Wolf in the North

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Never Left Without Staying Together or A

The trembling of the rock was almost imperceptible, but the wolf rock was very sure that his hand was not trembling, and it was true that the stone was trembling.
He held the stone with both hands and stopped in front of him for less than a foot.
He stood still in the air.
The trembling became more and more clear, and there was a trace of horror in his eyes.
He stared at the thing in his hand without blinking.
He felt that the trembling was regular, just like...
"The heartbeat?
It's the heartbeat!
how is this possible?" Lang Yan was shocked by this conclusion.
He felt the increasingly strong trembling in his hand.
He stared and did not dare to blink.
The thoughts in his mind quickly turned, "My father once said that many martial artists would raise a spiritual beast in his hometown.
The spiritual beast needed to use its own blood as a guide and blood as a law when it was young.
Once it succeeded in subduing it, it would die with no hope.
My father once had a Golden Retriever King.
Unfortunately, before he was ambushed and forced into this ghost town called the Desolate Realm, in order to help my father escape, the Golden Retriever sacrificed itself to block many enemies..." He looked gloomy and his eyes became brighter and brighter, but he was confused in an instant." The broken stone was originally covered with my blood, but the blood instantly disappeared, leaving no trace of blood.
Was it absorbed by this thing?" His mind was in a mess as he thought to himself, "This thing can suck blood and its heartbeat.
Could it be that this rotten thing is some kind of spirit beast, or...
wild beast?" No matter how fierce and clever he was when fighting with wild beasts, these could not change the fact that he was only a 12-year-old and half-old child.
When he was alone, he naturally showed his child's nature.
The more he thought about it, the more angry he became.
"This rotten rock is about to suck my blood and become my Eternal Spiritual Beast, then what should I do?
Even if I can't find a Beast King as powerful as Father's Golden Haired Chicken, I can't just run around like this rotten stone beast, right?
Even if it sucks my blood, I don't use a blood contract!
I can't possibly become my Eternal Spiritual Beast like this, right?" Thinking of this, he couldn't help but worry, "Ah!
What a shame!
How can a spirit beast grow up like this?
isn't this..." He rolled his hair over his shoulders like a chicken coop and said, "This is not the case." He had not spoken to anyone for three years since his father fell asleep at the age of nine, but he still could not find a suitable sentence to speak from the poor words in his mind.
It was difficult for him to hold a word back.
He was really anxious.
A sentence of "Leim Mi Er" who was one of the many mantras in his dream, roared without thinking, "Isn't this a trap for him?!" The Buddhist statue seemed to have practiced thousands of times, and as soon as the word "squeak" came out, it was followed by a slight sound.
At this very moment, there was a line of lines on the front of his tattered mouth, and the sound became more and more intense.
The huge broken stone was under his eyes, and there were dozens of criss-crossed cracks.
Then with a crack, a furry skull seed, which was slightly smaller than a baby's fist, came out of the stone in front of his eyes.
Its closed small eyes trembled for a few times, and then slowly opened.
The grotto was so quiet that you could even hear a pin drop.
One big and two small heads looked at each other, and their eyes were less than a foot apart.
Wolf Yan blinked, and the gray fluff on the top of the small sable bag also blinked, with a pure and innocent face.
With a crack, the silence was broken.
The broken stone that had been scolded by Wolf Rock for a whole day was broken into two pieces and lay in his palm with his last breath.
Wolf Yan looked intently and found that the stone lump was only an inch thick and hollow inside.
At this moment, the stone shell on the left side was filled with strips as thick as a thread and as long as three inches; the stone shell on the right side was lying a gray-colored thing about half the size of his palm.
It was staring at him in a daze.
In the desolate world, Wolf Rock had seen all kinds of strange wild beasts, but there was no one who looked like this little fellow.
However, there were similar creatures in the world of Lemie in dreams.
He first put the tiny stone strip in the left stone shell into his storage bag and then studied the Hairy Ball that was smaller than his palm.
"This is...
Monkey, right?" He looked at the little guy with uncertainty.
"This broken stone is not a spirit beast, but an egg...
Father said that the egg is a curse...
It should be said that this broken stone turns out to be an egg!" When he thought of not having to bring a piece of broken stone in a strange shape and running about on the floor, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.
He was finally in a good mood.
Three months later.
At the foot of the hill where the grotto was located, the astral wind was still as fierce as a knife, and the mist was still permeating the wilderness.
Wolf Rock stepped on the ground with bare feet.
After spinning half a circle with his left foot as the center, he suddenly exerted his strength.
The forceful strength of his feet violently rubbed against the earth and stones on the ground.
