Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Long Aotian returned to the air, spat a mouthful of saliva with blood, rubbed his shoulder, and was ready to fight.
The man in black stood aside.
Although he did not move, Long Aotian still felt a powerful pressure.
"Looks like I'll have to fight to the death," Long Aotian thought to himself.
His hands were still clasped together.
Suddenly, sparks burst out from Long Aotian's hands and he struck out with his palm toward the man.
In the blink of an eye, the black clad man had also made his move.
However, his hands turned into two fists and met Long Aotian's palm.
Under the clash, neither side won or lost.
In the twinkling of an eye, there was another round of fighting.
At this moment, Long Xiaoyao finally understood what a master was.
A fight between masters could reveal the strength of both parties with a single blow, and the winner could be decided with a single move.
After a few rounds, Long Aotian had lost hope.
He had been holding back his strength from the beginning.
He had just been attacked by shells.
It was really difficult to win.
Therefore, Long Aotian began to show his real strength.
He concentrated all of his energy on his forehead and hands.
Suddenly, he opened his hands and raised them towards the scale.
The elemental power was rising crazily.
The next moment, the golden light flashed in the sky, and a golden dragon broke out of the air and rushed toward the man in black.
The man in black's hair stood up, and he drew out a long sword from his back with his right hand.
He dripped his blood on the sword, and the gray flame slowly condensed.
Wherever the golden dragon went, there was not a blade of grass at all.
His body was even tougher than steel.
When the subordinates of the black clothed man saw how powerful the golden dragon was, they were so frightened that they turned around and ran.
Just as the Golden Dragon was about to hit the black-clothed man, the situation changed.
A devil's face appeared behind the man in black, covered with a gloomy Demon Aura.
Long Aotian finally confirmed it.
He was a demon!
In the next instant, the golden dragon and the grimace mask collided and turned into two balls of light that burst apart instantly.
Long Aotian spat out another mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.
The man in black also spat out a mouthful of blood, but his injuries were much lighter than Long Aotian's.
Long Xiaoyao was also completely desperate at the moment, because he saw the pain and unwillingness on his grandpa's face.
The man in black stabilized his body, flew to Long Aotian, and decisively stabbed him.
"No!" Long Xiaoyao could no longer control his emotions at the moment.
In an instant, the sky turned red.
Suddenly, a bolt of Sky Thunder struck Long Xiaoyao, and a horrible and powerful murderous intent emanated from the mountain, far more deterrent than that of the man in black.
Seeing this situation, the man took a few steps back.
He felt the aura of death and wanted to get away.
However, a big and powerful hand grabbed her neck.
This person was none other than Long Xiaoyao!
He broke the seal on his acupoints, but he completely lost his mind.
"What's going on?" The black-clothed man was terrified by Long Xiaoyao's current state.
This level of energy and killing intent was completely enough to instantly kill him.
"Puff!" Long Xiaoyao spurted out a red stripe from his nose.
He exerted force on the man in black, and the latter's breath was cut off.
He died unwillingly because he had not figured out what was going on with Long Xiaoyao before he died.
How could a young man like Long Xiaoyao have such strength?
The man dropped his sword, and his face was covered with blood.
He turned into his original form, and it turned out to be a snake demon.
However, Long Xiaoyao did not stop.
With a flash of white light, a man who was escaping fell to the ground.
After a few more white lights, the men in black were killed in an instant.
Long Xiaoyao returned to his original appearance and fell to the ground.
He didn't die, only temporarily unconscious.
Meanwhile, the battle ended...
When Long Xiaoyao vaguely opened his eyes, it was already dark!
The silence of the earth made Long Xiaoyao feel unprecedented lonely.
He returned home with difficulty and took out many oil lamps from his home.
These oil lamps combined could illuminate the entire battlefield.
Long Xiaoyao patiently lit the oil lamps in his hands one after another, and then began to collect the bodies around.
Several people in the village knew clearly.
After cleaning up, Long Xiaoyao nodded his number and shed tears again.
Among the 520,people in the village, no one was alive except Long Xiaoyao!
Long Xiaoyao raised his head and roared furiously.
He hated himself for being so weak.
He hated himself for dragging Grandpa down.
Now, everything was too late.
Long Xiaoyao understood this at the moment.
He shook his head, sobered up, picked up the shovel that he had just prepared, and slowly dug the ground.
