Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Strike and Help

After leaving the village, Long Xiaoyao walked towards the direction of the town.
It would take at least a few months for the youth's martial arts competition to begin.
Before the start of the contest, it would be the time for Long Xiaoyao to roam the world!
After a while, Long Xiaoyao arrived at a small town a few hundred miles away from the village.
Looking ahead, on the marble long street, there were all colored tile houses, and in the center of the town, there was a towering hall standing in front of the crowd.
"Alas, after all, it's a small town.
It's incomparable to our village." Sighing softly, Long Xiaoyao caressed his already slightly emaciated belly.
He took out a small cloth bag in his right hand and carefully counted it.
There were about 70,gold coins left.
Long Xiaoyao found these things in Long Aotian's room.
Although Long Aotian was not very rich, he would not be like those ruffians who had money to use today.
Over the past few years, he had saved so many money.
Taking out a gold coin, Long Xiaoyao walked into a restaurant.
As soon as he entered, a waiter came over.
"Guest, what do you want?" "Here's the top Longjing tea first, and then some dishes," Long Xiaoyao said indifferently.
Hearing Long Xiaoyao's generous tone, the waiter quickly turned and walked into the kitchen.
Looking around, Long Xiaoyao picked a seat near the window and sat down.
He opened the paper window and looked at the scenery leisurely.
There were a lot of people on the Green Water Street, which was lively.
Suddenly, a cry for help came to Long Xiaoyao's ears.
"Help, who can save us?" Turning his head, he saw that outside the restaurant, a fat man was ordering a group of middle-aged warriors to beat an old man.
"Stop!" Long Xiaoyao roared.
His body flashed and his right hand turned into a fist, bursting out a strong and fierce force.
With a muffled sound, a middle-aged man directly flew backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.
"Who is it?" Seeing the scene in front of him, the fat man immediately panicked.
One must know that the strength of the man who flew out just now had already reached the middle stage of Martial Essence.
The opponent could send him flying with a simple punch.
His strength is probably ...
With a slight shake of his body, the fat man immediately throws away the terrifying idea in his heart.
"I don't know which way of master is here.
I am the young mayor of this town, Tang Niu.
I hope the master won't meddle in other people's business.
You don't necessarily have the ability to meddle in some things." Tang Niu spoke in a trembling voice.
He gently waved his right hand and the group of middle-aged men immediately protected Tang Niu within it.
Long Xiaoyao patted his long spear and his eyes suddenly turned cold.
He curled his lips and showed a deep disdain.
"Do you think that with just a few of you who haven't even reached the Gold Essence, you can stop me?" As soon as he finished speaking, Long Xiaoyao, who belonged to the Gold Essence, was suddenly released!
"Scram!" Long Xiaoyao shouted coldly and clenched his fists out of thin air.
A blood-curdling scream came from the mouths of the three men and they fell to the ground.
"Tang Niu" said in a cold voice.
He turned his head and looked at Long Xiaoyao, who was walking toward him.
Tang Niu was completely panicked.
"Lord Hero, I'm wrong.
I don't want this woman anymore.
If you like her, I'll give her to you." Hearing Tang Niu's words, Long Xiaoyao's anger suddenly increased a little.
"So it's for this woman.
It has nothing to do with me.
It's just that you beat her for no reason.
You have to pay a price." He kicked with his right leg, and a crisp fracture sound came, followed by a scream.
At this time, Tang Niu covered his thigh with one hand and pointed to Long Xiaoyao with the other hand.
He looked extremely embarrassed.
"You, you, how dare you break my leg?
If you have the guts, don't run.
I'll make you die without a whole body!" Tang Niu said in a trembling voice.
Then he turned around and ran away with his left leg limped.
Long Xiaoyao, the scum, looked at Tang Niu's fading figure and shook his head.
He turned around and walked over to the couple.
When he leaned down, he finally saw the face of the woman.
Her long dark hair hung on both sides of her shoulders, and her pair of Penetrating eyes were like a quiet spring water, bright and quiet, and her cherry-like small mouth was below, pink with a hint of moistness.
Long Xiaoyao took a deep breath.
He didn't expect that there was such a beautiful woman in the world!
Long Xiaoyao hurriedly helped them into the restaurant.
As soon as they sat down, the woman quickly said, "Master Hero, my daughter Luo Huayu.
This is my grandfather Luo Gangyang." Pointing to the old man beside her, Luo Huayu whispered.
Well, he nodded, and then Long Xiaoyao looked at Luo Gangyang.
Long Xiaoyao didn't understand why his messy hair and worn clothes gave him a suffocating pressure even though he looked pitiful.
Long Xiaoyao took a deep breath and calmed down.
At this time, Luo Gangyang said, "Lord Hero, may I ask your name?" Long Xiaoyao nodded and said, "My name is Long Xiaoyao!" "Surname Long?" Luo Gangyang muttered after hearing Long Xiaoyao's words.
"Serve the dishes." The waiter's voice suddenly sounded, breaking the silence of the three.
Looking at the bowls of dishes, Luo Huayu, who was beside her, couldn't help but swallow.
These days, he and his grandfather were taken to the hall by Tang Long.
Because he had been reluctant to submit to the Tangniu, he ate only some dried quails.
Now, there were so many delicacies in front of him.
He couldn't help feeling a little confused and only felt that his own taste buds were constantly swaying.
Long Xiaoyao also saw this point.
Seeing that both of them did not move their chopsticks, he quickly smiled and said, "Ms.
Luo, Mr.
Luo, you don't have to be so polite.
I think you must be hungry.
Let's eat together.
I can't finish so many dishes by myself." After hearing Long Xiaoyao's words, Luo Huayu and Lin Zhongyu nodded and immediately buried themselves in eating.
Just as the three of them were eating, a powerful foot suddenly passed through the wall and landed on Luo Gangyang's stomach.
"Ew!" Luo Gangyang spat out a mouthful of blood and crashed into the wall.
"Grandpa!" Seeing this scene, Luo Huayu screamed and hurriedly ran over.
Long Xiaoyao also recovered from his dull state at this time.
Her right hand quickly grabbed the big foot that she was trying to retrieve.
"Come here!" He pulled with his right hand, and a figure came through the wall.
"Who is it?" Long Xiaoyao probed as he looked at the tall figure.
The man slowly raised his head and revealed a vigorous and forceful face.
"Tang Niu's father, Tang Tian!"