The Legend God of Another World's

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Running Duel (2)

Lin Qitao ran ahead and gained a great advantage by relying on his physical strength.
But in the end, some of the martial artists who excelled in speed quickly caught up from behind.
"Wow, haha!
I'm Chen Xiaofeng from Divine Martial Sect.
People call me 'wind'.
With me here, you little boy can forget about getting the championship!" "Fuck!
Get out of my way!" This poor martial practitioner, Lin Qiyu didn't even see his face clearly before kicking him out of the field, directly being eliminated.
Several warriors from the Divine Martial School followed behind him.
They were shocked to see such a powerful force.
"Let's split our heads!" Several martial practitioners spread out, planning to outflank Lin Qiyu.
When they saw Lin Qiyu's strength, they knew that they had no chance of winning.
However, this was very normal, because when there was a long time, there would definitely be a short time.
It was rare to see someone like Lin Qiyu who was almost all-round.
Of course, he also had some headaches on his brain...
The warriors of Divine Martial Sect were scattered around him, and then each of them took out a rope, which made Lin Qiyu widen his eyes.
Didn't you say that weapons are not allowed?
This is clearly a violation of the rules!" They said with indifference, "Anyway, our boss's order is to keep you here and make you unable to win the championship.
It doesn't matter whether we get out or not!" One of the martial practitioners wrapped a pole of rope accurately in Lin Qiyu's hand.
For him to be able to place it in such an accurate manner, it seemed like he had practiced it on purpose.
"I won't..." Lin Qiyu grabbed the rope in his hand and said, "You guys are so lazy that even the author wants to fall down like a fish!" He pulled hard and threw the martial artist who was holding the rope, and then he swept away all the martial artists around him.
This group of speed-type martial artists couldn't stand up.
They couldn't stand up after being hit by him.
What do you think?
Do you know how powerful I am?" He put up his middle finger and continued to run forward.
After running for a while, he soon pulled a long distance from the troops behind him.
It was not a short time that he could catch up with them.
At this moment, he saw a group of people from the Mongolians running not far away.
He thought that they were just patrolling at the running contest, but something seemed wrong.
Why did the previous people seem to be running for their lives?
"The martial artist in front!
Help!" Taking a closer look, Lin Qitao found that several of the Mongolians in front of him were covered with blood.
Lin Qiyu was shocked.
This is killing!" In such a short period of time, several people in front had been caught up.
They were pierced through by a spear from their backs.
It seemed that they couldn't live anymore.
Only the one in the front was still alive.
"F*ck!" Seeing this, Lin Qitao couldn't stand by anymore.
He quickly stamped his feet and rushed toward the group of people from the Mongolians.
The long spears in the hands of several people from the Mongolians behind threw out.
When they were about to stab the person in front of them, Lin Qitao caught up at the last moment.
Then he lifted his leg and kicked hard, sending all the long spears in the air flying!
You killed people in broad daylight.
You don't have policemen here, do you?" Lin Qitao pointed at the group of people and shouted angrily.
These people from the Mongolians didn't say anything, but stared at him with bloody eyes.
"Kill..." Then they pulled out the long knives at their waists and slashed at Lin Qitao without any words!
"Holy crap!
A bunch of lunatics, Honglian...
Oh no, I'm not wearing a pair of boxing gloves now.
Take that, Shadowless Kicks!" Lin Qitao originally wanted to use the Red Lotus Rocking Fist, but he found that he didn't wear a pair of boxing gloves, so he couldn't use any tricks.
So he changed his leg and kicked, sending the first incoming Mongolian flying.
Even if it was just a normal kick, Lin Qitao's strength still couldn't be underestimated.
The first person flew out and knocked away the second person, and then like a bowl, knocked down the back of the person.
"Do you know how powerful he is?!" Lin Qiyu snorted, and then he quickly went to care about the man who was being chased and killed just now, "Hey!
Bro, are you okay?
You're not dead yet, right?" The man coughed a few mouthfuls of blood and said, "Thank you for your help, little brother...
Well, I have a favor to ask.
Can you send me back to the camp...
I have to return this matter to the chief." Lin Qiyu nodded and said, "Alright, I'll come back to save you after the race." The man was so angry that he almost fainted.
"Still waiting for you to come back?
I'm afraid that I can't hold out for a long time.
There's still my little brother.
The guys next to him are still alive.
Do you see any trees?
They will rush up and cut me into seventeen or eighteen pieces later." "Little brother, you can take me with you.
Don't look at the people beside you who are still so murderous.
It's not appropriate for you to leave me here." Lin Qiyu turned his head and saw that his brothers had already gotten up from the ground.
They grabbed their long knives and rushed over again.
