Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Bane Descends

Don't run!
I see you!
I'll see if I can catch you!
Let me run!
The handsome young man in front of me is called Long Xiaoyao.
He's only 15,years old, but he's more than 1.7,meters tall!
At this time, he's carrying a fat rabbit in his hand.
He said with a smile, "Haha, today there's meat to eat.
When Grandpa sees it, he'll be very happy.
It seems that he hasn't eaten meat for a long time!" Then he went forward!
In a twinkling of an eye, Long Xiaoyao came to a small village, where the bustling streets and street stalls were selling.
All the activities here were full of vitality!
Long Xiaoyao came to a hut at the edge of the village and shouted, "Grandpa, I'm back." After a while, an old man walked out from the house.
He had long hair and white hair, looking quite like an immortal.
The old man moved quickly and arrived in front of Long Xiaoyao with a kindly smile.
He stroked his head and said, "Good grandson, I'm back.
I've caught such a big hare.
Good, I'll cook roast meat for you." After that, he turned and walked into the hut.
Long Xiaoyao also entered the house at this time and put down the half-moon bow, which was a few centimeters longer than his height.
He quietly sat in front of the house and looked at the village where he lived, with a faint smile on his face.
Peace, health, peace, no wars, no noise.
Since Long Xiaoyao could remember, everyone here was his family.
His grandfather, Long Aotian, was also the village chief of this village.
Long Xiaoyao vaguely remembered that his grandfather once mentioned that this world called the "Magic Land".
There was a martial arts in this continent, which was divided into ten levels.
Each level was controlled by the strength of the martial arts he cultivated.
The ten levels were,Martial Essence, Martial Essence, Golden Essence, Wood Essence, Water Essence, Fire Essence, Earth Essence, Thunder Essence, Wind Essence, and Emperor Essence.
Long Xiaoyao was at the peak of Martial Essence at the late stage!
Just as Long Xiaoyao was lost in his thoughts, a cry woke him up.
It was his grandfather's voice.
"It seems that the barbecue is ready." Long Xiaoyao stood up excitedly and smelled the air.
"It smells so good!" Long Xiaoyao turned and ran in.
He had not eaten meat for a long time, so he must eat enough today.
Long Aotian was shocked by his baby grandson's behavior.
He hadn't eaten meat for a long time, but he was so excited.
However, Long Aotian's eyes revealed a hint of pity when he thought about it.
Long Xiaoyao had never seen his parents since he was a child, so he was quite unfamiliar with maternal love and paternal love.
While Long Aotian was thinking about something else, Long Xiaoyao grabbed a roast rabbit leg in each of his left hand and quickly gnawed on it.
He thought, "Hey hey, grandpa is thinking about something else.
Eat it quickly, or we'll be out of touch later." With a thought, Long Aotian came to his senses.
He saw Long Xiaoyao holding a rabbit leg in each hand and jumped up three feet in anger.
"Well, you bastard, you want to take it alone when I'm in a trance.
No way!" While speaking, Long Aotian reached out and took back a fat rabbit leg!
He quickly bit it.
It was rare to have such a big meal like this in the world...
After the meal, Long Xiaoyao sat on a chair and leaned slightly against the chair for a while.
Then, he stood up and walked towards the backyard.
Usually, he had already started practicing in the backyard!
Long Xiaoyao practiced the Long Family's hundred-year-old unique Internal Strength, Nine Lives of the Divine Dragon.
With Long Xiaoyao's current strength, he had only mastered the first move.
The Dragon Blade of Golden Light!
Long Xiaoyao raised both of his hands to the sky and channeled his energy to his dantian.
After a breath of time, a sphere of golden light slowly appeared on his palm, and it grew bigger and bigger.
At this time, Long Xiaoyao's dantian was also surging.
Suddenly, a golden light flashed.
The golden sphere turned into rays of golden light and burst out.
Taking a closer look, those rays of golden light turned out to be golden dragons which were full of vigor and vigor.
They suddenly slammed into the ground, causing a cloud of smoke and dust.
After the dust had settled, a three-meter-wide hole appeared on the ground.
"Cough, cough." Long Xiaoyao coughed twice and stabilized the boiling energy in his body.
He sat down at the side and entered a meditative state, starting to reflect on the terrifying attack just now.
Just as Long Xiaoyao was about to enter a meditative state, a loud noise came from outside, followed by many miserable screams.
"What's going on?" Long Xiaoyao jumped up and ran out of the house.
What he saw shocked him.
At this moment, the village was already in a mess.
Many people were lying on the ground, their faces pale.
There were even some people fleeing in all directions, shouting in alarm.
Not far away, a magic cannon was currently firing.
Long Xiaoyao was stunned.
Since he was a child, he had grown up in Grandpa's arms.
He had never experienced such a scene.
When he looked up again, he found that Long Aotian was in the air!
Opposite him was a black-clothed man.
Long Aotian's hands morphed into the shape of a palm and struck fiercely at the man.
The black-clothed man also followed up with a palm attack.
The exchange of blows revealed the strength of both parties.
Both of them were at the mid-stage of fire essence.
"Hahahaha, I didn't expect that there would be such a Fire Essence expert in such a small and weak village.
Not bad." It was the man in black who had spoken.
From his voice, Long Aotian could sense an aura of evil and death.
"Is he a demon warrior?" Long Aotian guessed, but he didn't ask because he found that the steel cannon was facing his house.
"Xiao Yao" Long Aotian shouted, and then turned and flew away.
With a golden flash, a shadow flashed across the sky.
In a flash, Long Aotian came to the house.
At this time, the shell also attacked.
Long Aotian pushed Long Xiaoyao away.
He clenched his fists, shouted loudly, and hit the shell with a punch.
"Boom!" There was a loud explosion and the shell exploded.
Long Aotian was sent flying and spat out a mouthful of blood.
"Grandpa!" Long Xiaoyao screamed and ran to Long Aotian.
"Grandpa, how are you?
Who are these people?
Why are they so sinister?
I'm going to find them to judge." Long Xiaoyao turned around and wanted to rush out, but was grabbed back by Long Aotian.
"Xiao Yao, you will die if you go out.
Now all the people in the village have been killed.
You are the only hope of our village!" Hearing Long Aotian's words, Long Xiaoyao shook his head and said, "No, I can't do this.
Grandpa, you taught me that a real man should guard his home at the cost of his life.
I don't want to be a coward." Long Aotian nodded with satisfaction after hearing his precious grandson's words.
His right hand quickly tapped his acupoints, making Long Xiaoyao unable to move.
Long Xiaoyao suddenly stopped and said, "It seems that Grandpa will never let me go out to fight." Long Aotian looked at Long Xiaoyao and wiped his tears.
He said, "Xiao Yao, grandpa has never given you anything.
I have a book of swordsmanship named 'The Sword Manual of Dragon Emperor'.
It's a book passed down from our ancestors.
I don't have the chance to practice it.
I hope you can practice well and be a successful man in the future." After that, Long Aotian stuffed a book into Long Xiaoyao's clothes, turned around, and flew out.
Long Xiaoyao felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart at the moment.
Grandpa's words meant that he was going to fight with the enemy to the death!
"No, I don't want to leave my grandfather, I don't want my grandfather to die!" Long Xiaoyao screamed in his heart.
But it was useless.
Now he was like a piece of wood, unable to move.