in military skills and had a slight understanding of teamwork, won.
Although there were more people who fell in the end than those who stood, at least there were a few of them standing, so they won in the end.The strange thing was that many of the young masters in Beijing had been beaten up in the same group.
Although they might not belong to the same camp at that time, this didn't stop them from becoming friends or even brothers today.Liumeng felt a little depressed.
Originally, he had wanted to sneak out with Tang Huang.
Unexpectedly, Chuxinmeng, who had long-eared ears, had heard of his plan.
As a result, Chuxinmeng, Song Yasi, and Ziying were out of the plan.Grandpa Chu was also very open-minded.
"Young people should have the appearance of a young man." You said that you wanted to show off your elder's open-mindedness, but how good would it be if you came out to beg for mercy when I was in trouble and was about to be cut down by your grandfather?
Why did you use it here?
Don't you know that girls shouldn't run around?"Although there were three more people, fortunately, they were all beauties.
Liumeng didn't dare to drive them back in anger.
Otherwise, not only would Ziying and Chuxin fall out with each other, but even Old Tang would have to go after him.
Thus, he had no choice but to let them follow him.The most famous attraction in the capital city was a nightclub in the mortal world for several days.
The Pearl Bar was far from the human world, but it was also a good place to go.
Most importantly, this place was not as luxurious as the heaven and earth.
Although it could not be considered clean, it was more suitable for girls when they were here..The biggest selling point of the Pearl Bar was the wine and the two women were pretty.As long as it wasn't an ultra-quality liquor that was more expensive than gold and couldn't be bought, regardless of whether it was from a normal channel or from the black market, you could get it for you if you ordered a pearl.
Even if it wasn't, you could get it in less than three days.The female attendants who were in charge of ordering single drinks were all hired from various art institutions.
Not to mention the fact that their faces were beautiful, they had all sorts of personalities, no matter if they were passionate, pure, cute, or cold.
All of them showed their figures and temperament.
The only difference was the color of the qipao and the pitch-opener.Song Yasi's face was thin.
He was too embarrassed to be too intimate with Tang Huang.Chu Xinmeng, on the other hand, was worried for her, especially since there were more beauties than women like Ming Zhu, and there were even more beauties who wanted to catch gold turtles.
For a man like her cousin, who didn't have any wealth, only had more money, but who was even more handsome and handsome?
Why didn't he steal her head?In the end, Chuxinmeng decided to go up on his own and hold Tang Huang's arm as a declaration of his territorial authority.
Even though this person was her cousin, who knew about this place?
She could be considered to be defending her own position for the sake of her friend's sake.Chuxin's dream was to have Ziying hold onto Tang Huang's other arm as well.
However, before he could even finish his sentence, he had already swallowed his stomach back down.
She suddenly remembered that if Ziying were to keep a watch on himself, it would be a huge joke.The two beautiful receptionists standing at the entrance saw Liumeng from afar, and their expressions immediately changed.
The first time they had come here to work, they had coincidentally bumped into Liumeng fighting here.
That bloody and violent scene had left a huge shadow in their hearts.A beauty wearing a moon white qipao and a black embroidered red peony qipao glanced at each other.
They could even grasp the fear in each other's eyes.Originally, there were still two receptionists at the entrance, but the other two had already arrived early.
Liumeng had immediately retreated to the back.
If they were to retreat any longer, it would be too obvious.
This would inevitably leave Eldest Young Master Liu in the dark.
At that time, even if Eldest Young Master Liu didn't mind, the manager wouldn't let them off easily.The beautiful woman in the moon-white qipao looked at her sister's timid appearance.
She knew that although her usual performance was fiery and timid, she couldn't bear it.
She used her eyes to signal her to inform the manager.
Then, she resolutely walked towards Eldest Young Master Liu, who was rumored to be able to grow human flesh.