Wolf in the North

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Initial Observation of the Essence

A small lake with a radius of half a kilometer quietly landed on this barren land.
The lake was surrounded by all kinds of strange-shaped dead wood and stones.
The water was clear and calm.
However, except for the fierce howling of the strong wind, the water and the lake were all dead silence.
No creature was here resting.
Right at this time, a black dot appeared in the distance, rushing towards this lake.
In front of him, Wolf Rock was risking his way out to find food and water.
About ten meters behind him, there were dozens of ferocious wild beasts with different appearances.
They followed him closely with ferocious faces.
At the moment, Wolf Cliff looked a little embarrassed.
His naked upper body, which was covered with scars, had several new wounds.
His sweat and blood were condensed together, and his wet long hair was sticking to his body in disorder.
He hadn't expected this wild beast to appear more frequently than before.
Along the way, he had already killed hundreds of wild beasts, but he was trapped by dozens of them when he encountered the last one.
He could no longer save energy and tried his best to get out of the siege.
Wolf Yan stretched out his hand to wipe away his blurry, sweaty eyes, and then looked at the lake in the distance.
This was the only water source near the mountain peak where he was.
It was also his destination for this trip, the Desolate Lake.
He breathed a sigh of relief and turned around to look at the hordes of wild beasts.
He forcefully squeezed the little energy in his body and maintained his speed as he sped towards the lake.
The 100-meter-long distance passed by in a flash.
The lake water was already in front of them.
The wolf-rocked figure did not stop.
He leaped forward and crossed the three-meter-high lake.
After taking a deep breath in the air, he plunged into the water, and even the water didn't splash much.
Dozens of wild beasts behind him didn't stop and jumped up, chasing after his figure into the water.
As soon as he entered the water, he dived down at full speed.
Now, he could only bet that these wild beasts didn't know how to swim and wouldn't follow him to the lake.
This lake had become his only hope of escape.
However, heaven would not listen to human's wishes.
He had only dived for a few feet when he immediately felt the fluctuation of the water above him.
He was shocked and turned his head to look.
He saw that the surface of the lake was full of ripples.
The wild beasts were all chasing after him.
The undercurrents were flowing towards him.
Wolf Yan turned around and went downstream with no expression on his face.
He remembered what his father told him.
The more dangerous the situation, the more he had to stay calm.
The sober mind and calm state of mind were often the key to get out of trouble.
At the same time, he tried to relax his body as much as possible.
His heart was empty and he was fearless.
At this moment of life and death, his brain was buzzing and he suddenly thought of the world in his dream and naturally entered the meditation state.
However, it was different from any meditation in the past.
This time, what flashed in his mind was a scene that he had never seen before.
It was a mess.
It was a huge vortex formed by a swirling gray fog.
He stood in front of the chaotic vortex, his head couldn't see the sky, and his feet couldn't touch the ground.
He stared blankly at the vortex that gave him an extremely oppressive feeling.
As it slowly spun from left to right, not only did it not possess any strength, it continuously sprayed out a blur of gray particles that gradually spread out in all directions.
An idea flashed through his mind.
These vague particles were the unknown materials that he had sensed in the world when he was meditating.
They were not natural elements.
Wolf Rock subconsciously felt a desire that he wanted to see even more clearly.
Driven by this urge, he released his thoughts.
His perception extended like he was in a state of contemplation, carefully approaching him until his body was within these gray particles.
Seeing that these particles weren't close to him or rejected him, he let out a sigh of relief and looked at them carefully.
Under the close observation of his perception, the originally blurry gray particles immediately became clear.
He could clearly sense that these extremely small particles were full of vitality.
They were either scattered in groups of three or five, and at the same time, they were constantly colliding with each other.
After the collision, they either bounced off or became sticky, as if there was no regular pattern to speak of.
Suddenly, dozens of gray particles seemed to stick to his thoughts.
In the process, he saw clearly that seven or eight of them happened to achieve some kind of balance when colliding with each other, flying around and not bouncing or colliding with each other.
Instead, they maintained this balance and slowly fused together, forming a fusion particle larger than the original gray particles.
A scene that made the wolf rock extremely shocked appeared.
The particles after the fusion were no longer gray, but extremely lively purple, which was brighter than the purple particles seen in the Thunderie's meditation in his dream.
this is......" Wolf Rock's heart was filled with waves of shock.
Inconceivably, he watched as the purple particles gradually faded into the distance.
"Elemental elemental essence!
