The Legend God of Another World's

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"Ai, it's already the second day, it's still the same." Looking at the old man on the bed hugging his knees and staring outside the window, Lin Qiyu couldn't help but sigh.
However, he really hadn't heard of the place he was talking about before.
Mourning North?
Muzzing bear?
He really didn't know.
Sighing lightly, what came to Lin Qiyu's mind was his original world life, the sworn friends of the school, the juniors he had a secret crush on, the warm bed and computer, and the relatives of his family that I couldn't return to?
At this moment, a decision was made in Lin Qiyu's mind.
In the evening, while the old man was sitting in the courtyard and enjoying the gentle breeze, Lin Qiyu walked over and said,"Sir, there is one thing that I want to worship you!" Looking at the determined old man, Lin Qiyu asked, "Eh?
What's the matter?" "I think, please teach me martial arts!" That's right!
I have to do something.
If I want to survive in this world, I must have some strength.
Otherwise, even bees I meet on the road are so big.
I have to learn basic body-defense skills, otherwise I will die every time I see it.
I don't take disciples, but it's okay to give me two moves to protect myself.
What's your main martial arts?
What's your attribute?" Master martial arts?
These were two inexplicable questions.
Lin Qiyu looked at the elder with a confused gaze.
"Don't tell me you don't know?
Where's the weapon?
Feather Fan?" Seeing that Lin Qiyu didn't understand, the old man asked again.
"I don't even have this!" Lin Qiyu said weakly.
How old are you this year?
How many general attributes are there?" "I just reached 20 this year, may I ask what the attribute is?" "You really don't know?" Sweat beaded on the old man's forehead.
He wondered if this guy had a bad head.
Lin Qiyu nodded his head forcefully.
The elder had an expression of defeat on his face.
"Cough, listen carefully.
The so-called attribute is the ability of a person.
The stronger the ability is, the higher the attribute.
The attribute of a person is almost determined by the weapon he has cultivated.
A person with high strength is suited to fight with the spear and the sword.
A person with high agility is suited to fight with the fist and the bow, and a spirit is to play with the stick and fan.
Of course, there are also many people with different styles in history..." "Wait!
I still have the most important question!
What do you think of the attributes?" Lin Qiyu asked hurriedly.
"Are you a barbarian falling from the sky?
You don't know that, do you?" "Well, in many ways." When the old man heard this, he seemed to be lost in thought, and then said, "You should have appeared in front of you in the status of my property." "I?
I'm still Dykler.
Do you think we're playing online games?
You think we're still in the same state?" Lin Qiyu felt a little disdainful in his heart, but he still muttered to himself in his heart, "I'll come back to the world with a black blue frame Zone in front of me." He opened his mouth in surprise and looked at the incredible status bar in front of him.
Name,Lin Qiyu Health,540 (0/C stabilizing True Qi,330 / 30 Attack Points,1 Defense,5 Strength,200 Agility,150 Ability,55 Skills,120 Qi Meridian,90 Constitution,130 After Lin Qiyu told the old man his attributes, the old man nodded and said,"Very good.
Your attributes are suitable for taking the path of spear or sword.
Most people are about 60 or so.
You already have the basics of an outstanding martial artist, but that's your intelligence!" "Hm?
What's wrong with your intelligence?" Lin Qiyu was confused.
Didn't an ordinary person have around 60 marks of talent?
"Oh no, but the standard of intelligence is 90 jumps.
This shows that you may be more stupid than ordinary people in some aspects, but Guan Lan is not one of them.
Your kung fu won't be affected." Upon hearing this, Lin Qiyu felt like he was going to faint.
His 90 IQ was almost half that of the others.
Was I that stupid?
However, after coming to the other world, he also felt that his strength had increased by quite a bit.
If his speed had also improved, why had he not been able to beat the bees then?
The old man listened to his question and said, "Idiot, speed can only appear when you are equipped with martial arts.
Usually, you can only feel strength and wisdom, so?
Are you thinking about fighting back with a spear?" "Sir, I want to practice my boxing armor!" Ever since he was young, Lin Qiyu had watched those kungfu movies grow up.
He had some sort of blind appetite for martial arts.
Even though he had studied them, he was unable to cultivate them.
Now that he had the opportunity to cultivate martial arts in the alienated world, how could he let it go?
Are you sure?" The smile on the old man's lips gradually grew brighter as he asked.
I'm sure!" "Hahahaha!" The old man threw his head back and laughed loudly.
"Young man, you're smart.
I happen to be an expert in this field.
With my guidance, I don't have to be afraid that you're not good at this boxing." "But you don't refuse, sir." "I've changed my mind.
Why can't I?" "No!
Master!!" "Haha!
My dear disciple, although I really want to teach you now, it's getting dark.
Let's come back tomorrow." "Yes, sir!" Watching Lin Qiyu happily jump back to his room, Yu Qi returned to the question that he had just thought about.
He saw this kid madly blabbering, and he was also wearing strange clothes.
Was it him?
A foreigner?
At this time, he thought of a few prophecies from those years ago.
Daji was born in a chaotic world.
The devils danced and killed Gods, and then the fists in another world calmed down.