Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Fighting Tang Tian

Taking a deep breath, Long Xiaoyao smiled and let go of his big foot.
"I can't beat you, but I come out to join in the fun.
I think you are only at the middle stage of Gold Essence.
How can you be arrogant?" Long Xiaoyao said with a cold face.
"Boy, don't be too arrogant.
Since you dare to cut off my son's leg today, then don't go out in one piece!" Looking at Long Xiaoyao's face, Tang Tian said with a mocking smile.
In his eyes, Long Xiaoyao, who was at the early stage of the Golden Essence, was no match for him!
"Ha ha ha ha!" Long Xiaoyao threw his head back and let out a long laugh.
He flipped his right hand and six rays of golden light flew past, turning into six big words.
"Self - Hai - Disregard - odor - C" Wilderness Heaven Transformation Symbol, Appear!
Jumping on his feet, Long Xiaoyao rushed to Tang Tian without hesitation and took the lead!
"How dare you to show off your insignificant skill?" Tang Tian chuckled and pointed to the sky with his right hand.
"Fiery clouds soaring to the sky, rebirth of thousands of flames, spark rain falling." In the next moment, large pieces of red clouds appeared in the sky above Tang Tianren's finger.
With a loud noise, the fire clouds in the sky turned into meteorite-sized balls, falling toward Long Xiaoyao.
At this time, Long Xiaoyao's fists were about to hit Tang Tian's chest.
With a muffled sound, the first flint exploded above Long Xiaoyao's head as huge amounts of fire elemental essence gushed out.
The deafening sound directly sent everything around flying.
Smoke and dust rose in all directions, bringing with it a gust of wind.
The next moment, gold and red interweaved.
The two balls of flickering light were both trembling, as if they were about to explode at any moment.
"Retreat!" Long Xiaoyao roared in his heart as he retreated rapidly.
His right hand grabbed hold of Luo Huayu, and his left gripped hold of Luo Gangyang.
The wind was whistling beneath his feet.
At this time, Tang Tian had recovered from the violent aura.
Seeing that Long Xiaoyao was about to escape, he hurried to catch up with him, and his hands were emitting a faint red light.
"Let's go first!" Long Xiaoyao shouted.
He waved his hands and threw Luo Huayu and Wang Bugui out.
Looking at the two flying out, Tang Tian chuckled, and there was a hint of killing intent in his eyes.
"None of you can escape today!" Long Xiaoyao also stopped at this time.
His right hand turned into a palm, and a touch of golden light flew over.
The strength of the Early-stage of Gold Essence was released directly, and there were traces of the virtual shadow of a swimming dragon on his small palm.
"Ah!" Long Xiaoyao screamed and waved his right palm with all his strength.
A palm attack passed, and both of them took a few steps back.
At this moment, the golden red light in the sky exploded.
The powerful pressure directly shook Long Xiaoyao and Tang Tian out a mouthful of blood.
Wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, Long Xiaoyao's eyes became colder.
He adjusted his breathing, and his hands slowly supported the sky.
Threads of golden energy slowly appeared in Long Xiaoyao's hands and gradually turned into a small golden ball in his hands.
"I've put all my energy into it.
I should be able to fight for it with the addition of the Wild Heaven Incantation." With a sigh, Long Xiaoyao summoned all his strength and threw his hands forward, directly smashing the golden ball out toward Tang Tian.
"Come on!" Tang Tian felt the horror of the golden ball, Wei Ya.
Instead, he shouted loudly and his upper body's clothes burst open, revealing his strong muscles.
His hands were wrapped in energy as he took Long Xiaoyao's killing blow head-on.
"Puchi!" The golden ball exploded and turned into ten small dragons made up of energy.
They quickly drilled into Tang Tian's body.
"Ah!" Tang Tian screamed in pain, blood flowing from his pores.
He felt that his internal organs had been destroyed badly by those ten energy dragons.
"How could this be?
I'm not reconciled.
What magic arts did you use?" Tang Niu shouted to Long Xiaoyao.
Seeing this, Long Xiaoyao smiled and said, "I didn't cast a powerful spell.
It was your own underestimation of your enemy that killed you.
I've never heard that a lion would do its best to hunt a rabbit." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Tang Niu laughed wildly.
His eyes turned white and he finally died." At this moment, the world became quiet.
The battle ended.
Long Xiaoyao took a deep breath and knelt on the ground.
The voice of "Dragon Warrior" came into Long Xiaoyao's ears, and then Luo Huayu appeared in front of him.
He saw Long Xiaoyao kneeling on the ground with blood all over his body.
He looked panic and quickly squatted down to check Long Xiaoyao's injury.
Seeing that there was nothing serious, he ran out of the gate of the town slowly without saying a word, carrying Long Xiaoyao on his back.
Because of the intense shock and the exhaustion of physical strength from the previous battle, he fainted directly on Luo Huayu's shoulder!
Seeing Long Xiaoyao in such a state, Luo Huayu pushed the pressure and quickened her pace.