Purple elemental essence...
is actually the lightning elemental essence of that dream world!!!" Even after the bolt of lightning had left the range of his thoughts, he still hadn't recovered from his shock.
"What are these gray particles actually?
Rei Mi Er suspects that natural elements aren't the most primitive form of energy between heaven and earth.
He was right.
It's these gray particles!
They merged in a certain state to give birth to natural elements, Tao Lan...?" In order to confirm some of his assumptions, Wolf Rocky looked more attentively at the dense gray particles around him.
Just as he had expected, he saw another fusion.
It was still about seven or eight particles.
This time, however, they danced around in a completely different manner from the thunder-elements, and after the fusion, the particles began to manifest a dark red color that he was extremely familiar with.
Wolf Yan's mind was completely immersed in the strange scene of meditation.
He ignored everything outside his body, so he did not notice that at the same moment he entered the meditation state and saw the huge whirlpool, the wild beasts who were chasing him suddenly slowed down.
The fierce light in his eyes turned into uncertainty.
He stared at the constantly diving figures and dozens of wild beasts below him.
The wolf-rocks had completely forgotten about their current situation.
They continued to observe the surrounding gray particles and witnessed different paths, different fusion processes, as well as the birth of the various natural elements.
Gradually, they began to understand, "These gray particles are the most primitive elements between heaven and earth...
no matter what natural element or energy they are, they are all composed of these...
Nationals, they are formed in different ways.
This chaotic vortex is actually made of an atom.
This is simply...
It's the essence!" He was shocked by his own speculation.
The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.
He seemed to have inadvertently come into contact with a huge mystery between heaven and earth.
At this moment, the whirlpool shot out a dense cluster of Hutu without warning, and unexpectedly, it came straight to his mind.
Without any mental preparation, the perception of the wolf rock was instantly filled by this dense cluster of Hutu, and then it went straight to his body without any pause.
Dozens of wild beasts, who were hesitating above him, suddenly seemed to have seen something extremely horrible.
They all turned their directions in horror and rushed to float to the surface of the water.
At this moment, Wolf Cliff had no time to care about those wild beasts.
He only felt that his body trembled slightly, and his Divine Sense withdrew from the meditation state.
The pores of his whole body opened, and countless tiny atomic cells rushed into his body through these pores.
He was so nervous that his heart was in his mouth.
Who knew what the consequences would be if these bacterias entered his body?
However, no matter how unwilling and nervous he was, he could not stop them at all.
He could only passively bear this process.
He sensed that the bacterias entered his body and turned into a wisp of mist that wandered unconsciously between his limbs, body, and neck.
Finally, it stretched to the sea of consciousness in his mind.
After circling for two circles, it shrunk into a ball and no longer moved.
It even became thinner and thinner, and the Buddha was about to disappear.
In a split second, a huge vortex that he had just seen appeared in his mind.
He was so lucky that he managed to probe his consciousness into the mist of the atomic tumor in his sea of consciousness.
Without thinking, he began to draw a circle and slowly stir it.
The non-moving mist weighed more than a thousand pounds under the perception of Wolf Rock.
The mist began to roll slowly in accordance with the trajectory of the deep thought, and the original scene that was getting thinner and fading slowed down a little as he gritted his teeth and kept stirring.
Seeing this, Wolf Cliff felt refreshed.
He put all his attention on the mist, and his mind stirred more vigorously, gradually driving the mist to rotate.
However, he changed his mind and kept an eye on the vortex.
He felt that the direction of the stirring was completely opposite to that of the previous rotating whirlpool.
His idea was simple.
The huge whirlpool swirled from left to right and spat out, so it naturally sucked in from the left to the right.
As he was thinking, the rotation of the mist became faster and faster.
When the speed reached his limit, he withdrew from the mist immediately.
By this time, the puff of smoke was no longer thin but compressed and condensed into a spiraling chaotic whirlpool the size of an egg.
It was emitting a pulling force as it quietly floated in the center of his sea of consciousness.
As the vortex continued to rotate, he could clearly feel atomics floating in the surrounding lake water.
They were slowly but endlessly absorbed and entered his body through the pores of his body.
Then they went straight to his sense of perception like a tired bird returning to its nest and were swallowed by the vortex.
After withdrawing from his sense of perception, Wolf Cliff felt refreshed.
At this time, he found that his body was still diving down, and the dozens of wild beasts that had chased him all the way to heaven and no way out long ago had already left him alone...