Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Apocalypse Sect

When Long Xiaoyao woke up, it was almost dusk.
When he opened his eyes, Long Xiaoyao found himself lying in a room with no clothes on.
"Creak." The door opened and a woman entered the room.
It was Luo Huayu.
Seeing that Long Xiaoyao had woken up, Luo Huayu immediately showed a brilliant smile.
But the next moment, she saw that Long Xiaoyao was naked and hurriedly turned his head.
She whispered, "Your clothes were taken off by Grandpa.
Don't think too much.
We just want to help you to see your injury." Long Xiaoyao also laughed mischievously after hearing Luo Huayu's words.
"So you've seen it.
Ah, it's not pure anymore." She then shook her head injuredly and pretended to sigh.
Luo Huayu's face instantly turned red.
She threw Long Xiaoyao a set of clothes and hurried out of the room.
Long Xiaoyao took the robe and chuckled.
Unexpectedly, he felt a burning sensation in his heart.
At this moment, a fire dragon emerged from his Elixir Field.
Looking at the small flame in Long Xiaoyao's heart, he smirked and said, "Unfettered boy, what's wrong?
Do you have a crush on her?" Upon hearing the Fire Dragon's voice, Long Xiaoyao suddenly became angry.
"You Fire Dragon, I was almost beaten to death just now, but you didn't help me at all.
At least give me a hint to help me if you don't give me the power." After listening to Long Xiaoyao's words, Fire Dragon shook his head helplessly and said, "You said that you would come out to train yourself.
If everything depends on me, what are you going to train for?" Sigh, he sighed.
Long Xiaoyao did not object to the Fire Dragon's words.
In this world where the law of the jungle prevailed, the only way to survive was to compete on whose fist.
Sitting cross-legged, Long Xiaoyao started healing and training.
While he was talking with the Fire Dragon, Long Xiaoyao felt that he was about to make a breakthrough in his dantian.
Six hours later, Long Xiaoyao was relieved from the state of meditation.
Although there was indeed a feeling of a breakthrough, Long Xiaoyao decided to take it slow.
In the path of cultivation, he did not want to walk fast, but only wanted to walk steadily.
It was better to be careful.
Walking out of the room, Long Xiaoyao saw the outside world.
It was on the top of a mountain, and no family could be seen around it.
"It's a secret." Long Xiaoyao sighed secretly and walked into another room on the side.
When he opened the door, Luo Huanyu and Long Xiaoyao were eating.
Seeing Long Xiaoyao, Luo Huanyu's face suddenly turned red again.
Luo Gangyang smiled slightly and quickly moved a chair to Long Xiaoyao.
Sitting down, Luo Gangyang laughed.
"Yu'er, don't be so shy.
You just checked a man's body.
I don't think Longxia will agree.
If you don't, you can marry Longxia.
You two are a perfect match." Hearing Luo Gangyang's words, Luo Huayu's smile suddenly turned as red as an apple.
"Grandpa, don't mess with their relationship." Luo Gangyang laughed dryly and then stopped talking.
The three of them all buried themselves in eating.
It was not that Long Xiaoyao didn't want to talk to them, but this reminded him of too many sad memories.
He had played and had fun with his grandfather before.
Thinking of Long Aotian, Long Xiaoyao suddenly felt a little sad.
"Grandpa, are you okay over there?" After the meal, Luo Huanyu went to bed early after washing the bowls, while Long Xiaoyao and Luo Gangyang walked out of the room.
Standing on the mountainside, Long Xiaoyao enjoyed the power of the wind comfortably.
Luo Gangyang, who was standing beside him, couldn't help laughing.
"Junior Xiaoyao, I want to ask you a question." Long Xiaoyao nodded.
"Who is Long Aotian to you?" As soon as Long— Ao—tian— these three words were spoken, Long Xiaoyao's face suddenly turned cold.
"He is my grandfather!" Long Xiaoyao said with a serious face, gritting his teeth.
Hearing Long Xiaoyao's answer, Luo Gangyang immediately laughed.
"Ha ha ha, it turns out that the grandson Long Aotian mentioned is you.
Is he well now?" Long Xiaoyao could not help but ask, "Do you know my grandfather, Senior Luo?" Luo Gangyang nodded and said, "We came across each other by chance in the past.
We became friends after we exchanged a few words with each other.
We always communicate through letters." "I see, but my grandfather left the world not long ago," Long Xiaoyao said with red eyes.
"What!" Upon hearing Long Xiaoyao's words, Luo Gangyang jumped up directly from the ground.
"How could he have died?
He is a master of fire essence.
How could this have happened?" Long Xiaoyao wiped the tears from his eyes and said in a low voice, "Not long ago, a large number of people from the Demon Clan came to our village.
They have a fire essence master among them, and they also have a giant shell weapon.
Grandpa sacrificed himself to save me, and all the villagers in our Tianlong Village, except me, have died." Luo Gangyang drew in a breath of cold air.
There was a hint of killing intent in his eyes.
After a long while, he said, "Junior Xiaoyao, do you want to know who I am?" Long Xiaoyao nodded and stared at Luo Gangyang.
"In fact, Hua Yu and I escaped from an ancient family called the Tianqi Sect." Long Xiaoyao exclaimed.
The sect was a big family in the upper realm.
There was someone in the sect who had the constitution of the Apocalypse Sect.
It was magical and very rare.
It was only once in a thousand years.
It was said that this was a constitution that was only slightly inferior to the Dragon Monarch's!
"The Tianqi Sect!
It's the Tianqi Sect!" Long Xiaoyao repeated these words over and over again, and his hands began to tremble.
"Grandpa Luo, how did you end up like this?" Luo Gangyang said with a faint smile, "I used to be a relatively important figure in the clan.
But 15,years ago, in the autumn, Yu'er was born.
As soon as she was born, she was recognized as a Tianqi person." "What?" Long Xiaoyao jumped up suddenly from the ground and stared straight at Luo Gangyang.
"That's right.
Yu'er has the constitution of the Apocalypse Realm, but this constitution also arouses many people's evil thoughts.
Finally, one day, there was a person in the family who killed Yu'er.
I risked my life to save her, but lost all my strength at once." Speaking of this, Luo Gangyang sighed and looked at Long Xiaoyao.
He touched the waist of his right hand and a dagger appeared in his hand.
"This dagger doesn't have a name, but it's very useful.
He can help its owner detect the opponent's strength.
As long as this person hasn't reached the god level, it can detect him.
In addition, he has the function of storing things." She gently waved the dagger and Luo Gangyang stuffed it into Long Xiaoyao's arms.
Looking at this scene, Long Xiaoyao couldn't help but feel nervous.
Luo Gangyang also saw Long Xiaoyao's worry and quickly said, "Xiao Yao, Junior, Yu'er will go to the Red Flame Mountain, the Holy Place of the mage tomorrow.
I hope you can go with her and protect her." Hearing Luo Gangyang's imploring words, Long Xiaoyao finally reached out to take the dagger and hung it on his waist.
"You saved my life.
I will definitely do this." The powerful words made Luo Gangyang's heart relax.
They walked through the mountains for a while before returning to their rooms.
"We are going to leave tomorrow.
This is also a good opportunity for me to experience." Long Xiaoyao whispered in his heart, fell down on the bed, and went back to sleep.