Wolf in the North

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Two Worlds

The night grew darker, the stars competed with the bright moon.
The cool evening breeze blew over the top of the mountain, and the surroundings were serene and quiet.
Next to the log cabin on the top of the mountain, a middle-aged man in a black robe was sitting cross-legged.
He lowered his head slightly and couldn't see his face clearly.
He could only see the long shoulder-length hair and the unshaved beard.
Lei Mi Er closed his eyes and meditated.
His mind was empty.
His whole body was completely relaxed, and even his breathing gradually slowed down.
The world became empty and dark.
He couldn't see it, but he could feel it.
There were various kinds of invisible particles floating everywhere.
Most of these particles were dark gray, and only three were bright.
All of the particles seemed to be alive, some floating in a gentle and passive manner, others flying madly.
They filled up this space, and even the entire world.
The three types of glimmering particles were three colors,red, green, and purple.
They were particularly obvious compared to the rest of the dark gray particles.
Lei Mi Er slowly dispersed his thoughts.
In an instant, it was as if a stone had been thrown into the pond.
All the fine particles were the fish that had been disturbed by the stone in the pond.
They swam in all directions.
Only the three-colored particles did not scatter.
Instead, they gathered where they went, encircling him in a friendly and cheerful dance.
He controlled his thoughts to send them to those dark red particles to summon him.
Suddenly, these particles were like a hundred rivers flowing into the ocean, and his eager sense of instinct rushed straight to his body.
He felt his body become a powerful whirlpool, greedily devouring these dark red particles like a bottomless pit.
Opening his eyes, he felt the particles that were constantly being sucked into his body by the pores of his entire body.
He slowly stretched out his right hand, and a small portion of the dark red particles in his body instantly gathered towards the center of his right palm like a well trained army.
As he thought about it, the dark red particles in his palm followed his thoughts, quickly forming a three-dimensional model with one particles as the center and the other six particles revolving around him.
The model continued to compress and compress until the seven particles were tightly fused into one.
With a slight clicking sound, a tiny flame emerged from his right palm.
Lei Mi Er stretched out his right hand to the front of his eyes and carefully observed the small flame on his palm that was not much thicker than hair.
Watching the hint of fire on his palm, he murmured to himself, "This is the most basic sequence of fire elemental essence.
All magic is formed from the most basic natural elemental essence of the world.
Wind, thunder, earth, water, fire, and even so on, are all natural elemental essence.
As for the feeling, intimacy, absorption, integration, mastery of the natural elemental essence, which is in accordance with one's body, this is the process of training for a magus or a blacksmith.
My ability to merge wind, fire, and thunder are the three natural elemental essences which have never been seen before." Lemeer lowered his head and began to recall the basics of magic training,"Magic or Dou Skills are just a way for a mage or a warrior to control a certain natural element, arranging and condensing it in a way that allows the element to achieve a certain effect.
The higher the level of magic, the stronger the effect.
The more complex the element combinations and condensing of the element is, the more necessary particles to control at the same time, and the greater the amount of time needed to execute the spell..." Thinking of this, he shook his head and said, "It shouldn't be like this..." He waved his right hand with a lonely look, and the spark in his palm immediately dispersed.
He looked up at the silver-white bright moon and muttered to himself with a long-standing confusion, "Is the element really the most primitive energy state between heaven and earth?
How did the element come into being?" The grey sky, the gray clouds, and the grey land were all over the wilderness.
Huge gray rocks were scattered everywhere from time to time, and everything was shrouded in a faint gray fog.
This was a gray world.
There was a strong and violent Gang wind, and the whirring wind was mixed with a large amount of gray dust and gravel, whistling over here, forming a kind of frightening and strange howling sound.
The strange thing was that no matter how fierce the Gang wind was, the gray fog still existed.
A grey mountain peak stood erectly.
On the mountainside, there was a hole that was half the height of a person.
Inside, there was a narrow tunnel that could only allow one person to pass through.
After it was curved for dozens of meters, it suddenly became open, forming a natural grotto with a radius of about ten meters and a height of about ten meters.
On the left and right sides of the grottoes were uneven rough stone walls and corners.
There were several items piled up in each corner.
Only the side opposite to the channel was a light grey light curtain.
About five meters behind the faintly visible light was a colorful streamer, forming the shape of a door.
Between the light curtain and the light curtain, there were lots of things like dried branches, fruit cores, stones of various sizes and so on scattered on the ground.
At this moment, in front of the light curtain of the grotto, a boy of eleven or twelve was sitting up on a thick layer of animal skin, rubbing his eyes and lying on the ground, and muttering unconsciously, "It shouldn't be like this..." He yawned and opened his eyes to see the familiar scenery in front of him.
Wolf Yan could not help but smile bitterly.
He dreamed of the world again.
Ever since he could remember, he had been constantly dreaming about Wolf Rocky.
