Wolf in the North

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Secrets of the Southern Family

Wolf Cliff said lightly, "Believe me?
I'm in the Qi Gathering Realm, so if I want to kill an enemy in the Qi Gathering or even Transforming Realm, I won't break the rule, right?
If there's nothing else, you two can come!" Ximen Cangyu took a deep breath, nodded and said no more.
He was about to leave after clasping his hands at Wolf Yan, when Wen Zikai suddenly said, "I admire you for being able to become a liquid warrior with the cultivation of Qi gathering.
What's your name?
If you don't mind, can I see your true face?" His eyes swept over his face, entering with a sense of calmness.
Wolf Yan shrugged his shoulders in an unconcerned manner, "Wolf Mountain Tribe, Wolf Cliff!" As he spoke, he reached out to take off the mask on his face, and a masculine face with a chisel-like lines appeared in their line of sight.
Seeing the face of the teenager who was obviously in his teens, Ximen Quanyu couldn't help but gasp.
His eyes were as wide as copper bells, and he was too shocked to speak.
On the other hand, Wen Zikai's attitude was a bit strange.
At first, people like his companions were young and surprised, then they were stunned, and then their faces changed greatly.
They were surprised and unbelievable, and then they called him "aunt", but they immediately reacted and immediately stopped.
They stared blankly at Wolf Yan for a while as if they wanted to say something, but finally, they didn't say anything.
They just cupped their hands and turned back to take Ximen Cangyu away.
Watching the two figures disappear into the jungle, Wolf Yan looked away and walked to his companions.
The last reaction of Wen Zikai was quite strange.
He only thought that the other party was shocked by his young age and did not think much of it.
Two figures rushed through the woods like ghosts, Wen Zikai still couldn't calm down, as if a storm had risen in his heart.
Just as he was deep in thought, Ximen Cangyu's voice interrupted his thoughts.
"Brother Wen, why did you not hesitate to reveal the identity of the lad called Wolf Cliff when he asked about the Golden Cicada Talisman and Brother Nan?
You should know that we're enemies after all, even though I admire him a lot.
However, shouldn't we keep it a secret?" Wen Zikai came to his senses and couldn't help looking back.
All he could see was the endless leaves and trees.
He did not stop walking and instead asked, "Brother Ximen, to be exact, our Wen Clan and the Nan Clan have a conflict with the Nan Chongxiao Clan.
Have you heard of it?" Ximen Cangyu was stunned upon hearing this.
He asked in confusion, "What's the conflict between you and me?
Although small frictions are inevitable between the four aristocratic families, it's generally considered harmonious.
Do you have a grudge against Nan Fangyuan and the others?
Is this related to that boy?" Wen Zikai's face darkened.
"I'm from the direct line of descent into the Southern family.
The current Patriarch of the Southern Manor, Nan Chongxiao, is only a member of the third branch.
When will he be the next heir?" Ximen Cangyu was shocked.
Although there were only the two of them nearby, he unconsciously lowered his voice as he walked, "It is said that there was an accident in the Nan family more than a decade ago.
At that time, the direct branch family branch was dead.
The patriarch of the second branch, Nan Wuji, was afraid that there would be no descendants.
So Nan Chongxiao of the third branch inherited the position of the patriarch.
The elders of all the aristocratic families kept it a secret.
I don't know the details, but what has it to do with your Wen family?" Wen Zikai glanced at him and said in a deep voice, "At that time, the patriarch was the patriarch of the main branch, Nan Fearless, who was also the brother of the main branch; the only son of the main branch was only passed down from generation to generation.
Nan Fearless's only son was called Nan Chongyuan, and he was my legitimate uncle-in-law!" Ignoring Ximen Cangyu whose eyes were wide open, Wen Zikai continued, "My mother passed away at an early age, and my father has been busy outside for the family's affairs in order to maintain the status of our family.
I was brought up by my aunt when I was a child, and I was just like a mother and a son.
When I was ten years old, my aunt married my uncle and went to the Nan family, and I cried to death." "Because of little aunt, uncle treats me very well.
My father is absent from home all year round.
Uncle often sends people to fetch me to the South house to accompany aunt.
He will also instruct me on my training from time to time.
Later on, Little aunt's child was born.
It was a very sturdy little fellow and even I felt that it was too heavy.
Hehe, if my aunt and I had a deeper relationship than my father's, then the position of Family Head of the Nan would eventually fall on my uncle-in-law.
Afterwards, it would be my cousin-in-law.
However, an accident did happen, or in other words, someone made it happen." Ximen Cangyu's hair stood on its end when he heard this, but Wen Zikai seemed to be unaware and immersed himself in his own memories and said, "First, when my little cousin was 12 years old, I learned a lot.
I remember very clearly that when he was born, he was very healthy, just like a little calf.
I often held him as a joke.
One day, Chongxiao took him to the south and visited him from afar to congratulate him.
After a few days, little cousin was discovered to have a strange disease, and his meridians weretrophied and even life-threatening." "Uncle is frowning all day long.
Little aunt is getting haggard day by day.
The lively and cute little cousin is sick all day because of the Fearless Old Master injecting him with yuan qi every day.
He sleeps more than he did when he was awake.
The whole family is no longer smiling." "At this moment, it was Nan Chongxiao who came to say that his men had found the physique of a herb in the north and that it could cure little cousin's strange illness.
