Wolf in the North

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Eternal Heavenly Weapon

In front of the light grey light curtain in the grotto.
The little fellow lay on the layers of wild beast skin on the ground and was happily eating a wild fruit with both hands.
From time to time, it looked up at the storage bag beside Wolf Rock and licked its lips.
It knew that there were more wild fruit in it.
At this moment, Wolf Yan had no time to care about the little guy.
He sat with his back against the stone wall and lowered his head, lost in thought.
After the departure three months ago, the situation of Wolf Rock had been totally different.
From the time he could remember, Thundere and that world kept appearing in his dreams.
In his dreams, he could transform into everything that Thundere had experienced, and after he woke up, he could clearly remember, including those magical spells.
However, in the past three months, ever since he was a child, he had been unable to sense any natural elements even if he tried to meditate non-stop every day.
Naturally, there was no way to talk about casting magic.
When he was three years old, his father still started to teach him martial arts, although he did not hold much hope.
On the first day he was taught by Ah Pa, he had already told him that a martial artist trained in elemental energy; using all kinds of breathing techniques to absorb mixed elemental energy from between heaven and earth, to remove impurities from his body, to make his elemental energy purer, and then to refine the pure elemental energy that he had refined into an elemental energy that was compatible with his body's constitution.
This was the first form of elemental energy transforming into form, as well as the foundation for martial practitioners to cultivate,the absorption of elemental energy into qi, which was also the first stage of the cultivation of elemental energy in the savage land of Ah Pa's hometown.
Reality was just as Ah Pa had expected.
What made him extremely depressed was that he had encountered a problem similar to magic.
In this wilderness, the elemental energy between heaven and earth was thin to the point of leaving one in despair.
Ah Pa could do nothing about it and could only remember everything that he had learned all his life.
And Ah Pa couldn't suppress the injury in his body when he was nine years old because he couldn't cultivate enough yuan qi after so many years in the wilderness, which caused the old injury from that year to relapse but couldn't be cured.
When he was three years old, he followed his father to absorb the vital qi, but it was not until two years later that he succeeded in cultivating a wisp of vital qi that was as thin as a hair in his body.
After that, no matter how hard he tried, his progress was still incomparably slow.
Since his yuan qi was insufficient, he naturally couldn't use any techniques.
Since the first time his father and he went down the mountain to search for wild fruits and kill the first wild beast, he had relied on his innate divine power and physical strength.
Fortunately, Ah Pa told him that there weren't any overly strong wild beasts around this mountain.
As long as he didn't cross the wild lake and continue to move forward, he wouldn't encounter those wild beasts that were so terrifying that they couldn't be defeated.
This was the precious information that Ah Pa had obtained after entering the realm of wildness and paying the price of serious injuries.
However, all this changed completely after the departure three months ago.
In the desolate lake, while he was still unable to understand it, the wolf rocks entered meditation without any reason.
They saw the vast whirlpool in the void,the Chaotic Essence.
They also saw the original material that formed all natural elements,atomic units.
They even witnessed the astonishing mysteries of the combination process of all elemental elements.
In the end, the original whirlpool even forcibly stuffed countless atomic units into his body.
Finally, under his imagination, it managed to hold back the atomic units and turned into a miniature chaotic essence in his sea of consciousness.
They were both at the bottom of the desolate lake.
The chaotic energy formed in his body and immediately allowed Wolf-rocky to feel its magic.
He could easily absorb all the surrounding cells and inhale the chaotic energy from the surrounding air and blend it into his body, allowing him to integrate into the water without any resistance or suffocation.
In the past three months, except for the fact that he had to go down the mountain to replenish the wild fruit and drinking water, the rest of his free time had been used by the wolf rock to familiarise himself with the chaotic Origin in his body.
He discovered that it wasn't that there wasn't any natural elemental essence here, it was just that the amount of elemental energy here was even less.
When he thought back to that enormous origin that released all of the atomic energy, there was no more than a thousand percent of the amount of elemental essence that could be coincidentally formed during the collision.
The vast majority of it was still nuclear energy.
His Divine Sense was far weaker than that of Rei Mi Er in his dreams when he was meditating.
He could only barely sense some cells in the lake.
With the perception of the wolf rocks, to sense the extremely rare elements in those vague cells was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
After he obtained the chaotic Origin in his sea of consciousness, there was nothing that could hide from him, be it elemental power or elemental essence, within a hundred feet of him.
And he also confirmed Lemie's guess.
The vital energy of the world was the same as that of the world in his dreams, and they were all energy forms.
The chaotic energy form caused him to personally confirm that all energy forms in the world were made up of nuclear retainings.
To his surprise, the chaotic source in his mind sea was far more miraculous than he had imagined.
The whirlpool could absorb any energy around it on its own at all times, including atomic, elemental, and elemental energy.
If he had not been cultivating for 12 hours a day, he would have been able to do so.
If he entered a meditative state, he could integrate his consciousness into the Origin of the Chaos, which would greatly increase his absorption speed.
