Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Breaking Through All

In the fifth trial of the Ancestral Realm, a dazzling light could be seen everywhere in the pitch-black world.
A dim red light flashed, and above the fifth trial, a huge face suddenly appeared.
Its eyes were carefully observing every single movement within the four glowing worlds.
No one noticed this change, nor did anyone sense its current situation!
"How is this possible?
How is this possible?" Long Xiaoyao trembled and clenched his fists.
Everything in front of him was so real.
The demon with Ling'er's face also died with a smile in front of him, as if he was mocking his incompetence.
Pieces of memories flashed through his mind, but no one saw that a huge shadow was slowly enveloping it.
This was his nightmare and a rare weakness for him!
Long Xiaoyao raised his head and laughed.
He put his hands behind his back and his expression was not as nervous as before.
He took a step with his right foot and the world slowly shattered.
Pieces of dirt, demons, houses, all transformed into Wuyou.
They condensed into a golden ball and attached to Long Xiaoyao's mind.
The next moment, the feeling that he was flying made him burst out amazing power.
This dreamland was really real.
All the process had greatly shaken Long Xiaoyao's heart.
But compared with the reincarnation of the Emperor Essence, this dreamland was still false.
In fact, Long Xiaoyao had discovered the subtlety of the matter at the beginning.
But at that time, everything was familiar to him, which made Long Xiaoyao fall into that process.
However, he was sober.
Now, after seeing Ling'er's face, he suddenly realized that the fifth trial was nothing more than two points.
First, it was the determination of one's mind.
Would this dreamland be a perfect resistance?
Second, it was to test the friendship between the four people by a method similar to provoking dissension.
Long Xiaoyao naturally would not fall into an illusion.
However, Luo Huayu and the other two people were not sure.
The four people deeply understood each other's friendship.
Under such a real illusion, it was difficult to understand it, especially Ling'er.
She was young and strong-minded, so she would definitely be furious after being stimulated.
She would die in her nightmare for a long time.
The bright golden light finally entered Long Xiaoyao's mind completely.
At this time, his mental strength had reached an unimaginable level.
Long Xiaoyao believed that if there was a mountain standing in front of him at this time, a mental strength could break it down.
Long Xiaoyao had always been very accurate in judging his own strength.
"Time is pressing.
Now that I've escaped from the illusion, I should go and save the three of them as soon as possible." Long Xiaoyao thought in his heart and flew forward.
Unexpectedly, there was a strong barrier around this bright world.
Unexpectedly, there was not even a trace left by Long Xiaoyao's punch.
He thought that he could only rely on his own strength to enter the fifth stage of the illusion.
He swung his right hand, and then Long Xiaoyao's mind power flew out.
Fortunately, the barrier did not block the release of Long Xiaoyao's mind power.
As a result, the current situation of Luo Huayu and the other two was seen by him.
In another bright world in the distance, Luo Huayu was sitting on the ground, panting.
No one could see her in this room, but she saw a scene she could not accept—it was Liu Huan, the assassin from Black One!
This scene completely stunned Luo Huayu and made her furious, but she still doubted him most.
The scene did not stop.
Liu Huan's mask was taken off and he pricked Luo Huayu's mother twice with the dagger.
Then he breathed a sigh of relief and slowly walked toward Luo Huayu, who was lying on the bed.
Fortunately, at this time, a slim body was in the middle of the body.
He carefully looked at Luo Huayu's grandfather Luo Gangyang!
Although he had a slim figure and seemed to be on the verge of collapse, the expression in his eyes was bright and spirited.
At this critical moment, he stood in front of Luo Huan.
He immediately struck out a palm with great strength, pushing Liu Huan several meters away.
Then he picked up Liu Huan, turned around, and jumped out of the window.
The picture stopped at this moment.
Luo Huayu looked at the black-robed Liu Huan, her eyes bloodshot.
She suddenly grabbed the Apocalypse Fan with her right hand, sending runes flying out.
However, all this was futile.
Everything in front of her was an illusion.
Even though it was fake, it still trapped Luo Huayu in it.
Explosions sounded non-stop.
Wind, fire, lightning, and thunder traveled in all directions.
They did not stop until his energy was exhausted.
He sat back on the ground and stared quietly at everything that was happening in front of him.
Long Xiaoyao had never seen Luo Huayu in such a sorry state before.