Lin Qiyu jumped in shock and quickly carried the man on his shoulder, "The wind is tight, what the wind is blowing!" "What are you talking about?
Wow!" The man only felt a flash in front of him.
The next moment, he was far away from the place where he was just now.
With such a strong pull, he, who was already injured, felt more like his whole body was going to fall apart.
Be gentler!" The man couldn't help crying out because of the pain.
"F*ck you!
If we continue to drag this out, we will die!
This old man wants to take the first place in the run!" Lin Qiyu shouted as he ran.
That's right, this was the real reason why he came to participate in the run.
How could he afford to delay for this kind of thing that happened every day?
Carrying a person, Lin Qiyu's speed did not slow down by much.
Soon, he had left the group of Mongolians far behind.
The Mongolian on his shoulder spat, "It's finally safe..." At this time, a long whistle suddenly sounded, and the members of the Mongolians behind called out the mounts of the wolf, rushing toward them at a high speed!
The man panicked and said, "Bro, you're in trouble!
They rushed up on their mounts!
They're really doomed!" Lin Qiyu replied without even turning his head, "Humph!
I knew it's not that simple.
I've got used to it a long time ago!
Come, lad!
Come at me!
Ah Li!" Two beams of white light flashed by, and a beautiful woman, a man and a child, suddenly appeared beside them.
The Mongolian was a little absent-minded.
But the two girls seemed to be still in a state of confusion.
Didn't they see that the little girl was still holding a pair of chicken legs?
"What happened, Qi Yu?" asked Ah Li, who had been summoned over.
"Come, let's head into the mountain first.
Let's talk while running." Lin Qiyu hurriedly said.
From the way they ran, what followed was a mountain path.
If they were fighting here, it wouldn't draw too much attention.
The two girls ran into the mountains with their master before they figured out the situation.
"What's wrong with Qi Yu?
What about the person you're carrying on your back?" Ah Li asked again.
"Simply put, this fella was chased after by someone, and then I was dragged into it like that." Lin Qiyu's face was full of displeasure as he explained.
Arguably, no matter where his brother went, things would always happen.
This was practically comparable to that Death God primary school student!
He chewed his chicken leg at the side of his age and mumbled, "You are indeed the master...
Wherever you go...
you are so weak." "What the fuck!
I'll talk after I finish my food!
Anyway, I have to continue to participate in the competition, and the rest of the people will be left to you to stop me." After Lin Qiyu instructed, the two sisters nodded their heads.
"No problem." "Leave it...
to me." Old Man and Ah Li stopped in their tracks and turned around.
Then, they pulled out their weapons and stood in front of the onrushing members of the tribe.
The old man picked up Luo Ying and pointed at their arrogant faces and said, "I opened this mountain and planted this tree.
I'm going to pass by and stay behind to buy it...
eh?" The two girls sat down and prepared for the battle.
However, they didn't stop and went straight through the two of them, rushing towards Lin Qitao.
"Holy sh*t!
Are you kidding me?" Lin Qitao couldn't help shouting.
He didn't expect that these people were so persistent that they rushed up directly, ignoring his two incarnations.
Although he ran very fast, he couldn't compare with the mounts.
It didn't take long for these people to catch up with them.
The four huge swords flew past in succession, slashing past the wolf mounts.
The wolf mounts howled in pain as they fell to the ground.
Even the owner on their backs was thrown off the ground.
The flying swords rapidly flew through the pack of wolves, and in the blink of an eye, all of the group of mounts fell to the ground.
well done Ah Li!" Lin Qiyu exhaled before giving her a thumbs up and exclaiming.
Ah Li smiled at him and said, "All right, leave it to us.
You still have to take the first place." Lin Qiyu nodded and said, "Thank you.
Don't push yourself too hard.
I'll call you when we reach the destination!" Lin Qiyu merely smiled and nodded, dragging the wounded woman on his back as they continued on their trek, running towards the end of the line.
Next, you need to be more serious.
Don't let you get in his way." Looking at the group of Mongolians in front of her, Ah Li laughed.
At this time, the group of Mongolians had already got up from the ground.
They looked at her with red eyes, but there was still no expression on their faces, which was very strange.
At this time, Li turned to Niangniang beside her and said, "Yield, do you feel it?" The old man curled his lips and said, "Although it's very faint, I can still feel...
the annoying devil's devil's aura.
Is this group of people controlled by someone?
And judging from their appearance, they can't be saved.
They are just abandoned." Ah Li nodded, and then she opened her eyes and said, "It really begins to take action...
It's another Nine-tailed Fox." Old Man Mu asked, "So, how should we deal with this group of people?" "Well..." Ah Li smiled.
Her smile was bright but chilling.
"It's better not to know what's going to happen next.
As for those who are still alive...
I think we can explain to them as long as we have a single one?"