However, meditation would consume his consciousness, and his consciousness could only support him to integrate into the Origin for half an hour.
The most amazing thing was that no matter what elements or elemental energy was absorbed in his body, after the chaotic Origin swallowed it, it would break down and become an atomic tube to strengthen the vortex.
From time to time, it would spray out a wisp of chaotic energy to nourish his body.
Although the quantity was small, he could clearly feel the strengthening of his body after three months.
Moreover, Wolf Cliff knew how to accumulate.
If he spent a year, three years, five years, his physical body would definitely be strengthened to an incredible degree.
"But the one who reaped the most benefits..." At this point, the turbid essence in his sea of consciousness suddenly spat out an ant.
It shot out like a bolt of lightning before forming a crimson fire elemental essence.
Wolf Rock stretched out his right index finger and, like Lei Mi in his dream, a spark emerged from the tip of his index finger with a 'chi' sound, causing his breathing to waver.
He blew gently, and the spark immediately dissipated.
The endless sizzling sound of purple lightning appeared out of thin air.
Then, the droplets, soil pieces, wind swirls, and even a small ball of elemental energy appeared on his fingers.
He had seen all the elements that he had seen at the Origin of the Enormity.
He dispersed the last piece of natural element in his hand and let out a long sigh.
He raised his head, and what entered his eyes was the little fellow who had already eaten the wild fruit and was playing with the fruit core in his hand because of boredom.
Let alone this little fellow!" The corners of his mouth curled up, he smiled gently and waved his hand.
With a flash of gray shadow, the little fellow was already sitting on his right palm, staring at him.
Wolf Yan's left hand gently stroked its furry little head and sunflower seeds.
The little thing squinted its eyes and showed a comfortable humanized expression.
Wolf Yan's smile became more intense.
He scratched a handful of fluff on its forehead and whispered, "You will grow up.
You can't always call you little guy, can you?
How about I give you a name?" The little guy opened his eyes and looked at him with a flicker of his eyes.
The word "squeaky" was a response.
"Hehe, okay!
Since we have recognized you as my brother, you must be my wolf.
Your name is..." His words paused, remembering the entrustment his father gave him before his death.
He said with a dim gaze, "I am Wolf I, you have a second or second elder sister.
You can do three things.
I will call you Wolf Three!" The little fellow saw that he was not in a good mood, so she jumped onto his shoulder.
Her two small hands kept scratching his messy hair, and it looked like she was comforting him.
Wolf Yan smiled and said, "I'm fine!" Recalling something, he patted his bag of holding and took out the small stone strip with the little guy from the stone embryo.
He handed it over and asked, "What is this?" The little guy took the three-inch-long stone strip and held it in his hand.
He sniffed it with his nose and made a squeak sound.
The small stone strip shook violently and suddenly became much thicker and longer.
It became a three-foot-long stick.
Wolf Yan's eyes widened and he couldn't stop himself from receiving the Stone Staff from the little guy.
Without any preparation, he held it in his hand and almost flung it out.
He was greatly surprised and weighed it in his hand.
It was at least forty to fifty Jin.
He studied the shortstaff and noticed that the surface of it was filled with disordered and disorderly lines.
At first glance, it was actually similar to the natural patterns on the stone fetus.
He tried to insert a thread of elemental energy into the stone rod, but there was no movement.
He fiddled with it for a while, but he was unable to see anything unusual.
He returned the stone stick to the little fellow and said with a smile, "Good boy, this thing is not simple.
It was originally yours.
Now it's yours.
You must have more strength in the fight in the future!" The little fellow took the stone stick with one hand and lifted it with the other hand, making a powerful gesture, which made wolf-rocked laugh.
In laughter, the little fellow rolled up the stick, and with a wave of her right arm, the stone stick miraculously retracted from the middle of both sides to the middle of the grip quickly, disappearing into its small fist in a blink of an eye.
Wolf Yan was stunned for a long time before he asked, "Where is the stick?" The little fellow patted her furry chest and asked, "In your body?" The little fellow turned over on his shoulder and nodded repeatedly.
Wolf Yan praised.
It was unbelievable that there was such a magical weapon in the child.
This little thing must not be simple.
He patted the leather bag at his waist, took out a wild fruit, and handed it to the little fellow.
He let it flip back to the animal skin and continue to enjoy its fruit-eating career.
Wolf Yan stood up, slowly walked around the grotto, and put all the items on the ground into his storage pouch.
Outside the cave, in the past, if he didn't reach the decline period, he would be cut into pieces, but now, he could only leave red marks on his body, but even his flesh couldn't be cut open.
Wolf Cliff looked far into the direction of the desolate lake.
The only thing that caught his eye was the gray Astral Wind and fog.
He looked around.
There was reluctance, sadness, and recollection on his face.
For the past twelve years, there were memories left by him and his father everywhere...
After a long time, he turned around resolutely and walked into the hole without looking back.
The strong wind was still as wild and unrestrained as when he first stepped out of the cave when he was a child.
The whistling Buddha was sending off the statistical rights for his last old friend...