With a sharp sound, the large fluffy gravel flew everywhere and his forward-ging figure raised dust all over the sky and rushed towards the wild bear with an earth-shattering momentum.
The wild bear ran like it was flying.
Its huge body was twice as big as wolf rock, and it didn't seem clumsy at all.
Its eyes were full of ferociousness as if it wanted to choose a person to swallow.
Its fur stood up straight.
Its huge head, which was like a millstone, identified wolf rock.
With a thunder-like wind, it rushed over.
The figures of different sizes on both sides approached each other rapidly.
Wolf Yan did not retreat at all.
He leaned slightly to one side, with his right shoulder in front and instantly hit the wild bear's huge head hard with his shoulder back.
A loud bang sounded!
The surrounding fossils on the ground trembled twice.
This was a collision between the two parties' bodies that didn't have any tricks.
The wild bear that was half a body higher than him was actually pushed back ten over steps by the tremendous force, his eyes became like stars, and he roared continuously under the intense pain.
Wolf Yan also suffered a lot.
He was also pushed back seven steps by the impact of the collision.
The qi and blood in his chest fluctuated slightly, and he shook his body to dissipate the powerful force.
Before the wild bear could react, he immediately made a short, sharp whistle and a small gray shadow appeared in the air.
It looked like a meteor falling to the ground and shot straight at the wild bear.
At the same time, Wolf Yan rushed forward and heavily stepped on his left foot about two meters away from the wild bear.
His foot stepped into the ground half an inch.
With his waist as the axis, the great force that drove his right leg to rush up roared from the ground and smashed on the huge authenticated's ferocious head like an ancient giant tree.
The tiny gray shadow swept past the back of the gray bear, which was faster than the wolf-rocky for a moment, and blood light burst out silently.
The wild bear's roar of pain mixed with spray blood splashed and dyed the gray scene with a sad and beautiful red color.
The heaven-shaking roar came to an abrupt end.
The wild bear was like a small wolf that had been hit by a huge primitive beast.
Its entire body tumbled in the air as it fell back down.
When it fell to the ground, the howls turned into whimpers.
Its four limbs spasmed and struggled, but it could no longer get up.
Wolf Cliff stopped and lowered his head, lost in thought.
Beside the wild bear that was lying on the ground, a grey shadow appeared.
It was the grey monkey that had jumped out of the broken rock.
It had grown a full circle compared to three months ago.
It was about the size of a human palm.
It rolled its big eyes.
Seeing that the wolf rock didn't pay attention to it, it entered the hole of flesh and blood on the wild bear's back.
A strange scene appeared!
The wild bear's whimpering disappeared in an instant, and it was no longer breathing.
Its huge body began to visibly shrivel up.
In the space of a few breaths, the wild bear was left with only a complete pile of bear fur left on its collapsed body...
The little gray monkey's figure flashed like lightning.
After piercing through the skin of a bear, it landed on the right shoulder of Wolf Yan.
Screeching twice, it rubbed its head against Wolf Yan's right ear, instantly calling him back from his contemplation.
His gaze fell on the bear skin.
He rolled his eyes and said, "Only you can enjoy this wild beast, and I can't even touch it.
Why do I have to fight even harder than you every time?" Hearing this, the little guy's fawning face and hissing voice actually sounded a little self-righteous!
Wolf Yan laughed and lifted the little fellow from his shoulder with his left hand.
His right index finger scratched the grey and pink nose and said heroically, "Come on!
The little guy is really fast to learn?
You are right!
Who do you want to be with, right?
We will share happiness and hardship together in the future.
We brothers will never leave each other for a lifetime!" He paused, and said with a malicious smile, "But you are the third son and we have a second brother.
When we go out and find him, the three of us will stay together.
Remember to listen to the older one!" Immediately, the little fellow's head collapsed, and her eyes were watery.
She looked at him with a grievance and innocent look.
Wolf Rocky's head immediately became larger than the other three.
He tossed the little fella behind him, and then his body immediately rushed forward like an arrow.
From far away, his voice that was gnashing his teeth could be heard from the distance.
"Don't do this!
This time, you have to win first, the one who loses won today won't have anything to eat!" The little girl was shocked by the sudden throw.
After hearing the last sentence, the demon opened its eyes wide, almost covering half of its face and behind of it.
Its flesh membrane, which was thin like a cicada's wings and stuck close to its back, stretched out instantly.
It soared up to a height of 30 feet and waved its wings in the air with great force.
With a squeak, it chased after the wolf cliff at a high speed like a gust of wind.
However, no matter how she listened to Zhizhi's words, there was a strong anger that couldn't be dispelled...