He only felt pain in his heart.
For the first time, he understood how Luo Huayu felt when he was in danger.
Without strength, Luo Huayu could only sit in the same place and think silently.
She still remembered that the first time she met Liu Huan, he was just about to be held hostage by a childe to become his wife.
Fortunately, Long Xiaoyao and the other two found out in time and hurriedly stopped all of this.
The four of them traveled all over the world together.
Luo Huayu and Liu Huan were both women, so the discussion between them was much more than before.
The innocent and scruffy face slowly appeared in Luo Huayu's mind.
Compared to this fierce face in front of her, they were just like two hot days, one warm and the other cold!
"Sister Huayu!" A sweet cry came into Luo Huayu's ears.
Suddenly, she was shocked and looked around, but found nothing.
However, the voice from her mind suddenly made her see through the illusion in front of her.
It was said that family love was the greatest friendship in the world, and love was second, while friendship was third.
Friendship could last for a long time, but the friendship between Luo Huayu and Liu Huan should last forever!
"Trust it?" Hua Luoyu muttered.
The next moment, the illusion shattered completely.
Luo Huayu smiled and the black-robed Liu Huan's face slowly twisted.
Obviously, the test of the illusion was also broken.
Although the process was not as smooth as Long Xiaoyao's, it should be better than others'.
They also condensed a golden bead and flew to Luo Huayu's mind.
Her mental power had reached its peak at the Late-stage of Wind Essence.
Now, she had been upgraded to the Early-stage of Emperor Essence because of the golden light.
It was the first time that Luo Huayu's mind had been greatly improved.
When the golden light disappeared, her eyes became clearer.
Everything in front of her had become so funny.
Long Xiaoyao looked at them and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Among the four people, Luo Huayu was the calmest person except Long Xiaoyao.
She was able to break the illusion, which was not beyond Long Xiaoyao's imagination.
And then Liu Huan and Ling'er did not know what their situation was.
He exerted all of his mental power.
It was a pity that Long Xiaoyao did not detect Liu Huan's existence.
It was already very good for him to detect Luo Huayu from far away.
After two more attempts, Long Xiaoyao finally gave up the investigation.
This kind of heavy load-bearing operation consumed a lot of mental power.
Now the boulder did not know what would happen next.
Long Xiaoyao had to keep an eye on it...
"How could it be?
How could it be Sister Hua Yu?" Liu Huan's mouth was still bleeding.
Two lines of tears fell silently from his mouth.
His pink robe, the gorgeous Apocalypse Fan, and peerless face were all so beautiful and gentle in the past.
But now, they became ferocious and horrible.
Liu Huan curled up and shook his small head hard.
She could not believe it!
He still remembered that the first time he saw Luohua Yu and Liu Huan, he felt a sense of intimacy from the bottom of his heart.
Later, the two of them became friends through a conversation.
It was obvious that they were sisters.
And Luohua Yu usually behaved gently, so she wouldn't be angry unless it was something extraordinary.
Liu Huan saw her show her mighty power only several times when Long Xiaoyao was seriously injured and unconscious.
Luohua Yu also took care of him and Linger in every possible way, but in her heart, Long Xiaoyao was still the most important, but Liu Huan and Linger's positions were also high in the sky.
At the thought of this, Liu Huan's mind gradually became clear.
But when she raised her head and saw the scene in front of her again, the puzzlement and anger came out again.
She gritted her teeth and ran away.
She could not accept what was happening in front of her.
The stimulation in her heart was too great.
She was just pushed back by the barrier around the dreamland after a few steps.
Thanks to this shock, Liu Huan finally understood what was going on!
"Why is there a barrier here?
When we entered this place, the four of us were scattered.
Could this be the fifth trial?" Liu Huan muttered to himself as he wiped away his tears.
Green light swirled around him and the phantom of Nuwa appeared behind him.
This illusion might not bring any physical harm to others, but it was a murderous demon.
It was a feast on the souls.
Furthermore, Nuwa was the purest Deity.
Under her power, Liu Huan's mind became even more clear.
"So that's how it is.
Sister Huayu isn't particularly firm in my heart.
The fifth stage is extremely dangerous.
If it weren't for the rebounding effect of the barrier, I'm afraid I would have fallen into my own nightmare forever and slowly died from torment." Liu Huan said with a smile.
A ray of energy flew out from his right hand and broke through the illusion.
