Wolf in the North

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The Beginning of Fate

Wolf Cliff was stunned and confusedly looked around in the water, but he didn't see a single hair, let alone the wild beast.
He laughed a little self-deprecatingly and spread his perception to the lake surface, only to find that he had already dived 20 feet down unconsciously.
The water pressure at this depth was extremely terrible.
If ordinary people were here, they could die immediately, but they did not feel uncomfortable at all after all these years of physical experience.
He planned to first float to the surface of the lake to see what the situation was and see if those wild beasts had scattered like birds or if they were still lingering by the lake like ghosts waiting for a rabbit to return to their senses.
After making up his mind, he retracted his perception and reflection of the surface of the lake, and then rolled in the water.
He turned his body around and was about to float up to the surface of the lake.
"Huh?" Wolf Yan paused and lowered his head to look down.
When he looked down, he found it was dark and there was no light.
When he subconsciously swept his senses over, he found that he was not far from the bottom of the lake, and there seemed to be something unusual at the bottom of the lake.
The lake water there emitted a faint strange fluctuation, which was quite strange.
He hesitated for a moment, then immediately changed his mind.
He turned around again and swam straight to the bottom of the lake.
At the same time as he dived, he released his mind and mind and tried to visualize how he could integrate Buddha into the lake.
To his surprise, the vortex-like source of chaos in his sea of consciousness instantly stopped spinning and no longer absorbed the atomic energy.
Instead, it sprayed out a wisp of chaotic, misty energy that traveled like lightning in his body.
Everywhere it passed, atomic energy would break down and merge into his flesh and bones.
In the blink of an eye, the wisp of chaotic energy had wrapped around his entire body and dissolved into an atomic substance.
It merged with his physical body and completely disappeared.
In his senses, as his body continued to sink, the water directly entered his body through the pores on his head and chest, but was immediately expelled without any obstruction.
His body seemed to have become a sieve and did not exert any force at all.
The resistance in the water had miraculously disappeared without a trace, causing his body to sink even faster.
Within a few breaths, his feet had already stepped on the sludge at the bottom of the lake.
He had been in the water for almost half an hour, but he did not feel suffocated at all.
Wolf Yan was both surprised and delighted.
He had never expected that the chaotic Origin of the Chaos would be so miraculous.
At the same time, he also realized that what had happened today would completely reverse the trajectory of his life.
His hunch was not wrong, but what he did not know was that this day would not only affect the whirlpool of life...
Wolf Rock retracted his thoughts and began to look around.
The bottom of the lake was more than 300 feet away from the surface of the lake.
The world was not as familiar as the sun, the moon, and the stars in his dreams.
The dim light above could only penetrate 20 to 30 meters of the lake, and the bottom of the lake where he was located was a boundless black.
As he spread his perception to explore the way in front of him, the wolf rock trod on the mud and marched towards the place where it had sensed unusual fluctuations a moment ago.
Under Roland's reflection, the strange fluctuation of the lake water was still as subtle as a torch in the dark night.
Soon, his senses reached the range of the ripples in the lake waters, spreading out in a direct manner.
The wolf-rocks effortlessly found the source of the ripples in the lake waters.
At the place where he was thinking, half of the black paste, as big as a baby's head, was inserted in the mud at the bottom of the lake.
At first glance, it looked like a lump of mud.
The surrounding water swirled around the lump of mud without any reason.
No matter how hard Wolf Rock tried, he could not see anything out of the ordinary, much less find any fluctuations in the water.
He suppressed the confusion in his heart and raised his right hand to gently press on the lump of mud.
In a breath...
until ten breaths had passed, the lump of mud did not move at all.
He simply stretched out his hands at the same time and brushed his left and right.
Immediately, the clumps of mud quickly peeled off and finally appeared in his perception.
They were half a small circle of strange-shaped stones.
If it weren't for the surrounding water, Wolf Rock would have long turned around and left, leaving behind only a broken rock.
However, with the strange undulations of the lake water, even a fool would know that there was something strange about this rock.
He grabbed the two sides of the rock with both hands and used his strength to pull it out.
After wiping off half of the mud, this irregular-shaped rock was the size of a human's head.
He tossed and turned the stones in his hand, not knowing what they were talking about.
With his right hand, he summoned a trace of yuan qi, took a stone, and then threw it to the leather bag tied on his left side.
He planned to put it into his father's storage bag first.
After that, he would go back and check it carefully.
Unexpectedly, the stone hit the leather bag and couldn't be put away.
He stared at the strange stone for a long time, and then he grabbed it without saying anything.
No matter how hard he tried, he even tried the spiritual beast pouch on the right side of his waist.
It was impossible for him to put it in any bag.
"The storage bags contain dead objects and the spiritual beast pouches contain the living things.
You can't accept both of these stones.
What are they?" Wolf Yan was helpless.
He could only put the stones in front of his chest with his hands, half squat, and half kneed at the bottom of the lake.