When the sky became a little bright, Long Xiaoyao finally stopped.
He was exhausted.
But he still stood up and buried the villagers one by one in a pit, while Long Aotian's tomb stood in front of the villagers.
As the leader of a village, Long Aotian naturally had his own grave.
After doing this, Long Xiaoyao fell down again.
He gasped for breath, but kept recalling his grandfather's words before his death.
"In the future, Long Family will rely on me.
I will carry Long Family forward.
I will let everyone in the world know that my name is Long Xiaoyao." After making up his mind, Long Xiaoyao had the strength that he didn't know where he came from.
He struggled to stand up.
He walked down from the cellar, took out two jars of fine wine from the wine, walked to the tomb of Long Aotian and the villagers, and made a toast to each of them.
Then he returned to the house and went into the yard, sitting down cross-legged.
Yesterday's war had consumed a lot of Long Xiaoyao's energy.
Now it was time to make up for it.
After entering a meditative state, Long Xiaoyao's mind entered his own dantian.
However, the scene in front of him surprised him.
Because he found that his dantian was on fire, and it was a big fire.
Just when Long Xiaoyao was puzzling, a voice came.
"Child, don't panic.
This is the dragon's sacred fire.
It won't hurt your life." Long Xiaoyao was shocked by the voice.
He came to himself and looked around, but he did not see anyone.
"Could it be that I heard wrongly?" Long Xiaoyao thought.
He began to concentrate on his meditation and returned to his state of mind.
Unfortunately, the voice came again, followed by a dragon.
Yes, it was a dragon, a dragon covered in fire.
Long Xiaoyao wanted to quickly get rid of his meditation, but he was stopped by the dragon.
"What's going on?
Why can't I get rid of my Dhyana?" "Because your mind has already been controlled by me." It was this voice again.
Long Xiaoyao was sure that this voice was exactly the same as the previous one.
In the next moment, Long Xiaoyao shouted in panic, "Who, who's talking?" The dragon with fire floated in front of Long Xiaoyao, shook his head, and said, "Kid, I see that you have a good aptitude.
Why do you have a bad brain?
Who else can be here except you and me?" Long Xiaoyao opened his mouth wide in shock.
"A dragon actually spoke.
What's going on?" The divine dragon heard this and roared angrily,"Why can't dragons speak?
I have the body of a Fire Dragon left from the ancient era.
Although I only have a single soul, I am still very powerful!" Long Xiaoyao continued to ask, "What benefits do you have, Divine Dragon?
I think you're just bragging.
What can a soul body of yours do to help others?" The Divine Dragon proudly wagged its tail and said, "Hum, you are too inexperienced, kid.
First of all, I am an ancient Divine Dragon and have more combat experience than you.
Secondly, I have the body of a Divine Dragon and I have the body of King Kong.
If I have it in my body, then that person will get my Golden Bell Shield, a self-defense move.
Thirdly, although I am just a soul body, I can still appear in the present world to help you." After listening to this, Long Xiaoyao finally stabilized his emotions.
But after a while, he found that there was still a big fire burning in his Dantian.
Long Xiaoyao asked hurriedly, "Divine Dragon, you know a lot.
Tell me what happened to the fire in your Dantian?" Divine Dragon paused and explained, "Child, the fire in your Dantian was produced when you just broke out.
It was because of your anger that I woke up.
To eliminate this fire, you must use all your energy to digest it little by little and make it your own strength!" After listening to these words, Long Xiaoyao sat down cross-legged and poured all his energy into his Dantian.
After four hours...
A loud noise broke the silence of the earth.
Long Xiaoyao roared, and a golden light flashed in front of his forehead.
He opened his eyes.
"Early-stage of Gold Essence!" Long Xiaoyao cried out in surprise.
At this time, the divine dragon also spoke, "Haha, yes, your strength actually helped you break through the peak of the late-stage of Martial Essence.
You are now a real Gold Essence master." No one knew how excited Long Xiaoyao was at this moment!
At the Early-stage of the Golden Essence, such strength would be respected by many people if he could get some small places outside.
Long Xiaoyao got up, tidied up his clothes, and walked to the front of the monument of Long Aotian.
With tears in his eyes, he said silently, "Grandpa, do you know that I have reached the realm of metal essence?
I can finally go out and have a try.
I will definitely carry Long Family forward.
You can look at it with confidence.
I will never let you down.