The Legend God of Another World's

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Training (Part 2)

The originally small-sized boxing armor in the bag was transformed into a two-foot protective fist, giving Lin Qiyu a familiar yet real feeling.
What she was familiar with was that everything here was like the game connected by the real world.
If it was true, she would feel hungry and tired, whether it was equipment or clothes, she had to wear them by herself.
Was she really still alive?
Was she dreaming?
After bidding goodbye to his master once more, Lin Qiyu hurriedly came to the lake shore.
After choosing the Twin Dragon Turtles, he rushed forward and let go of his move [Five Form Fists] This time, it was displayed smoothly.
The Dragon Turtle was too painful to fight back and Lin Qitao was not able to dodge.
Its Health Points dropped from 540 percent to 500.
Lin Qiyu was shocked!
So painful?
Wouldn't it be finished quickly if he took a few more hits?
He hurriedly used a few continuous punches to deal with the dragon turtle.
Phew, it wasn't too difficult.
During the battle just now, Lin Qiyu was hit by the dragon turtle twice, the remaining 462 had been used four times for the twin fists, and the remaining Xiao Rong er ye.
What should he do next?
Lin Qiyu went around the dragon turtle's corpse, thinking about how to get the turtle egg.
Was it cut open?
But there was no knife, wait, if this world was like a net game?
After thinking about it, he reached out his hand to touch the Dragon Turtle's corpse.
With a whoosh, he quickly opened the bag and found that there was indeed a turtle egg and a turtle shell inside.
Lin Qiyu, who knew what he was doing, picked up the second and third pair of Dragon Turtles.
After the fifth pair of dragon turtles came to an end, Lin Qiyu discovered that it would be dangerous if he continued down, so he sat down and waited for his life to recover.
In this strange world, he couldn't take too much of a risk in dealing with strange things.
Fortunately, the dragon turtle was quite docile, so it wouldn't take the initiative to attack.
He waited for roughly ten minutes, and after making sure that his condition was completely complete, Lin Qiyu continued his own gathering of missions.
It was almost evening, and the thirty eggs had already been successfully collected.
"Very good, these are the eggs for dinner.
Let's just cook them all!" Lin Qiyu heard sweat dripping from his forehead.
Would eating so much not catch a stroke of the wind?
Late at night, Lin Qiyu was sitting on his bed thinking about his battle this afternoon.
As a former online game player, he paid great attention to the utilization efficiency of the Blood Devil.
He found that he had wasted his True Qi several times for nothing today.
In fact, it was enough for him to use the Normal Tail Cut.
The other thing was that the Dragon Turtle was not fast, and it could knock her down before she could touch him.
He kept thinking, and unconsciously fell asleep.
"Qi Yu, it's also 30 turtle eggs today!" After having breakfast, he said to Yu Qi.
"A coward?" He thought to himself, "Would I be in a very high mid-air and low-level at such a young age?" But he remembered that he didn't think much of yesterday, so he picked up his bag and went out.
I'm back!" It had only been two hours since Lin Qiyu had left the house and returned.
His speed was much faster than yesterday's.
"So fast?
Don't tell me you're slacking off?" He received the bag from Yu Qi and asked half of the question.
When he opened it, he was surprised to find that there were over fifty Turtle eggs.
"No, no, they were all collected one by one." Lin Qiyu hurriedly explained.
"Well, okay, take these eggs and cook them all.
Remember to boil half of them with fried water and steam the other half.
As you grow older, you have to eat lighter eggs." At this moment, Lin Qiyu really wanted to give himself a few hard slaps.
If there was nothing to do, then why did you have to give me a few dozen more?
You're too light, your taste is too light, but that's not the right amount!
He then recalled that his master said that he couldn't waste all of the food left yesterday into his stomach.
What a tragedy!!
In the afternoon, after calling Lin Qiyu over, he said, "In the afternoon, the same dragon turtle will be forty pairs.
This time, we don't need to eat any eggs.
Just pick up a turtle shell and it will be enough to prove it." Lin Qiyu covered his mouth with one hand.
His face was filled with pain as he stole a few things.
He was so full that he wanted nothing more than to do some quick exercise and digest the things in his stomach.
After Lin Qiyu left the house, he stealthily followed Yu Qi and quietly observed his training from the tree by the lake.
Below him, Lin Qitao first rushed into the turtle group and used one move of Mountain Crushing Strike to attract the attention of the turtle group.
Then he quickly retreated and knocked down the first pair of turtles with a series of punches and ordinary punches.
Then the Mountain Blast again, and the group of turtles behind were hurt again.
They picked the first pair of turtles to hit the fourth time, and the turtles behind had fallen down in groups.
They killed almost a dozen pairs of Dragon Turtles, Lin Qitao, but only got three injuries.
"Does this kid know the Dragon Turtle's speed correctly?
Moreover, he didn't waste much True Qi.
Is this the second day when he is born with natural endowments?" Lin Qitao's performance shocked him greatly.
He didn't know that this method of practice came from his original world's online games.
After several experiments, it became like this.
The more he looked at Yu Qi, the more satisfied he became.
His heart had decided on this kid's special course.
Below him, Lin Qiyu suddenly felt an inexplicable chill.