Like an arrow, he pierced through the lake water and shot upwards.
The distance of 30 feet disappeared in an instant.
With a splash, water splashed all over the sky.
Wolf Rock's head popped out of the lake surface.
He then took a deep breath and looked around.
There were no wild beasts.
After confirming the direction, he hugged the broken stone in his eyes and swam towards the shore.
After a while, he went ashore and put the stones beside his feet.
He untied the hides around his waist and twisted them to dry them, but he still surrounded them.
He did not dare to delay any longer.
After only two days of astral wind decline, one day had passed.
Before meeting those wild beasts, he was unlucky to find only one wild vine that had five fruits.
Therefore, there were only four wild fruits in his storage bag, which was not enough for him to eat for a month.
According to his experience with Ah Pa, no matter how many fruits there were found on the wild vines, at least one of them couldn't be completely plucked, otherwise, the wild vines would immediately wither and die.
On the contrary, a few days later, in the same wild vine in different places, there would still be three or nine different wild fruits, and the roots wouldn't be broken.
It was the unique features of the vine that Ah Pa had gradually developed after staying in this damn place for two years.
Without this eccentric habits, as long as you didn't go down the mountain and dry up the swamp, you would find less wild fruits and less effort for the next month, but you would never find the wild fruits.
He was almost killed by the beasts who had been chased by dozens of red-eyed beasts before, but he didn't even have the time to fetch water when he arrived at the barren lake.
At the same time, Wolf Rock secretly cursed those beasts.
At the same time as he was struck by lightning, Wolf Cliff patted his storage bag and took out several empty gourds that Ah Pa originally used to hold wine.
He filled the gourds with water and put them back into his leather bag.
Then he bent over and picked up the lumps of stone which were not like treasures.
He spread out his body and galloped to the place where a vine was in his memory.
Wolf Rock limped out of the passage, his upper body covered with blood and his feet dripping all over the ground.
As soon as he stepped into the grotto, he held his hands for more than ten hours and threw off the stone bumps on his upper body that were covered with his wounds and blood.
Then he sat down beside him.
In the past two days, he was really exhausted.
On the first day, he was chased by a large group of wild beasts and almost lost his life.
The next day, although weird, no wild beasts took the initiative to attack him, and even as long as he was far away from any wild beasts within a hundred feet, he could only vaguely see the outline of the wild beasts.
The wild beasts immediately turned around and went into the mist and disappeared, which shocked the wolf-faced man.
This was the first time that he had ever had such a bad memory!
However, he had bad luck with the Wild Vine.
He almost searched all the mountains and lakes.
In the last stage, he only found a wild vine and only got at least three wild fruits for himself.
He had no choice but to pick two of them.
Before he could even think if he could continue to search, the damn Gang Wind began to recover four hours in advance, causing him to curse and run for his life on the first day.
However, the worst was that even though he had run wild beasts, he couldn't get rid of the strong wind!
From the moment he sensed the wind growing stronger until the short twenty miles of the mountain peak, he gritted his teeth and spread the remaining yuan qi on the surface of his body to resist the violent wind.
Thanks to the chaotic essence in his sea of consciousness, he had absorbed more than half of the wind that had broken through the layer of yuan qi on his body, leaving only thirty percent of his physical strength to withstand.
It was only because of this that he was able to move back to the grotto step by step with great difficulty.
After a long while, wolf yan swept his eyes over the new wounds on his body.
Fortunately, there was no injury on his muscles and bones, only some flesh wounds.
With his body constitution, it didn't take a day for him to close his mouth, and there wouldn't even be any scars left.
After checking his own injuries, his mind turned to the stone lump.
At the bottom of the lake, his eyes were black and he could only rely on his perception to explore.
After going ashore, he was busy looking for wild fruit.
In the end, he was only focused on writing and fighting with the strong wind.
Until now, he had the time to look carefully at this broken stone with his naked eyes.
He turned his head to look at the irregular stone beside him, only to see that its surface was covered with naturally formed patterns of varying colors.
When he touched it, he did not feel anything.
It was neither bumpy nor crack, but like a Buddhist painting.
Except for this, there was nothing special about it.
Wolf Rock was a little depressed and looked up at the pale grey light curtain in a daze.
To be able to cause the lake water to fluctuate abnormally, and to be unable to store the spiritual beast pouch in his storage pouch, even if he were beaten to death by such a strange thing, he would not believe that it was just an ordinary stone.
But now...
"Slow down!" Suddenly, he was stunned.
Suddenly, he turned his head and stared at the stone lump beside him.
His eyes were shining like stars.
"I hugged this thing all the way back, but my blood was all over it.
I just threw it down and took a breath before I checked it.
I can only look at it for 20 breaths at most.
Where is the blood on it?" The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.
He held the stone with both hands and was going to examine it carefully in front of him.
"Eh?" Suddenly, the movement of the wolf rock froze, and he could clearly feel from his hands that the broken stone was trembling slightly...