The Legend God of Another World's

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Tiger King and Jade

From the third day onwards, the contents of Lin Qiyu's training had clearly changed.
"Qi Yu, today's target is two hundred bees." "Master, what did you say?" Lin Qiyu felt as if he had heard an illusion.
Wasn't it just a few dozen people yesterday?
Why did it increase so much today?
"Two hundred bee needles, remember to hand it in before noon," he said to Yu Qi again.
Two hundred needles?
It seemed that he was finished with the buttocks of those guys he met when he first came to the world.
Did his master find something to abuse them?
Alas, no, it was his master's request.
Rubbing his nose, Lin Qiyu came to the forest that his master spoke of.
Seeing the bees that had once tormented him fly about, he couldn't help but feel angry as he wiped his hands and shouted angrily.
"Hahaha, little bees, your grandfather, I'm coming for revenge!!!
Let's wait and see!
Didn't I ask all of you to come at me one by one?
For the time being, let's pause!
Save them!!!" This was just the beginning.
In the coming days, not only were there more and more requirements, but there were also a lot of rare things like flowers in the beehive, white bamboo shoots in the tiger flock, bird nests on the stone giant's head and so on.
As for Xiang Yuqi, he spent most of his time in the yard basking in the sun.
Apart from occasionally going out to buy things and give instructions to Lin Qiyu, he basically left everything to Lin Qiyu.
He would also occasionally call him over to give him a massage.
Finally, Lin Qiyu couldn't help but erupt.
He would often be called an old man.
Even though he cursed, he still completed his cultivation.
Three weeks later...
Today, the reason why Lin Qitao broke out again was that, in addition to the 200 pieces of White Tiger Skin and Tiger Tiger Skin, he also had a pair of Tiger King Palms.
It was to build up his health.
That was the Tiger King, a level-one middle-level expert.
It was easy to deal with him!
I was just an apprentice at the peak!
Although he thought so, he still kept looking for traces of the tiger king in the woods.
Suddenly, he saw a pair of tigers, and after realizing that it was not his target, he continued to move forward.
He had learned a lot of things in the past three weeks and knew more about the world.
At this time, he noticed that there was a pair of particularly special tigers not far away.
"Soaring Tiger King — Mad Dog, it's him!" He learned this inspection in the past three weeks.
When he was chased all over the mountain, he couldn't bear to look at it anymore and said to Yu Qi, "You didn't even need to check before rushing into the red-colored monster, no wonder you were always chased!" Only now did he realize that as long as he examined the monster attentively, he would be able to obtain the basic name and cultivation.
The red name represented initiative.
The white name represented that the other party's cultivation was at the same level as him.
The green name represented a level lower than him.
The yellow name represented a level higher.
The gray name represented that the other party was one level lower and above him.
The clear name represented that the other party was one level higher and above him.
Finally, the purple name represented three levels higher and above him.
There were three levels in each level.
The beginner level, the medium level, the peak level and the tenth level.
The superior level was the immortal level, the saint level, and the demigod level.
Every time they broke through to the next level, their ability would improve qualitatively.
Maybe they could challenge higher than the sixth level, but the higher the level was, the harder it was to challenge.
For example, it was hard to defeat the immortal level for the ninth level, let alone to defeat the saint level.
After taking a look at the medicinal herbs in his bag and confirming that they were sufficient and placed at a familiar location, Lin Qiyu leapt out and confidently looked at the Tiger King in front of him.
Howling Tiger King—Wild Chi (Red) Top of the First Stage Peak of the 1st stage?
Lin Qiyu felt the cold sweat on his forehead throb wildly.
Didn't the few people he finished off last time all at the middle level?
How could it become a peak this time!
The Tiger King was startled by the sudden appearance of the person.
It immediately pounced forward with its fierce claws.
Lin Qiyu was unable to dodge in time and could only receive this strike with his fist and armor.
The strength was so great that Lin Qiyu was sent flying.
His strength was even stronger than before!
After breaking a few thin bamboos behind him, Lin Qiyu was thrown to the ground, and the tiger king bit him with its bloody mouth!
"Oh no!" Lin Qiyu immediately blocked the tiger king's attack with both hands.
"Flying Dragon" Lin Qiyu raised his right hand and accumulated strength as he fiercely smashed it towards the Tiger King's right cheek, "Snaring Sky blow!!!" The Tiger King suddenly flew out and rolled for a few meters before stopping.
"Phew, this move was originally used to beat away people." This was the third move, [Flying Dragon Sky Roaring Strike], which hit the enemy to the sky and then took on the following moves.
However, he rarely used it in peacetime, because he did not know how to use it.
"I was almost sucked out by you, come!
Second round." Lin Qiyu stood up and crooked his finger towards the Tiger King on the ground.
The Tiger King crawled up from the ground, its fist not having much of an effect.
On the contrary, it was Lin Qiyu.
After three hundred of his blood was drained by the Tiger King, his life was only close to nine hundred.