At the same time, a golden ball flew out of his hand and attached itself to his mind.
The mental power of Liu Huan had suddenly broken through to the peak of the wind essence stage.
At this time, only Ling'er had not passed the illusion with Long Xiaoyao and the other three people.
She was rash by nature and had a slightly impulsive temper like Long Xiaoyao in the past.
Among the four people, he was the most difficult to pass the illusion.
However, he could only rely on his own strength in the fifth round.
As a result, he could only resign himself to the fate...
Ling'er's long white hair was scattered over her shoulders.
Her eyes were tightly shut and her fists were crossed as she sat down.
It had been a long time since she last saw the scene in front of her eyes.
Long Xiaoyao's sword had pierced into Ling'er's mother's neck.
This scene was even more bloody and cruel, which deeply stimulated Ling'er's mind.
Unexpectedly, Ling'er did not go crazy after seeing this scene but sat down quietly instead.
At the beginning, her whole body was surrounded by energy and her eyes were bloodshot.
Her two canine teeth grew out with the golden character "King" on her forehead.
It looked like a demon from hell.
But as time went by, she gradually calmed down.
The sharp canine teeth retreated little by little and all the manic energy she had returned to her Dantian.
Ling'er closed her heavy eyes.
Facing this illusion, she chose to escape.
She was afraid that she could not control her emotions, so she closed her eyes and calmed down first.
Although she was impatient, she had learned and understood a lot of things after following Long Xiaoyao all the way.
This was beyond Long Xiaoyao's expectation.
After taking a deep breath, Ling'er slowly opened her eyes.
The eyeballs were no longer bleeding, and the bloody image once again reflected in them.
Ling'er grinned when she saw this.
She slowly stood up and spread her hands, and a blood-red pattern appeared around her.
This pattern had the sun, moon, stars, mountains, and rivers.
It was the blood contract between her and Long Xiaoyao!
"Enough, do you think you can let me fall into a nightmare?
Hahaha, how can the relationship between my absolute brother and I be broken by such a small illusion?
If it is really like what you have said, why did your big brother make a blood contract with me, and why did he try his best to protect me, take care of me, and guide me all the way?
To be honest, the picture you showed is real, but you chose the wrong person.
Big brother's position in my heart is unparalleled.
And the friendship between us is not something you can break with a little provocation!" After saying this, Ling'er grabbed the absolute spirit stick with her right hand, and a green light suddenly flew out of the staff, and the illusion was broken.
No one had expected that the most worrisome Ling'er was the one who broke through the illusion successfully.
The golden light was attached to Ling'er's mind without exception, and her inner strength at the mid-stage of the Wind Essence was also enhanced to the peak of the Wind Essence Realm.
Ling'er took a few deep breaths before she gradually calmed down.
Fortunately, the illusion tested her relationship with Long Xiaoyao, otherwise, Ling'er would not have had a chance to survive today.
The four illusions were broken, and a loud noise sounded.
Long Xiaoyao and the other three were shocked, and then they were on the alert.
At this time, the bright space where the four people were located began to fly in the same direction.
But after a while, the bright worlds around them collided into each other, merging into a big world.
Long Xiaoyao suddenly saw Luo Huayu and the other two people.
The atmosphere was condensed for two seconds, and then they were tightly embraced together.
If the illusion appeared, one's mind would soar and the level would rise, and the friendship between the four people would rise again.
But if the illusion did not appear, one would be tortured to death little by little in his nightmare.
Fortunately, Long Xiaoyao and the other three were safe and sound!
After a long time, their embrace relaxed.
The four of them did not talk about anything as they all grinned.
Suddenly, a huge white wall appeared in the distant darkness as if it had been torn apart.
It was likely that it was a passageway that led to the sixth trial.
However, although they did not obtain anything in the fifth trial this time around, the level of their mind had greatly increased.
Generally speaking, the spiritual level was improved with the improvement of one's strength.
Now that the spiritual level of the four people had reached a higher realm, the following energy breakthrough would be relatively simple.
Both Liu Huan and Ling'er's spiritual level had been upgraded to the peak of Wind Essence.
They could break through after a few days of cultivation.
Therefore, Long Xiaoyao and the other three people lingered for the time to consolidate their strength first.
As Long Xiaoyao and the other three passed the test, the huge face in the sky disappeared.