The Legend God of Another World's

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Transcending the Other World

"Wooo, am I still alive?" Lin Qiyu recalled the moment when he rushed down the cliff before he fell into a coma.
He was dead, Qiang!
He didn't say anything about the traffic accident, and he made me rush down the mountain.
When I got back, I must give him a few punches and ask for the money for car repair!
Lin Qiyu stood up and looked around.
He realized that he was in a forest, and he did not see the motorcycle that fell down with him.
"So this is how it's like at the foot of the mountain.
Is it because the grass here is thick enough that it's fine?
Sigh, why don't you find some water to drink first?" Lin Qiyu saw a small creek not far away and slowly walked over.
Due to the pollution of modern times, the water along the river shouldn't have been drinking too much.
However, he really didn't know what to do.
"Eh?!" The water was so clear!
When he approached, Lin Qiyu discovered that the stream was extremely clean, and his face was clearly reflected on the water surface.
His head was slightly covered, and there were large eyes on his round face.
However, apart from his eyes, the other parts of his face were all extremely ordinary.
This was the first thought that came to his mind,"The face is safe." He checked his body and found that his clothes were covered with dust and some minor bruises, and his body was not seriously injured.
He couldn't help but thank the heavens again.
But where was this?
How should I go back?
He walked down the river bank as he pondered.
"Is it noon now?
I remember when I went down the mountain at dusk, how long was I in a coma?" When Lin Qiyu was full of doubts, he heard the sound of interrupting his thoughts.
Humming mosquitoes?
It seemed not small?
Such a loud voice.
He looked up and suddenly turned pale.
It was not a mosquito.
There were more than a dozen bees flying in front of him.
What was there to be afraid of?
Have you seen a bee that was bigger than a bee?
Looking at the white bees flying in the sky, he had only one idea in his mind.
Was he dreaming?
The bees didn't seem to notice Lin Qiyu, and he gradually regained his senses.
Hurry up and run!
He quietly turned around and estimated the escape route.
he roared in his heart!
He wanted to run away as fast as he could, but unexpectedly, he was thrown into the air!
"Crash!" His face was so painful that he wanted to die.
"Oh my God, it hurts so much!" Then she looked back.
The bees behind her were staring at the human in front of her with their red eyes.
"Save me!!!" Lin Qiyu stood up and ran forward with all his might.
The swarm of bees chased after him at the same time, hu!
Lin Qiyu continuously weaved through the forest, trying to escape from the swarm of bees behind him.
Unfortunately, they were just chasing without stopping, the distance between them getting smaller and smaller.
"Ah!!" Finally, the first bee caught her.
She fiercely stabbed a needle into Lin Qiyu's body, and the burning pain on his back made him cry out involuntarily.
Then, his feet slipped and he fell to the ground.
"Am I going to die here?" Looking at the swarm of bees, he thought desperately.
Suddenly, a figure appeared between Lin Qiyu and the bees.
The black figure used one hand to kill the bees in front of him.
The bees were immediately thrown into chaos, and with a buzz, they once again surrounded Lin Qiyu from all directions.
"Defeat the enemies from all directions!" the black shadow shouted.
He jumped up and swept around.
The bees exploded and died immediately.
Dozens of bees were killed by the black shadow's two attacks.
"Youngster, are you alright?" The black figure opened his mouth to speak.
When Lin Qiyu raised his head, he discovered that it was an old man.
His body was tall and sturdy, and he wore a tea colored sleeveless robe.
His square face and dignified appearance had a white tassel that reached his throat, as well as a bald head that flickered under the sunlight.
"Ah, how could there be two suns?" This was his last thought before he fainted.
"Woo..." Lin Qiyu slowly opened his eyes and saw an old wooden beam and ceiling.
At this moment, he found himself lying on a bed, and his back was constantly burning hot.
Are you awake?
Are you okay?" The old man came in from outside the door and asked, with a bowl of medicine soup in his hand.
"May I know where you are?" "I know that you have quite a few problems.
Let's drink this soup first." The elder handed the soup over to Lin Qiyu who was standing up.
So bitter to ask, sir, where is this place?" After drinking the medicine, Lin Qiyu asked again.
"This is a place called the Hidden Immortal Valley.
It's a distance away from Li Shan Town, so you'll have to work harder when you return." The elder guessed at his thoughts and said.
"Li Mountain?
Sorry, may I ask which county or city is it close to?" "A county?
I don't know that, but it's far away from Jingtian Mountain." "Jingtian Peak?" Looking at the old man dressed in ancient clothes and the strange place he mentioned, "Am I time-traveling???"