After a few more cuts, he would have to meet the King of Hell.
For safety's sake, he took out a medicinal herb from his bag and ate it.
After his life was restored to around 700, the Tiger King once again charged forward.
Lin Qiyu, who was already prepared, jumped to the side to avoid this attack.
The tiger king's front leg landed on the ground and immediately turned around to bite him.
Lin Qiyu jumped over the tiger king and dodged the second blow.
The tiger king's heart did not die and returned the claw.
Lin Qiyu was so alarmed that he leaned back.
A few hairs on his forehead were cut off.
After landing, the two of them once again confronted each other.
"This guy is so strong!" Compared to the previous Tiger King, the pair in front of him was many times stronger, and from the start until now, Lin Qiyu had always been in a passive situation.
He thought that he would lose sooner or later.
At this moment, the Tiger King rushed forward and waved its ferocious claws; Lin Qiyu could only continuously dodge the Tiger King's attacks.
"Let's go all out!" After leaping out of the tiger king's attacking range several times, Lin Qiyu came to his senses and silently recited the incantation that his master had taught him.
"Concentrating on the top, release your energy to your Dantian, refine your energy into Qi, and then cultivate your Qi into strength!" In the face of the tiger king's claws, Lin Qiyu's eyes became fierce, and he took a hard punch.
Then he used a chain of punches, the first punch knocked the claws away, the second punch knocked back the tiger king several steps, and the third punch sent her flying!
[Inward Strength and Breathing Method] taught Yu Qi a unique martial art to turn his own True Qi into Strength Force.
The stronger the fighting, the stronger the strength.
But it would cause a lot of burden to the body.
Lin Qitao just learned a little about it.
The use of True Qi was very poor, but it was enough for him to deal with the monsters in the valley.
Only now did the Tiger King slowly get up from the ground.
Lin Qiyu's attack clearly brought her quite a bit of damage.
However, just now, he didn't even have 300 Health Points left, so he didn't dare to chase after him for a while.
He could only bring out the medicinal herbs to recover his life.
The tiger king that had suffered great losses continuously circled around his body, not daring to rashly step forward, just like that, staring at Lin Qiyu.
Seeing that his life was almost recovered, Lin Qitao suddenly rushed to the Tiger King's lower body to hit it with a blow of Sky Roaring.
The Tiger King had no time to react and beat the two tigers to the sky.
Unfortunately, he had not completed the cultivation of [Void Treading].
He could only watch the Tiger King flying higher and higher.
Why couldn't he train?
Lin Qiyu thought to himself.
At this time, he saw that the tiger king was actually rushing down from the sky.
"Not good!" Lin Qiyu hurriedly moved, and the Tiger King fell from the sky like a meteor, causing quite a bit of dust to rise from the ground.
Lin Qiyu was blown into a patch of grass.
Just as he was about to stand up, he felt that his hands were completely empty, and then he fell into the grass.
The smoke gradually retreated, and the Tiger King found that its target was gone.
It roared angrily to the sky, and the roar lingered in the mountains for a long time.
It turned out that there was a hole under the bush.
Lin Qitao, who fell into the hole, kept staggering, and soon he kissed the floor of the hole hard.
"Why is there a wicked hole here?" He said angrily, patted his body and stood up.
"Is there a way out?" From the brightness of the entrance, one could see that there was still a path inside the cave.
Lin Qiyu curiously walked into the cave to see if there was any other way out.
"This is?" After walking past a corner, he saw a small altar.
Beside it, there seemed to be ancient purple patterns.
In the middle, there was a golden jade that was being consecrated.
The entire atmosphere was indescribably strange.
"Yes, there must be something weird about this place!" Lin Qiyu sat down and planned to explore it when his HP was full.
Only then did he realize that his life had almost fallen to zero.
"That was close.
I almost died without knowing why." Returning to zero in one's HP would definitely result in death.
This was the laws of this world.
He had also asked his master about his HP.
This was how he explained it.
"The higher one's cultivation is, the higher one's HP is, needless to say.
When one's HP returns to zero, one will definitely die.
This is a rule set down by the ancient Flaming Yellow God.
When one's body suffers great damage, such as losing one's hands and legs, not only will one's lifespan be greatly reduced, but their attributes will also be reduced by quite a bit.
If one's important areas were to suffer a fatal injury, even if one's lifespan does not return to zero, one will fall into a temporary death.
If one's head or heart dies, one will see Yama directly.
After that, one will also have internal injuries, poisoning, and freezing all sorts of states..." Lin Qiyu thought about the words his master said as he chewed the medicinal plants.
The wounds on his body gradually closed.
As long as it wasn't too severe, it could be treated through the tonics.
"Alright, there's no problem now!" Lin Qiyu, who was in his perfect condition, stood up and prepared to enter the altar.
He had just taken the first step when the altar's purple patterns suddenly lit up.
"No way, right?" Lin Qiyu cried out in alarm.
Could it be that he was so weak, stepping into a trap in one go?