The Legend God of Another World's

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Training (Part 1)

Three weeks after the incident, a young man in his twenties, wearing a beast-like robe, white pants, and short boots, was seen in the forest.
He was wearing a pair of punches and a pair of flowery bandits fighting.
The flowery bandits rushed forward several times but did not touch the young man, and was even beaten several times by him.
The flowery bandits gradually ran out of strength to rush up.
Five Elements Interlinked Punch!" Clash!
The three fierce punches landed on Hua Ban Hu's forehead in succession, deciding the outcome of this match.
The young man walked forward and reached out his hand, as if he had fished something out from the prettiest tiger.
"I can't stand the one hundred ninety-nine tiger skin!
Smelly old man!!" This young man was none other than Lin Qitao.
He shouted loudly in the air, and the old man he was talking about was his master who called him affectionately a while ago.
What on earth had happened?
Three weeks ago.
Lin Qiyu could not help but get up early.
After eating, he turned into the front courtyard and started to fight with the fist he had learned before.
"I wonder what kind of punching skill Master will teach me?
How long will it take me to master it?" The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.
His fists became more and more disordered.
"Get up early to dance.
My disciple is really energetic." With a joke, Wentian came out of the house with his bald head.
"What I'm doing is punching, not dancing!" Lin Qiyu blushed and wanted to refute, but then he remembered that the person in front of him was a true boxing master, so he changed his words, "Morning, master." "Mm, I'll ask you something.
What do you think the fist is?" Xiang Yuqi suddenly asked.
What was this fist?
When he held it in his hand, he would punch.
Seeing that Lin Qiyu couldn't answer, he continued to speak to Yuqi, "The fist is the hand, and it is the natural weapon of humans.
Of course, the leg is also the same, but the changes of the fist are even more.
The palm is formed into a knife, thrust into a spear, cross into a shield, claw into a hook, a pair of hands is ever-changing, every movement is endless, endless." When Lin Qiyu listened to this, he thought that it was true.
Changing to another type was a weapon.
His eyes were shining as he continued to listen.
"However, the cultivation of the fist is indeed not the form, but the intent.
Today you will learn a set of chain boxing, tomorrow you will learn a set of Mountain Breaking Legs.
After you experience the intent, you will also play a series of Mountain Breaking Fist or a chain of kicks.
Remember that the fist intent is more important than the fist shape, and the punching skill is free from constraints." "Unfettered is the fist position?
Then didn't I just fight?" He said, "Master, I don't understand!" "Haha, I can't let you understand now.
There are so many people who practice fist techniques, and there are indeed very few who can understand fist intent.
Come, your master will teach you the basic two moves, (Five-shape Fists) and (Shattering the Earth and Shattering the Mountain)." After saying that, he opened his fist style to Yu Qi, while Lin Qiyu was watching it attentively.
"A chain of punches, stepping on metal and wood, hand hitting water, fire, and earth!" Xiang Yuqi gave two fierce punches before turning around to give a powerful sweep.
"Succeress and concentrate!
Earth-shattering Hitting Strike!" He turned to Yu Qi and leaped into the air, concentrating all his strength on his right fist.
"Break!" Su Mo shouted.
Xiang Yuqi roared and smashed her right fist on the ground.
The force was so strong that the whole courtyard was split open and even Lin Qitao, who was beside her, was blown away.
As he watched Xiang Yuqi's two smooth movements, Lin Qiyu's chin almost fell off his chin.
"Look at your foolish appearance.
This is only the two most basic moves." Xiang Yuqi shook his head and said.
"That teacher, how long will it take for me to master these two moves?
One year?
Two years?" Seeing the performance directed at Yu Qi, he knew that it was not easy to master these two moves.
Even the basics of learning them were so difficult.
If he were to master all of them, wouldn't he immediately lose all confidence when he thought about it?
"Two years?
Are you dumb?
Two eyes are enough.
Oh right, don't you have common sense?" Xiang Yuqi looked at him with a face full of disdain, but he remembered that this person didn't even have common knowledge.
Therefore, he took out two books from his bosom and printed the Five-shape Fists and Earth-shaking Rocks.
"Master, what's this?" He couldn't help but think about the two books in front of him.
Did he really think that he was a genius and could master them with just a glance?
"Put your hand on it and meditate in your mind for [Seize the Master], and you can use these two tricks." Lin Qiyu fell to the ground.
It turned out to be so simple.
There were many original worlds in this world that couldn't be explained with common sense.
It was not scientific!
After learning two books, Lin Qiyu discovered that a skill bar had appeared next to his status bar.
Inside the skill bar were the two moves that he had just learned.
Xiang Yuqi's face suddenly turned serious as he said, "Qi Yu, what is recorded in the book are all fist forms.
Don't think that your cultivation is too high, which means you have comprehended fist intent.
The fist intent is to constantly explore and experience.
I hope you can remember this sentence in your heart." Lin Qiyu nodded his head and said.
"What's more, dig some dirt to fill the pit in the yard.
I haven't used my martial arts for a long time, but I can't catch it." After finishing his words, he stretched himself and walked into the house.
There was a sweat on Lin Qiyu's head.
Why did he hit so hard for no reason?
It took Lin Qiyu a whole morning to clean up the courtyard.
He took a few buns and a shabby looking small bag and said to Yu Qi, "Take this small bag and go to the opposite lake area to collect 30 turtle eggs for me after you finish the bun." "Give me the way?
Did I do that?" He asked with a lisp in his mouth, which was stuffed with steamed buns.
"You brat, just talk after you finish eating.
You'll know when you get there anyway," he said to Yu Qi in a bad tone.
Lin Qifan nodded his head, took the bag and set off.
Not long after he walked towards the lake district that Yu Qi had mentioned, he saw that there were indeed quite a few creatures gathered by the lake.
After confirming the target, Lin Qiyu became excited.
Heh heh!
Little turtles, this is my first time, don't blame me for being too rude!
As he thought this in his mind, Lin Qifan walked towards the dragon turtle closest to him.
Within a short while, his nose was purple and his face was swollen as he returned to the small house.
"Master's moves can't be used." He thought that he would die of anger sooner or later, so he explained to Yu Qi.
How could he fight without any equipment?
Everything was put in the bag, so did you see it?
Lin Qiyu opened the bag and saw fifteen peculiar spaces inside.
He found a set of boxing armor in the corner.
Fist Armor (White) Speed,Fast Attack Power,80 good-for-nothing,100 analyst