In his dreams, he had always dreamed about that strange world, and it was incomparably real.
He had become a magus named Reimuir [Leim'er].
Ever since he was a child, he had begun to train in magic.
He had begun to study, study, study, study, study, step by step.
He had mastered an unprecedented level of elemental essence.
Only when he was middle-aged did he reach the level of a Law Saint in his dreams.
He had asked his father many times about these dreams.
However, his father, who was extremely tall in Wolf Cliff's heart, could not give any exact answers to his dream.
Ah Pa had tried countless times to test sensing elements using the method that Wolf Rock had told him, but he had never found anything.
However, after he entered the meditation state in his dream, he could sense some extremely vague particles, but it was far less clear than the ones in his dream.
He could not tell why, but he knew that the vague particles he sensed were by no means natural elements in his dream.
He did not know what they were, nor could he get close to them and absorb them, but this did not hinder him from taking two hours to meditate and trying to touch something completely different from the substances in his dream.
Wolf Cliff stood up and stretched his body a little.
He was only 12 years old and was already 5 feet tall.
There was only a piece of animal skin around his waist.
He was slightly thin but very tough.
His slightly naked upper body was covered with criss-crossed scars.
His bronze skin, bushy eyebrows, big eyes, and shoulder-length messy hair all made up a unique and masculine charm to him who was handsome and had no affinity with him.
After the exercise and listening to the whistling wind outside the cave for a while, Wolf Yan walked slowly to the side of the stone wall.
There was a stone carving box in the corner.
He knelt down and closed his eyes and put his palms together.
He whispered, "Dad, this damn strong wind has weakened again.
Please bless Yan'er to find enough wild fruits and reach the lake safely." Having said that, he grabbed the two leather bags next to the box and tied them to the beast skins on his waists.
Then he stood up and strode out of the passage.
Outside the entrance of the cave, Wolf Cliff felt the astral wind gradually weakening, and he did not hesitate to rush down the hill.
In the face of the strong wind, he leaped like flying, picked up the easiest place to stand on the hillside, and stepped down.
From time to time, he slightly leaned to one side, letting some crushed stones that were caught in the wind.
As for the strong wind and dust that hit him, even if he was praised by his father, he would still feel pain, but he did not use his strength to resist.
He knew that he had to save any energy in his body.
In each month, there were only such two days before the terrible astral wind, which could cut flesh and bone, would be weakened to a level that his body could withstand.
He had to use only two days to resist this terrible astral wind and fight with all kinds of wild beasts here in order to find food and water that could sustain him for at least a month.
As for wild beast meat, it was impossible to eat.
The meat was just like the wild beast's violent nature and contained an extremely violent layer of elemental energy.
It could not be absorbed by the human body.
This was the bitter experience of Ah Pa.
The only food here was a wild vine growing between the rocks and the ground.
A wild vine could bear three to nine fruits, and Ah Pa called it wild fruit.
One wild fruit was enough for a wolf to eat for three days.
However, there were not many wild vines.
If he was unlucky, he might only find one or two in the next two days, and then he would be in a state of partial hunger for the next month.
He would eat a wild fruit from a longer distance until the next Gang Twilight Degeneration.
Wolf Rock thought for a while, but he didn't stop at all.
After a few dozen breaths, he arrived at the foot of the mountain.
He knew that wild beasts would appear soon, and he had to be vigilant.
All kinds of fierce wild beasts would come out from every corner of the misty wind to attack him.
At the same time as he was speeding at high speed, he focused on his hearing and spiritual mind to the maximum and did not dare to let go of any movement.
All of a sudden, he bent his body and thrust his index and middle fingers of his right hand forward without thinking.
At the same time, a black shadow flew out from the mist in front of his right hand and met the finger of his sword without any dodge.
With a sound of puff, his two fingers deeply stabbed into the left eye of the black shadow.
Before the black shadow responded, Wolf Yan clenched his left hand and his middle finger bone bulged out, smashing into the black shadow's throat.
Suddenly, the throat bone of the black shadow was broken, and he feebly turned over and fell down.
Without stopping, he kicked hard on the ground with his right foot, stirring up a large amount of dust.
At the same time, he twisted his waist and kicked out his right leg like a whip and accurately hit the head of another black shadow that jumped out at the same time.
With a bang, the head of the black shadow exploded.
The wolf rocks that were rushing past had already seen the two black shadows.
They were two wild leopards!
Wolf Cliff's heart sank.
Although he knew that wild beasts' range of activities was getting closer to his mountain peak every year, it was the first time for him to meet wild beasts as soon as he reached the foot of the mountain, which indicated that the wild beasts might appear near his hole one or two years later.
"There's not much time left.
We must find a way out of here as soon as possible and go through the light curtain to the hometown mentioned by Ah Pa." Wolf Yan pursed his lips, quickened his pace and moved toward his target.