Uncle-in-law and Aunt-in-law couldn't wait, so they personally brought people to retrieve the herbs and sent me back to the Wen Clan on the way back.
Little aunt said that after they obtain the herbs and come back to cure little cousin-in-law, they would bring me to the Nan Clan." Wen Zikai paused for a moment and his lips curled into a mocking smile.
His eyes were filled with endless hatred as he said, "However, this is a farewell!
Not long after, news came that my wife and I were killed in the northern lands.
The murderer is most likely the strongest person of the younger generation in the entire Desolate Land, the northern lands, the Wolf King, guarded the mountain." "After that, the Nan family suffered great changes.
The second branch ancestor, Nan Wushang, who was originally in seclusion, died.
Fearless Master did not know where he died.
My poor cousin was missing from then on, and his life was unknown.
No one saw him again.
Then, the master of the Nan family became Nan Chongxiao.
My uncle-in-law's bloodline was destroyed." Taking a deep breath, Wen Zikai tilted his head and asked, "I'm like a mother and a son to you.
Without her, I wouldn't be what I am today!
Their family was murdered by traitors, and even my young cousin, who was born not long ago, couldn't be spared.
How should I look at Nan Chongxiao and his son?
I didn't kick them when they were down from the south because we're both from the south and now it's time for us to fight in the north.
How do you expect me to protect him?
Haha." Ximen Cangyu was tongue-tied.
He really wanted to say that the incident at that time may not be related to Nan Chongxiao, but even he himself did not believe this.
The four families had a long history and had many families.
It was not rare for these families to fight for power and money, but after all, they were blood relatives and rarely were so ruthless.
A faint light could be seen in the forest ahead.
Wen Zikai's face, which resembled a certain person, flashed through Wen Zikai's mind.
He pursed his lips and said, "When I go back, I will apply to leave the Northern Region and go to the front line of the Netherworld.
Brother Ximen, you'd better avoid the wolf rock in the future.
If you follow the army, don't fight with him.
That guy is not an ordinary person." Ximen Cangyu was shocked when he heard this.
Wen Zikai did not wait for him to ask a question and said,"I am a little tired.
Instead of fighting with the northern people who are in the wilderness, it is better for me to go to the Underworld and fight with the Hell Clan who want to exterminate my Human Clan!
As for that little guy, I wonder if you pay attention to him?
He said that he comes from the Wolf Mountain tribe, surnamed Wolf." "Wolves from the Wolf Mountain Tribe?" Ximen Cangyu frowned as he pondered.
Suddenly, his expression changed as he said, "Wolf King from the Northern Region and Wolf King guarding the mountain?
Is that kid a descendant of Wolf King?" Without a word, Wen Zikai suddenly sped up and quickly flew toward the bright light in front of him.
Ximen Cangyu's face changed constantly, but his footsteps did not slow, and he followed up.
Outside the forest, Wolf Pillar, Ermao and Zhu Jibei were feeding horses with the help of Fengyu.
Not far away, the crowd gathered around the ground and sat down.
Yuan Xin and Big Ya began to clean up the mess of the group of people who had been roasted after the meal.
The jumping wolves sat close to one another on the Wolf Cliff.
In a low voice, they said, "The pillar and Xiaohai fit quite well.
He'll have one more companion when he cultivates in the future!" Xiao Hai was Er Mao.
Seeing that the Wolf Rock was looking after the column and Er Mao from time to time, he nodded and smiled without saying anything.
After Ximen Cangyu and Wen Zikai left, they cleaned up the battlefield.
All the bodies were eaten by the Heaven Swallowing Demon Ant.
Then, under the guidance of Wolf Cliff, they went out of the forest and met the big sister and sister who led the way and waited outside the forest.
After introducing the two sides, everyone rested on the spot.
Wolf Rock checked the injuries of the people of the seventh team one by one and performed middle and low-level treatment.
After making sure that everyone was fine, he briefly told them about his experience in the past years after they separated with the team according to the request of Wolffighting and other people.
Although he had erased a lot of people's identities and secrets such as those of the northern expeditionary cloud and the meeting of giant birds and rocs, the crowd still listened thrillingly, especially the Wolf Pillar.
During the whole process, he kept the sleeves of the Wolf Cliff and his little face was pale.
After his elder brother finished his description, the Wolf Pillar stood up, with a serious look on its honest face.
It bowed seriously to the Big Brother and Sister and thanked them, making them blushed and hurriedly get up to return the salute.
After that, the wolf trotted to tell them their experience, supplemented by Zhu Zhenbei, until they were eventually caught up by the pool in the jungle by the leading people from the south.
The big sister and sister were also fascinated by the story.
After entering the Northern Land, the Big Boss thought that he and Er Mao only had a small name, and that it would be embarrassing for them to meet with Wolf Rocky's companions in the future, so he forced Bo Luwan and Feng Yu to help him become famous.
If these two men were fighting with their knives, how could they become famous?
Feng Yu thought of a few names that had been rejected and then sensibly stopped speaking.
The remaining Luan Luan was tortured to the point of insanity.
In the end, he was even kicked by Big Yaya several times.
He was even whining and complaining about such a powerful expert in the Core Condensation Realm, yet he couldn't even remember a proper name.
It was truly embarrassing.
Finally, with the help of Bo Luwan, who was about to cry, Wolf Rock came up with a acceptable name,Li Rulian and Ermao.